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I can’t believe timelessarmourforalexander and I actually did this! LADAN ILY <3 BUT ENJOY while we go hide in a corner…

NSFW-ish content ahead.

  • Alec has been on night patrolling duties and he comes home one night. He’s totally drained and there’s still adrenaline in his system. He decides to drink a little out of the blue. One glass very quickly become two, which only results to becoming three and Alec feels unusually active.
  • Magnus comes into their living room saying something about ‘doing something interesting’ and before he knows it he’s pushed on the hot pink couch.
  • 3. So Magnus is caught off guard but Alec is grinning widely and yup he’s definitely drunk. He goes over to the stereo and turns it on.
  • An upbeat song starts to play and Alec starts moving his body to the beat. And not like awkward swaying, no he’s full on dancing. Hips, arms, legs everything is moving in a steady rhythm and okay Magnus is very aroused and what has gotten into his Nephilim? He’s also very proud at how smooth Alec’s moves are, he has been giving him some dancing lessons.
  • All of a sudden Alec climbs on Magnus’s lap and grinds down. He does it teasingly slow and Magnus is moaning which causes Alec to speed up his grinding to a rhythm bone tingling rhythm. Magnus realizes, when he’s able to form coherent thoughts, that he’s grinding to the beat.
  •  Alec finds himself uncontrollably leaning dow to bite Magnus’s earlobe, his eyes fixated on Magnus’ squirming body. Alec kiss the skin and then begins singing the chorus softly into his ear.
  • All of a sudden Alec starts leaves kisses along Magnus’ jaw, on his chin and he hovers just over Magnus’s lips teasingly, while practically purring the lyrics into his ear, his breath hot and full of peppermint; His eyes are on Magnus the whole time.

‘One love, two mouths

One love, one house

No shirt, no blouse…’

And Magnus is cursing and 'Fuck Alec, what’s gotten into you? Not that I’m complaining, darling. Ah…’

  • At the same time Alec has his hand’s under Magnus’s shirt, trailing his waist, up his stomach, his chest, till his hands finds Magnus’s nipples.
  • Alec then kisses down his chest with chapped lips after taking his shirt off eagerly; a few rough rides against his thigh, and his lips finds magnus’s nipples easily. He swirls his tongue Over it whilst humming the tune seductively and Magnus feels the vibrations right down to his core.
  • Magnus is a fucking mess and he groans trying to ease his desire to just take him there but then; but alec pushes him down hard and rides his thigh again and fucking sings the chorus once more, his lips are now atttached to magnus’s bottom lip as he attempts to undo the warlock’s jeans. Magnus gasps in surprise. Alec takes Magnus’s bottom lip between his teeth, tugs at it and slowly lets it go, his teeth grazing the sensitive skin.
  • Alec finally crouches down, tugs Magnus’s zipper down with his teeth and then proceeds to blow him
  • And okay the blowing is to the beat (this sounds weird but shhh)
  • Magnus is a writhing mess and when he’s over the edge he cries out Alec’s name.
  • Then Magnus takes his revenge. He gets up, grabs his very sexy shadowhunter boyfriend and pushed him into the sofa.
  • And then proceeds to ride him.

(Yes we shall be in a hole that I dug where you can find us. See if you can figure out the song)

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