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never trust a man who says "you hate people romanticizing Lolita but you wear pigtails and red lipstick" ....dude.... chill.... is just a hairstyle and a lipstick color ?????

They think everything women do is about sex, that’s pretty fucked up

like dude it’s chill if ur like interested in serial killers and like the psychology behind it but the minute u want to like fuck them or you glorify what they did that’s when it’s a problem and it’s time to fucking stop

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I dont understand why people are so suprised that sony created baby gate? Sony has been ruining pop since like forever.Michael Jackson stood up in a very public way against Sony and so have many others.

This is doubly so if Sony basically took Simon Cowell’s business from him because he couldn’t keep 1D BUT then continues to let him drive it and 1D’s public messaging.

Sony wouldn’t give a fuck what he does to them because they know they already lost the band as an act and moneymaker, and if Simon saw Louis in particular as a driving force of the band not re-upping with Syco/Sony, then there’s all the explanation you need as to why he’s fucked with Louis’ image specifically.

Straight White Boy Problem #982

Was chilling in Kyles room last night with 12 other dudes (dave, TJ, chris, matt, hayden, peter, kevin, Mike, alex, mark, Jesse and Kyle) and we were drinking beers and watching American Pie you know just being dudes. then peter got a little too drunk and started asking people if they were “Team Tissues” or “Team Washcloth” and the discussion got really heated and I learned too much about my friends mastubatory habits and Kyle said he beats off in the shower and we are like dammit kyle we use that shower too FUCK

@“True Crime Community”

what the fuck are you doing, dawg

why are you glorifying murderers. why are you giving the media a reason to focus on the violent side of mental illness, making it seem like everyone who’s mentally ill is somehow a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.

you are the reason there’s so much stigma around people with mental illness, which makes it MORE DIFFICULT for people with mental illness to seek out help for fear of being shamed or seen as a bad person.

why are you making it seem like if you go into a building full of a minority group and start shooting people you’ll be treated like a celebrity

like, seriously, will you dudes chill the fuck out.

also, all of the people you obsess over are ugly as fuck. that’s not quite as relevant, but it’s true.

how it really went down

some person on tumblr: the moon is an asexual demiromantic trans demiboy.

aphobes: *replies on this persons post* the moon canonically is a lesbian

inclusionists: the moon is a lifeless space rock which means anyone can “headcanon” it any way they want 

aphobes: SOMEHOW youre saying that we cant say the moon is a lesbian even though we did the exact same thing to OP


“The lies most difficult for a person to bear
…are the ones they tell themselves.” [Ch. 79]