such a dork in this drama

Viktor Nikiforov is the dork we love.

My favourite Viktor moments are when he is an adorable idiot.

I love exploring Viktor’s character because despite being the most senior character among the skaters and being seen as the one to chase and look up to, this boy truly does a lot of stupid things. To be fair, 27 is still quite young. It’s a shitty age when everyone plus their dog seems to think you know what you are doing except you. I can tell you all the weird decisions and unnecessary drama people have and get into at 27, but then this post will never end.

Now, we know about the whole banquet fiasco and the whole impulsively flying to Japan arms open, dick out thing, not to mention the whole car park “let’s shatter his heart” shenanigans, but I also have these screencaps stewing for maybe a month in my phone because I remember I was rewatching the show and these just made me go, “Oh, Viktor.”

Okay, so we know Hot Springs on Ice all started with Viktor’s idea…

…to which Yurio gamely accepts the challenge and issues his own (while Yuuri adorably panics in the background like the puppy he is)…

…which Viktor also accepts.

Look at him all excited.

Here, though, is where Viktor gets himself in trouble:

He’s been riling Yurio up the entire morning that the kid just up and threw a tantrum and demanded this prize. But then, no problem, since it’s not like Viktor had to accept or anything–

Yuuri’s face when Viktor agreed, though.

*sigh* Same, Yuuri. Same.

It seems that it’s not until later that Viktor realises the trouble he put himself in. At this point, we didn’t know yet just how invested Viktor was in Yuuri Katsuki (i.e., very invested and nursing a weird kind of crush, probably) and how important it is that he doesn’t coach just anyone, but Yuuri Katsuki only. How ever good Yuuri could potentially be, however, there was still a big chance that he could actually lose to Yurio. Yuuri sometimes choked during competition. Yurio, on the other hand, was the juniors gold medallist. There was a very real possibility that Yurio would win and Viktor to have to go back to Russia.

Having realised this, Viktor then began to sport this face:

Yeah, tell me about it.

This is Viktor during Yurio’s performance:

At this point, Viktor didn’t know yet that Yuuri had a breakthrough on his Eros performance. As far as he knew, Yurio was the one who found his Agape. While Yurio’s performance was not perfect, he was doing well enough. But Viktor does not want to go back to Russia. He wants to stay in Japan and get to know Yuuri Katsuki. He can choreograph for another skater, sure, but he does NOT want to be Yuri Plisetsky’s coach.

That, right there, is what Viktor Nikiforov looks like when he knows he is in very deep shit.

What’s interesting though is that these expressions were not really blatantly pointed out in the show. No one notices this, and Viktor just stands in his corner looking like that. With what knowledge we had at episode 3, we don’t know, maybe he just looks thoughtful because Viktor Nikiforov is just a mysterious character. Lol, but rewatching this after season 1 is over?

Yeah, Viktor. Because of you, for about an entire episode, we were in danger of never having the events that would lead to the kiss at the Cup of China, the exchange of rings in Barcelona, and the glorious masterpiece that is Yuuri’s record-breaking free skate. Viktor, Viktor, Viktor… sometimes just… *facepalm*

Thankfully, Yuuri DID find his Eros at the last minute, wins the competition, and consequently saves Viktor’s gorgeous but impulsive arse and gives us the wonderful events of season 1. Thank you, Yuuri! ♡

Lol, look at how happy and relieved this dork is:

There he is, ladies and gentlemen, our Viktor Nikiforov - king of impulsive decisions. For a long time we thought he was such a mysterious character. Now, we just… wtf, we know him better and we love him very much, but sometimes

Viktor, no. For fuck’s sake.

*sigh* Same, Yuuri. Same.

Bonus: Viktor during Yuuri’s Eros performance. He probably realised he’s safe at this point, and I bet he was enthralled again, and possibly getting turned on by Yuuri Katsuki falling in love again.

Oh, Viktor.

Zodiac: Tag Yourself (Edition)

-looks like “fight me” but is actually “love me”
-extremely fucking smart like wut
-doesn’t care about emotions unless it’s their own
-strive for power

-seems chill but is actually savage af
-doesn’t believe in emotions
-would fight you for hurting an animal
-actually has an amazing sleeping schedule???

-emotional mess (they never feel anything the right way)
-probably knows more useless shit than you
-actually really amazing ppl
-doesn’t know what sleep is

-looks like “love me” but is actually “fight me”
-doesn’t know how to deal with emotions so they don’t
-can be extremely selfish
-lives in drama

-very one way thinking mind
-high morals
-doesn’t deny they need constant validation
-constantly naps

-looks like they want to kill you, probably does
-such a fucking nerd
-sleeping schedule so fucked it’s like wow
-has a weird book collection

-always in love with someone
-big time music dork
-over emotional
-probably doesn’t know what’s going on

-tries to be hard core but are low key cry babies
-likes dark colors but has a bright personality
-probably reads more books than you
-just wants to be loved

-ready to disappear at any moment
-has seen every strange movie on Netflix (I mean, EVERY weird movie)
-honestly forgets emotions exist
-just wants a 48 hr nap

-knows they’re better than you
-parties more than you know
-just wants ppl to stop
-will cut you off without blinking an eye

-disappears for a while w/o explanation
-probably cuter than you
-always turnt
-live in a very gray world when it comes to what’s right or wrong

-doesn’t like dealing with responsibility
-likes music more than they like you
-thrives off of attention tho
-refuses to be anyone’s #2


Summary: Jessica is relieved that you and Sam got back safe, and the brothers’ reunion with their father doesn’t go as you expected
Words: 4.5k 
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess 
Warnings: episode-related injury

A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here
Beta: @blacksiren

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Jess was so relieved to see you when you eventually got back to the motel that she started to cry the second you opened the door.

She rushed over to you, pulling you into a rough hug and burying her face in your neck. You were certain you smelled terrible after your time trapped in a cage, but she didn’t mention it or seem to care when her tears were falling onto your shoulder.

“Hey, it’s okay,” you soothed, hugging her back and stepping the two of you to the side to let the brothers into the room. “Jessy, I’m here, we’re here, we’re okay.”

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Eren v.s. Yuu

(Based off the animes.) I can see the comparisons since they’re both dark-haired and green-eyed and angry but honestly the difference between them is that:

-Yuu’s vengeful attitude was a result of trauma. Eren was and always has been really fuckin angry that’s just one of his virtues

-Yuu’s outright hostility severely diminishes once he knows Mika is alive. He’s still an angry little shit but it’s also equally mixed with him being an affectionate goofy dork

-Eren when out-of-his-element still maintains his aggression. He’s passionate about his friends n shit but he always has that undertone of ‘I will seriously fight everyone here no questions asked’ going on with him bc that’s who he is

-Eren is a drama queen?? Like I know Yuu’s had his moments but Eren seems to go through each emotion he experiences like it’s a fuckin soap opera

-Yuu has a way more cocky, carefree attitude. Eren is pretty deadly serious about most things he does, probably because if he fucks up then everyone is screwed. Yuu is still learning that

-Yuu reacts more positively towards Mikaela being a worried overprotective little shit than Eren does with Mikasa but then again that’s probably because Eren actually had a mom and knows what it’s like to be overtly mothered whereas with Yuu and Mika both of them had shitty parents and Yuu lost Mika once so now he’s uber-grateful for Mika’s very existance

-Okay so Mikaela kinda looks and acts like some Mikasa/Armin love child so I guess he kinda constitites the rest of the trio for Yuu

-Yuu is older than him yet has a far more lighthearted, carefree attitude and generally seems to take things a bit less seriously than he should. Eren is way too serious with certain things.

-Yuu made it to the ocean after 24 episodes. Eren did not.

I cannot believe that drama king dork john cameron cannonly has a movie star boyfriend he is seeing in secret and julian witnessed them being lovey-dovey


☆ [ Kyuuketsuki darake no Haruyasumi LOG 2 ]

I wasn’t sure of what to expect from the third track but it didn’t fail to deliver the usual comedy/fansevice xDD

In the first part I’m not sure of the ‘position’ Hyde & Licht ended up after they bumped into each other, specially because of Licht’s reaction www but I loved how Lawless literally goes DOKI at the fact that (he thougth) Licht was reaching out his hand at him <///333 

When the gym class pat started I just kept picturing Licht with the japanese gym bloomers….. I couldn’t help it….. I’m not sorry (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ 

Aaaah and Hugh being a sensei!! So cute <33
Ok, the comic strip thing I made obviously only happened in my head… I think Tetsu was actully doing some wrestling chokehold or something ww but just shhh, let me think he wanted to hug Misono(?) <’3

Asdgfhjk and Lawless being embarrassed when the others actually call him “Lawless-chan” even though he keeps introducing himself like that was unexpectedly adorable; specially Licht calling him “Hyde-chan” <//3 ♥ ♥

The truth is I had planned on drawing at least +10 more scenes, but I think I need to stop now…. Drawing nonstop is tiring, uguu.

I had a lot of fun making this!! And I hope you enjoy the result haha :’) 

SVT as Types of High School Students


  • student body president  
  • has the best party stories  
  • acts like a tool but has a heart of gold 
  • mostly takes PE classes


  • first male head cheerleader 
  • gets everyone else to do his work
  • gets caught cheating but talks his way out of it 
  • has all the hot gossip & ain’t afraid to spill it 


  • the really religious kid who’s very gay & very closeted 
  • surprises teachers with gifts 
  • major teachers pet 
  • everyone loves him too much 


  • flirts with everyone 
  • when he talks it just sounds flirty 
  • gets all the guys and the girls ;) 
  • the freshies all crush on him 


  • MC’s all the dumb school events 
  • makes little freshies feel welcome 
  • is everywhere all the time & everyone knows him 
  • started like 8 clubs 


  • has a new book every week 
  • zones out in class but manages to get an A 
  • a total Shakespeare snob  
  •  will screw you over in group projects if you don’t do work


  • stressed af
  • looks intimidating but is actually nice 
  • too dependent on caffeine 
  • not afraid to expose tf outta you 


  • never knows what’s going 
  • on yolos tests 
  • talks the teacher out of giving homework
  • ppl think he’s high but he’s sober & just like that 


  • hot kid who’s actually a dork 
  • oblivious to his hotness 
  • sneaks food to class 
  • so stupid no one knows how he made it to high school 


  • done with everyones bullshit  
  • hangs out with college kids 
  • beat up the local sexist/racist/homophobic bully 
  • low key every ones idol 


  • stereotypical gay theater kid 
  • sings the music to the current theater production 
  • stirs up drama 
  • you either love him or hate him 


  • wears headphones in class 
  • writes rap lyrics instead of taking notes 
  • proudly reclaiming his mixed heritage 
  •  unexpectedly deep 


  • is a freshman

anonymous asked:

Why is that everyone on the YOI fandom throws a fit when somebody suggests Yuri on Ice is a yaoi? Because honestly speaking I don't see why it should not be considered as such...

First of all I want to clarify that I don’t feel myself into that group of people that throws a fit (even when I DO agree that it’s not yaoi), but I will reply to you anyways.

Secondly, I’m by no means an expertise on the field but I’ve watched enough series that fall under the category of yaoi to know that YOI is not one. The only thing that links both “genres” if you want is that the protagonist/s have a love interest on somebody of the same gender and that’s all of it.
Yuri on Ice is a sports anime since the plot revolves around the sport practiced by the protagonist/s and advances with it while everything else (in this case Yuuri and Victor having a relationship) adds to that from a secondary place. Actual yaoi series like Junjou Romantica and Sekaichi Hatsukoi to name some have the same gender relationships of the protagonists as the central topic AND are the reason the plot advances (or not).

Also being honest, something I’ve realized all of these series have in common is that sexual advances are used 90% of the time in order to resolve issues, ranging it from an uncalled-for kiss to a raw sex session because suddenly one or both of them had an uncontrollable sexual urgency idk??? That one point specifically is something Yuri on Ice took and treated in 2 whole episodes (episode 4 and episode 7) and smashed it on the floor in favor of a healthy, organic development in the relationship of two adults that love each other while accepting their flaws and respecting their boundaries.

Unlike a yaoi series, YOI is not meant to appeal the viewers obscure kinks or fantasies (like your average soap opera if you want), but to portray something organic and that people would see as achievable or #goals (at the risk that people might not find it intense enough welp they were so wrong ♥)

Originally posted by yandereatheart

Finally, here’s some things that would be different if Yuri on Ice was a yaoi series:

  • The fact Yuuri idolizes Victor would DEFINITELY benefit the later in his advances (aka Yuuri would let him do as he pleases just because he admires him, and by ‘as he pleases’ I’m totally talking about sexual stuff).
  • Yuuri’s anxiety would be played as something cute and a thing Victor would innocently take advantage of.
  • Victor would definitely be a seme, lone-wolf type character and have possessiveness issues and rage fits because of it (instead of the immature, 100% marshmallow-hearted dork we have in canon).
  • Something sexual and DOUBTFULLY consented would have happened in the onsen before the Cup of China hands down.
  • Episode 4 would have never happened (at least not in the way it did).
  • Victor would have kissed Yuuri there in the parking lot during the Cup of China without even asking, and would have done the same every time Yuuri felt uneasy instead of listening to him.
  • Yuuri would spend half of each episode aroused because of Victor.
  • We would have a hard time remembering either of them skate because each episode is full of the drama going on between them and their unresolved sexual urgencies.
  • Yuuri would either have an arranged marriage with Yuuko or be enemies out of resentment with the whole Nishigori family.
  • Yurio would have serious problems with being called ‘androgynous’ instead of using it as a personal strength like in canon.
  • The female cast of the series would be reduced to the half and the characterization of each woman would be super shallow in contrast to the wonderful ladies we have (for one thing, according to the yaoi formula Mila would probably be Victor’s ex and be a bitch towards Yuuri; Minako would be squeeing around about Victuuri all the time; Mari would ‘sell’ private data about Yuuri to Victor uncaring of exposing him).
  • The Banquet night would have ended up in sex between Victor and a beyond drunk Yuuri (and on-camera).
  • The main pairing would probably change to either of the following things:
        -Yuuri x Yurio.

        -Yurio x Victor.

    ( ^ with Yurio having an insane -and obviously sexual- obsession on the adult person of each pair and the later letting him advance).

       -Deaged!Yuuri x Victor (Yuuri would be like 18 or even less).

       -A romantic triangle between the 3 of them.
  • There wouldn’t be rings, at all, because if it’s not illicit it would lose its charm.
  • Phichit would probably be a trigger to Victor’s possessiveness and bitter personality, as in at some point Yuuri would have to resign hanging out with Phichit once or twice because Victor was too jealous.
  • Chris would definitely try something sexual on Yuuri.
  • The rest of the skaters would be background characters we could barely remember unless they do something to spice things up between Yuuri and Victor and their unresolved sexual tension.

Based on a conversation I had with @sixelamarr

Lotor, looks like space legolas bc he has limited shapeshifting abilities and can only change from galra to semi-altean. And maybe Lotor likes looking like a purple altean because he figured out early on that his galra form strikes fear into the hearts of anyone that sees him bc he’s a splitting image of Zarkon and while that definitely commands respect, it gets a bit… tiring after a while. 

He figures his altean form is more comely and he likes the way everyone seems to preen and swoon at him when he looks like that, also they dont cower in fear all the time and thats?? unexpectedly?? nice?? he loves the attention. 

So Lotor only looks Galra for official functions and hot space prince for absolutely everything else.

And what if the paladins stop at some faraway planet to rest or whatever and while they’re all off exploring, maybe there’s an attack or they just run off and get lost, either way Lance gets separated from them and ends up meeting this stuck up but strangely attractive purple being, and maybe Lance tries to flirt at first but backs off once he realizes Lotor is a dude, and Lotor in the meanwhile is like what is up with this beautiful infuriating creature, he was flirting a while ago but now he doesn’t like me?? and he just has to get Lance to like him. 

Its a bit of a challenge.A fun little thing to divert his attention because Haggar is calling again, holy quiznaks can she not?? he’s not interested in running his dad’s stupid empire when he could be out partying instead. lol tell her I’ll call back. 

And maybe in his quest to get Lance’s attention they end up having a nice fun day and getting into all sorts of messes, and Lance is like ‘holy shit?? this is nice?? this guy actually likes me??’ and Lotor is like ‘wait this is different, this doesn’t feel like all the other fun little games’ and then SHIT HAPPENS

Maybe an accident happens and Lance is going to get hurt and Lotor is all my galra form is stronger and i can help him but also what hAPPeNS iF hE fiNDs OuT Lance was just starting to like him, that could all go away if he finds out Lotor is Zarkon Jr. but the power of friendship wins out in the end and he transforms into his galra form to help Lance.

And at first Lance is like wait no you’re galra?? and Lotor is so ready for this to become a Problem but its Lance and he’s apparently never seen Zarkon before (I think Keith and Shiro are the only ones that ever fight him face to face so it makes sense that Lance… doesn’t actually know what he looks like?) so anyway Lance thinks this through and is like you know what. You saved my life and you’re a cool dude so you’re not half bad for a galra, im cool with this I mean it’s not like you’re Zarkon or anything right?

And Lotor is at the same time over the moon that Lance is cool with him being Galra and also confused because how does he not realize?? what rock have you been living under Lance?? and they exchange secret communicators and part ways as pretty good friends.

So Lance goes back to the paladins and Lotor goes back to the Galra Empire and they call each other a lot. LIKE A LOT. and sometimes they happen to be in the same star system (bc they’re fighting EACH OTHER but sshhh they dont know that) so they meet up and are like ‘whoa you will not believe the shit i had to go through today’ and basically they’re both oblivious dorks that maybe sort of stumble their way into falling in love.

And then of course just when things are going good, they finally figure out they’re fighting each other, and angst and drama and maybe a screaming-fighting match happens where they yell at each other a lot about dishonesty but finally sit down and make up in the end, and then makeouts happen and just when things are starting to get a bit steamy- the other paladins barge in to rescue Lance from the evil Galra.

Player has successfully saved Zen from Echo Girl! Happy Ending achieved!

Idk about you but playing Zen’s route and his drama with Echo Girl got me at the edge of my seat cause I gotta save this precious angel from this cruel thesis!