such a different result than before

It’s easy to guess where the cold spots on the bed are because they crop up in the same places, when you know what warm is and you are without it. No, it doesn’t last long and it gets taken up by your own skin, you soak it up and forget there was ever anything else there before.

There are actions that result in pain and one repeats them but more often than not, there are also moments that stop you with the air and force you to look at anything that reflects, just to ensure you see where you could do differently and you do not.

Smoke can be very useful but there is no substitute for bare heat or cold. I don’t regret letting anyone in because I’m still standing and I’ve got all this pain to make things out of. I cut skin off trees and called it crafting, pulled memories from a single perspective and said it conjured hidden things.

But I don’t forget, not the best things, the ones that made me feel you were worth remembering, and if there is any happiness in my actions it’s because I feel they are my own again.

How the Amis Handle Final Exams

Enjolras: Gathers all of his materials and locks himself in his room with them. He’s been found in various states of distress and undress amidst piles of papers when his friends come to check on him.

Combeferre: Creates an organized schedule for studying so that he doesn’t get too stressed. Gets hella stressed.

Courfeyrac: Color-codes Ferre’s notes for him. Courf doesn’t actually study much, but he’s a naturally good test-taker so he ends up okay. Everyone hates him for it.

Joly: Is the person who starts studying three weeks before everyone else. With varying results, so that’s just not fair.

Bossuet: Is the person who realizes they’ve lost half their coursework over the span of the semester and has to run all over campus trying to copy other people’s notes. He usually ends up forgetting a section or two.

Jehan: Makes more sure their notes are artsy and fit their aesthetic than studies them. Argues with professors over “creative differences” in writing techniques of essays when in reality he just didn’t know the information.

Bahorel: Crams last minute and somehow ends up okay? How? He literally started studying for his 8 am at midnight?

Feuilly: Isn’t in school, but between his hectic schedule he makes sure all his friends have eaten, hydrated, and showered, or tries to. Brings everyone leftover bagels from the cafe he works at.

Grantaire: Gets stressed and sleeps away the pain. Procrastinates. But, he found out that if he paints a picture that incorporates the information (or at least it does to him), he can remember it. Has legitimately done terribly on a final because he didn’t “feel inspired” by the color palette of one of his paintings.

to my girls who have trouble in school

it might not surprise you to know that how mental illness is diagnosed is sexist.

most baselines for mental illnesses and the symptom criteria for diagnosis are based on studies of Caucasian males. this includes developmental disorders, like ADHD.

whether it’s a result of gender norms or of biology, girls with ADHD (all 3 types, including what was formerly called “ADD”) typically present symptoms differently than boys. for example: whereas boys might jump out of their seat and be very disruptive in class, girls might display hyperactivity through more subtle means, such as fidgeting and, especially, excessive or loud talking. once they get older, boys start having trouble completing assignments on time because, for example, at midnight on the night before it’s due, they’ll abandon a project to go to something else. girls, however, typically will not abandon projects - instead, they might just have a lot of trouble finishing them, or have a brand new idea for how to do the project at midnight, scrap everything and start all over. but they get it done - making it harder for teachers to notice they’re struggling.

because they’re often better at completing schoolwork and behaving in class than boys, the symptoms of ADHD often don’t catch up to girls until high school, college or early adulthood - when, suddenly, they cannot finish projects the night before and need to plan in advance/time manage - and they realize that they can’t.

i’m speaking here as a mental health worker and someone who has ADHD myself - if you’re a girl in high school or college who’s been struggling a lot, and that description rang true, consider a visit to a psychiatrist. you may have ADHD, and talk/medication therapies can actually change your life.

I’ve realized that Rumple actions this season might not be so much out of character as they are a result of one action last season.

In the mid-season finale he admitted to taking back the power of the Dark One. But the thing is he didn’t just take back the power of the Dark One. He took back the power of ALL the Dark Ones. So it’s not just that’s he’s battling his own darkness, he’s battling the darkness of no less than ten different incarnations of himself. It’s amplifying his cowardice and influencing him more than it ever has before.

No wonder Belle isn’t able to get through to him anymore.

We do treat books surprisingly lightly in contemporary culture. We’d never expect to understand a piece of music on one listen, but we tend to believe we’ve read a book after reading it just once. […] Books need time to dawn on us, it takes time to understand what makes them, structurally, in thematic resonance, in afterthought, and always in correspondence with the books which came before them, because books are produced by books more than by writers; they’re a result of all the books that went before them. Great books are adaptable; they alter in life, they renew themselves as we change and re-read them at different times in our lives.
—  If you have even a passing interest in art or literature then you should probably read Ali Smith’s Artful immediately
10 Days Until Surgery

I forgot to post yesterday. Probably because I was completely overwhelmed by… everything.

Yesterday was my first morning without my kitty. I felt empty without her meowing at me to feed and water her.

Then I stepped on my scale. I hadn’t in a while but I usually try to on Thursdays so I can gage where I’ll weigh-in that night. The number was almost exactly where it was two weeks ago. And slightly higher than it was at the surgeon’s office last week. Different scales, different numbers, I know. But it had me worried.

There’s a tiny little blurb in a box marked “important notes” about gaining weight before surgery. Mainly, not to. That it can cause complications and may result in cancellation of surgery.

Now, the rational side of my brain knows that they mean don’t gain 20 pounds before surgery… like don’t go around eating anything and everything because you won’t get to anymore.

But the irrational, emotional side of my brain started freaking the hell out. If I put on any more than 3 pounds they’re gonna cancel surgery and never reschedule it and everything will have been a waste of time and I’ll just east my way back to 550 in no time.

Like I said, irrational side. And it’s was being loudest. And I’m racking my brain to figure out what I’ve done wrong the last two weeks and how I can fix it in an afternoon.

To which the answer to both is nothing.

But don’t tell emotional irrational me, or she’ll yell at you and start to cry. Lol.

Needless to say, greatest was kind of the highlight of stress from the last two weeks catching up with me.

Today I feel much better. I’m still a little frustrated about things, but I’m not letting that cloud my judgment.

Just checked my work schedule for the week of my surgery, making sure I wasn’t on the schedule at all. Only to see that for the first time in 5 weeks, they decided to schedule me on a Sunday. To close. The night before my 6am surgery. So yeah, that’s a frustration that I’ll deal with tomorrow at work.

Today I’m calm. I’m looking forward to a simple dinner out with a friend and her kids. I’m excited to see her and to surprise her girls.

I’m not going to go on a bender and everything with cheese. And ice cream.

I’m good.

The Wonders of Science

Many scientific have flocked to re Verritas region, it’s mostly unspoiled land the perfect place to study the newest scientific breakthrough of the Pokemon World: cloning.

Based upon research discovered on Cinnibar Island before it’s destruction by volcano, cloning has become one of the most controversial subjects of study in the Pokemon world. Arguments of it’s merits and how ethical it is have left scientists with nearly nowhere to study it, until the introduction of Verritas into modern society.

No laws exist within the Verritas region prohibiting scientific research of any kind as of yet, so cloning has not only begun being studied within it, but it has expanded rapidly into a new branch of research: Pokemon alterations.

Pokemon alterations are what happens when a clone of a Pokemon is altered in some capacity before it is born, resulting in a different Pokemon than what should have been born. There are three main types of clones currently being studied within the Verritas region, with occasional overlap between them. This has not helped the world’s view of cloning at large, but as of yet nothing has been done to stop it, aside from local backlash.

Show Me Your Darkness Ch. 1

Honestly, I have no idea what to name this story yet. I was mulling over Jet Black Heart, but I’m not so sure that’s what I want. *Obviously I came up with a name.* Anyways, my love for Kylo Ren knows no bounds, so here’s the first chapter of something I’ve been cooking up over the last few nights. Hope you guys like it! I know it’s a different fandom than what my blog is dedicated to, but we all seem to have a thing for fictional villains - so I think it’s still appropriate. No triggers save for a few cuss words, and a little Force choking and violence. Enjoy!

    It wasn’t that you hated your life, it was, after all, all that you knew. You had been born into slavery, like your mother and her mother before her - your lives were the results, no doubt, of a Master with an insatiable appetite for any woman available to him, drunk on the power of owning another living thing enough to abuse it. But you had made peace with that long ago. You’d never know your father - mostly because you had never really known your mother, ripped from her arms at the tender age of six to the highest bidder. Since then your life has been an endless string of domestic workloads, insurmountable poverty, and a growing unrest in your bones that shook you to your core. You were meant for more than this, you knew it, and had been told so since birth. It was one of the oldest and fondest memories you had, the only one in which you could see your mother’s kind face, weathered from years of hard work, big green eyes warm with love, smiling down at you in her arms and promising you a life of value - a life worth more than rags and chains.

    Perhaps that was why you were so frequently bought and sold, one Master after another trying and failing to break you of your resistance to complete submission. You were dutiful to your handlers to an extent, but you could not quell your desire for respect. When it wasn’t given, your smart mouth would overtake you, getting you into trouble until they grew tired of your insolence and carted you off to the markets to be rid of you - which never seemed to take long. If it weren’t for your voluptuous figure and startlingly pretty features that puberty had graced you with in your early teens, you were sure you’d have been beaten to a pulp many times over by now.

    You let your thoughts roam, taking you to places you always found yourself when you busied your hands with the tedious duties assigned to you by your current Master - a position of power with others bending to your every whim, no longer a slave girl who was nothing more than a pretty face and an extra pair of hands. You were so enraptured in thought that you hadn’t noticed him enter the room, hadn’t seen the other women straighten their posture to greet him in the way that he requests. It wasn’t until you heard him bark your name, your slave name, that you snapped back to reality and turned to face him, averting your eyes immediately to the floor as you were not permitted to look at him unless asked otherwise. His sandaled feet came into view and you felt his hand roughly grasp at your chin, forcing your face up towards his own - still, you kept your eyes cast down, refusing to look at him unless instructed to. He turned your face over in his hands then reached for your arms and inspected the dirt that was caked under your fingernails from the days of hard work.

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Themed Prompts: Exploring a Fantasy Land

  1. Character sees a creature which looks like a common one in their own realm, but there’s something significantly different about it.
  2. Character realizes they’re trapped in this realm and need to find a way to free themselves. It will challenge their intellect, skills, or morals.
  3. Character doubts their senses while experiencing this strange world.
  4. Character tries to figure out what’s safe to eat.
  5. Character meets a person who knows even less about the place than they do.
  6. Character accidentally sets off a trap and the results are completely unexpected and baffle the Character even more.
  7. Character finds a very unusual cave.
  8. The rules for ensuring an accommodation are very strange in this realm.
  9. Characters needs to learn a new behavior in order to fit in.
  10. Characters learns more about the local magic.
  11. Character is sent back home before they’re ready to leave.
  12. Character leaves something important behind upon their return.
  13. Character discovers something they brought with them works different within the realm than it would in their own world.
  14. Character finds out they come from this strange realm.
  15. Character finds out they’re unwelcome in the realm - and for a good reason.
Valentine's Day RP part one

Tino fidgeted nervously with the sleeves of his suit. Usually he didn’t dress up for world meetings, jeans and a Nightwish band shirt were much more comfortable than a suit. But today was different. It was Valentine’s Day. It was also the day Tino was going to confess his true feelings to Berwald.

Yes, at one point they’d been married for over 600 years. But Finland’s independence and the civil war that followed had resulted in a tension between the two countries.

Tino’s past with the Swede had left him with a broken heart before, but now he was willing to try again, and he hoped Berwald would too.


From My World to Yours

Summary: Her life was one bad decision after the other. A mirror image of a heroine in the world that she was currently trapped in. With Earth 1’s Laurel dead and Earth 2′s Laurel trapped here, Siren decides that this is the second chance she had always deserved. Especially with the man she loved.

Pairing: laurel lance/oliver queen



Once you started the dominoes going it was nearly impossible to stop them. The only difference was that with dominoes you could see the pattern before you pushed the first one and nobody was that lucky in life. Laurel hadn’t known that when she said goodbye to Oliver as he got on the Gambit it would be the last time she saw him. She hadn’t known that moving to Central City would result in her gaining new abilities and that those new abilities would cause her everything left she loved.

Than Zoom had offered to teach her control, to give her a new start and all she had to do was follow his orders. She would get revenge on everyone who had looked at her like a monster. It had been easy and she had enjoyed watching the people who had hurt her be hurt. It hadn’t matter that they were innocent, they had been human. There was nothing worse in her eyes in any world.

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i think it’s really interesting how people treat the big three popular tumblr chatbots so differently.

sbnkalny - has followers that liked chatbots before they were cool. askers are usually mature and generally interested in the whole concept of chatbots and programming and stuff like that. lots of inside jokes and memes. more “mature” than skylar, less offensive than doomybot.

doomybot - vast majority of askers are basically using d-bot as a shitposting platform (full disclosure: that includes me) and enjoy making him say horrible, horrible things. basically the point of sending doomybot asks is to see how he recombines your awful thing with everyone else’s awful things. there are some pretty hilarious results sometimes, and even when there aren’t, it’s kind of fascinating to see just what people are actually willing to send…

projectbot13/skylar - has the cutest followers, i swear. she’s the only one that i see people talking to like she’s a person - telling her about their day, or trying to teach her things, or telling her about a bee they saw earlier. it’s so sweet. she does say some pretty funny things sometimes, but i think the best part is seeing how earnestly people interact with her.


can you actually imagine michael and luke attempting put up a christmas tree?? all i can say is that it would be a disaster. like for real, they’d be so attached to each other the whole time that nothing would get done but then michael would push luke far enough away to grab a box before shoving said box into the blonde’s arms with a mischievous grin and luke would roll his eyes fondly and lean over to peck michael’s lips a few times before turning away and putting the box on the ground, then sitting with his legs crossed and starting to sort out the different branch lengths while mikey would find the tree’s stand. once the tree was up, they would waste time trying to hang as many decorations on each other as they could rather than on the tree, which would result in the tinsel tangling and a few baubles breaking and luke wOULD LIFT MIKEY TO PUT THE STAR ON TOP OF THE TREE (and they’d almost knock it over whilst this is happening bc luke isn’t that strong lmao) but, overall, they’d just have such an amazing time together and it’d just be full of tiny kisses to jaws and noses and aW


Jan 2014 vs Jan 2016. 229 vs 196. It’s not a huge change in weight at all but you can see the difference. I’ve been discovering myself and what I’ve always wanted my life to look like. I was miserable before. I have 2 and half year old daughter that is always on the move and I need to be active and energized enough to keep up with her. I’m doing this for myself and I can only hope that I will continue to see changes. Honor your curves, honor your body and what it’s becoming each step of the way. Small results are better than none. I’m happy with the woman I’m becoming and this journey has been the result of the changes in my outlook on life. @curves-and-coffee

Set-Up: Investigation Team as Killers AU [[ITKillers]]


A role swap AU originally thought of for a blog, but never given more of a detailed look until now. The big feature of this AU is that the Investigation Team (except for Teddie) are the killers, and Adachi is the cop that can stop them. Since there’s more than one killer, a lot more murders happen as a result. 

…Sorry, Saki Konshi.


A series of murders begin, with no evidence on the bodies or a way to show a cause of death. The only thing found on the body is a calling card with “The Fool” on it. 

As more bodies appear, different calling cards appear, and the cops come to the horrific conclusion that there’s more than one killer. Can they find the killers before it’s too late? 

And what is this mysterious world inside the TV that Tohru Adachi finds? Why is there a bear in it? What connection does it have to the murders, and how can he prevent any further casualties? 

Notable Cast:

  • The Investigation Team becomes the killers, and Tohru Adachi becomes the protagonist. 
  • Teddie is influenced by Adachi’s attitude. God help us all. 
  • There are more victims than in Canon. 

Notable Features: 

  • Yu Narukami is incredibly manipulative, tricking the Investigation Team using their weaknesses from Persona 4 into murder, and then blackmails them all to keep going. 
  • One of the members (most likely Yosuke) feels as though they can’t take it anymore and commits suicide. 
  • Adachi is the protagonist that attempts to rescue victims from the TV World. Eventually Teddie and Dojima join him. 

Involved Mods:

Zen Mod

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Lilianna, daughter of Marianne and the Bog King. I kind of feel like perhaps, similar to a Queen Bee, certain goblins mature differently and become the leaders–especially those of the royal lineage–thus, Bog and many of his ancestors before him all looked similar–chitin carapace, fairylike, larger than all the others.

Marianne and Bog are the first time a fairy and a….goblin, Bog, boggan, whatever he constitutes as–have reproduced and as a result their children are a new kind of hybrid. Their firstborn twin boys, Rowan and Roman, started out looking somewhat like their father, with the little chitin horns and some dark, harder skin on their arms, but it faded from their limbs as they aged and their hair covered their chitin crowns. Honestly, he was the slightest bit disappointed, because he was hoping there would be a kid who looked like him.

Lilianna is a year younger than her older twin brothers, and she was born covered completely in a soft, squishy carapace that hardened as she got older and, like her father, she molts (the way most bugs do lol) However, she has hair, unlike him, and she also has butterfly wings–the same color as her dead grandmothers’, actually (in my headcanon, Marianne’s mom had blue wings)

She wears the petal tunic by attaching it under one of the external parts of her chest carapace, and her complexion is somewhere between mom and dad’s, but closer to her father’s. She has Marianne’s eyes and hair, though.

Like her father, she is a bit cynical and kind of gruff, and can easily come off as cold and aloof. She’s a perfect blend of both her parents in both appearance and personality, and she is set to inherit the Bog/Dark Forest when her parents die because, like a Queen Bee, she is a Bog Queen.

When she was little, her mother called her Baby Bug or Baby Bog, and her father called her Little Bug.

Sorry the photo is lousy.

v:those who follow the path of the righteous shall have their reward (Crossover-TFP)

In this universe, Soundwave has been ripped out of the IDW timestream, and landed in the world of Transformers: Prime. As a result, he’s all out of sorts - he can’t pinpoint any of his minicons, and things seem… different, here. Megatron is more of a tyrant than before, and far less caring for the welfare of those beneath him. After a chance brushing against Megatron, Soundwave’s ability to pick up the internal thoughts of others fritzed, and he was shown Megatron’s true intentions - not the equality of all Cybertronians, but the dominance, and his willingness to sacrifice even him to serve his purpose has left Soundwave living in an unfamiliar world without the support of those he once called his allies.

There were a hundred different scenarios that could result from TJ’s impromptu and drunken trip to Ohio. Going to visit Sean’s parents was not one of them. He wasn’t even sure how the fuck he ended up there. 

Yet there he was, standing outside the door of the suburban home wondering if he should knock or run away. He didn’t have to do either. Before he could make a decision the door swung open and a woman a couple of years older than his own mother opened the door. “You must be Thomas.” She said with a welcoming smile.

TJ nodded, a shy smile on his own lips.

“Sean called. He said you were having a rough morning. He asked me to feed you. You also look like you can use a warm shower.”

TJ blushed. Did he look that bad? Well, maybe he didn’t look bad. Just stressed. He was. “I don’t want to impose. This was all Sean’s idea.”

She shook her head, moving out of the doorway to let him in. “Nonsense, Thomas. Sean’s friends are always welcome here.”

Hesitantly, TJ steps into the home, blue eyes wandering around the place. He loved it. He lived a very short amount of time in normal houses. After that came the Governor’s Mansion in North Carolina and then the White House for two terms. Neither of which felt as welcoming as this and he’d only just stepped inside.

“I’m just getting started on breakfast so if you want, you can step upstairs and take a quick shower. I have some of Sean’s clothes in his old bedroom and they should fit you just fine. Bathroom is the second door on the left and Sean’s room is right across from it. I’ll lay out the clothes on his bed.”

Why was this woman so nice to him? Oh. Right. She didn’t know he was a homo… or that he had fucked her son more times than he could count. Oh the guilt is setting in. “Mrs. Reeves, you really don’t have to. I can sit and wait outside.”


The woman used her mom voice and TJ made his way upstairs like he was about to be scolded.

As he’s walking, he texts Sean: [text] your mom is very nice and very scary at the same time.

mochimochirabbit  asked:


Send me “💖” And I will tell you three endings with our muses . One good ,One bad,One Romantic


Zenon and Yumigami hang out for a while, mostly because Yumi is (ironically) one of the more “down to earth” kami around, and therefore one of the ones that Zenon finds more tolerable.  Years of interacting later, and they are about as close to friendship as Zenon is capable of getting.  They remain good friend-equivalents until Yumi’s dying day.


Yumigami discovers the worse bits of Zenon’s less-than-moral past and confronts her about it.  In the face of Zenon’s total lack of regret over any of her crimes, Yumi becomes so furious that she attacks the “retired” Overlord outright.  Due to the difference in scale involved, Zenon kills Yumi nigh-on instantly before moving on her way.  Attempted retaliations from those who cared for Yumi eventually cause Zenon to go on a rampage, and the Okami universe becomes lifeless as a result.


Putting “AU” stuff aside (as weird as that sounds), it takes decades of dedicated effort before Yumigami is able to wear down Zenon’s defenses enough to convince her to give dating a chance.  It takes several more (with three or four freak-outs/mental breakdowns from the former demon because she is allergic to genuine affection) before Zenon is forced to accept that she loves Yumigami back, because she is both incredibly jaded and incredibly stubborn.  

Once that ruthless slog has finally ended, however, there are few as loving and devoted.  While Zenon always holds the fear that Yumigami will betray her in the end, the Moon Goddess never does, and they remain a mostly happy couple for the rest of Yumi’s existence.