such a fucken dork

i felt like compiling a list of my favorite artists in this region of tumblr bc im a fuckening dork who likes to drool over peoples talent ok


supersonic-scientist/ pagan-astronaut 






this isnt even a complete list i just am inCREDIBLY ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT THE TALENT OF THESE PEOPLE WOW also pls add to this post bc this isnt a big popular fandom and our artists deserve more recognition

Since the ASZ have a camera I’d just super duper love for Michonne to get everyone together for a family photo (and it’s rather adorable just how excited she is). Imagine a cute gathering with Maggie and Glenn on the steps with Baba Greene sat on their laps playing with Judith who is sat on Carl’s knee with his hat on her head (which basically drowns her!). Rick and Michonne behind him with the CHEESIEST smiles you ever did see and he’s using her hair to make a funny lil moustache on her face…,Eugene and Abe lookin kinda grumpy/annoyed but throwing “peace” signs behind Sasha ……………………………. then Tara & Rosita cuddlin cos dey besties 5eva with Carol and Daryl kinda trying to hide behind them since OBVIOUSLY both these dorks too fucken shy and don’t even wanna be there and Carol is blushing SO MUCH cos Daryl said she looked pretty (and he’s dyyyyinnng inside at all of this). 


 # when will it be time for fandom to have nice thaangs?

me at louis: a sweet tiny gumdrop… the gentlest of crushed peas… a swishy corn plant… the first dewdrop on a cool winters morn,

me at harry: Fuckening Dork Master 2000 Always Delete Him