such a chill dude

I love the phrase “pissed as newts” are newts constantly drunk? Angry?? My chill little dudes what feeling are you known for and HOW

My thoughts on BSD so far:

1. please let me adopt Atsushi I know he is both older and taller than me but he is pure let him feel loved

2. Same, Dazai, same. I too like the idea of killing myself with no pain involved

3. I like Kunikida not in a romantic way I just like his angry mom friend character

4. I don’t want to know what Naomi was doing to Tanizaki in episode 3

5. Rampo just looks super shady everytime he shows up


7. Yosano I understand how Tanizaki got healed now also the lemon bomb dude needs to fucking chill(maybe a nice glass of cold lemonade?)

8. Kyouka is precious please protect this child do not let her be killed

8. Aku needs to stop being emo. Also he needs to just let Higuchi do her thing because who else is willing to babysit that mess

9. You know what I said about Atsushi…nevermind? Let Odasaku take care of him and all of your suffering sons this man is pure he will save all of the orphan children

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a friend invited me to this really low-key touch rugby tournament the past two weekends and holy fuck I loved it - there were professional dudes there, to chill pub-league people, and then total beginners like me. I was flattened a lot (even tho it was touch rugby) and have astro burn all over but shit, dude. wow. i love it.

dude im so glad :D 

i would imagine eventually john would hear irene’s text alert sometime when he and sherlock are together intimately like maybe they’ve just shagged and they’re all sweaty and gross and pink with pleasure and there goes the “Aaaahhhh!” and john is just like “RIGHT,” and grabs sherlock’s phone and sends back a selfie of sherlock snuggled under his arm, both of them nude from the chest up, hair totally sex-mussed, and irene immediately sends back a pic of herself and kate sitting in a hot tub somewhere like aspen or smth like “chill dude, full homo, tell sherlock he owes me 50 quid”

  • <p> <b>Aliens/Higher Power:</b> Can the human race just...chill?<p/><b>Person A:</b> Humans haven't chilled since they decided to walk on two legs.<p/><b>Person B:</b> Nah dude, humans haven't chilled since fuck boi fish dragged their scaled asses out of the ocean.<p/></p>