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Daddy I've been feeling like I'm not good enough recently, and it makes me feel really anxious and alone

*runs finger over your lips* “My darling, you’re the most perfect thing in this world. No one, nothing, will ever possibly compare. You’re the most magnificent creature. Let Daddy show you just how amazing you are.”

GOT7 Member Introduction

I guess people liked my EXO intro, so I got a request from my boo thang wanting a GOT7 intro!


  • Real Name: Mark Tuan/ Tuan Yi Eun
  • Nicknames I Gave Him: Shy Guy, Cute Nose
  • Personality: He’s a shy, quiet guy who seems uninterested most of the time, but he really is a kind and caring guy. Once he breaks out of his shell, he’s extremely funny and I love his laugh.
  • He’s my boo bias. 
  • Age: 24 until September 4.
  • Position: He’s the oldest hyung, rapper, American in AmeriThaiKong line

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I want daddy TJ Hammond :)

Here’s the drabble, sorry its so short

T.J. was almost shocked when the adoption agency approved his paper work. Like really who would allow a gay, ex-addict, single man adopt a child? But none the less TJ was the happiest he could be when he brought 2 year old Gabriela.

TJ spent all of his time with Gabi or working. His family noticed the change Gabi brought into his life. One of the major points was TJ no longer slept around or drank when he went out. His mother especially enjoyed watching her son chase his little girl around. 

TJ’s father moment was when Gabi finally called him ‘daddy’, six months after bringing her home. He had just finished reading her a bed time story when she had said it.
“Get some sleep now sweetie,” he spoke as he tucked her in and kissed her head, “good night baby girl.”

“Night daddy.” TJ stopped in his tracks and looked at the little girl who wrapped him around her finger in such a short time.

He smiled at her before closing the door and walking to his room, feeling the happiest he has in a long time. 

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I hate myself I'm worthless I'm never going to be able to meet anyone's expectations. I don't even meet my own I do so good for awhile I'm always so proud of myself daddy is proud of me and things are perfect then in one day I screw everything up and I don't know why I'm so happy with my life I feel so safe and protected by daddy but I struggle to follow the rules I've hurt him to much I'm not worthy of him being my daddy I'm not a good princess That's all I want to be is his perfect princess

Sweetie, you’re not worthless, you don’t screw things up, I know you think you do, but you honestly don’t, you’re daddy is so proud of you, so you’re obviously doing so good hun, and I’m positive so many others that love you think all the same. You do not need to meet anyone’s expectations but your own, and even if you don’t meet your own, you will someday. It’s okay to struggle, it’s not in any way you’re fault hun, and you are MORE than worthy of him being your daddy, you deserve him. You are no less of a perfect princess sweetie, I’m sure you’re the most perfect princess to him❤ and I know how it feels, to have such a good life and then suddenly it comes crashing down out of nowhere, and it feels as if your world is falling apart and you’re nothing, you’re worthless, a waste of space, but you’re not. You definitely are not anything but loved and cherished and needed.