such a dork in this drama

Viktor Nikiforov is the dork we love.

My favourite Viktor moments are when he is an adorable idiot.

I love exploring Viktor’s character because despite being the most senior character among the skaters and being seen as the one to chase and look up to, this boy truly does a lot of stupid things. To be fair, 27 is still quite young. It’s a shitty age when everyone plus their dog seems to think you know what you are doing except you. I can tell you all the weird decisions and unnecessary drama people have and get into at 27, but then this post will never end.

Now, we know about the whole banquet fiasco and the whole impulsively flying to Japan arms open, dick out thing, not to mention the whole car park “let’s shatter his heart” shenanigans, but I also have these screencaps stewing for maybe a month in my phone because I remember I was rewatching the show and these just made me go, “Oh, Viktor.”

Okay, so we know Hot Springs on Ice all started with Viktor’s idea…

…to which Yurio gamely accepts the challenge and issues his own (while Yuuri adorably panics in the background like the puppy he is)…

…which Viktor also accepts.

Look at him all excited.

Here, though, is where Viktor gets himself in trouble:

He’s been riling Yurio up the entire morning that the kid just up and threw a tantrum and demanded this prize. But then, no problem, since it’s not like Viktor had to accept or anything–

Yuuri’s face when Viktor agreed, though.

*sigh* Same, Yuuri. Same.

It seems that it’s not until later that Viktor realises the trouble he put himself in. At this point, we didn’t know yet just how invested Viktor was in Yuuri Katsuki (i.e., very invested and nursing a weird kind of crush, probably) and how important it is that he doesn’t coach just anyone, but Yuuri Katsuki only. How ever good Yuuri could potentially be, however, there was still a big chance that he could actually lose to Yurio. Yuuri sometimes choked during competition. Yurio, on the other hand, was the juniors gold medallist. There was a very real possibility that Yurio would win and Viktor to have to go back to Russia.

Having realised this, Viktor then began to sport this face:

Yeah, tell me about it.

This is Viktor during Yurio’s performance:

At this point, Viktor didn’t know yet that Yuuri had a breakthrough on his Eros performance. As far as he knew, Yurio was the one who found his Agape. While Yurio’s performance was not perfect, he was doing well enough. But Viktor does not want to go back to Russia. He wants to stay in Japan and get to know Yuuri Katsuki. He can choreograph for another skater, sure, but he does NOT want to be Yuri Plisetsky’s coach.

That, right there, is what Viktor Nikiforov looks like when he knows he is in very deep shit.

What’s interesting though is that these expressions were not really blatantly pointed out in the show. No one notices this, and Viktor just stands in his corner looking like that. With what knowledge we had at episode 3, we don’t know, maybe he just looks thoughtful because Viktor Nikiforov is just a mysterious character. Lol, but rewatching this after season 1 is over?

Yeah, Viktor. Because of you, for about an entire episode, we were in danger of never having the events that would lead to the kiss at the Cup of China, the exchange of rings in Barcelona, and the glorious masterpiece that is Yuuri’s record-breaking free skate. Viktor, Viktor, Viktor… sometimes just… *facepalm*

Thankfully, Yuuri DID find his Eros at the last minute, wins the competition, and consequently saves Viktor’s gorgeous but impulsive arse and gives us the wonderful events of season 1. Thank you, Yuuri! ♡

Lol, look at how happy and relieved this dork is:

There he is, ladies and gentlemen, our Viktor Nikiforov - king of impulsive decisions. For a long time we thought he was such a mysterious character. Now, we just… wtf, we know him better and we love him very much, but sometimes

Viktor, no. For fuck’s sake.

*sigh* Same, Yuuri. Same.

Bonus: Viktor during Yuuri’s Eros performance. He probably realised he’s safe at this point, and I bet he was enthralled again, and possibly getting turned on by Yuuri Katsuki falling in love again.

Oh, Viktor.

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Penthesilea [8/?]

Cover & Disclaimer

AN: As usual, unedited until I get to it. It’s on the to-do list…

With Sakura’s continued treatments, Itachi is soon at the point where he can receive visitors for short periods of time. To make the most of it and to offer a show of his own strength, he has Sasuke convene a counsel one morning with his remaining advisers.

The war council of the Uchiha is a different sort from ages past; time and bloodshed have robbed them of the traditional council of twelve, and these days they settled for barely more than half that number.

The last of their father’s council, Yakumi, sits at attention beside Shisui and Obito, frowning at the younger men in disapproval. Obito’s grandmother and the oldest living Uchiha, Masumi, sits beside Uruchi, Itachi and Sasuke’s maternal aunt. Their uncle Teyaki once joined them, but his mind has left him in his old age, and as such he is often left with an attendant. Finally, Itachi’s mother-in-law Hazuki has been invited since the death of her husband.

Now, she peers worriedly at Itachi. “Are you well, my son? It has been so long since we’ve seen you, and I worry at your pallor.”

“The medics assure me I will be on my feet again soon,” Itachi says, waving dismissively. Only Sasuke notices the effort he puts into the gesture.

They’ve been circulating the story among the camp that Itachi has been fighting a stubborn strain of pneumonia. Considering the poor battlefield conditions and the general stress of his position, it’s entirely plausible, and even healers sometimes have difficulty with the disease. Many a common soldier has succumbed to it over the years.

“Medics?” Yakumi echoes. “None of our camp healers have been in to see you for weeks.”

“Hopefully because they’re seeing to the men,” Itachi says in a way that isn’t really an answer to Yakumi’s unasked question. “Let us return to the matter at hand. My brother assures me that the latest conscription efforts have been successful and there are more than enough recruits at the ready should there be an imminent attack – yet the same cannot be said for our supplies.”

“Another eight months to a year, at most, barring unforeseen circumstances,” Sasuke elaborates.

“There’s a village to the southwest offering supplies in return for manpower,” Yakumi says. “Enough to keep us going for another six years if necessary.”

“You speak of Oto, yes?” Itachi asks, glancing at Sasuke in confirmation; he nods. “Then, no.”

“But Itachi-sama –”

“Orochimaru betrayed the Senju, there’s no reason he wouldn’t think to do the same to the Uchiha. His purposes are his own and separate from ours.”

“Then the army will starve!”

“If our army is starving, you can be sure that of the Senju is as well,” Shisui interrupts. “My people report that they’re dealing with the same concerns over supplies and rations as we are.”

“So it’s a long-game – who can outlive the other in the face of starvation,” Obito says, grim.

“Or perhaps it’s the opposite,” Itachi suggests. “If we bring this war to an end, then both sides will be able to focus on survival, and our children and their children will not have to

There’s almost a palpable collective sigh. It is not the first time Itachi has expressed interest in a permanent cease-fire with the Senju, but given the unsuccessful nature of all future attempts, everyone tends to react with the same weary exasperation.

“Peace is obviously the preferable solution, but not if it comes at the price of the Uchiha being relegated to second-class,” Uruchi says.

“I remember my mother telling me stories,” Masumi says quietly. “Before the peace, of how the Senju tried to claim all Uchiha on their land as their serfs. They wanted us to be no more than a mercenary class, bred to serve them and guard them.”

“The Uchiha were not blameless in this,” Itachi reminds her. “Madara and his tried to utterly eradicate the Senju from the face of the planet.”

“As a preventative measure to ensure our own survival,” Yakumi reminds him. “If any of the Senju continue to sympathise with the ways of Senju Tobirama, there is no possible way to reconcile. We cannot be the vassals of our enemies, or war will commence again in another generation.”

“There won’t be another generation if we don’t at least try,” Shisui argues.

“But it’d be stupid to rush it just on account that we’re desperate,” Obito shoots back.

“Itachi – why not wait a little longer?” Hazuki suggests softly. “The floods will end soon, and then request a parlay with Senju Tsunade. Find out what they would expect for a truce – or a long-term peace. In the meantime, we can go amongst our people and learn what they will tolerate and what they will not. If we then present our demands to the Senju, whether they choose to honour them or not will indicate whether they have the same wish for peace as you do.”

“And if they don’t accept everything we simple continue as we have done for so long?” Itachi asks mildly, but his distaste for the idea is clear.

“Well, obviously there are certain things we wouldn’t budge on, but we too can be flexible,” Shisui suggests, briefly putting a comforting hand on Itachi’s shoulder. “If it’s just a matter of convincing our people what we should be willing to bend on, I can manage that.”

“That’s not an option I would like to pursue,” Itachi replies darkly.

Obito snorts. “If after charging it up for ten years you’re finally going to use your kotoamatsukami, you should use it on the enemy. It’d be nothing for you flutter those pretty eyes of yours and make the old woman do exactly what we want.”

“You think I’m pretty?” Shisui asks, affecting an air of surprise.

“Have some decorum,” Yakumi snaps at the younger men in disapproval.

“You know why that isn’t an option, Obito,” Masumi interrupts the argument, and her grandson frowns as if he has been chastised. “You too, Shisui. Peace that is not arrived at openly will fester. It would be a short victory for us, yes, but in another generation the children of those you’ve ensorcelled will begin to question. And we’ll be back in this same conundrum.”


The question makes Sasuke startle, and the rest of his relatives adopt an uncomfortable quiet. It is no secret that he doesn’t support peace initiatives, that he believes them to be no more than idle fantasy and naivety. His enjoyment of battle is also well-known.

But he envisions Sakura’s eyes shining at him, and Naruto’s idiot grin, and Hinata’s hopes for peace before he is forced to kill the other man. And there are deep, secret hopes that he barely wants to pay attention to, that linger in his heart and could only exist in a world where there is peace.

And so out loud he says, “If peace is what you deem best for the Uchiha, then it should happen as soon as possible.”

There is a sense of astonishment and disquiet among his relatives, but Itachi nods slowly, with an irritatingly unsurprised gleam in his eyes that suggests he knew Sasuke would say this.

“Go, then,” he tells the others. “Obito, inform our generals that we will continue this ceasefire as long as possible. Have them focus on finding new providers for our supplies if necessary. Shisui, you have a means of getting a message to Lady Tsunade’s forces that we wish to consider a truce?”

“Of course.”

“Keep it quiet. The fewer people who know of this – on either side – the less likelihood of sabotage. The rest of you will go among the people, find out under what conditions a peace could be possible. But be careful in your information gathering. Sasuke –”


“Speak to Neji and gauge what the Hyuuga might think of the truce. It’s best we know their frame of mind before we broach the subject in earnest.”


As the other members of the council speak amongst themselves, Sasuke stands to leave. He pauses, sparing a moment to study his brother, who is smiling wanly at something Shisui is whispering in his ear. For a brief instant his brother manages to look carefree and happy, and Sasuke decides that alone is worth attempting a peaceful resolution to this conflict.


Later that day, as he leaves the Hyuuga compound, Sasuke finds his way blocked by several of his relatives and members of their vassal clans. Heading up their little group is his cousin.

“Inabi,” Sasuke says, attempting to walk around him, but the other man steps to one side to plant himself in front of Sasuke. He stares down at him, jaw-clenched in the same annoyance he always displays when they interact. Inabi has never made a secret that he dislikes deferring to Itachi and Sasuke in matters of leadership, especially given they are younger than he, but he has never tried to argue with clan law. “Was there something you wanted?”

“You were in counsel with your brother this morning. What’s the news?” he asks. “Should I prepare my raiding squads for departure?”

“It’s been months since we’ve left this godforsaken camp,” one of his cronies adds.

“The Senju still have many deaths to pay for!” another agrees. “Their blood will be sufficient recompense!”

The statements are met with cheers of agreement.

“You are to continue to mind your posts and remain on the defensive,” Sasuke says. “There will be no incursions into enemy territory until the order is given.”

“If we simply wait, they’ll take us when we least expect it!” Inabi protests.

“It’s not their style,” Sasuke dismisses. “Go spend your time doing something useful like rebuilding our fortifications or distributing the non-perishable supplies to our caches.”

“But –”

“Until there is credible threat, we are not launching any attacks,” Sasuke snaps. “Those are my brother’s orders, and if you disobey them you’ll answer to me – is that understood?”

He allows his Sharingan spin to the surface as a means of hammering the point home. Inabi steps forward, his own eyes bleeding red to meet the challenge, but Sasuke doesn’t move, unimpressed by his cousin’s show. They both know that in a fight, Inabi is no match for Sasuke.

Eventually Inabi looks away and grunts, “Understood.”

Nodding, Sasuke deactivates his Sharingan and turns his back on the group. He begins to walk away.

“That’s a change,” he hears one of Inabi’s lackeys mutter. “Remember the days when he’d have jumped at the chance to spill Senju blood?”

“He’s gone soft.”

Someone else snorts. “Some men are like that when they finally get a woman on her back.”

“Heh,” Inabi jeers, “who would have thought the great Uchiha Sasuke would turn into a weakling because of some common whore?”

Sasuke tenses.

His first instinct is to draw his katana and cut the man to ribbons at the insult, but he forces himself to remain utterly still. Killing these bastards now, while his brother is desperate to promote peace, will be counterproductive.

Breathing through his nose, he tries to ignore the disbelief and dismay that threaten him, because he and Sakura have been very careful since Kakashi expressed his concerns. No one among the men should know of his dalliances – unless they noticed Sakura slipping away following those first illicit encounters.

“Maybe if she disappears he’ll get his balls back…”

The words are said at just the right volume that they could either be a passing comment between chums or an actual threat.

Rage at the audacity threatens to overwhelm him, and his fingers clench around Kusanagi, but he stays his hand. If this is meant to provoke him, his reaction will show that they have touched on a nerve. That will make him look weak, which historically leads to people trying to pick fights - either with him, or someone foolhardy enough to try to find Sakura.

He imagines her crushing Inabi’s bones for his trouble, and smirks.

Turning ever so slightly, only to indicate that he has heard them, he levels meets Inabi’s gaze.

Perhaps he and his cronies take note of the expression, and the message behind it, because a general atmosphere of uneasiness falls over them at the sight.

Sasuke leaves them like that, his languid gait meant to show he isn’t worried about their bluster.

But when he is far from their line of sight, his mouth turns downward.

Peace aside they are, all of them, running out of time.


Whisperings of a truce aside, the temporary ceasefire is not utterly without incident.

During a routine visit to one of the neutral villages nearby to find workers for their fields, Sasuke and his men encounter Naruto, accompanied by his own cadre of men. It isn’t the first time it’s happened – there have been times throughout the years where they have met outside of the battlefield, but there is usually a tacit agreement not to cross blades until far away from possible civilian casualties.


This time,certain words are exchanged – also, certain kunai – and the skirmish begins before Sasuke or Naruto are quite able to stop it. Once their hotblooded comrades are set off, it becomes a chore for them to prevent any fatalities that might spark an full-fledged assault.

The only saving-grace for Sasuke is that Inabi and his crew are patrolling in a completely different area, or they would be winding up for their next siege.  

“Considering you’re they’re leader, shouldn’t you be able to better control them?” Sasuke sneers as he uses the hilt of his katana to knock some face-painted lunatic in the face.

“I could say the same for you,” Naruto shoots back as several of his shadow clones try to divert the growing melee away from any of the village’s structures. “Or maybe you people don’t have the same understanding of ‘ceasefire’ as we do?”

“The fact that you understand what a ceasefire is at all impresses me,” Sasuke snorts.


Sasuke snaps at his men to fall back and leave the village, but they are too far away to hear him.

“Maybe you’re just having an off-day,” Naruto suggests. “Maybe you’re a little…distracted? Possibly thinking how it’s not worth it anymore? I bet you’re getting tired of all this fighting, too.”

“Don’t project your wishes on me.”

“Aw, come on – I say we get over the past and think of the future,” the blond man declares, ducking a stray kunai. “I don’t even know what we’re fighting about anymore. Your man insulting Kiba’s mother or some pissing contest from way back.”

“If you feel that strongly about it, you could always surrender,” Sasuke suggests.

“Where’s the fun in that?” Naruto shoots back, as the momentum of the fight brings him and Sasuke into close quarters. Both of them have unsheathed their katanas, and the blades cross as they meet. “Speaking of fun, asshole – check out my latest jutsu!”

He disappears in a cloud of smoke, and when it clears a bevy of buxom, half-naked women stand in his place. It’s a version of his favourite idiotic jutsu, which has never worked on Sasuke, who disperses it easily with a light Katon.

“Moron,” he adds as Naruto reappears, diving out of the way of the flames.

“You just wait! One day I’ll figure out what your poison is!” the other man insists with a grin that isn’t affected by Sasuke’s actions in the least. “Then you’ll be knocked out cold on the floor and I’ll win.”


“And after that, we can put all this stupid clan stuff behind us and be friends again.”

Sasuke bristles. “Who says were we ever friends?”

“We were when we were kids,” Naruto reminds him insistently.

“Those days are long gone.”

“So? We can start over. And I was also thinking –”

“You? Thinking?”

“Shut up! Anyway, when this war is over –”

As if it’s the exercise of an afternoon and not a generations-long feud, Sasuke scoffs inwardly.

“ – you should come over for dinner. We can eat ramen!”


“Fine, if you don’t like ramen, I’ll get Sakura to cook something else – but just so you know, she’s a terrible cook.”

Sasuke is startled at this.

She wouldn’t have told him…would she…?

What does Naruto know about Sasuke’s connection to Sakura? Is he somehow informed about their liaisons?

Carefully controlled, he asks, “Why on earth would your medic be cooking your food?”

“Huh? I dunno…that’s something a wife’s supposed to do, right?” Naruto asks absently, pulling back his fist. “I mean, I guess we’d be married by then, but maybe you’re right. Maybe we won’t be yet…”

At this point Sasuke is so caught off-guard that Naruto’s next blow sends him reeling backwards.

There are distant cheers from Naruto’s people and rallying cries from his own, but Sasuke barely hears them. The words ring in his ears, over and over like the fading echoes in a bell.

Wife. Married.

His eyes film over with red.

“Oi! You were supposed to duck that!” Naruto yells at him, hurrying over. “Listen, that was not me breaking the truce, okay, I was just –”

Sasuke is barely cognisant of the palm of electricity that jumps to his hand, or his body moving forward. He’s on a collision course with Naruto’s face, and the other man barely ducks out of the way in time.

“What gives?” Naruto demands, but Sasuke doesn’t bother answering, instead swerving around and taking a second shot at him.

And suddenly, the lighthearted skirmishing transforms into the usual duel to the death – lightning and wind clash against one another, until their comrades finally manage to drag them away from one another.

It isn’t until Sasuke’s recovered his breath that he recognises the feeling that flooded his entire system just now.

Jealousy, he realises with disbelief that borders almost on horror.


So, it’s a little short and we didn’t get a lot of SasuSaku action, but I’m trying to set the stage for something (seriously, I just spent the last three days plotting this entire freaking fic, there’s a lot coming that you guys are going to like…and a lot I’m pretty sure you might hate me for haha). I’ll try to get the next chapter up ASAP.


Zodiac: Tag Yourself (Edition)

-looks like “fight me” but is actually “love me”
-extremely fucking smart like wut
-doesn’t care about emotions unless it’s their own
-strive for power

-seems chill but is actually savage af
-doesn’t believe in emotions
-would fight you for hurting an animal
-actually has an amazing sleeping schedule???

-emotional mess (they never feel anything the right way)
-probably knows more useless shit than you
-actually really amazing ppl
-doesn’t know what sleep is

-looks like “love me” but is actually “fight me”
-doesn’t know how to deal with emotions so they don’t
-can be extremely selfish
-lives in drama

-very one way thinking mind
-high morals
-doesn’t deny they need constant validation
-constantly naps

-looks like they want to kill you, probably does
-such a fucking nerd
-sleeping schedule so fucked it’s like wow
-has a weird book collection

-always in love with someone
-big time music dork
-over emotional
-probably doesn’t know what’s going on

-tries to be hard core but are low key cry babies
-likes dark colors but has a bright personality
-probably reads more books than you
-just wants to be loved

-ready to disappear at any moment
-has seen every strange movie on Netflix (I mean, EVERY weird movie)
-honestly forgets emotions exist
-just wants a 48 hr nap

-knows they’re better than you
-parties more than you know
-just wants ppl to stop
-will cut you off without blinking an eye

-disappears for a while w/o explanation
-probably cuter than you
-always turnt
-live in a very gray world when it comes to what’s right or wrong

-doesn’t like dealing with responsibility
-likes music more than they like you
-thrives off of attention tho
-refuses to be anyone’s #2

The Ichigo Kurosaki Defense Squad

I have a bone to pick with Late Canon Ichigo. 

He sucks. He’s generic and lame. Everything that made him an amazing, interesting protagonist was gone by the end. Prepare yourselves for meta.

Early Canon Ichigo is a soft soft boy whose physical appearance invites trouble. He brings FLOWERS to a ghost every week. He probably helps old ladies cross streets. He probably bakes.

His heart is broken because he couldn’t protect his mother and so he spends the rest of his life trying to make up for that. With everyone. He is SO GRATEFUL to Rukia and even Urahara for giving him the opportunity to do it. He sees storming soul society and stopping her execution as an equivalent, that he’s paying her back for the deed of giving him power and teaching him how to use it.

He’s so friendly. How friendly is he? Even though he literally almost killed like half the people in SS, they’re all still his buds and they visit him in the living world.

He’s also a little shit. He’s a troll. His entire relationship with Ishida is based on this. He’s a sarcastic little shit who uses his words first.

Speaking of: This dork loves poetry. Look at all his damn flowery speeches. I would bet serious money that he has a journal that he jots that shit down in.

This sap has so many quotes about destiny and “The power I gained was for her sake” “How can I keep up with the spee d of the woRlD without Y O U IN IT” Somebody stop me.

He’s in touch with his feelings. He’s not afraid to care about others.

He’s also a Drama Queen. He does things specifically to be Extra and Dramatique. He didn’t need to show up on the Sogyoku in a flowy cape, blotting out the sun and spouting a sassy quip.

You cannot convince me that the pod person we see by the end is the same sweet boy.

Protect him.


[Kubota Masataka & Yamazaki Kento in Death Note making of]

so i made a video about some bts including them (you know i would’ve. it was only a matter of time.)

OTP Formula (Character Traits)

Character A: often blunt (may manifest as being insultingly polite when older), comes across as kind of a dick. Actually a total dork. Cares deeply, might consider it a weakness. Has trouble handling emotions (their own and others). Sense of humour can be pretty dry and dark, surprisingly hilarious. There is no such thing as half-hearted. “PTSD? Not for me”. Once interested they’re extremely hard to get rid of. Don’t get on their bad side. Prone to drama queen moments. Tiny bit in love with their weapon of choice. “I don’t need anyone”-attitude as if a hug from the right person at the right time wouldn’t reduce them to tears. Dare I say family issues?

Character B: deceiving at a first glance, like a piñata made of pure sunshine filled to the brim with self-destructive thoughts, deep-rooted self esteem issues and a constant fear of becoming expendable. Stubborn. Uses humour as offence and defence tactics. Great memory for times you fucked them over but can forgive a great deal. Salty af tho. Loyal. The cute one. “I went to PTSD and all I got was this stupid shirt”. Eager to learn new things and skills. Tendency to focus on a specific person (platonically, romantically or otherwise). Would die for the people close to them without blinking an eye. Probably orphaned in some shape or form or feels like it.

Overlaps and mixtures may occur and increase with level of codependency

  • Lucretia: NEVER trust a Red Robe. They are beings of pure, concentrated evil and you're not ready to face them
  • Barry Bluejeans, the only Red Robe and biggest dork in the multiverse: what
Haikyuu!! Fic Recs

No one asked for this, but I’ve been slouching for a while and wanted to be forgiven by actually doing a little bit of haikyuu-related work. So I scrolled through my ao3 history and picked some of my favourites fics of all times. Peachy. This is not all of my favourites, just a few really. I’ll probably post more of these posts, cause I read a shittons of fanfics, and some are really worth sharing. Hope you enjoy it! ~

Admin Kaye

Part 1 - Part 2

Murder Time by kirsch-tein - 16k words, rated M, Completed, pairings: almost iwaoi, kagehina, daisuga, tsukkiyama, tsukkinoya, asanoya, ennotana, semitendou, ukatake

It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. Had me laughing for days, really! Basically, in a college au, it’s a bloody murder night and no one’s safe.

Against All Odds by SharkbaitSekki - 93k words, rated T, Completed, pairings: iwaoi, daisuga

I periodically go back reading this cause it’s so perfect! A Single Dad Au in which Kuroo, Bokuto, Daichi and Oikawa have to deals with all the joys and problems (lots of problems really!) that comes with a single-parenthood.

What Are the Chances? by jellyfish_kuchen -60k words, rated E, Completed, pairings: iwaoi, daisuga, bokuaka, kuroken

Top best ingredients here! Figure skater Akaashi, deals with some family drama, an obnoxious and buff hockey player Bokuto, babysit his adorable nephew Shouyou and other things I don’t want to spoil. ~ One of my favourites, definitely. And I don’t know if it could be triggering to you, but better safe than sorry, there’s some homophobia here from some characters. And some well written smut. Also,it’s part of a series, and that’s always a plus to me!

Of Monsters and Men by shions_heart -220k words, rated M, Completed, pairings: iwaoi, kuroken, bokuaka, and lots of other side pairings, which includes some queerplatonic bokuakakuroken (SCREAMING HERE)

Settled in a Demons/Magic/Faeries Au, Oikawa, an half-demon goes to Aoba Johsai’s School for Hunters with his best friend Iwa-chan. Shit happens here and there, and suddenly the world is on the verge of falling in the hands of the Demon King himself. A really good fic with drama, lots of blood, magic, and great setting. I really thrive on some quality AUs. trigger warnings: temporary character death, some smut.

We call her Harley Queen by Smokey310 - 8k words, rated T, Completed, pairings: kurotsukki, side kagehina, yamayachi, and bokuaka

When I read this fic I started wheezing on the bus cause I was laughing too much. This whole series had me laughing for days,really. It’s one of the best thing I’ve ever read! It has everything I could ask for: lots of jokes, embarrassing situations, dorks being dorks, and a bird mating call that is “shit shit shit shit”. Also,part of a series, so kudos!

Daredevil on a slope by Smokey 310- 124k words, rated M, Completed, pairings: kurotsukki, bokuaka, BOKUKUROAKATSUKKI

Winter chalet, shenanigans on snow, Akiteru and Saeko being the best, and most of all BOKUKUROAKATSUKKI This fic had my polyships sense tingling. And also wheezed again on the bus from laughing. Part of the same series as “We call her Harley Queen”.

phan au but it’s actually real

phan au where dan is a fan of amazingphil and he tweets him a lot and watches his videos a lot too and one day a tweet catches phil’s attention and they started tweeting each other casually that later on led to meeting up and spending time together a lot with the ultimate sexual tension that is very visible plus very long skype call duration and missing each other as to ask biology to explain the physical pain you feel in your chest when all you want to do is be with someone and thinking how hard it is to be away with the one and they wont even know it but few will ship them but that wouldn’t stop letting dramas and downs in life to start because mistakes  could be made which would cause fear and hindrance to the both of them and their relationship   but as time will pass by, they will start to regain what they lost emotionally and dan will then follow his dream, which is phil.  he will decide to move to manchester and it wont go well at first but they would end up living together anyways. fewer people will start to recognize them as those two dorks that posts relatable videos in youtube and they won’t even know how they’ll end up having their own radio show so they will move to another flat that will be a much more convenient one and which will settle everything down and they will think that would be all of it but oh no because in that particular flat they will encounter a lot of success, meet celebrities, millions of subscribers, a gaming channel, awards, and little did they know that they are slowly growing bigger in people’s hearts but as of that point, there’ll be less teenage romance but a more domestic love and they won’t know bc that’s just the way things are. they will be surprised that they’ll be working from just videos to having two books, books that would sell out a lot of copies, their books to be exact. to be followed by a tour and millions of people saying how they changed their lives. 5 years later of living in the same old flat, they will decide to move to a new one, leaving some stuffs but bringing the memories to turn into new ones. after almost 9 years of knowing and loving each other, they will turn to reminisce and know how they couldn’t do all the success that they have without each other and their loving audience. but that would be all in the past because they’re just reminiscing now that they have reached so far all the way up and are now living in their new apartment. they’ll have their dream house soon, their forever home. they know it. just the two of them and their dog. they’ll love it that way.  they’ll remember looking into the koi pond while dan says “shall we have a koi pond phil?” and phil responds with a, “yes”, They might also remember that they had no clue that Cat was filming them in their most fond moment until she blurted “Really’ in her on screen filming voice. Followed by phil saying, “Oh,I didn’t know you were filming” and changed the topic by making fun about her on screen filming voice. but what they only know is that whatever huge encounter they’ll have in the future, it’ll be fine as long as they’re in each other’s arms because that will always be the best award both of them will receive and the most fun they’ll ever have.


☆ [ Kyuuketsuki darake no Haruyasumi LOG 2 ]

I wasn’t sure of what to expect from the third track but it didn’t fail to deliver the usual comedy/fansevice xDD

In the first part I’m not sure of the ‘position’ Hyde & Licht ended up after they bumped into each other, specially because of Licht’s reaction www but I loved how Lawless literally goes DOKI at the fact that (he thougth) Licht was reaching out his hand at him <///333 

When the gym class pat started I just kept picturing Licht with the japanese gym bloomers….. I couldn’t help it….. I’m not sorry (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ 

Aaaah and Hugh being a sensei!! So cute <33
Ok, the comic strip thing I made obviously only happened in my head… I think Tetsu was actully doing some wrestling chokehold or something ww but just shhh, let me think he wanted to hug Misono(?) <’3

Asdgfhjk and Lawless being embarrassed when the others actually call him “Lawless-chan” even though he keeps introducing himself like that was unexpectedly adorable; specially Licht calling him “Hyde-chan” <//3 ♥ ♥

The truth is I had planned on drawing at least +10 more scenes, but I think I need to stop now…. Drawing nonstop is tiring, uguu.

I had a lot of fun making this!! And I hope you enjoy the result haha :’)