such a flawless movie oh man

Oh also, honestly the Grandmother was the best character in the movie. Every single scene she’s in is flawless and she herself is animated so recogniseably as an older, heavier woman I was floored in the first 2 scenes of the movie. There is 0 complaint I could give to any moment she is on screen.

Also I liked the secret feminism in the movie. No, not the part about Moana being a strong independent woman who don’t need no man. I mean the feminism of woman as both creator and destroyer when corrupted from her deeper knowledge. That’s a page right out of “Women who run with the wolves” and I appreciated it like crazy. As well as the older, grandmother person being the guiding force and ‘knowing’ of the story.

That’s the kind of feminism I’m all about. More than the ‘sisters are doing it for themselves’ kind.