such a chill dude

im chillin w my family and i was thinking “wow i rly like my uncle he seems rly chill cool dude” and the topic changes to homosexuality and guess who starts saying that “the gays” shouldnt have kids since its dysfunctonial and that it couldnt possibly work out bc you need a female to have kids??
omg the world totally lacks kids that need good homes

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holy shit dude? consider... a portal au for be more chill? 👀

It was talked about in the chat once by others! I got there at the end of it so I didn’t get to expand on it.

Though quite honestly? It would be a little weird if the Squip was GLaDOS but I guess that works. I know Jeremy was Wheatley (My not son is my son this is a crime) and Michael was Chell?
In my opinion Christine would be Chell, imagine how kickass she would be.

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I love how you appreciate Haechan as he is without trying to make him a full year older (18 when he's born in '00 and it's '17?) or being a fool like some people saying he's taller when he's obviously wearing insoles or freaking out about non-existing muscles when it's oversized shirt and we all saw his skinny arms in a t-shirt a few days ago. Why some pretend they're a fan of him when what they want is nothing like him is beyond me instead of accepting him as he is: cute, tiny and young.

aaaaaaah thank u it bugs the hell outta me when fans try to make him more grown than he is (and sm) like chill he isnt this tall hunky dude hes a young man.. a scrawny one jcvhdfvbfdjv but yea im tired of it tbh and the boy he is now is perfectly fine hes perfect the way he is rn and i love this donghyuck i love baby smrookie donghyuck and i’ll love future donghyuck too

me: remembers season two was actually written & planned years ago so the writers didn’t know klance would even be so popular which means the whole elevator episode was planned from the start


Un-Follow Me Now, This Is Gonna Be the Only Thing I Tweet About For The Next Week. Ive Wanted This For Years Fuck. What The Fuck.

i just want you all to know that since Nursey is from NYC he definitely:

  • jaywalks and waits for cars to pass about two feet off the sidewalk
  • walks faster than anyone on SMH, even if he’s not in a hurry to get anywhere. people here just walk really fucking fast my dudes, i don’t care how chill you think he is.
  • weaves through crowds to find the fastest possible route through the gaps between people
  • does not sit down to eat unless it’s a Meal. snacks are consumed while moving, always. plus when he eats pizza he folds that sucker in half and shoves as much of it in his mouth as quicly as possible. straight up pizza deepthroating happens here every day. also is a stickler for “actual pizza, not that chicago imposter bullshit”
  • has very different standards of cleanliness than other folks. there’s trash everywhere here and literal rats all over the place. when you think about it his locker room loogie makes a lot of sense, because new yorkers just spit anywhere they please
  • is probably a Rangers fan (sorry i don’t make the rules), ergo, hates Pittsburgh and Boston
  • played pokemon go compulsively over the summer because NYC is one of the only places you can catch every single pokemon in the US
  • calls murder stop-n-shop the “Murder Bodega”
  • refers to Manhattan as “The City”
  • doesn’t say “cawfee” himself but he absolutely knows people who do and it’s just a part of life
  • makes fun of New Jersey simply because he can
  • 60% of his stories begin with “so this one time in Brooklyn…”

Headcanon: Jeremy LOVES thunderstorms. It’s like an anxiety thing, he loves how it makes things all warm and dark and cozy. He always goes to Michael’s house in the middle of a storm with this excited dorky smile and boxes of apple cider and hot cocoa mix. The two of them bury themselves in blankets and listen to the sound of the rain as they play video games together.