such a good party

anonymous asked:

Did Tony and Clint take you bar-hopping yet?

they did. 

the problem with bar-hopping with tony and clint is that both of them are human. pretty exceptional ones, but their livers are pretty standard issue. 

dont get me wrong–it was a fun time. but it takes some powerful stuff to get me drunk. regular bars arent prepared for someone with my metabolism. 

not that theyre really prepared for tony and clint either–but nobody really is. not even me. 

turns out that tony’s a fantastic ballroom dancer, if you can get him to the level of drunk necessary to convince him it’s a good idea. apparently maria stark insisted it was something he needed to know how to do, along with playing piano, speaking six languages, and knowing which fork to use. 

clint, on the other hand, is a king of the boogie and the line dance. and he barely needs any alcohol at all to get going. he’s a one man dance machine, whether you want a dance machine or not. i learned some of what clint claimed were ‘hot dance moves’ and tony said were ‘an abomination.’

also the worm.

it was a pretty good night.

i wound up carrying both of them back to the tower.


happy birthday to my special boy !!!!
it’s a hamster plush party

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