such a cute little brat

🦄 Stuffies🦄


🍼 Bottles🍼

🍬 Candy 🍬

🖍 Coloring books 🖍

🐻 Cuddles 🐻

👗 Dress up 👗

🐶 Puppies 🐶

🥛 Chocolate Milk 🥛


Cute Store dates!

Care givers! Here are some cute stores to take your littles out on a date

•Toys R Us: make sure you keep an eye on your little at all times in this store cause you’ll somehow end up losing them in the store. It’s a good place for your little to play around and look at toys and plushies that they like :)

•Disney Store: a good place for a little to be childish and express themselves (: they’ll love it there and especially playing around with the stuffies or singing along to the Disney songs they play in the store c:

•Walmart/Target: yes, these stores are good for a mini date. It’s a fun place for you and your little to goof around in and just spend time together :). Also if you’re there to shop for food for your little, make sure to get them something healthy, snacks are good but make sure they take care of their health and tummy. (Don’t forget about yourself too!)

•The Mall: Hold your little’s hand at all times! So you won’t lose them there and so they can feel secured when you’re with them! It’s a good place for you and your little to explore stores and shop for items! Take turns going to each other’s different stores (don’t let you or your little be selfish!)

A little note to caregivers. As much as you want to spoil your little, if you can spoil them with gifts and presents that’s great! If you can’t afford much for your little that’s ok! Just taking them out on a date makes them feel special that you’re spending time with them! This also goes out for littles, don’t push your caregiver to give you everything if you know they can’t always give it to you! It’s ok to bug them every once in a while but if they say no then no means no! Hope these cute store dates will inspire some of you to spend time with each other and having fun together :)

Addicted To You

Me : *has been mad at Daddy* That’s it. I’m gunna do this. I’m not gunna text him for the whole day and see how he reacts 😾


Daddy : Good morning, Princess. I hope you’re sleeping well. I just got to work safely, I love you, have a good day Sweetie. I miss you


~No nsfw/18+/porn interaction! ~

Daddy Can't Cook

Me : Daddy? Can you come make me breakfast? I’m hungry and I don’t wanna move
Daddy : I can’t cook though
Me : You can makes me cereal!
Daddy : But I might burn the cereal
Me : *sighs*