such a fine actor

sebastian posts a fucking heartfelt apology for cancelling a con appearance and ppl still manage to be shitty abt it, amazing

y'all are too fucking spoiled he doesn’t owe you shit


For a while, photographers stood outside my house waiting for me to look my absolute worst. They would follow me and wait and wait and wait and hide. The minute I eat a burger, drink a beer, have no make-up, they will take 10 million pictures and pick out the three that look the most heinous and post those. Then everyone tears it apart. But I can deal with that, that’s fine – if you want to be an actor you have got to deal with that kind of stuff and I can.

happy birthday mari!!

Who the signs hate on Stranger Things

Aries: Steve Harrington
Taurus: Steve Harrington
Gemini: Steve Harrington
Cancer: Steve Harrington
Leo: Steve Harrington
Virgo: Steve Harrington
Libra: Steve Harrington
Scorpio: Steve Harrington
Sagittarius: Steve Harrington
Capricorn: Steve Harrington
Aquarius: Steve Harrington
Pisces: Steve Harrington

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Not a question just a thought-Danny phantom should come back but not as a children's show especially because the phans are older now.

I would be perfectly fine with that if they:

1. Keep the voice actors

2. Maybe change the style of the show to a somewhat more serious look (or keep it the same)

3. Give me a Danny with more anxiety cause in the canon show, it almost seems like he completely forgets all the tramatic shit he goes through cause he shouldn’t have that much chill all the time

4. Vlad needs to stop being a stereotypical villain, and maybe get some character development in him 

5. Phantom Planet has to be a weird nightmare that Danny had.

6. Showed us a little more bloodshed and scars

7. Dan needs to come back

8. Give us more history about the ancients (I’m actually really curious to know more about these guys)

9. Give Clockwork more screen time if they ever find a voice actor that sounds at least close to his original voice actor

10. Maybe have Dani be adopted by the Fentons

11. At the end of the series, either give us Danny’s high school or college graduation, becomes the new king of the ghost zone, achieves his dream as an astronaut, or has a family and kids of his own.


Jen and Lana… interact and laugh … because they don’t hate each other.  And why you may ask… were these pictures missing from 95% of the set spotters who were there?  In fact the first shot was framed as two shots super oddly by another.  

Don’t let people who hate characters set the narrative about the actors.  They get along fine.  (x)


»inspirational 11 - word & symbol« an online magazine featuring 22 text-based artists in this issue is out now!

the list of artists appearing in this new issue of »inspirational« are, in order of appearance:

alicia eaton lewis - mixed media artist
anatol knotek - artist and visual poet
brian kenny - multimedia artist
chazalon respress - fine art painter
china marks - fiber artist
dana frankfort - fine art painter
emma parker - fiber artist
emmanuel signorino - fine art painter and photographer
gregory siff - visual artist, designer, writer, actor
henry hussey - fiber artist
ines seidel - mixed media artist
johan deckmann - text based artist
jordan alan brown - poet and photographer
laurie doctor - fine art painter and calligrapher
lisa anne auerbach - fiber artist
maria wigley - fiber artist
mark hopper - fine art painter
meg hitchcock - sacred text collage artist
peg grady - fiber artist
peyton freiman - visual artist, writer, actor
sara impey - fiber artist
sergio albiac - fine art painting and collage artist

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James Franco / My Livejournal :

​(¬_¬)ノ *coughs loudly*
I get so tired of having to defend my beautiful baby cinnamon roll, Michael Pitt. I thought the rumors of him being difficult to work with were put to bed. LET THE MAN LIVE. Y’all got no real reason to be hatin’.
Brendan Bradley
Brendan Bradley You know Brendan from his work on Pemberley Digital’s Frankenstein MD, Muzzled the Musical, and The Fine Bros. AT GEEKYCON: Brendan will be a part of panels and programs throughout GeekyCon. He’ll join his Pemberley Digital pals to talk about transmedia storytelling, and being a geek on the Internet and more! Brendan Bradley …

Pemberley peeps, we’ve got Brendan Bradley joining the GeekyCon squad next week!