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Baseball Game Jealousy- Andre Burakovsky

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Ok I’m not going to lie, this is one of my favorite Andre ones that I’ve written so far! Like I’m SO stoked for you guys to read it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I liked writing it!

Warning: cussing, jealous Andre

Anon Request (I’m merging two of them to fit both): omg I’m so in love with all your imagines lol if it’s not a bother could ya do another burkie one? Doesn’t really matter what of to me just a burkie one Hahah

And: One where reader is a big baseball fan and they go to a game and meet her fave player and Andre gets jealous.


              You wiggled in your seat unable to sit still. You were so excited!

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What are your opinions on Mania and Forces right now?

Short literal answer: all over the place

Actual individual answers:


  • Looks super good!! It does look fun and the promotional art for it is awesome, the love and effort going into it is clear. Makes me wanna do some pixel art again when I have the time.
  • I’m happy a lot of people are excited for it, but Classic Sonic isn’t what really has my interest about Sonic these days so I’m not particularly hyped for it. I’ll probably get it eventually but I’m not desperate to have it as soon as it comes out. It’s nice to see people being so positive about Sonic again though!
  • Studiopolis Zone’s music is still my jam tbh


  • boost is back thank you sonic gods
    In all seriousness I’m really really glad that gameplay style is back, I loved it and it was missed in Lost World :’>
  • It looks pretty as heck and I’m happy (so far) because from the first trailer I was kind of just expecting it to be Everything Is Crisis City: The Game. I hope there’s more variety in the rest of the levels, it’d be really cool to see what different environments look like when Eggman’s taken them over (can you imagine an ice level full of fire and destruction, or robots causing a forest fire in a jungle, how rad would those be).
  • I’m just still kind of stuck on why Classic needs to be there. I’m sure there’ll be some reason for it in the story but… why aren’t Sonic’s friends enough support, and why does he need to keep coming back into Modern stuff when Mania is also a thing that is happening this same year
    I like Classic he’s very cute but why
  • Honestly, I would be far more optimistic about Forces if Classic wasn’t involved. If you imagine Unleashed were coming out this year and in the whole mess of Sonic being the Werehog and the planet being broken apart, Classic is just. there
    That feeling of “???????????” is exactly how I feel about him in Forces right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love for the game to prove me wrong and have him being there be entirely fitting, but at the moment it just seems kind of unnecessary.
  • And that new character is just the icing on the cake of Concerns™
    I’m not one of those people who are like “ugh a new sonic character” but can they please just show them off and get it over with already and also let them be good maybe
    …and please don’t let them actually look like bubsy at all
  • I dunno, I spent so long being full of doubt when we were still calling it Project Sonic 2017 that I really want to be optimistic about it now, but I’m not blind to the things I feel iffy about from what we currently know.
    I think after Lost World hype and Boom hype on here I’ve burnt myself out on hyping over Sonic to that level, so I’m just trying to enjoy what I see and hope for the best when it comes out.
fork and knife: a patriots game

anon asked: IM IN LOVE WITH UR KNIFE AND FORK SERIES AGHHHHHH ok prompt. seb & chris going to a football game and chris is super into it but seb is like :-/ and tries to make it more interesting ;) if u know ;) what I mean ;)

anon also asked: hi could I please request Chris and seb at maybe a patriots game? anything with them being cute while Chris is a complete bro. thank you!


“Babe, I have an extra shirt if you want it,” Chris offers, fresh out of the shower and thoughtfully bent over his t-shirt drawer.

Still in bed, Seb makes a face, and says, “I’m good.”

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Thoughts about Joker Game Ep.11

Ah… I need to sit down for a bit.

This is gonna be long and I’m most likely being over-dramatic but for someone who’s loved Joker Game from the get-go and also someone who’s still mourning the ending Yanagi-sensei gave this series, Episode 11 really dragged me down, leaving me lost for a good hour. (I was at work when I watched this.)

Doesn’t help that a fellow fan on twitter went on a monologue about the episode.

Scroll down to the line-break. Her views on what happened in general are actually quite profound.

(Feel free to skip my ramblings lmao I really just need to get these off my chest. Ugh. But hello if you want to discuss or know more about the Joker Game timeline/world with me, I’m up for it!!!)

First of all, It was with the very basic Japanese I’ve acquired through a year of cramming for JLPT三級 that I’ve tried reading jokage. Back then, the 2nd book, Double Joker, has just been released smack in the middle of my reviews but I was really excited to test out my new language skills on it. Admittedly, I mostly just skimmed through the pages and just enjoyed how cool and mindful the settings for each stories were.

And yes, I’ve read the part where Miyoshi’s supposedly “dead” but I never expected him to be actually… dead.

I was in denial all throughout the episode, thinking, “wow death-simulating drugs very spy-esque!” Even to the part where I saw he was struck with the pole on the chest, I was all excited, “What whoa how did he make it out!??!?!?!?!?” I even posted a picture of his pained face, commenting on how it looks good (coughs) 

I hate myself orz

It slowly came crashing down when I realized “shit, no one can possibly recover from that…how long did they have his body already– AH WHAT THE!?!??!1?” til the part Lt. Col. Yuuki actually closed his eyes.

I’ve never favored Miyoshi in particular but I love the whole D-Agency and it’s just really… I don’t know how to feel but I feel like a part of me died. Hahahahahaha;;;;;;

Then, a Japanese artist I’ve recently met through Joker Game started a long series of tweets about how espionage was back in the day and then relating it to Miyoshi’s situation. She summarized everything I’ve thought of but the part about death is really fascinating. (I only took the part about life and death but I’ll try translating what she shared about spy stuff too and try to relate them when I can. They’re pretty good.)

Here’s most of what she said. (I’ve tried my best to summarize everything)

“Mind you, I’m one of those who refused to read the original source til the end of the anime. I liked Lt.Col. from the beginning as he seemed to be the character to not die but this is still painful for me. Here goes…

Since the existence of spies cannot be made public, while there are those who are saved, there are certainly those who lose their lives on missions. In general, their treatment as prisoners of war is almost inhumane and return negotiations are almost impossible. From various videos and documentaries I’ve seen, that’s almost protocol.

Naturally, their employing agencies, (Lt. Col. too) understand and are prepared. However, setting aside Lt. Col. Yuuki’s feelings and in accordance to perfectly executing the mission, he only had to bring back the information.

But, if it was only about the mission, why did he have to close Miyoshi’s eyes with such gentleness. As the mentor who has taught Miyoshi everything about the spy trade, it was as if he was saying ‘You did well, the mission’s done. Just peacefully go to sleep as the lone person you are.’

Yes, as you’ve seen, the highest regard you can give a spy is their success in being able to discard any information about himself.

In relation, I remembered a story from before. Forgive my insolence but if I may.

Back in 1985, When I was reading books pertaining to a certain air crash, there was this story…

Some of the bodies of those who have died, being on foreign soil, weren’t taken home by their families. I guess it’s the Japanese and Foreigners’ different religious views about life and death. Basically for them, the body is just the container of the soul and the soul has returned to their God and thus, the mourning and funeral were held abroad (where they died). It was my first time hearing such and I remember being quite shocked.
[me: Sorry if this sounded weird but she was talking about Christianity where death means returning to thy Creator, in contrast to the ever-so-ceremonial Buddhism.]

In Lt. Col.Yuuki’s case, Miyoshi perfectly secured the information costing him his life and carrying the information home with him was the only thing he can do for him and the other agency members. Thinking this flexibly about life and death, in essence, Lt. Col.Yuuki hasn’t only retrieved the information but also his soul as if saying, "let’s go home together.”

The beautiful face, remains and name of a certain japanese guy was left behind but his soul was properly retrieved by the Lt. Col.

Surely there would have been regrets that this unforeseen accident was the cause of his death but even so, perfectly erasing his tracks, other than leaving behind a Japanese name; “A spy til the end.” He’s sure to be proud of the work he’s done. Is that why, at the end, he had that kind of face?

I can’t help but feel deeply for how Miyoshi accepted his fate. It also didn’t help that he met his end through an accident. I was pretty sure he’d be one of the remaining active members of D-Kikan when the end came. (take note, Miyoshi’s death is 1 year and 1 season away from Pearl Harbor, the conclusion.)

It was so anti-climactic but very shocking at the same time.

I would love to believe Miyoshi is still alive but this story is basically nearing the end of D-Agency Series so I think that’s that. I’m actually conflicted on whether I want him to be with the other guys during the end or letting him rest in peace earlier was a better conclusion for his character.

Either ways, this series has a broken fandom with really mean production staff.

Seriously? Releasing the crack school AU Drama CD JUST. BEFORE. THIS. EPISODE.

I hate you, Joker Game Staff.

Keep it up, guys.


Have this Tazaki-face-swapped-with-my-baabaa-doll-phone-strap to wipe away your tears. (note: it didn’t help me one bit but it’s quite amusing hahaha)

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yay finally someone understands my love for davos!! :) he is perfect ugh his scenes with shireen just melt my heart esp. when she's teaching him how to read :3

I’m glad to know as well that others love himas well :3 It’s so hard to find good stuff for him on here XD BUT OMG MY BAE :’( HIM AND SHIREEN WAS THE PUREST THING ON GAME OF THRONES *STILL CRYING OVER IT* MY HEART :O

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🎶 ✏ 🐶

Send me an Emoji🎶 - Top 5 favorite songs?

  1. Man in the Movie - Day6 (just a good song to sing along to omggg)
  2. Borderlines and Aliens - Grouplove (been listening to this album again and it’s so great ugh. It’s so summer-y too so perfect)
  3. Palette - IU (still not over the aesthetic)
  4. Taro - Alt J (also have been getting into this Awesome album again [only a selected amount of people will get the joke HA])
  5. Dream in a Dream - Ten (magical)
  6. BONUS: Spring Day (Japanese ver.) - BTS [cuz guess what, i can actually understand what theyre singing about. Also fun fact, you know how this song is supposed to be a about friendship, well the way they sing it in japanese is more about love hahah]

- Random fact about yourself. 
hmmmm (I had to come back to this question im not that interesting but anyway)
I used to be in a 3 piece band with friends. We made originals and also covered songs. Our vibe was like Royal Blood and Cage the Elephant combined. I was the drummer and backup vocals. We were known as the “dank meme” band among our peers because we mightve played the spongebob bgm at the end of our set….

🐶 - Do you own a pet?
I mean do fish count?
  I have an Otocinclus named Saba-chan (it means Mackeral-chan, like idk why my parents named it that. It doesnt even look like a mackeral) but it’s ccute and small. It’s a member of the catfish family but it’s tiny and it sucks on walls and leafs
  And then I have a Betta Fish named Phichit-kun (i know we mightve named it after Yuri on Ice character and maybe that’s why he’s so mad all the time but…) he is an asshole. He always bullies Saba-chan.
  And I have a tiny shrimp friend. His name is Ebi-Chan (which is just Shrimp-chan) he’s cool and chill. Doesnt really do much. We cooked shrimp on the grill yesterday and i had to go to the other room to eat it ‘cause i felt bad…

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GOM+kamami being forced to play a dating sim with their s/o and being jealous of their s/o's favorite character

I’m making them play Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side (2 or 3). I’m linking in the boy’s names what character they’re talking about just in case u wanted to know what they’re talking about lmao.

Akashi: He doesn’t see the appeal in those types of games, especially since you already had a boyfriend. What could this sim game give you that he couldn’t?
“This one is my favorite.” You point out a boy with silver hair, “He’s the princely main character type. He’s kind of a jerk when you first meet him, but he warms up to you eventually.”
He takes note of this as you play through the game, raising your parameters to get all of the fictional boy’s CGs. When Akashi notices just how into the game you are, he starts to subtly complain. 
“He’s too dramatic. It’s pitiful.” He says casually, not showing how it affected him to see you so infatuated with someone who wasn’t him, even if the boy was fictional. “Let’s stop playing this useless game.”
“Maybe I like dramatic boys.” You smile at him, “Besides, we’ve almost won.”
“I am not dramatic.” He says, snatching your controller and shutting the game off.
You groan in protest. “I didn’t even save!”
"You have a real life romance, you know.” He says, tilting your head up into a kiss. “Let’s play with that instead.”

Aomine: ”He passed up an opportunity to see his girlfriend’s boobs in a wet shirt?” He scoffs as the two of you read the event. “Weak.”
“He’s considerate, unlike some people.” You tease, advancing through the dialogue. “Maybe you have a lot to learn about being a good boyfriend, Aomine-kun.”
He’s a little frustrated at the fact that you keep making comparisons between him and the romance option, but he’d keep his complaints to himself for the most part. “You’re into the delinquent type in these games?” 
"And in real life, apparently.” You deadpan, causing Aomine to jokingly grip your hair. 
“Psh, shut up.” He says with a small blush, watching as you continued to play. “You’d pick me over that guy any day.”
When you don’t answer, he frowns, putting his head on top of yours.
“I’m the best.”
Still silence.
“Ugh, say you’d pick me dammit!" 

Kagami: Your boyfriend is terribly flustered at the mere prospect of you playing those types of games. It makes him even more embarrassed to see that your favorite character played basketball as well. 
"Do you think you could beat him?” You jokingly ask, and he sputters.
O-of course!” He stutters, caught off guard. It was shameful to admit, but in that moment, he wanted nothing more than to play a one-on-one with the love interest in the game.
“I don’t know…” You hum. He pulls you into a tight hug, looking away from your DS screen. He groans when he notices you not paying any attention, burying his face into your neck before muttering.
“Shut it off, _____…”

Kise: “He has cute piercings, just like you!”  
Kise is, at first, kind of glad that you had invited him to play a game with you. It’s only after he realized exactly what the game’s objective was that he grows wary. He sits and watches, making commentary that completely rips the boy that you’re courting in-game in half. You know, in the suburban, white dance-mom kind of way.
”_____-cchi, he’s dressed so tacky.”
You roll your eyes, clicking on the screen to continue to the next part of the game. “I think he’s cute.”
He puffs his cheeks out at that comment, watching as you squealed when the boy on the screen said something romantic.
Kise keeps making indigent noises in a vain attempt to get you to stop playing the game, but when he sees that you wont stop without intervention, he plucks the DS from your hands and kisses you on the cheek.
“C’mon, let’s do something else…”

Kuroko: Kuroko sits in silence as you play your otome game, fascinated about what the appeal was. He watches you as your face heats up with a small blush when your favorite character appears on screen. You try your best not to freak out like about this game like you usually do since Kuroko was there, but you can’t help but make a few noises.
”_____-kun likes boys like those?”
Your blush intensifies. Well, Kuroko and Komori did have a few things in common, personality-wise…
You choose not to respond, and Kuroko pesters you further.
“Do you think of me like that, or do you like him better?” He asks in a monotone.

Midorima: It took an incredibly long time for you to convince Midorima to play this dating sim with you. He adamantly refused, wanting to have nothing to do with that type of game.
However, when you started playing it in front of him despite his protests, he couldn’t help but look over in curiosity.
“Why did you choose him?" 
You look up at him, hesitant to answer. “He, um. He wears glasses…”
Midorima is taken aback, and he can’t help the blush that spreads across his face like a wildfire. He pushes up his own glasses, suddenly aware of what your words were implying.

Murasakibara: “He’s so small _____-chin.”
It wasn’t your fault that your favorite character so happened to be a grade younger than the main character. Of course he would be smaller.
“Yeah, he is.” You smile, looking at the CG you had just unlocked. Murasakibara looks on, unimpressed. When yawning to get your attention doesn’t work, he tries the verbal approach.  
“I wish I could get so many cupcakes…” He groans, “Is he getting that many cupcakes because he’s small?”
“Probably. Small boys are cute, so girls feel the need to baby them and give them sweets and whatnot.”
A sour expression crosses Murasakibara’s face.
“Does _____-chin want me to be small?”
You’re shocked at Murasakibara’s response. When you notice the unpleasant look on his face, you take his hand in yours and bring it up to your lips for a quick kiss.
“Of course not,” You smile, putting down the DS and getting up from his lap. “I’ll make some cupcakes for you instead, alright?”

long story short they’re all a bunch of babies






Various tumblr football fans I see on my dashboard, in a nutshell

Man United fans: We’re playing like shit but still winning? What even is Louis Van Gaals’ philosophy? ROONEY IS MY FAVORITE SWAMP OGRE UNCLE. David De Gea can probably save the economy…Btw check out Daley Blind’s hair in this gif

Dortmund fans: DON’T TOUCH MARCO! Hey guys I saved a bumblebee today. PIERREUS, BITCHES! wait did we just win a game like FOR REAL WE JUST WON A GAME WTGFF OMGG ASJDHFJDK. 

Real Madrid fans: honestly, don’t even think about blaming Iker. LA DECIMA!!! *cries* Cristiano ronaldo is a GOOD PERSON ok? ramos didn’t get a yellow today…what? We lost a game, I’m so over this, it’s a catastrophe, WE’RE IN DECLINE!

Barcelona fans: What is Lucho doing? Shakira and Pique are the cutest! Ugh, what did Neymar do to his hair THIS TIME?……we’re totally not a team of divers. MESSIGICIAN!

PSG fans: #DareToZlatan. David Luiz is honestly the purest human being on this planet. MY BAGUETTES!

Bayern fans: omg I am so stressed out for this match (even though I know we’re going to win) my heart is pounding omg the anxiety! Um, we never wanted marco reus anyways…BAVARIANS! BEER!

Out of my League Chapter 5

Note: Here is chapter 5, I hope you guys enjoy reading this story and chapter. Please please leave your thoughts, comments, suggestions and/or requests in comments or message me! Thanks for reading! (I do not own these characters) ~ R.Q

Chapter 5

The next two weeks went by pretty quickly. We didn’t really talk to each other about anything, I went over gave him his school work and did my own homework. He would just stare blankly at the ceiling or out the window the whole time. He would sit up every time I was there, everyday it was getting easier for him. He would sometimes even make little snide comments about baseball, but I learned to shrug off his ego.

On Friday, after I got home from Connor’s, I found that the moms were out for date night. Mariana was also out and I didn’t know when she would return, so I just played some video games to keep company. The phone rang and I went up to pick it up,
“Hello,” I answer
“Hello, this is Gavin Rogers from Julliard School calling for Mariana Adams Foster,” they reply.
I think to myself why would they be calling Mariana? I reply “she’s not at home right now, but I’ll take a message.”
“Can you please let her know that a spot has opened up for the dancing program and we are holding auditions this December for that it? All the information will also be sent be mail,” they reply thanking me and hanging up.

I think to myself, “I didn’t know Mariana was trying to get into that school.” I walk up to my room and lay down on my bed. I then get my phone and call Taylor
“Hey Taylor, I’m bored, want to do something?” I ask in a hopeful voice.
“Hey Jude! I’m sorry I have plans. I know I should have told you this before but, I kind of got back with Derek.” She replied
“What?! When this happen?! I thought he got too jealous?” I reply in shock once again.
“Well he won me over, he promised not to be like that anymore and he made a very good apology,” she replied.
“I see, well if you’re happy,” I reply still in shock.
“Thanks, I am. OH Jude he’s here, I’ve gotta go, talk to you later,” she says hanging up.

“Great! Now I really have nothing to do,” I say to myself. Just as I was about to play video games I got a text, it was from Connor:
Connor: hey cap, you forgot your homework here.
Jude: ugh, I’ll come over and pick it up
I reply, only because I was just really bored and I had no one to hang out with nor anything fun to do.
Connor: great, now I have to see you again.
Jude: oh yea because I’m always longing to see you too.

I get my keys and wallet and headed out the door. When I arrive I see that his neighbors have a moving truck in their front yard with a lot of furniture in it. I drive around the trucks and park in Connors’ drive way. I get out and knock on the door. His aunt comes to open, “oh hello Jude, come in.” She says cheerfully.
“Hello Mrs. Stevens, Connor said I forgot my homework so I’m here to pick it up,” I reply going in.
“Oh go on up dear,” she replies.

I walk up stairs and enter his room once again for the day. As I enter, I see him facing the other way laying down, lightly snoring. I carefully go and pick up my homework from the table and turn to Connor. He is looks so peaceful and innocent. As I see him sleeping like a baby, my heart can’t help but melt a little bit for him. I don’t know why, but every time I see him like this, my heart can’t be forced to hate him. He really didn’t look like the cocky type at the moment. He turned to his desk and wrote a note to Connor, "Thanks for telling me I forgot my homework, have a nice weekend.” I put the note on his night stand and glance at him once more before heading down stairs. As I make my way down stairs, I see a picture of a woman at the bottom of the steps. She has blonde hair and hazel eyes.

“That’s Connor’s mom,” I hear from behind me.
“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snoop, it was on the floor,” I reply.
“It’s ok sweet heart. Connor had a hard time after she died, so I’m happy now that he has finally moved past it,” she says.
“I’m sorry for your loss” I reply in utter shock thinking about Connor.
“Thank you dear. And thank you for hanging out with Connor every day. I think he enjoys your company” she says.
“No problem,” I reply, now moving out of the house.

As I walk to the drive way I can’t help but feel pain for Connor, sure he was arrogant, but I had no idea that he had dealt with such a tragedy. I begin to wonder about him and what type of life he had.

As I drove up to my house I notice Mariana’s car in the driveway and remember the call I got from Julliard. I go inside and walk to her room. I knock on the door and walk in, “hey Judicorn!” She says as she finishes painting her nails.
“Want to paint mine?” I reply sitting down next to trying to find out what she’s hiding, but also wanting my nails to be painted.
“Sure, let me get the color you like,” she says getting up and going to the dresser.
As she starts painting my nails, I look up and say,“ So I got a call for you today.”
“Oh? Who was it from?” she replies not looking up from her work.
“It was Julliard School calling to say you have an audition in December, do you have anything you want to say to me?” I say bluntly.

“Oh my god! What?! When did they call?” She replied now looking up, immediately stopping her work.
“When you were at work, I didn’t even know you auditioned for them, nor did I know you wanted to go into professional dance. Is there anything you’ve been hiding from us?” I reply.
“Fine I’ll tell you since you already know now pretty much. Promise not to tell moms. I auditioned a few months ago and sent in my tape. They replied saying I wasn’t good enough but recommend I try again next year, so I made and excuse to moms about college so I can practice. But now I only have till December to get ready for it. How am I supposed to do that with so little time?” She said now squealing and putting her hands in her face.

I go up to her and look down, pulling her chin up, “Calm down Mariana! You’re the most organized and talented dancer I know! You’re very good at it too! You can do this! I know you can because you’re my sister.“ I say wrapping my arms around her.
"When did you get so wise?” she said hugging back, “and so tall.”

Mariana was now 6 inches shorter than me.
“I’ll have to prepare for this competition now, remember not to tell anyone Jude,” she said as she finished painting my nails.

After that we went down and ordered pizza to eat. We planned to watch movies for the rest of the night. We watched pitch perfect and the notebook. They were
Mariana’s choices because I let her chose. When moms got home, they joined watching movies with us. We all fell asleep like that, I really enjoyed our Friday nights because it always felt like we were together.

The next week at school went by fast. Baseball practice was actually pretty boring without Connor. The other students gossip about me died down and they all went back to talking about other people. Taylor was always with her old boyfriend now, so it was harder to talk to her by myself. Even when I’m “popular”, I’m not. Coach kept asking how Connor was every other day to make sure I was seeing him.

It was Wednesday, after school I went over to Connor’s to give him work and hang out with him. When I entered his room, he was already sat up and playing catch with the wall.
“Hey,” I say
“Hey,” he replies.
Ever since Friday I’ve been trying to talk to him more, so I could get to know him, but I never got the confidence.

As Connor continued playing catch, pretending not to notice Jude’s presence, I put down Connors’ work and got my own out. I decided to some math homework while I’m here. I started to work out the problems but I got stuck on one. I knew I shouldn’t have taken AP calculus but I me and my challenging ways. I kept redoing and erasing the problem, making a different face every time. After about the sixth time of erasing the problem I hear Connor speak up, “oh my god all that erasing is making my head hurt.”
“Sorry, I just can’t get this problem,” I replied.
“Then stop trying, give up,” he replies simply.
“Nah, I don’t like giving up,” I reply getting back to my work.

He then got out of his bed slowly, “oh.. umm…. What are you doing, you need to rest,” I start to say getting up and moving towards him.

“It’s ok, it’s almost been a month, I can stand up and walk, it’s not like I’m sky driving he retorted,” now standing in front of me.

“Let me help you with that,” he said, putting his hands forward to see my work. I hand it over to him with little resistance because I needed the help. He sat back down on this bed and I sat next to him.

As he examined my work, I couldn’t help but notice his concentrated face. It was nice and his eyes were full of focus. Sitting next to him gave me a new feeling, but it quickly went away
“How do you not get this? It’s so easy,” he said now explaining my mistakes and teaching me the lesson.

“Thank you,” I say as we finish the homework, “who knew you could be useful,” I say in a half sarcastic laugh.
“Well, just my soft side cause I’ll be taking your place as head of the baseball team,” he retorted.

I just laughed as a replied, “Challenge accepted.”
Today was the first day where Connor acted semi decent and it wasn’t a bad side to him. He was interesting and I wanted to figure him out.
The next two days went similarly, we would do our homework and talk about baseball. It was nice to talk to somebody new and didn’t like me because of baseball. We hated each other, but it somehow worked out. Connor was interesting to talk to.

When I got home Friday after visiting Connor, I saw a new car in the drive way, one I didn’t recognize. I parked my car got out and walked in the house.
“Hello? Anyone here? There’s a car I don’t recognize,” I say putting my keys down on the counter.

I turn around and see Callie standing in the doorway, “do you like it? I’ve saved up for it?” She says now running up to me and giving me a hug.
“It’s really nice,” I say, wrapping my arms around her excited to see her.
“How long are you here?” I ask.
“Today and tomorrow” she replies
“No one else is here, so we get some alone time to talk,” she says staring at me,“ tell me what’s new with your life.”

We sit down on the couch and I tell her about my first month of senior year, all details. The only thing I leave out is about Connor’s mom.

“Wow Jude, I can’t believe you actually hit a person!” She says laughing.
“It wasn’t that bad, plus I get punishment,” I retort.
“This Connor kid sounds like a jerk, want me to kick his ass?” She replies
“No,” I say, “he’s not that bad, he’s just arrogant, but I think he has a kind heart. We aren’t friends, but I don’t hate him anymore.” I reply.
“Well if you ever need me to, I’m here,” she says now looking towards to door because someone was coming in.

Mariana entered the house
“OH MY GOD! Callie!” She said now running up and hugging her.
“Hi Mari! How are you?” Callie replied.
“I’m good!” Mariana said.

We talked about life and new things that happens to us in the year. Moms came home from date night and greeted Callie. Today we all played board games and discussed our lives.

The weekend went by pretty quickly, leaving no room to do homework. It’s a good thing I finished most of it at Connor’s. It was now Monday and I was heading to Connors’ after school. Taylor was always hanging out with Derek so I never really hung out with her outside of school, so I kind of looked forward to going to Connors’ every day.

Only one week left and then Connor will return to school I thought as I entered his house. I made my way to his room and entered. He was playing a game on his tablet.
“Hey Connor,” I say putting my backpack down.
“Hi,” he replies not taking his eyes off the tablet.
“What are you playing?” I ask intrigued.
“Star Wars commander,” he replies, “but I can’t get past this level.”
“Oh I love that game, here let me try?” I ask.

He nods and hands it to me, I take the tablet and show him how to beat the level.
“And that’s how you do it son!” I say to him teasingly, “you know if you need a lesson in how to be awesome, I can always teach you!”
“Haha don’t get too excited, I’m still better at baseball,” he retorts laughing.

As we played, I couldn’t help but notice how enjoyable Connor’s company is. I didn’t notice it before, but when he’s not being so cocky, he isn’t such a bad guy. We played for 2 hours before I decided to leave, saying my goodbyes.

These past few days I’ve stayed longer than usual because I liked coming over and he was being semi civil. As I was leaving his house I notice a new moving truck at his neighbor’s house. Then I notice this girl walking towards me. She had long blonde hair, down to her thighs, was skinny and had blue eyes, she was a few inches shorter than me.
“Hi my names Cecelia Grant, I moved in today and my parents told me to get to know the neighbors,” she says extending her hand to me.