such a flawless movie oh man


Requested by Anon! 

You took a deep breath in and let it out before knocking on the door in front of you. 

Matt was every girls dream guy. He was affectionate, he was thoughtful, he was funny and attractive. Little girls dream about having a man like Matt Murdock sweep her up in his arms and take her away. 

You were just like every other girl, except your wistfulness didn’t die with age. You still dreamed about it, even when you had the perfect man. 

Because you lied to him, and you’re lying to yourself when you say that you’re perfectly content.

You hate yourself for lying to him, for distancing yourself, but you can’t stop. Because if he finds out, he’ll leave you. And how much that will break you. 

Because the kind of man Matt Murdoch is, is every girl’s dream man. 

But Matt Murdock himself is yours. 

The door swung open, and Matt stood there, and your breath hitched. All the preparation you’d been doing, psyching yourself up has done nothing. His clothes were dishevelled, his loose cotton pants hanging loosely on his lean hips, and his shirt was crumpled, like it spent the night on the floor while Matt slept. He didn’t even bother to put his glasses on, so you saw that deep colour that you loved so much.

“Hey,” He smiled, running a hand through his messy hair that you knew he couldn’t see anyways. “You’re here early,” His voice was raspy with sleep, and you immediately melted on the spot. Moments like this was why you knew that you never wanted Matt to find out, because if he knew, he wouldn’t like you. 

Long legs, small curves, perfect skin, flawless face. That was the kind of woman that would fit oh so well with the wonderful man you know as Matt Murdoch. 

Blonde, maybe too. The kind of face you only see in movies, sounds good too. Maybe Matt wouldn’t see, but others would. They wouldn’t see him with you. 

Imperfect, ugly, not good enough. You weren’t, you weren’t good enough for him, and that kills you. 

“I um.. I brought breakfast.” You held up the bag that you had in your hand almost as evidence.

The rattling of the brown paper made Matt grin; and step back so you could walk past him. 

You always watched your step, made an actual effort to try and make your footsteps lighter. Matt was blind, not deaf, after all.

All of those girls in the magazines, all the girls you saw on the street. All the girls that had boys hitting them up at all hours. While you were just there. Someone guys barely kept as a friend, and just someone they acknowledged. 

Until you met Matt. He was just so nice to you.

So polite, and charming. It was the first time a guy had spoke to you like that. And it had made you feel so good.

That was only because he was blind…

“What’d you bring?” Matt asked, slipping onto a stool by the kitchen island and resting his forearms on it while he waited for you to pass him his food. 

“Just some breakfast burritos from the little restaurant down the street,” You shrug, passing the wrapped thing down to Matt and waited for him to grasp it before you brought yours out, and slowly put it on the counter. “What a feast.” Matt grinned. “You’re spoiling me," 

You and Matt had been dating for only a couple weeks. And somehow you haven’t lost him yet. 

But that was because he was blind.

And you got all shy when he tried to cuddle or wrap his arms around you in any way.

Matt was a very respectful man, and wouldn’t push you to do anything you weren’t comfortable with. And the man had the patience of a saint!

Why hadn’t he left you already..

You were so difficult…

"Is there something wrong?” Matt asked, and your head snapped up towards him, your fingers still idly playing with the wrapper of the food you bright. 

“No,” you said immediately, ducking your head, and going back to playing with the paper.

Matt hesitated for a second. “You know you could tell me. If there was anything wrong. Anything.” He murmured, placing his breakfast down on the counter, and you pursed your lips.

“There’s nothing wrong,” Your voice cracked slightly, and you cursed internally.  

“Y/n, please.” Matt reached out, sliding his hand over yours, and your flinched. Matt’s was hard and calloused. It was thin, and his fingers long. You grimaced since yours was a little chubby, and you knew that Matt could feel that. You tried to pull your hand away but Matt’s closed over yours and you were trapped.

“Please tell me what is bothering you, Y/n,” Matt murmured, and you looked away, staring at some random fixture in the wall. “Y/n,” You sighed, and looked towards Matt.

“I don’t…” You paused and then tried to start again. “I don’t know why you’re still dating me. I’m so… Big!” Matt was silent for a long while, as if listening to something that you couldn’t. And when it seemed like he couldn’t hear what he was looking for, he looked crestfallen.

“Y/n,” He muttered. You pursed your lips and looked down at the counter as to hide your face. Which is ridiculous, you chided yourself, but you just wanted to hide. You wanted to hide, and never come out, but you couldn’t do that with Matt. He seemed to know absolutely everything and anything about you. You were so vulnerable, and.. Bare around him, and there was absolutely nothing you could do about it. Especially not now. Not that you had told him your biggest insecurity.

All of this inner monologue beating yourself up, you didn’t hear Matt ((The fucking little ninja.)) walk around the island to be at your side. 

And you didn’t know, until you felt his arms sneak around your waist and pull you right up against him. You squeaked, and tried to pull away, push him away, something… But his arms were firmly around your waist. 

“Y/n, please don’t..” He spoke quietly, and you just.. Stopped. Leaning against the counter, you just let him hold you. Even if you were tense, and awkward, and your fists were clenching onto the edge of the counter so hard that your entire hand was white, you let him hold you. 

“I’m sorry,” You hang your head. 

“What are you sorry for?” Matt pulled away a little, and you could finally breathe, but he only pulled away so that he could turn you around a little bit. You started holding your breath as much as you could again…

“For not being perfect. And for being so.. Fat,” you said bitterly. “You deserve better.” You muttered.

“There is not a woman that God has ever created that is more perfect for me than you are.” Matt pulled you even closer and rested his chin on the top of your head, leaving you to be staring at his chest.

“Matt, don’t do that,” you sighed tiredly.

“Do what?” He asked sincerely. Does he really not know?

“Say that I’m perfect and that you couldn’t ask for a better girl than I am. And all that bullshit that decent people actually say when someone’s upset. You can’t see me, but .. I’m not even a little good looking, never mind perfect. You on the other hand are kind, and handsome, and thoughtful, and.. Well… Perfect. I don’t think we can make-,”

“I’m not perfect,” Matt’s voice broke, and he didn’t let you see his face. “And I never said that you were perfect, I said that you’re perfect for me. I don’t need to see you, to be able to tell that you’re damn well beautiful, inside and out. I don’t care that you don’t see that right now, because I do, and I will spend the rest of my days trying to make you see that. I’m a fuck up, but you just over look that, and that is the best thing that anyone could do for me, okay?" 


“There is no one better.”

Yes because no matter what you thought of yourself, you were the perfect girl for Matt. There was many women that Matt could have chosen from, this you have accepted, but you were Matt’s dream girl that that is something you bask in the glory of. 

You were Matt Murdock’s perfect woman; just the way you were. 

Oh also, honestly the Grandmother was the best character in the movie. Every single scene she’s in is flawless and she herself is animated so recogniseably as an older, heavier woman I was floored in the first 2 scenes of the movie. There is 0 complaint I could give to any moment she is on screen.

Also I liked the secret feminism in the movie. No, not the part about Moana being a strong independent woman who don’t need no man. I mean the feminism of woman as both creator and destroyer when corrupted from her deeper knowledge. That’s a page right out of “Women who run with the wolves” and I appreciated it like crazy. As well as the older, grandmother person being the guiding force and ‘knowing’ of the story.

That’s the kind of feminism I’m all about. More than the ‘sisters are doing it for themselves’ kind.