such a cute brotp moment


Shyboy Mino when Jackson sneaks a touch of his butt dazzles with his MC skills 
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OMG good goodies

Like, a of of people are gonna get butthurt, but what ruby really needed is someone to tell her all that stuff, that person was jaune and i dont think no one had the better way to tell it but him.

That is until now one of the sweetes moments in the whole series for me and a cute Lancaster moment (witch i can see both otp or brotp)

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ok i literally just had this headcanon a few minutes ago & i would write it but my writing is pretty shit and i'm sure yours is better (i mean everyone has probably better writing skills than me) anyways since you're looking for a request: mark, jack, amy, & signe do a video where they play a co-op online video game & there's just a bunch of cute/silly moments between septiishu & amyplier (and brotp moments between signe&amy, jack&mark, jack&amy, and mark&signe)

Yessss. Thank you for this, I hope this satisfies your needs (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

- Jack would message Mark and be like “Sup bro. Hey Mark, do you and Amy wanna play prop hunt with me and Singe?”

- And Mark would ask Amy and she would be like “Sure!”

- So the four of them would get on a four way Skype call and start recording a video for prop hunt

- Singe and Amy would be the props first and choose some weird, crazy place to hide together and they would giggle about it together

- And Jack and Mark would walk past them like 50 times even though the girls are SO OBVIOUS and they would just die laughing at the stupidity of their boyfriends

- Then Jack would finally find them and be like “how are we so stupid” 

- “I don’t know man”

- The four of them would have a good laugh at it

- And now its time for the guys to be props and of fucking course Mark would choose to be the smallest thing on the map and chase Singe around and giggle his ass off about it

- Singe would finally realize and kill Mark after trying to shoot the lil shit 20 times

- “you’re such a 5 year old”

- “well I do have a mental age of 7

- Singe would then join Amy trying to find Jack

- And he’d be really obvious and jump every time Amy would pass his prop

- “Where are you you little Irish shit”

- Uncontrollable giggling from Jack and Mark because she is literally standing right next to him

- insert Mark saying a clever pun about Jacks prop

- Finally realizing and shooting him 

- Insert cute pun about Peebles from Jack cause fucking yes 

- The four of them generally having a fun time with lots of laughs and stupid jokes with the occasional dick joke cause what is prop hunt without dick jokes

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what we all need in season 2

– more saphael
– sizzyyyy
– clizzy moments
– lydia and alec becoming brotp af
– some lucelyn cute moments
– maia roberts & jordan kyle
– magnus saying ‘i think of myself as a freewheeling bisexual’
– more max lightwood
– claceeee
– magnus and raphael scenes
– brother zaccaria
– jimon funny moments

106 Words About Clearing a Debt

“World’s Greatest Swordsman, huh?”

Nami put her hands on her hips and stared down at Zoro. He was bleeding profusely from a gash across his chest, one that ran perpendicular to his old scar. He’d bleed to death if he were left alone for too long. Thankfully Chopper was already on his way.

Zoro grinned up at her. His smile made him look so young. It was the smile of a long sought after victory.

“Yep.” he said.

She smiled too.

“I guess I can’t hold the world’s greatest in debt.” She shrugged, feigning disappointment.

Then she stepped away and let Chopper save the bleeding idiot.

so now that we’ve found out Lydia is gonna be in season 2, I have a few headcanons…

- it picks up right from where season 1 left off right? So I wanna see a scene where Lydia is still in the infirmary, but she’s not alone. Alec and Magnus come to check on her every half hour which she gets annoyed at them for but she secretly loves it. I’d love to see a conversation where she gets thanked by both of them for what she did and she just smiles and hugs them.

- while Lydia was recovering, maryse seemed to think she was running the institute so Lydia,being the badass she is, makes sure she clears that up right away.

- Lydia and Alec get officially appointed as heads of the institute and they’re both so happy and thankful and cute branwood brotp moment anyone?

- Lydia starting to change her “the law is the law” ways even more by fighting for downworlder rights. I would love to see her and Alec start the downworlder alliance back up. And it’s successful because the downworlders actually trust them.

- Lydia taking out a bunch of demons near enough on her own. Everyone’s like “dammmnn girl” because she’s literally a princess warrior who no one should mess with.

- Lydia getting tired of Maryse and robert’s homophobic shit, and telling them to just deal with it, she’s glad she did what she did and if she hears them say anything about Alec, they won’t just have their son, magnus and izzy’s anger to deal with.

- BRANWOOD BROTP. Honestly this friendship is so pure. I’d love to see them being so done with everyone together, standing side by side, arms crossed, rolling their eyes, sharing looks that say “can you believe we have to deal with this?”

- Lydia becoming friends with Izzy and Clary but especially maia. Lydia and Maia being so badass, helping each other out, protecting each other.

- I would like to see Maia and Alec become friends which leads me to Lydia and Maia teasing Alec. Lydia helping him get ready for dates, her and Maia ganging up on him, trying to pry details out of him.

- Lydia confiding in her new friends about John more. maybe an anniversary of his death comes up and she’s feeling sad so Magnus organises a movie night for her and Lydia and Alec roll their eyes at how mundane it is but it turns out to be such a great night. She talks about John all night because she knows they’ll understand and won’t interrupt her. Mags and Alec tell her that he must of been one hell of a lucky guy and Lydia replies in such a quiet voice “I was the lucky one” and a tear rolls down her cheek but she doesn’t wipe it away because she knows they won’t judge her, instead she gets pulled into a hug, sandwiched between the two of them.

- Lydia having a nick fury moment with the clave and just being like “I understand you’ve come to a decision but seeing as it’s a stupid ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it”

- I would love to see Lydia and Max interactions. Like let’s be honest, Max would adore her because she helped his older brother get a chance at happiness. And Lydia loves Max because he’s so cute and so much like Alec. Lydia sitting in her office stressed out when Max comes in with a comic book and asks her to read with him for a bit. And her heart squeezes a little bit when Max points to one of the heros in his comic book and tells Lydia that she reminds him of that character.

- Luke loves Lydia okay? We all know like has taken in all of the kids. He’s adopted Clary, Simon, Jace, Alec, Izzy and Max so why not Lydia. And Lydia is so happy because now she has someone to turn to for advice and guidance.

- literally more Lydia, Alec and Magnus together. Honestly, they would slay so much.

- Lydia finally feeling like there is a place for her at the institute. That this is her home now and this is her family.

blame @aleclighdwood for this! These are like super headcanon though and I got extremely carried away :)

Another thing I realized, is that Mashima might be setting the stage for something major.

Think about the following.

He threw every other prominent Gray x ___ ship a bone in Juvia’s absence. Gray mentioned Ultear, he was working for Erza, and he had that cute BrOTP moment with Lucy. And yet we still have NOTHING on his feelings towards Juvia, even when Natsu grills him about how he’s treated her. 

We have Erza flat out saying she told him not to tell her, which implies that he had wanted to, as we see his serious expression, where he doesn’t even bother to defend himself as Natsu insults him about it. AND we’re coming off of Gray having willingly lived with Juvia for six months, after that huge moment between them in 416. 

Not only that, but Juvia herself has spent the last six months completely miserable, afraid, and alone, and is now terribly sick, and yet she NEVER lost faith in Gray coming back. 

We’re currently awaiting a reunion, A REAL ONE, because they haven’t seen each other for half a year. 

I don’t want to jinx this, but I think something GINORMOUS is coming our way Gruvia-wise, because Mashima has been speaking through Natsu thus far when it’s come to Juvia’s situation IMO, and he knows Juvia has gotten the short end of the stick. which should mean he’s about to make it up to her.