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Do You Enjoy Doing Interviews/Podcasting?

Our team is looking for someone to help with interviewing various psychologists and professionals in the psychology and counselling space.

If you have 3-4 hours a week to commit to this position, send us an email with the following info:

1) A bit about yourself (what you study)

2) Goals/aspirations

3) Why you signed up for this position?

4) Related experiences that might help you do well in this role (eg. You’ve done a lot of emailing in the past, currently interning or working with a researcher etc).

The purpose of this initiative is to build a close community between working professionals in the space and our Psych2Go community so that everyone can benefit from the content of the interview.

In return, here’s what we will do for you:

1) Provide reference letters

2) Compensation if this becomes a consistent thing between us.

3) Experiences that you can add to your resume/work.

4) Mentorship/coaching. Being able to reach out to others is a great asset to have in your skills.

Qualities we look for:

1. Good writing and communication skills

2. Reliability

3. Persistence.

4. Attention to details

5. Good stalking abilities

Email us here:

Application Deadline: April 30th.
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Good evening! Right now, Wazawa-sensei is visiting the editorial department! We’re currently in the middle of our business meeting. It’s been a while since the last impromptu doodle Sensei has drawn for us, hasn’t it! We happen to be out of ink! Fufu… Please wait just a moment…! (Editor)

Good evening! In the midst of a downpour of rain and roaring thunder, I valiantly soldiered on, and arrived safely for my business meeting at the editorial department! I wanted to say “Mononokean, come.”… (smile) In a sudden rain like this, Ashiya and Abeno are taking shelter in the Mononokean right away too. (Wazawa Kiri)

Ashiya: It’s raining pretty hard, Abeno-san.

Abeno: I guess I’ll call the Mononokean.

The rain came on all of a sudden, but Sensei has safely arrived! We’re all very glad! The next chapter update will be on Thursday, June 8th. Please look forward to it! Our business meeting has started to wrap up as well, so we’re off to go eat! With that, see you again! (Editor)


A Very Good Editorial by Monica Talbot
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Jennifer Finney Boylan wrote another excellent op-ed piece on transgender issues in the NY Times recently. It focuses on the perceived rights and obligations of those who transition to let others know well after they’ve lived their lives in their revised gender. If you’re interested in trans lives, I highly encourage you to read it. There’s one very insightful part about those who transition and keep it secret (a.k.a. ‘stealth trans’): 'Living in stealth can be a heavy burden, though; it requires replacing one secret for another, having to constantly invent a story to explain one’s past. I know that when I came out as trans, the biggest change was not in going from male to female; it was going from being a person with a secret to a person without one — at least that one, anyway.’ Another very interesting comment about the 'bathroom wars’ – there are more documented cases of Republican congressmen soliciting people in restrooms than there are cases of transpeople doing so. On that count, the score is 3 - 0, in favor of Republican congressmen. So if lawmakers really want to protect people from being solicited and assaulted in public bathrooms, maybe they need to focus on restraining Republican congressmen, instead of trans people. (Oh, but that’s just 'fake news;….)…