such a diplomat!


Shirley Temple Black (April 23, 1928 – February 10, 2014)

American actress, singer, dancer, businesswoman and diplomat who was Hollywood’s number one box-office star from 1935 to 1938. As an adult, she was named United States ambassador to Ghana and to Czechoslovakia and also served as Chief of Protocol of the United States.

1. Portrait of dancer Bill “Bojangles” Robinson and actress Shirley Temple in a scene from the motion picture, “The little colonel.” Typed on back: “Success story of Shirley Temple. Six-year-old Fox Film star, who was recently voted a special award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, as the most wholesome influence in last season’s films. Bill Robinson as the butler is caught in the act of teaching Shirley Temple his world famous stair dance in a scene from ‘The little colonel.’ (This still is one of enclosed series of eleven).”

2. View of singer Marvin Gaye, Shirley Temple Black and Kurt Waldheim. Printed on front: “(NY20) New York, Oct. 13. Marvin Gaye at UN. Entertainer Marvin Gaye chats with United Nations Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim, right, and Shirley Temple Black, U.S. ambassador to Ghana, at the UN in New York Monday. Gaye is donating the proceeds of his performance 'Salute to the U.N.” to UNESCO for an African literacy campaign. The performance was held Sunday night at Radio City Music Hall in New York. (AP wirephoto) (wt21440stf/rf) 1975.“

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library

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Hey Maychorian! For a prompt, could you do something funny with Shiro and Pidge? They both deserve to have a little bit of fun in their lives!

They had finally landed on a planet with snow, and Pidge was determined to have her revenge for the space spore fight. She had been too distracted by the obviously coded blinking to join in fully, and now was the time to remedy that. When the usual diplomatic meet-and-greet was done and the paladins were left to their own devices, she picked a moment when Keith and Lance were arguing and Hunk was laughing at them, then stalked over to Shiro, grabbed his arm, and dragged him behind a tree.

Shiro looked nonplussed, but allowed himself to be pulled. Once they were out of sight, Pidge crouched down and gestured for him to join her, and he smiled a bit blankly and did so. “What’s going on, Pidge? Did something bother you about the talks today?”

Pidge shook her head. “Nothing like that.” She was already making snowballs as they talked. “I want your arm.”

The blank look on Shiro’s face deepened, and she shook her head vigorously. “Not like that! I want you to team up with me for a snowball fight. I bet you can throw really hard and really far. We’ll make up a stock of ammunition, then ambush those three idiots from far away. They’ll never know what hit them.”

Shiro held still for a moment, then grinned, sudden and blinding. “Sounds perfect.”

He sat down in the snow right next to her and started making snowballs. It might have been the Galra arm giving him precision, or maybe Shiro had done this before, but all of his snowballs were perfectly round, perfectly sized, and very very solid. Pidge watched his progress with glee, as her own slightly lumpy, misshapen balls joined the pile.

This was going to be great.

2,000 followers special! I am taking prompts for microfics for today only. Give me 2+ characters and a word, phrase, or situation, and I will write a minimum of three sentences.

do i wish Lana had been more diplomatic? sure. because racists (including within SWEN) will run with it to attack her and C$ and 0Q homophobes will run with it to attack us. but at the end of the day it’s a minor moment of 30 seconds of being irritated about people booing her answer and should not be a thing. 

Challenge 59


*Maxerica pregnancy scare

(I’ve had these prompts forEVER and I’ve been wanting to write the story of how we got Lief, because it’s different from the other Laws of Inheritance Schreave babies, but it’s… sort of… long? And comes with its own world building history lesson? So I haven’t had time. But then I hit writer’s block with The Thing with Feathers (don’t worry! I have everything outlined, it’s just a matter of telling the story in a nice, readable way), so I decided to give myself a break and write something different and fun AKA this) (PS, it worked, my writer’s block is BUSTED in a way it hasn’t been in months. I’m only kicking myself for not trying this sooner!) 

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@kaylabow No need to feel sorry! I was really hoping for someone to ask me about NK lol so thank you for asking <3

North Korea and Malaysia’s diplomatic meltdown

North Korea barred Malaysians from leaving the country on Tuesday, sparking tit-for-tat action by Malaysia, as police investigating the murder of Kim Jong Nam in Kuala Lumpur sought to question three men hiding in the North Korean embassy.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak accused North Korea of “effectively holding our citizens hostage” and held an emergency meeting of his National Security Council.

The United Nations called for calm between Malaysia and North Korea and urged them to settle their differences through “established diplomatic practice.”

The moves underscored the dramatic deterioration in ties with one of North Korea’s few friends outside China since the murder of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s estranged half-brother at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Feb. 13.

Malaysia said the assassins used VX nerve agent, a chemical listed by the United Nations as a weapon of mass destruction.

Police have identified eight North Koreans wanted in connection with the murder, including two of the three believed to be hiding in the embassy - a senior North Korean diplomat and a state airline employee.

The only people charged so far are a Vietnamese woman and an Indonesian woman, accused of smearing the victim’s face with VX. He died within 20 minutes.

North Korea’s foreign ministry issued a temporary ban on Malaysians leaving the country, “until the incident that happened in Malaysia is properly solved,” state-run Korea Central News Agency said.

“In this period the diplomats and citizens of Malaysia may work and live normally under the same conditions and circumstances as before.”

For more info:

pathfinderofhyperion replied to your post “I’m still mad at Bioware for saying that Angara don’t have the same…”

honestly the one throwaway line abt the angara diplomat saying that angara have many many genders (so many that he’d have to compile a long list) is just a “haha good job!” Bioware patting themselves on the back for being Progressive Without Actual Effort™

It does feel like it, doesn’t it…

Things I wish tumblr people would do/check before accusing someone of white-washing POC characters

The reason I wrote this was because recently a friend of mine got NUMEROUS amounts of Anon hate calling her a white-washer and that she should die and shit. She has made OTHER pics of said POC with no undertones and stuff and imo they show the character’s skin colour just fine. But APPARENTLY the shade she used “wasn’t brown enough” (which is BS because the brown colour they used was OKAY) and they STILL got hate for that.

Please FEEL FREE to correct me or maybe present your own facts or opinions regarding this matter. But please do so with maturity and diplomatically.

Please read with a grain of salt.

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What happened with lana???

Someone asked her at the con today if she thinks if Hook is not good enough for Emma. She tried to give a diplomatic answer, in what was really a lose-lose situation, and people from both sides of it were shouting at her while she was trying to talk. She got annoyed, rightfully so. All of that I’m not upset about. (I mean her translator was wildly inappropriate but that’s another story.) 

She gave her answer, saying how she thinks Hook has come a long way, but that Regina doesn’t really like him, she tolerates him, but she just wants Emma to be happy. Which honestly, as a swen I have never been more convinced of Regina’s love for Emma. But like, Lana can’t say anything to shit on Hook, whether she wants to or not I don’t know. A&E have raging hard ons for Hook, and they’re her bosses.

The reason why I’m a little hurt is because at the end, Lana said “All the Swan Queens are going to be like blablabla and nanana. I’m sure I just lost some fans.”

Her answer about Hook was totally diplomatic, the comment about Swan Queen at the end was unnecessary. And like I said, it just made me feel small.

I don’t want to make a big deal out of this. I still love Lana, and Swen. It’s really not the end of the world. I just feel small.


just imagine…
the moment Lance learns how to unlock his bayard  :’)

slightly older Lance with different guns like, Pistols? Long Sniper rifle? pow pow 
Lance would ACE bc he is a fantastic sharpshooter.

hi can I get a fuckin uhhhhhhh

badass, accomplished, intelligent leader Lance who is strong in his own right and doesn’t need to be coddled and doesn’t take shit from others AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY LISTEN TO HIM AND RESPECT HIM

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If alteans don't rave I'm gonna be really mad because they literally glow in the dark. They are natures creatures that were made for the lone purpose of raving

believe it

Alteans threw the best rave parties.

Lance McClain as Allura’s Ambassador

Okay but I totally headcanon Lance as the team’s surprise ambassador.  Like Coran knows he’s getting old so he starts giving Lance tips.  He recognises Lance’s skill with people and (all subtle like) starts training him to turn smooth his cockiness and flirtation skills and Lance is shockingly responsive and a very quick learner and, as one of many siblings, is a brilliant negotiator.  

And one day, Coran totally fakes an illness on an ambassador mission and is like “Oh no, Allura, I simply cannot make it” and Allura’s like “Well, I’ll just take…Shiro?”  And Shiro, who’s totally in on Coran’s plan just goes “Nope.  Here’s our sharpshooter for you.”  And Keith is totally shocked but Pidge just nods proudly and Hunk slaps Lance on the back and Lance is momentarily shy but he goes and he ACES it.  

He stumbles a bit but soon he and Allura are working as the GREATEST diplomatic team and he’s smoothing over 10,000 year old grudges and debating firmly and passionately but never rudely and Allura takes the time to place her hand on his shoulder and tell Lance that she is extremely proud of him and grateful that she has someone else to depend on and Lance nods and smiles.  And Keith looks at Lance differently afterwards and Shiro asks will sometimes defer to Lance if they’re in a delicate situation that requires negotiation and Lance haS FUCKING CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT????

Okay but consider a Mass Effect Andromeda where the Ryder family stays whole. Alec doesn’t die, the second Ryder twin doesn’t end up in a coma. 

Imagine Pathfinder Alec Ryder getting to actually be a pathfinder, but also having to cope with his two children who are both canonically huge dorks. 

Consider Alec trying to be diplomatic while his two grown ass children are behind him getting into a silent slap fight over who gets to ride shotgun in the nomad. 

Consider Alec “so emotionally constipated he’s shitting out diamonds” Ryder having to deal with Jaal “I’ve known you for ten seconds let’s talk about our feelings because the angaran social filter is nothing like yours” Ama Darav. 

Consider Alec having to constantly put himself between Reyes and whichever offspring has come with him because the guy will not stop flirting and this man is a criminal and we only need him for his connections, stop winking back.

Imagine Alec bonding with Evfra over the difficulties of leadership in an impossible situation, and having the lives of an entire species depending on your success.

Now imagine that scene but it keeps cutting to Scott and Sara daring each other to eat the weird alien food. 

Drak offering Alec parenting advice!!!!! 

Alec putting Peebee in time out until she can behave herself. 

Alec putting on his Parent Voice when Gil and Kallo fight – it’s not even on purpose, they just sound so much like bickering children.

Alec having to deal with the fallout from the disastrous beginnings of the initiative – would fewer people attack him to his face? He’s certainly a lot scarier and a lot more intimidating than the canon pathfinder is. 

Imagine Alec walking in on one or both of his children making out with their love interest. Imagine that ride on the Nomad.

Jaal trying to talk to Alec about it to reassure him of the true depth of feelings he has for Sara but Alec Does Not Want To Have This Conversation. Cora loves Scott but oh god she’s sleeping with her mentor’s son and he knows but he isn’t saying anything why isn’t he saying anything.  Liam practically climbing under the table whenever Alec enters the room because he’s sure his boss is going to space him for making out with his daughter.

Sahuna Ama Darav emailing Alec because “we’re going to be inlaws let’s talk about medical histories and plans for grandchildren!!!”