such a funny sit com

Am I the only one who feels like the hosts are kind of… american? Like how american sit coms do and say funny things to be funny, but it’s usually just lame. They say the best comedy is when you do what you being completely serious, and if it’s really funny, then people will see it. But these guys are just being silly to be funny, and it falls kind of flat.

Or is it just me?


10 himym moments proving that Robin is just da coolest girl ever.

10. The moment she talks about her attractiveness like a boss.

9. She loves her scotch.

8. She was a sparkling teenage popstar. How bout that.

7. You just dont mess with Robin. She might just kill your ass.

6. Shes honest about her feeling. No bullshit.

5. What about Robin and Barney. Even tho they dont end up tgt but they were awesomeeeeeeee.

4. She loves food.

3. She is sarcastic.

2. Robin Dagger is just the funniest thing ever.