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Top 5 Elounor moments?

Going in for the kill I see dear anon lol okay here we goooo


1) Mama Jay’s Wedding, summer 2014! RIP MAMA JAY!! 

I feel a personal conviction when talking about these pics because some asshole (L*RRIE!) hacked Mama Jay’s computer to get proof that L*rry was real….instead she found private pics of Louis and Eleanor at Jay’s wedding and posted lmao. And ya know, Eleanor was Jay’s maid of honor too so like…that just goes to show how great of a relationship the two of them had :))

I’ll only post the one that Eleanor posted on her Insta, which btw is STILL ON HER INSTAGRAM B/C THEY NEVER DELETED PICS OF EACH OTHER B/C TRUE LOVE !! (you can see the other pics from Jay’s wedding on Google because they’re sooo cute omg!) 

2) Montreal, summer 2013 (aka Elounor shopping, Eleanor got freaked out by the crowd of girls following them and Louis stepped the fuck up and got all cute and cuddly and extra protective bf!) 


3) VMAS, summer/fall 2013!!! (aka Eleanor was a proud gf and cute af!) 




4) The This is Us premiere, summer 2013. Because Eleanor looked Hot as Hell, Louis looked sharp and dapper and  they were sooo fucking cute omgg

Here they are at the after party and their feet are wrapped together and they look sooo engrossed in each other’s company :))


BONUS! Eleanor arrived with his family I mean come on?!!!!

5) Topman Fashion show winter 2013. They were so fucking young SO YOUNG! And yet they looked flawless af!! Louis clearly was like, “I don’t wanna be here but El likes fashion so I’ll grin and bare it,” lol. But they looked like a couple in love :)))))

So many cuddly moments I can’t :)) 


There were too many good moments to choose from lol 

Long story short, Elounor is so fucking cute I love them so much BYE!


     (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ ◤Alex Høgh Imagine!◢ ~( ̄▽ ̄~)

              ◈ As Requested by the kind @ateliefloresdaprimavera ◈

Just so everyone knows I do accept requests for imagines as long as I know the Fandom to some extent. Instead of listing them how about just shoot me an ask and see if I know it. Don’t be scared, I don’t bite. Much ★~(◡‿◕✿)

➠ ➠ ➠ Imagine ➠ ➠ ➠

          The notorious Ivar the Boneless actually has a sister! Well all four of the sons have a sister in reality. And Y/N is cast to play the adult version of this pivotal character in the famous show Vikings.

A bastard child of Aslaug and Harbard, the stories characters are aware that Dagmar (the illegitimate child) is not born of Ragnar Lothbrok’s doing. Between begging from Aslaug and what humanity Ragnar holds, the small girl is spared and reared in the family of four boys even though she is only their half sister. 

           In script Dagmar, played by you Y/n, is beyond valuable. This girl grows up playing both sides of the Ragnarssons but finds solace in helping Ivar physically and emotionally during childhood up until the day their mother dies. This on screen relationship is beautiful and complex and no fan doesn’t root for the brother sister duo that conquers the viking world along side the other four Sons of Ragnar. 

However, off screen, a platonic sibling relationship is not where you saw yours and Alex’s relationship stopping. On screen or off screen your chemistry together is undeniable. Out of character Y/N and Alex compliment each other as well as Ivar and Dagmar does. But it doesn’t take long for the media to pick up the ‘More than Friends’ vibe you both give off.

               ·•● Awkward Interview Impending! ●•·

“Is this thing on?” Alex waves his hand in front of the small studio camera set up, cocking his head to the side like a bird in front of the lens grinning from ear to ear, “Are we on?”

“Just a second Mr. Andersen,” a woman behind the camera cuts a line through the air horizontally to indicate nothing is rolling yet.

“How about a pre-interview warm up?” Across from Alex was a slender man dressed dapper in a pin stripe suit, shuffling the papers on his lap the man looked back across at Alex lounged sprawled out on the love seat in front of him, “Do you mind answering just a few nonchalant questions?”

“Sure!” Exuberant to start talking Alex swings his feet back in front of him and flat on the floor. Leaning in on his elbows the goofy Danish actor beams a smile over to the interviewer, “What kinds of things would you like to know?”

“Oh the ordinary, how is it working with the History Channel crew? Are you already filming for season five? Will the fans be happy to hear Ivar the Boneless is back in the limelight?” Pleasantly listing off ideas the interviewer had jotted down, the man figured breaking in the twenty two year old with overview questions would make it a smooth transition when Alex did so in front of a running camera.

Clapping his hands together it was all excitement while Alex sat at the edge of his seat, “The entire department has been so much fun to work with! Everyone is so supportive and so good at what they do! My mind is blown with these make up and hair artists, I mean, wow I didn’t even know my hair could do that.” Expounding with a huge grin Alex looked over when the man asked about his co-stars, “They are all, just absolutely amazing. I cannot amend them enough, Marco, Jordan, David. Coming onto set and having to fulfill this, this legacy basically, that Travis Fimmel grew Ragnar into. Phew man,” Shaking his head Alex sat back with a little astounded look on his face, “It’s surreal, it really truly is.”

“Any blossoming romanced on set?” unable to hide the coy smile from Alex the interviewer tossed the simple question out without second thought, “Seems the chemistry Ivar and sister Dagmar have is really backed by the fans.”

“Oh, Y/N,” a crimson dusting of blush bloomed on Alex’s cheeks, a goofy grin following closely, “Dagmar is an amazing character played by an equally amazing actress.” Casting his eyes down to his hands Alex fiddled with his knuckles mindlessly, “Y/N is beyond great to work with, it made all those early morning shoots worth it.”

“There was a little excerpt,” The interviewer paused and shuffled through his papers on his lap until the man pulled out a half sheet folded in the middle, “Ah yes, you both enjoyed a little break out in Dublin during a vacation off set. Things are getting pretty chummy I take it?”

What blush Alex had now spread to the rest of his face and there was little denying the effect bringing up Y/N had on the giddy young man, “She is, I mean, this isn’t live right? Jeesh that woman is something else. I love doing scenes with her, wardrobe with her, car pools together. Y/N never misses a beat, always up for something knew and she gets along with Marco and Jordan so well. Hah I know on set crushes were never a good thing but-”

Like a little squeak the camera woman was hardly heard above Alex’s narrative, “Mr. Andersen-”

“I mean meeting your soul mate at twenty two?? Is that even realistic?! Yet alone meeting them on a set about bloody viking history? Heh,” Alex’s eyes were glazed over, completely forgetting he was in line to shoot an interview for an article about the next season of Vikings, “I love her, I really really do. She just-”

“Mr. Andersen!” brash about her second interruption the woman looked sheepishly at her comrade doing the interview and then over at the Danish actor. Both men looked up simultaneously to the woman, “I uh….we’ve been live that entire last part-”

“What!” completely red in the face Alex was about to leap from the chair when he felt the sudden vibrate of his cellphone in his pocket. Desperate to fish the phone out, Alex fumbled with it to light up the screen.

Illuminated bright bold letters across the screen it read Y/N number.

Recounting everything he’d just spewed out to the small group he was with, Alex’s heart skipped a beat when it sunk in, “Oh my god Y/N heard it all!”

✎ I have so much fun writing these. I hope you Alex/Ivar fans enjoyed!

✉ ✉ ✉ Send yours in or give me ideas I love it all 。◕‿◕。

Phantom of the Opera - Bruce Wayne x Reader

A/N: I didn’t do nearly as much with Two Face as I intended but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. 

Prompt: Hey! I’ve been waiting so long to request this. A phantom of the opera modern au with Bruce as Raoul, batmom as Christine, and two face as the phantom. Please and thank you. I really love your writing. ❤️

Despite being raised in a wealthy cultured household, he had never been all that fond of the opera. He just simply had other things on his mind. Tonight his mind was focused on the rumors that a ghost haunted this opera house. A murder had taken place and he was determined to get to the bottom of it. The police had written it off of a freak accident but Bruce suspected there was something sinister at play here.

He was escorted to his private box by a friendly, smiling usher. He sat down in one of the plush seats and waited for the show to start before he would slip out and begin his investigation while everyone was distracted. The curtains pulled away and that was Bruce’s cue to begin his work but before he could leave the box your beautiful familiar voice filled the theatre. He stopped in his spot turned to see that it was in fact you standing on the stage, the perfect picture of elegance.   

“Can it be?” He whispered to himself.  “Can it be [Y/N]?” You had been but a memory for him, all but forgotten in his past. You were his first friend, his first crush, his first girlfriend, his first everything. He smiled to himself thinking of the beautiful woman that you had grown into. Maybe once all this is over he could drop in backstage to say hello to an old friend.

Bruce forced himself to turn away from your enthralling performance and he traveled around the shadows performing his investigation. He found a few clues but little pointing to an actual culprit. He would need to come back when the theatre was empty to some of the areas that were just simply impossible to get to while a performance was going on.

Normally this would be the point where Bruce would go home and work on the case in the cave but he felt compelled to stay this time and listen to you sing. It had been so long since he heard your voice, he had forgotten how amazing you were. When the performance was done he snuck backstage and let himself into your dressing room.

“You were beautiful out there tonight.” He said. You back was turned to him. When you heard his voice you gasped and turned around in surprise.

“Bruce?” You asked, not quite sure if the handsome man in front of you was indeed your childhood friend.

“It’s been a while hasn’t it?” He asked with a laugh. You got up from your seat and rushed over to him to envelope him in a tight hug.

“I’ll say! Look at you! You got all handsome and dapper on me!” You said jokingly.

“Are you implying I wasn’t always handsome?” Bruce asked in mock offense.

“Well we were kids. I couldn’t always appreciate it then.” You rolled your eyes. “So what brings you here Bruce? You never really liked the opera when we were kids.”

“Tastes can change can’t they?” Bruce reasoned, avoiding giving you a real answer. He should have known you would see right through him. You were always uncannily perceptive, even as kids. “Fine. I heard rumor of a murderous phantom haunting this place and I was curious.” He answered a little more honestly when you gave him a look that said you didn’t believe him. Your face went pale at his second answer.

“The phantom?” You asked fearfully.

“Don’t tell me you believe in the Phantom of the Opera.” Bruce laughed. You were always so logical, he couldn’t believe that you so suddenly developed a belief in the paranormal.

“No of course not.” You whispered lifelessly, your gaze not meeting his. “Um, excuse me Bruce. I have to go check on something. It was great catching up with you, truly.” You said hurriedly. Before Bruce could protest you rushed out of the dressing room and ran down the hall. Sensing something was terribly wrong, Bruce ran after you calling after you.

“[Y/N]! Wait! Tell me what’s wrong. I can help, whatever it is.”

“The Phantom of the Opera is here inside my mind, Bruce.” You cried. Your eyes shone with tears which Bruce wiped from your cheeks.

“What do you mean, [Y/N]?” Bruce asked searching your eyes for the answers he was looking for. You wrenched your eyes shut and shook your head.

“He’s real Bruce. The Phantom’s real and he’s always here in my head, whispering to me.” You sobbed. Bruce wrapped his arms around you and brought you to his chest, gently rocking you back and forth.

“These voices-?” Bruce started to ask before your eyes shot open and you gave him a hard look.

“You think I’m crazy. I’m not crazy! I’ve seen him Bruce and I’ll never be able to forget that grotesque deformed face. He’s killed people Bruce. You need to leave. If he finds out that you’re here with me, he’ll -” You cried, panicking. Bruce cut you off with a firm kiss. Your lips moved desperately along with his. It had been so long since you broke up that you had both forgotten what this felt like. “He’ll kill you.” You murmured against Bruce’s lips when you separated briefly. Bruce only grunted in response before reconnecting you lips.

You’re mine. Your chains are still mine. I will get rid of this suitor and I’ll teach you once and for all who you belong to.’ The Phantom’s voice hissed in your ear. Your eyes shot open, wide eyed in fear. You pushed Bruce away and fell to the floor hugging your knees to your chest.

“What is it, [Y/N]? Please talk to me. I’m here, nothing can harm you.” Bruce encouraged, taking you hands in his.

“He’ll always be there singing songs in my head.” You whimpered.

“You said yourself he’s nothing but a man.” Bruce asked. You didn’t responded and just stared blankly in front of you. The Phantom’s voice filled your head and his threats chilled you to the core. Bruce didn’t know what he could do to help you. He didn’t even know if he could help you.

Bruce stared at you searched for some sort of answer when he noticed the earrings you were wearing. He remembered you always wore them when you were younger. They were one of the few items that belonged to your mother who died when you were just a young girl. You rarely ever took them off.

“Are those your mother’s earrings?” Bruce asked bringing his finger up to your ear to get a better look at the small pearls.

“Yes. You remembered.” You smiled softly.

“[Y/N] I need you to trust me. Take the earrings off.” Bruce said. You looked up at him with the utmost trust in your eyes. You reached up and took off the earrings, feeling naked when they were both out.

To your surprise, the voices in your head ceased when you removed the earrings. You let out a sob of relief and threw the earrings to the side. You closed the distance between you and Bruce and pulled him into a tight hug.

“Take me away from this nightmare, Bruce. All I want is freedom, a world with no more night.” You sobbed against his chest. He gently ran his fingers through your soft hair and pressed a kiss to the top of your head.

“You’re safe, he won’t find you ever again. Your fears are far behind you, [Y/N].” Bruce reassured you.

“Promise me.” You insisted.

“Anything.” Bruce responded immediately.

“Promise me you need me with you now and always. Promise you’ll stay beside me to hold me and hide me.” You continued. “That’s all I ask of you.”

“If you promise me something in return.” Bruce said gently intertwining his fingers with yours. “Say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime. Let me lead you from your solitude. Say you need me with you, here beside you. Anywhere you go let me go too. [Y/N], that’s all I ask of you.” He said in return.

“Say you love me.” You prompted weakly, reaching your hand up to gently cradle his jaw. You wanted to hear the words that had been too long foreign to you.

“You know I do.” Bruce swore, leaning in and connecting your lips in a passionate kiss. No more wasted time, no more obstacles. You loved each other and you weren’t about to let each other go ever again.

Alex and Lectures

this is from an ask that @queercapwriting got. here. Cap, thank’s for the inspiration from your lovely anons, I love them so much. I hope I did Alex justice and Adrian was stubborn but he at least had a few bites of veggies. Okay, here we go…

On the drive there, Alex can’t stop wiping her hands on her pants and off the steering wheel at every light, every stop because, what if she can’t help these kids? What if they laugh at her stories? But Maggie had told her that she was going to do great, and that is what she would do. Entering the college, Alex signed in at the front desk, pinning her visitors pass onto her shirt. There were people walking in all different directions, going from one lecture to another, getting food to eat, meeting up with friends, and, hopefully, going to Alex’s talk. Adrian’s college was the first place that Alex had ever gone to lecture anyone on anything. At first it had been on science, encouraging people to pursue this amazing field, but with encouraging from Maggie and Adrian, she had started to do talks on LGBT+ topics, coming out, acceptance and heaps of other things that she thought would help these kids.

Alex would never forget her first talk that she had done, Maggie had come with her and she had held her hand walking to the hall and she had kissed her before letting Alex walk up to the stand to talk to these open eyed queer kids with tears in their eyes because finally, they were safe in this hall. Safe with this woman who talked with such experience that it could only mean that, maybe, just maybe, she was queer too. And Alex had proven these rumours true when she had stepped down from the microphone and Maggie had run up and hugged her. Which, of course, had turned into a kiss. Which of course, had caused the whole room to erupt in cheers.

Alex smiled at the memory and walked into the hall, hands still shaking even after all the times that she had done this. Every time was different, different kids, different topics because “no way am I going to have palm cards, Maggie,”

There were so any amazing kids with so many different styles sitting in front of Alex. On some of their wrists were different coloured bands, most of them being rainbow. But others had trans colours on their wrists as well, asexual, non binary colours, so many different identities coming together to hear Alex speak to them. They didn’t know exactly what Alex was going to say, the flyer had just said an LGBT+ talk, but that had been enough.

Alex cleared her throat and smiled at a certain dapper young man sitting in the back of the room, smiling back at Alex. Adrian waved at her subtly and gave an encouraging nod. He looked so comfortable and Alex felt a surge of love for Adrian, proud of how far he had come since Maggie had found him. Pulling the microphone on the stand towards her, Alex cleared her throat.

“Hi everyone, my name is Alex. My pronouns are she/her,” There were a few tentative head lifts at Alex’s mention of pronouns.

“Being LGBT+ is hard, I’m not going to lie. Finding out that you’re queer, coming to terms with that. It’s hard. And it will be hard for many of you to accept that about yourselves. But I’m not saying this to make you feel bad, or ashamed. I’m here to help you,”

“I want to tell you one of my favourite quotes that I once read. “Fairy tales are more than true, not because they tell us that dragons are real, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten,”” Alex dried her hands on her jacket and continued.

“We all face our own dragons, and I’m sure that everyone in this room has faced their own. But I want you to know that you are not alone. Ever. I mean,” Alex spread her arms, “Look at this room, look how many people are in here. We are all here to fight the same dragons. Being queer is hard, but it is never something to be ashamed of, it is never something to hate. We are so lucky that we have this community of amazing people to support us. And I know, that you can feel alone sometimes, you can feel like there is no one to talk to. But I am here for you. I’m here for you now to help teach you guys about things that this heteronormative, cis, college can’t,” All eyes were on Alex now and she could see Adrian in the back, beaming like it was christmas.

“So,” Alex said, “What do you guys want to know?”

Almost as if coordinated, every hand shot up straight (A/N haha) in the air, which led to giggles spreading through this group of ragtag kids who, they hoped, had finally found a place where they belonged.

After the lecture, Alex had taken Adrian to meet up with Maggie at a diner near the college. They sat in one of the corner booths, laughing and sharing funny stories. Adrian squealed when Maggie placed her vegan salad in front of him and made him eat at least a few bites because “you don’t know if you don’t like it till you try it, Adrian, and I’m pretty sure you live off of Jessie’s pizza, so no complaining.”

Adrian mock frowned, “Fine, Sam-I-am. But just so you know,” he put a bit of the green leaves in his mouth and grimaced, “I most definitely do not like green eggs and ham.” Maggie laughed and took her food back, digging into it, leaning against Alex happily. Adrian laughed along with both of his queer mums as he ate his, most definitely not vegan, meal.

As Adrian walked back to his dorm room, he saw a group of kids from the lecture walking through the quad, laughing and having fun. Adrian smiled, putting his hands in the pockets of his jacket, and kept walking, glad that these kids had found a place where they could be happy. He would have to ask Alex to come back again soon…

A/N I might be coming back to this for a second parter where Maggie comes and helps with a struggling queer kid.

Scott Lang Drabble 3

Requested By: @jumperswellies

Prompts:  “Hold my hand, we have to make this look convincing.” “Well, if you’re up for the challenge?”

***changed the sentence just a bit***

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“You see that guy over there?” You asked as you took a sip of your drink, peering over the cocktail glass. 

“What, the guy that kinda looks like a James Bond villain?” Scott asked, taking a sip of his own drink. Rolling your eyes at his metaphor, you set your drink down on the table.

“That’s the one. That’s the guy that’s doing insider trading with HYDRA,” You whispered to Scott as the man in question caught your eye. 

“So that’s the guy we have to take down? Awesome. No biggie,” Scott said as he started to walk towards the bathroom to change into his Ant-Man uniform.

“No!” You whisper-yelled as you grabbed the back of Scott’s tux. “We are only here for a recon mission! We are not allowed to take him down, only to find out exactly what he is getting in return from HYDRA. And may I remind you, we are undercover here?”

Spinning around to face you, a smirk was plastered onto his face. “That’s right. Here, you are my wife.”

Rolling your eyes at the dapper-looking man in front of you, you smoothed out your floor length gown. “I suppose. Now, lets go talk to him. It would be rude of us not to talk to him as his guests.”

Picking up what you were suggesting, Scott nodded in agreement. “Right you are, Mrs. Hawthorne.” 

Strolling up to the man in question, Scott tugged your arm slightly.

“Hold my hand, we have to make this look convincing,” Scott whispered to you as you smiled dazzlingly up at the host. Quickly taking Scott’s hand at the last second, you tried to ignore the warmth that spread through your body at his touch.

“Mr. Thoreau, so nice to finally meet you,” You smiled as you offered your right hand. Stomach lurching slightly as he dipped over to kiss your hand, you felt his lips smile against your skin.

“And it is such a pleasure to meet you, Miss, uh-” Mr. Thoreau said with a suggestive glint in his eye as he looked you over.

“Mrs. Hawthorne, my wife,” Scott cut in with an edge of protectiveness in his voice. And possibly a touch of anger?

Quickly trying to regain his composure, Thoreau cleared his throat as he looked at Scott un-amused. “So you must be Mr. Hawthorne?”

“That I am,” Scott quickly replied, wrapping his arm around your waist. “Now, I believe you sent us our invitation to talk business?”

Carefully watching Thoreau, you saw a look of hesitation and doubt cross his face. He was catching on.

“Yes, I suppose-” He began, but was soon cut off by someone coming up to talk to him. “If you’ll excuse me for a moment.”

Walking away from the two of you, you saw him cast a wary glance over his shoulder at Scott and you. Quickly dragging Scott towards a marble column, you raised your eyebrows at him.

“What are you doing? You’re going to blow our cover if you keep acting like that!”

“I’m sorry!” Scott cut in, carding his fingers through his hair. “I didn’t like how he was looking at you. I guess I got a little abrupt.”

“A little? He is totally onto us!” You said as you saw Thoreau staring at the two of you questioningly. “Oh, gosh, we have to fix this now.”

“What if I kiss you?” Scott quickly asked, causing you to stop in your tracks.


“Well, it sure would make us look a lot more convincing,” Scott reasoned as he too saw Thoreau pointing the two of you out to his guards. “Well, are you up for the challenge?”

Seeing the guards make their way towards the two of you, panic coursed through your body. “Scott, kiss me now.”

Without having to tell him twice, Scott grabbed your face in his hands and pulled you to his lips. His slightly chapped ones meeting your soft ones, you suddenly felt all the panic leave your body as you leaned into Scott. Hands going up to his soft brown locks, you pulled him closer as you got lost in his scent. As you both felt fireworks erupt around you, Scott peeked an eye open as he saw Thoreau calling off his guards as he tried to fan the embarrassment away from his face. Pulling unwillingly away from you, Scott rested his hands on your waist as he slightly pulled you closer.

“I think we are all good,” Scott whispered to you as he looked down at you. Looking up into his green eyes, you felt completely safe as he held you in his arms.

“We better kiss again,” You said in a daze as you played with the strands of hair at the nape of his neck. “Just to really convince him.”

Smiling at your words, Scott tugged you closer to him as his nose brushed against yours. “Anything for my wife.”

Reckoning-Michael Gray and Alfie Solomons Imagine

Requested: Yes

Warnings: violence, some sensuality, some language

A/N: This is a sequel to A Tangled Web to Weave so read that before you read this one.

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    There were no stars in the sky that fateful night. Amongst the sounds of couples laughing, drunks hollering, and whores cooing at potential customers was the sound of a pistol being beaten against a skinny black man’s head. It was a dark alley in London so no one would really pay it any mind—-especially when they noticed the two large black men in long wool gray coats standing at the entrance whilst Y/N and Octavian Y/L/N handled business.

   The man cried out again as Y/N cracked a bone in his shoulder with her silver pistol. He covered his head with his blood-streaked hands and curled further into himself on the cold ground, but Y/N wasn’t going to let him get away that easily. She knelt down and grabbed him by the back of his shirt collar, glaring at the quivering man in front of her.

    “Tell the Harpers this is what happens when you do business on the West End and don’t let them even think about the East End,” she hissed.

    “P-p-please, let me go,” he sputtered in blood.

    Y/N scoffed and dropped him back on the ground, pivoted, and walked over to Octavian, who was smoking a cigarette and looked dapper in his black tuxedo with his black trench coat draped over his shoulders. His brown eyes shimmered with mischief.

    “Theo and Ron will haul him back over to the Harpers,” Octavian said, handing Y/N his handkerchief.

    Y/N happily took it and wiped the blood off her pistol. “You would think the Harpers would know better to stay in the south. North, East, and West London are ours.”

   “Can’t blame them for being ambitious. You did quite a number on him, Y/N.”

   “Thanks, I learn from the best.” Y/N slipped her pistol back into her beaded silver clutch.  

    Though Octavian usually flexed his muscle when the twins had to handle business personally, sometimes Y/N would lash out on those who did them wrong herself. Usually, it was because she had some pent up aggression that wouldn’t be expressed the same way through dance. The Michael and Alfie situation had definitely fueled her with enough aggression to last for a while. A few months had passed since they both admitted their feelings for her and nothing had been quite the same since. Alfie was strictly business during their meetings and Michael gave her the cold shoulder. Y/N knew she was to blame, but she also knew that she cared for them both for different reasons and Octavian chastised her for not making up her mind. Rather than take her anger out on him, she took it out on junkies who hadn’t paid them or competition that was trying to move in on their territory. While it didn’t solve any real problems, it did satisfy Y/N’s bloodlust for a while.

   Fifteen minutes later, Y/N and Octavian were strolling into their London town home. Olivia was waiting for the twins at the door, but she looked a lot more anxious than usual.

   “Good evening, Olivia,” Y/N slipped off her brown mink coat and handed it to her, “we had a spectacular night at the club.”

   “And the after show wasn’t that bad either,” Octavian said with a smirk.

   “Well, you might want to put your coat back on, Miss Y/L/N, because Mr. Solomons just rang and said that you must go to the bakery immediately; it’s an emergency.” Olivia glanced at Octavian. “Both of you.”

   “If it was really important, Alfie could’ve come to the club and told us himself,” Octavian said.

   “This is Alfie we’re talking about—-he hates clubs and jazz and Sabini’s got men in the Onyx all the time.” Y/N prayed that she wasn’t shaking too much as Olivia put her coat on over her shoulders. “Thank you, Olivia. Please prepare some chamomile tea for our return.”

    “Yes, Miss,” Olivia said.

    “I won’t need the tea.”

    “I’ll drink yours then.”

    Y/N did her best not to show her apprehension during the drive to Alfie’s bakery. She had seen him a couple of days ago, but he hadn’t said much and barely looked at her. So why did she care if her burnt orange frock with the satin tie around the waist looked pristine or if her bob was still smooth? He never noticed the difference anyway, but she still wanted to look good for him. But she also liked looking good for Michael too.

    Finally, they reached Alfie’s bakery and Octavian helped Y/N out of the car. They walked slowly side by side into the bakery, being greeted by the few men Alfie had working to near morning hours. They found themselves escorted into his office and the strong, cockney Jew was sitting at his desk, smoking a cigar. Two glass tumblers filled with rum were set on the desk in front of the two seats in front of his desk. 

     “Octavian, Y/N, I see you got my message,” Alfie said.

     “Yes, what is the emergency?” Octavian asked.

     Alfie stood. “We’ll get to that in a moment. No one took your coats? Bloody ‘ell, can’t fin’ good men anywhere anymore.” He walked around and took both of their coats off though the twins did protest. Then, he hung them up and had the twins sit.

     Y/N narrowed her eyes at Alfie. He was more skittish than usual and something grave had occurred. “Alfie—”

    “You want a smoke?”

    Alfie handed her one of his and lit it. Y/N took a long drag before blowing a puff of smoke towards the ceiling. It helped her relax a little more but didn’t curb her suspicions of her Jewish business partner.

     “And have some rum, please,” Alfie said as he sat back down.

     Octavian sipped his first and nodded. “It’s good, but we all know you didn’t call us here on an emergency just for a smoke and a drink.”

    “I figured it’d help soften the blow.” Alfie folded his hands on his desk. “There’s no easy to say it, but, earlier today, Tommy gave his family up to the police.”

    Alfie’s words echoed in her ears but Y/N wasn’t quite making the connection. Tommy Shelby, the same man who managed to screw over the IRA and get out from under the Russians for his family had handed them over to the police? The same police that were in his pocket? That made no sense. But if Tommy got them put in prison, that meant that Michael was in prison.

    Y/N gritted her teeth at the thought and took a large hit off of her cigarette. For the first time in a long time, she wished it was stronger because she could feel the panic begin to rise inside of her. It started from her hips and was working its way up. If it got to her heart, she might snap. 

    “Why would he do that? Tommy’s family is everything to him,” Octavian said.

    “He got into some trouble with a priest and there was an issue with his son—-”

    “When did you find out about this?” Y/N interrupted.

    “Excuse me?” Alfie asked.

    “You heard me.”

    “I found out about a minute before I called your house, thought you two should know ‘bout our partner.”

    “If nine tenths of the Shelbys are in prison, the Blinders are screwed, which means we’re all screwed,” Octavian said in a level tone.

    “No, the Shelbys may be the core of the Blinders but the Blinders are made up of several men loyal to their family. However, they could be paranoid since they could be next,” Y/N said.

    “As long as I still ‘ave my business, I can loan a few men to help you,” Alfie said.

   “Thank you, Alfie, for telling us.” Octavian stood. “We should be on our way.”

   “I’ll leave when I finish my rum,” Y/N said, her eyes trained on Alfie.

   The older man looked concerned and it was appropriate.


   “It would be rude for me not to. Besides, I have some things I want to discuss with Mr. Solomons. He’ll get me a car home or you can wait here, your call.”

   Octavian hesitated. “Very well then, I’ll be waiting outside.”

   When Octavian left, the panic within Y/N was right at her ribs and the cigarette was shaking in her hand.

   “Y/N, ‘m sorry about Michael. ‘m sure e’ll be out in no time, you know Tommy.”

   “That’s the problem, I don’t know Tommy.” Y/N grabbed the rum and downed it in a gulp. “Pour some more.”



   Alfie sighed before filling her tumbler again and Y/N held it in one hand and her cigarette in the other. 

   “Did Tommy get his son back just for selling out the rest of his family? Oh, but he probably has a clever idea to get them all back, doesn’t he?” Y/N spat. “It might not work this time though and if it doesn’t then…then the whole family could be taken advantage of in prison. You know how criminals are treated by the guards, imagine having the bloody Shelbys in your block. What’ll they do to poor Ada, Polly, Finn, John, Arthur…”

    “Michael.” His name came out in a dead pan fashion from Alfie and his eyes seemed to darken at the name. “That’s the one you really care about anyways, innit?”

    Y/N took another drag. “I care about all the Shelbys.” 

    “But not in the same way as you care about Michael. I’ve seen the way you two look at each other—-looks right disgusting some times. He looks at you like he hasn’t seen the sun in days and you’re it and you look at him and…and you would look happy.”

    Y/N sighed. “Trust me, Alfie, he hasn’t been looking at me like that lately and neither have you.”

    Alfie banged his fist on the desk. “You’re so frustrating! Of course I ain’t lookin at you the way that boy does because I ain’t no boy! I’m a man and I take what I want! Even if I’m angry.”

    His nostrils were flaring and his face was beginning to redden. Y/N had definitely touched a spot with him and she thought she liked the reaction. As she downed the rest of the rum, she could feel it shoving the panic back to the pit of her stomach. She took one last drag of her cigarette before putting it out in Alfie’s ash tray.

    “Really, because you haven’t taken what you want in months, barely even spoke to me,” Y/N said.

    Alfie groaned. “Because I was mad at ya! But unfortunately for the both of us, you stay stuck in my mind, like the pain my arse you are.”

    “But you still thought you should tell me about Tommy and…and Michael.”

    “Because I knew you’d be pissed if I didn’t and because I care about yeh.”   Alfie relaxed back into his seat and it seemed like he got most of what he wanted off of his broad chest.

    “Oh please, you’re probably grateful that your only competition is rotting in a jail cell right now!” 

    Alfie slowly stood in his feet. “Be careful how you speak to me.”

   “Or what? You’ll hit me, beat me like one of your men who fell out of line?” Y/N taunted.

    The rum and nicotine had put her in a provocative mood and being provocative was better than panicking. Alfie slowly walked around the desk, like a lion stalking its prey. He grabbed Y/N by the shoulders and yanked her out of her seat. She tried hitting him and scratching him, but it was though she was trying to harm a boulder since he didn’t react at all. Alfie kept staring into her dark eyes as he carefully backed her into the wall. Y/N went to hit him again but Alfie grabbed her wrists and pinned them to each side of her head.

    “I told you to watch your mouth,” Alfie whispered in that rough Cockney accent.

    “Why don’t you watch it for me?”

    Alfie closed the little distance between the two of them, pressing his mouth against hers. As Y/N kissed back, she felt the familiar burn of his beard around her mouth and smirked into it. When she tried to lean into him more, Alfie pushed her back against the wall before kissing her more aggressively. She kissed back with just enough passion and soon, Alfie released one of her hands to lock the door without breaking their intense embrace. Y/N took advantage and trailed that hand across his shoulder and Alfie growled as he grabbed her right leg and wrapped it around his hip, pushing them closer together. The heat seemed to have gotten the best of them and soon, Y/N’s hands were clawing at Alfie’s hair while Alfie was holding himself back from ripping off her dress. When he began kissing down her neck, Y/N huffed and smiled at the feeling of his facial hair tickling her neck. With her eyes closed she was able to focus on the feeling and the feeling brought her to a different memory.

    It had happened a couple of weeks after Y/N met Michael. It was late and she had come to Birmingham to check on the Blinders spreading hers and Octavian’s product around the area. She ended up running into Michael at the Garrison and they played several hands of poker with Arthur, John, and Isaiah over bourbons. After several drinks and hands, the Brummies realized just how good at cards Y/N was.

    “Bloody ‘ell, she took all my money!” Arthur announced angrily.

    “’s not my fault that the cards favored me,” Y/N grinned. “I’d like to collect my three hundred pounds now.”

    All three of the men muttered curses at her as they gave her their money, but Michael couldn’t help but laugh. 

    “How did you get so good at poker?” Michael asked.

    “Years and years of practice, Shelby.”

    “It’s Gray.” 

    “Makes no difference ‘round here, really, but Gray works better with your name.” 

     Y/N caught the cheeky looks that Isaiah, Arthur, and John shot Michael as they left, but she pretended not to as she shuffled some cards and sipped some more bourbon.

     “I can’t believe you and your brother are related, you’re like two different people,” Michael said.

    “We only share half of the same genes and it would be so boring being like Octavian.  Micromanaging the books, micromanaging the men, and micromanaging me must get old.” Y/N smirked. “But I do envy how much he gets to use his fists.”

     “If he’s the smarts and the muscle, what’s your role, if you don’t mind me asking,” Michael said.

    Y/N smirked. “Exactly that: I’m charming and people—-especially men—-underestimate me, so they wouldn’t be surprised if I drugged them or they wouldn’t question me if I lured them into getting jumped.”

   Michael raised his eyebrows. “Impressive.”

   “And what’s your role in Shelby Brothers Limited?”

   “I’m a manager.”

    “So you don’t get your hands dirty.”

    “I wouldn’t say that.”
    Y/N chuckled as she took another swig. “You’re full of surprises, Michael Gray, and I like that.”

    After countless drinks, Michael had Y/N pressed against the wall of a secret passageway in the back of the Garrison. They had started out making out passionately before Michael began trailing his mouth down the side of her neck. Y/N had to bite her plump bottom lip to keep herself from moaning. It wasn’t until Michael’s hands began scrunching up the sides of her dress, that she found herself sobering up.

    “Michael, stop,” Y/N said. “I’m not that kind of girl.”

    Slowly Michael let go of her dress and looked into her eyes. Though they were slightly bloodshot, they seemed serious when he said, “Fine, I’ll wait for you then.”

    Y/N blinked and realized that the scratching on her neck was because of Alfie and that she was in Alfie’s office still. She shouldn’t be doing this, not now. She slowly grabbed his hands and pushed him away. He frowned at her.

   “What’s the problem?” Alfie asked.

   “I can’t do this. I’m only doing this to try to forget about Michael and I can’t. I’m so sorry, Alfie,” Y/N said.

    Alfie stepped away from her and it was obvious that he was mad and hurt. “So, you were just going to screw me until he came back?”

    “No, I…I can’t do that; I couldn’t do that.” Y/N ran a hand through her hair. “You deserve so much better than this.”

    Alfie shook his head. “Save the speech and leave ‘fore your brother thinks we did something we haven’t.”

    Y/N moved slowly as she grabbed her hat from the floor and slipped on her coat. She really cared about Alfie, but not in the way he wanted her to. He would find someone else someday, but it wasn’t Y/N. She would’ve told him that if she didn’t think it might break him in some way. So, she quietly slipped out of his office, fixed her hat on her head, fixed her lipstick in the reflection of a picture hanging on the wall, and strolled outside.

    “Must’ve been some important discussion,” Octavian said when Nathan, their driver, closed the car door behind Y/N.

    “It was extremely eye opening. I’m going to Birmingham tomorrow, Octavian, and you can either join me or stay here.”

     Octavian wound up tagging along with Y/N to Birmingham, the prison to be more specific. It was weird for both of them since they knew that it could’ve easily been them holed up in the large, gray building with barely bread and water for food and drink. Plus, the guards would love to break in their new batons on the twins who ran a lucrative drug ring. However, he did make his presence useful by helping Y/N persuade a guard that the Shelbys once had in their pocket to sneak Y/N into the prison. After a promise of an eight ball of coke, Lieutenant Pendleton happily led Y/N into Michael’s cell block.

      Most of the prisoners moaned or catcalled when she passed, but Y/N blocked it all out. All she knew was that she was going to see Michael again and it was the only thing that mattered. Surprisingly, she didn’t feel nervous or anxious about talking to Michael, but she felt calm instead. She didn’t feel like shouting it from the rooftops unlike some girls, but telling Michael to his face was close enough.

     Finally, they reached Michael’s cell and the guard blocked Y/N’s view as he unlocked it. “You’ve got five minutes.”

     “Thank you, Lietutenant.”

     “Just make it quick. They’ll rotate in six so I’ve got to get you out of here in a minute.”

     Y/N nodded and walked into the large, but sad cell. It was four dark gray walls of nothing. There was nothing to lie on and no sort of bathroom. Off to the far left, Michael was laying down on the cold floor, wearing a white t-shirt and black suit pants. He was still toned but slimmer than the last time Y/N saw him. Part of her wanted to beat the men that had done this to him and the other part just wanted to hold him.

     “Michael?” she called. 

     He didn’t move nor respond.

     “Michael, we haven’t got a lot of time,” she said as she walked closer to him before kneeling down behind him. “Michael.”

    Y/N slowly reached her hand out to touch him but before she could, Michael slowly sat up and looked at her. He looked upset, pale, and bruised. He narrowed his eyes at her.

    “What are you doing here?” Michael asked.

     “I heard what Tommy did and I had to see you. Are you all right?”

    “Did you talk to Tommy?”

     “Briefly. It is much more complicated than you think, but, Octavian and I are helping him get you and the rest of your family out.” Y/N ran her hand through his hair but he flinched. “Someone hurt you.”

     “Happens when you’re a Blinder and you get thrown in prison. How are you here anyway?” Michael’s eyes widened and he stood, bringing Y/N up with him. “You’re mad to be here. A guard could see us any second–”

     “I bought us some time, Michael. My brother and I have a little pull with the coppers here.” Y/N hesitated at she looked up into his light eyes. “When I was told about you being in prison, I panicked because I thought I would never see you again. You’re the finest drinking buddy a girl could ask for and you have this beautiful way of being polished and put together but also tough and scrappy. You’re corrupted but pure at the same time. You’re so sweet to me and you shouldn’t be. I’m so not worth your time and you never pushed me to do anything more than I wanted.”

     “Is that all you have to say?” Michael asked.

    “No, I am so sorry for what I put you through with Alfie. I never thought that two men would be interested in me and gangsters nonetheless. For a while, I thought that I was dividing my attention equally between the two of you, but then I realized that it’s wrong not to give someone you love all your attention and that I was giving one of you more attention than the other because I cared about them differently,” Y/N said. “I love you, Michael Gray, and I cannot lose you.”

     Michael slowly cupped Y/N’s face and stared intently at her. “Do you know how much you drive me mad? Even when I was furious with you, I still thought about you constantly. I wanted to talk to you, but I  wouldn’t let myself out of pride.” He kissed her sweetly. “You will never slip through my fingers again.”

    “Never,” Y/N whispered before kissing him back.

    For once in her life, Y/N was truly happy. In the back of her mind, she knew they only had a few minutes left before Y/N had to leave, but she cherished it. Michael, Polly, Arthur, Finn, John, and Ada would be out of prison if it was the last thing she did. 

mother-of-jackson  asked:

Reincarnated Soulmates who remember past lives when they touch maybe please *baby seal eyes*

excuse me while i apologize profusely


i would give you the title i have saved for this particular prompt but it’ll give too much away lol

anyway this’ll be fun


I sighed heavily, my hand gripping the pole tightly and trying to touch the least amount of people as possible. Downside of living in New York: there is a whole bunch of people everywhere. Especially on the the subway rush at five o’ clock every business day.

Another stop that wasn’t mine came, and more people climbed in, only a little bit going out. I squished myself closer to the pole, trying to make myself as little as possible.

Why my date had decided that meeting up at the restaurant at six on a Friday evening was a good idea was beyond me.

And that’s when something brushed against my butt and it happened.

It’s really hard to explain, but a lot of past memories and feelings and experiences flooded over me at once. Me dancing on stage alone wearing a mask made of linen covered in plaster, looking out at people dressed in togas seated on stone bleachers, one man in particular sitting in the front row, an indescribable look on his beautiful face. The same man uncountable years later; a different lifetime, handing me a newspaper telling about the Union victory, blushing hard. The same man in a dapper suit, a small and shy smile on his face as he stared at me, offering to take me away from the dreadful party. The man dressed in a tie-dye shirt and bellbottom jeans with a flower crown in his hair bestowing a flower crown onto me. And then a name came to me.

Will Solace.

Back in present time, I whipped around, Will standing behind me with a shocked expression in his face. “Will?” I asked, raising my eyebrows at his hand, which was in mid-air.

“Nico?” he breathed, raising his hand and touching my face lightly. Yeah, that date that I was talking about earlier? It’s not happening anymore.

And here’s the question we’ve all been waiting for:

“Did you just touch my butt?”

Will blushed hard, and my heart leaped because I’d seen this so many times but somehow it was new and fresh and beautiful. “I’m sorry, someone bumped into me and I just-”

“Why are you apologizing? You’ve done a lot more than just touch my butt. You’ve actually-”

He covered my mouth with his hand, his face blazing red and his freckles standing out immensely. “That’s enough out of you,” he said, his words shaking a little bit, and I laughed behind his hand. “We’ve met in some awful strange ways, but I think this’ll make it to the wall of fame,” he muttered under his breath.

I kissed his hand, making him pull it back, his face getting even more red. “Personally, I think that one time you were running from the police because of the protest and jumped on my motorcycle was the weirdest.” I took out my phone, texting my date and apologizing profusely for leading them on. They said it was okay, and that they were happy for me.

Man, I feel like a dick.

“Were you about to go on a date?” Will questioned, raising an eyebrow with an almost scary look on his face. Emphasis on ‘almost.’

Rolling my eyes, I stuffed my phone back into my pocket. “Okay, at least I wasn’t about to marry someone-”

“That was one time!”

“-And I’m not forbidden from going on dates alright? It’s not like I remembered the thing missing from my life was you until now, and I was just trying to find some asshole like you.”

Will grinned, revealing that stupidly adorable gap in his front teeth that I had loved since the beginning. “I’m flattered.”

I glanced around, finding that a lot of people were staring, and Will and I had continually gotten closer. Our chests were only an inch or so apart. “Will, as much as I love seeing you again, I would really love it if we find a better place to chat because I’m feeling a bit crowded.”

“Can’t I kiss you first?”

My turn to blush. Which is silly because we’d done a lot more than kiss. The way we met sometimes involved a lot more than kissing. “Not in public,” I said, only stuttering a little bit.

“We’re lucky this is my stop,” Will whispered into my ear as he tugged me out of the subway car at the next stop.

“Is it really?” I asked breathlessly, a strange feeling of nostalgia and first love and a bunch of other mushy things overwhelming me.

“Not at all,” Will laughed, starting to pull me toward an alleyway. I blushed, about to protest, but then he pulled me away, heading more toward an apartment building. “Kidding. But how great would that be? Making out in an alleyway?”

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” I muttered, and I could tell he heard me because he looked back with a crooked sort of smile, squeezing my hand as we fast-walked to the apartment building.

In the elevator, Will pressed the button labeled ‘10,’ and he looked over at me, raising his eyebrows in a silent question. “Restrain yourself,” I said, shaking my head and laughing a bit. I’d been in love with him for all the lives I’ve lived - of course I knew what that look meant.

The ride was excruciatingly long, and I could tell that Will thought so too by the way he was fidgeting and squeezing my hand at least twice every thirty seconds. The elevator doors dinged open, and he gave me a crooked smile, than sprinted to the last door on the right, dragging me along with him. He never was one to be patient.

As soon as he had the door open, he shoved me inside, closing it behind him. I was breathing heavily - not just from the sprinting.

He grabbed my face, pulling me to him and kissing me hard on the lips and I put my hands on his waist, trying to get closer closer closer. “I missed you,” he whispered, nuzzling his nose against mine, looking at me with his tired blue sky eyes.

“You didn’t even remember I existed until you touched my butt earlier,” I replied, suppressing a smile.

“I know.” He folded me into his arms, squeezing me tight. “But I missed you.”

I smiled, full on this time, and buried my face in his chest, pressing my fingers into his back and trying not to cry because here he is again and I remember being scared I wouldn’t find him because that was always my biggest fear but he’s here and I’m here and we’re together like we should be. “I missed you, too.”



i like it but i don’t even know what’s happening anymore they say you can tell a writer’s soul by what they write so i wonder what this’ll make me

trash? yeah, that

[by the way, i have this named as 'reincarnated soul mates + 'accidental’ butt touching’ on my computer so… did will actually mean to touch nico’s butt?? probably. bad will.]

Thanks for the prompt!!!

obligations - luke hemmings [prince!au]

pairing: prince!luke x y/n author’s note: idk man I got this idea, I’ll do a second part if anyone’s wanting it × × × × × × × × × × ×

This was not how you imagined your wedding day. You wanted to be crying happy tears, not full-out bawling and screaming your head off in the bathroom of your room with your bridesmaids banging on the locked door. You were sat on the cold tile, dressed in only your robe and a pair of underwear while you hugged your knees to your chest. You didn’t want to be married, especially not to the person you hated the most. Luke Hemmings, the precious crowned prince. Just thinking about it made you cry even harder.

The commotion on the other side of the door settled down, only a few hushed whispers here and there as they frantically tried to find a way to coax you out of the bathroom. Just as you thought they’d given up, there was a soft knock on the door.

“Y/N?” the tone was gentle, calming almost. “Will you let me in, please? I’m not gonna drag you out, I just want to talk, I promise.”

It was Michael, the only real friend you’ve made since you moved into the palace. He was Luke’s right hand man, but unlike his blonde friend, Michael was nice and welcoming to your arrival. He helped you adjust to your new surroundings and made you feel like you belonged.

“You swear?” you shouted through the door.

“On my life.” Michael replied seriously.

Hesitantly, you moved to unlock the door, revealing a dapper Michael Clifford in a form-fitting suit. You let him in before plopping down back in your original position. Michael sat down right in front of you, reaching out and brushing stray tears from your cheeks. You looked up at him, eyes red and watery from your hysterics.

“What’s wrong? It’s your wedding day, you should be smiling, baby. You’re marrying the prince.” Michael’s words sent you into another round of tears, and he was quick to pull you in his lap, rocking you back in forth to calm you down.

“Do you not want to marry Luke?” Sniffling, you shook your head. Michael frowned slightly. “Why not?”

“I don’t know him.” you whispered quietly. “And he hates me.”

“Why would you think that?” Michael combed his hands through your hair, patiently waiting for your response.

“In all the time I’ve been here, he’s hardly said three words to me. I’ve tried talking to him, but all he does is ignore me. I bet he doesn’t even know my name. He’s just marrying me because he has to. I don’t know why he’d pick me to marry, I’m not even pretty enough for someone like him. I’m not Luke Hemmings standards.”

You looked up when Michael didn’t respond. He was looking over towards the door, where a very silent prince stood in the doorway. He had his arms crossed over his chest, and his icy blue eyes were staring directly at you. You stared back, face embarrassingly blotchy and red.

“Y/N,” Luke finally broke the silence. “I don’t hate you. And…and you’re actually very beautiful, even now. If you don’t want to marry me, then that’s your decision. I’m not going to force you into being my wife.” He offered a small, tentative smile. “And, I’d love for us to get to know each other. If you’d allow it, that is.” With a nod, he turned on his heel and left. “You see?” Michael chuckled. “He doesn’t hate you.” You couldn’t help the smile quirking at your lips.

Hannibal Set Experience 2 AKA The Night Leather Pants Hanni Destroyed My Life

Thought I’d make a full post about my evening with all the photos in one place. I thought the fact that Hannibal is wearing leather pants and riding a motorcycle might be considered a spoiler, but considering it’s spread through fandom like wildfire I’m not gonna bother cutting to hide spoilers.



I arrived onset around 4:15 yesterday and saw all the trucks, and a huge number of crew there already setting up. I was super excited to see the row of scooters and the flags hanging from the front of the Novotel - confirmation that we were in Europe and Mads (and possibly Gillian!) would be there.


I met up with Laura and we sat for a while and watched the crew set up for the first shot. Cue excited squealing about how it will probably be Hannibal on that bike! Eeeeee! I spoke to a crew member at this point and told him we’d be here all night, and he just laughed and said “okay”. Since there wasn’t much going on and they wouldn’t be shooting till after dark, we decided to go into the nearby pub (called Scotland Yard - bonus!) to warm up. After food and drink we came back outside around 6 and sure enough - filming was about to begin! There was a group of about 10-15 other fans already gathered, as well as a lot of random people out and about. They were shooting on a popular little street for the after-work drinks crowd, so it was quite busy for a while, but they didn’t close off the sidewalk or anything for the shoot.

We all stood there and watched with excitement and a little bit of silent squealing as they shot the first take, Hannibal driving up on the motorbike and taking off his helmet dramatically.

Holy hellfire that man is even more attractive in person!

For the next half hour or so we watched them do the same shot a few more times. There was one very nice crew member who kept coming up and joking around with us, and reminding us not to use flash on our cameras (no one in our group did).

Here’s my video of the first take and the reveal. Mads in leather pants is so much better in person btw.

They reset the camera so we were told to move down to a different part of the sidewalk so we weren’t in the shot. After a few takes, that shot was done, and one of the crew members near by offered to show us the actual shot from the monitor! So cool! He told us that this location was substituting for Paris and they would be using digital effects to put more of the Paris skyline in. Super cool! Then they joked about needing a hand wheeling their equipment over to the next spot and seemed surprised when we said we’d do it in a heartbeat. 

As they were removing the track that the camera rig was previously on, Mads had a few spare moments, and suddenly he was being lead over to us by the nice crew member from before! It all happened so fast, it felt like we had only been there for half an hour. He shook everyones hands, and I offered to be the photographer and took photos for the dozen or so fans who were there. It was awesome being able to interact with him for the 4 or 5 minutes that took! I told him to fix his hair in the first one, he had a bit of helmet head. 

I got a selfie with him as well! I mentioned that I had met him last March on set, when they were filming the very last shot of Hannibal walking out of his house in the rain. I don’t think he remembered me (should have brought the flower crown!), but he said “Oh, that was such a long night!” He was great with the fans but he had to get back shooting. I was shocked that we didn’t have to wait till the very end to meet him. So nice of the crew to take care of us like that!

We were floating on a cloud after this, but we stayed and watched a few more shots for the next hour or so. There was a man dressed all dapper - I’m thinking it could be our Inspector Pazzi - in one of the scenes. He crosses the street in front of Hannibal, they share a glance, then Hannibal puts his helmet on and speeds away. They filmed it in two shots, one with Mads on the bike putting the helmet on, revving the engine and moving forward a few feet, and then with Mads’ stunt double as he turns the bike around sharply and speeds off down the street.

Here’s my video for that.

At this point, we were freezing again, so we went into the pub again for some beverages. When we came out at 8, a couple other fans we recognized from earlier told us that Mads had gone home. Shortly after the crew were all packing up and moving on. 

Managed to get a closer shot of the bike at this point. It’s a Triumph.

All-in-all it was a short but very exciting night! At no point did we feel like we were being a nuisance to the crew (in fact, it was moreso the after-work pub-crawlers who were the worst - one of them even tried to get into one of the prop Parisian cabs!). I’ll definitely be doing this again next time I hear where they’ll be shooting in Toronto!