such a fine actor

Halftime Show*

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Chris and Reader have some naughty time together during the Super Bowl halftime show.
Words Count: 1.8k
Warnings: Swearing and unprotected sex. [Wrap your wang before you bang.]
Author’s Note: Might not be my greatest work since I wrote it in a hurry, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Congrats to the Pats, by the way.

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“C'mon, you can do better… don’t fuck this one up guys!” Chris yelled, clapping his hands as if he was the coach. “Don’t you dare doing this to us!”

Proud yelling, muttered cursing and stressed screaming everywhere around you in the VIP area of the stadium. The fans sitting, standing or jumping roared their stress out as your team was in a difficult time. The halftime was fast approaching and the Patriots struggled, facing the seemingly glorious Falcons.

“Don’t freak out. Relax, big boy,” you soothed, rubbing your boyfriend’s tensed back as he tapped his foot on the floor.

“How can we relax, Y/N?!” Scott, his brother told you and you rolled eyes, mentally noticing him he wasn’t helping at all.

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Official teaser of the animation <Follow Gurume(그르메따라)>

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Look at the film, the music of the band ‘OVERHEAD- I’ll fine’, and the voice of the actor gyuh-yeok sim OVERHEAD!

It was so fun to make!!:D

ASM: Hey, Your Godliness? [Lead Actress] is freaking out because she can’t remember one of her lines out of *pointedly, louder* the entire play and her four monologues that she’s got memorized perfectly. So she wants us to find and cast an understudy.

SM: Hahaha, n-

ASM: So that means get on up there SM, it’s star time


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So, they’re probably gonna cast Brie Larson, a twenty six year old, to play Captain Marvel.

The same character who was supposed to be a military officer, who then went on to a high ranked position at NASA, and was in a relationship with Rhodey in the comics, who is played by a 50+ actor?

And okay, I’m hearing a lot of 

“Yeah, but Marvel HAS to cast a younger actress to play Captain Marvel, for the longevity of the franchise!”

Okay. Fine. 

Tell that to the last headlining actors cast in Marvel movies, aka Paul Rudd (47), Benedict Cumberbatch (39), Chadwick Boseman, (39)….

Sensing a pattern here?

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: jared padalecki is such a talented actor and i think we forget that sometimes due to his intensely good looks. i personally have found myself watching him to watch him rather than to watch him act and this is the biggest mistake one can make. he is so physically beautiful that he could probably get away with not being so good an actor yet he still continues to amaze me with his talent. his micro-expressions and ability to adapt to many different roles makes him possibly one of the greatest actors of our time and i hope we don't forget that any time soon
  • what she also means: literally all of this can be said for jensen and misha too. we're so blessed to be in a fandom that focuses on - not just one insanely attractive and equally talented man - but three physically beautiful and incredibly talented men (more than three, in fact, but i won't go in to naming them all), who are not only beautiful and talented, but are also amazing, compassionate, caring, humble human beings who deserve their success and so much more
Welcome to Skull Island: on set with Tom Hiddleston and the biggest King Kong ever
The director and cast of Kong: Skull Island, including Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson, discuss filming opposite an 85ft ape – while using as little green screen as possible
By Benjamin Lee

“Apologies for the shirtlessness,” says Tom Hiddleston. “I didn’t want to show off.” The world’s most impeccably spoken Marvel baddie is looking awfully embarrassed. I’ve caught him emerging topless from his trailer, late at night, with female company. The makeup artist has been in with him, carefully pawing at his torso. Hiddleston is shooting a movie in Hawaii and, as it is, his skin doesn’t look sufficiently sun damaged. Muddier stuff is slathered on, and our star is good to go.

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