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Day Six Hundred Five.

we snuck outside, 
stealing kisses between wayward glances.
the night sky lit up with colour
as we watched from a park bench,
arms wrapped around each other tightly
as the rest of the world fell away.

Plot bunnies strike! A little head canon scene that I’d put in the Celebrity Fake Relationship AU if I were to write it (which I am not, noooo!) based off this previous post because I am weak:

Waves lap onto the shore with a beat steadier than her own heart, and Jyn stares at Cassian’s profile in the dark. His hair is still stiff with product from the shoot, but the wind ruffles it just enough that he looks less the movie star and more a lost boy. Jyn throws her legs over the side of the dock, and the water level is high enough after the week’s heavy rains that her bare toes skim the surface.

“My mother passed when I was a child,” he says quietly. “My father, shortly after I finished my first film. I was an emancipated minor, but still.”

“It’s never easy,” she says, as she thinks of her mother. “Even when your feelings toward your parents are complicated. It’s never easy. Too many what ifs and missed chances. Too much left unsaid.”

He murmurs in agreement, and she wants to take his hand the way in the familiar way their stipulated contract has made the gesture, except the urge is real, the bubbling affection a dangerous thing and the line she she knows they are not supposed to cross. She wants to think, how typical, Cassian Andor, big movie star, shows a little vulnerability and you swoon like some schoolgirl. Except she’s seen the way he’s looked at her too, when the cameras are off, when there are no prying eyes; when she turns around and feels his gaze holding her.

Behind them she can see the production crew shutting off the last of the floodlights, and when they do, the sky fills with previously unseen stars.

“I’ve never shot a film in the American Midwest before,” she says, breaking the silence and gesturing at the silver lake and bluffs overhead. “I expected it to be all cornfields, but this is beautiful.”

“Neither have I,” he says, and in the half moonlight, she thinks she sees that look in his eye, the one that makes her feel like he’s peeling away all her shields to get to all her wounds and she’s there welcoming it.

“I’m glad you’re here, Jyn,” he says, and her chest rattles with her own breath. “I am glad we are working on this film together.”

2003: Someone Like You

Drabble request by anon: 2003, “You’re having an affair?”

Word Count: 1032

A/N: This song really resonates within me. I mean, I haven’t found the someone I’m looking for (I’m not even really looking) but the rest of it? That bittersweet, kinda hopeful tone? It’s just so perfect.

Song 2003: Someone Like You by Boys Like Girls

Your phone rang, interrupting the dinner that you and Jensen were having. You offered an apologetic smile before pulling your phone out of your purse to see who it was. “Sorry, it’s my agent. I have to take this.”

He waved his hand at you. “Go right ahead. I’m gonna go to the bathroom while you talk to her.”

With tender eyes, you watched him walk away. Then you phone rang again, reminding you that you had to answer it. “Hey Tiff, what’s up?”

“I know it’s date night, and I’m sorry to interrupt, but I thought I should give you a heads up.”

“Heads up on what?”

Her deep breath was enough to tell you that you needed to prepare. “Rick got engaged tonight. It’s all over the tabloids. I just didn’t want you to be blindsided.”

You had to bite your tongue to keep your first reaction in check. Sure, it hurt to hear that your ex-husband was engaged to someone else, but it didn’t hurt quite as bad as you thought it would. After all, it had been over a year and a half since you’d gotten divorced, and your relationship had been over long before that.

“The spotlight is probably gonna move to you for a bit too. You know, see how his ex is reacting.”

“So that means that my relationship with Jense is probably not going to be able to stay a secret much longer, huh?”

“You don’t have to say anything—“

“They’re reporters, sweetie. They’ll find out. It’s a miracle Rick and I kept our divorce a secret until it was final.” You took a deep breath and tried to find your center. Your life had been… rocky, for lack of a better word. “Thanks for the heads up.”

You hung up and considered the news as Jensen strolled back through the restaurant. His eyes met yours, and your smile was automatic.

There was a lot in your past that you were trying to patch up. You’d decided to stop running from everything, and now you were looking for stability. And you’d found it with Jensen. He held you up while you fought your demons. He was the familiar song that you’d been searching for your entire life.

“What’d Tiffany say?” Your boyfriend asked when he sat down.

“Uh, Rick’s engaged. She was just giving me a heads up so I would know what to expect when reporters come to me.”

Jensen raised an eyebrow and nodded. “Good for him.”

“Yeah. She makes him happy, from what I’ve seen.”

You make me happy,” Jensen said, reaching across the table for your hand and drawing another smile out of you.

“I love you.” You squeezed his hand briefly before going back to your meal. You and Jensen discussed how this news would impact your relationship—or, more specifically, how it would affect your decision to keep your relationship quiet. And together, you made a new decision to stop trying to hide. You wouldn’t come right out and announce your status, but you’d stop going to such great depths to keep it hidden.

After dinner, you and Jensen strolled down a dark street hand in hand and the conversation drifted to other topics. Each moment with this man seemed to cement some of your tumultuous life in place. Every day that you saw him, you felt more at peace. You knew that you belonged by this man’s side.

“Y/N!” A vaguely familiar voice cut through the peaceful night and you turned to see an old friend hurrying towards you. When Jensen turned around, her gait slipped and she nearly tripped.

“Oh. You’re definitely not Rick.” Her scandal-covered voice dropped to a harsh whisper. “You’re having an affair?”

“What? No.” A glance at Jensen showed just as much confusion on his face as was on yours. “Rick and I have been divorced for over a year.”

“Seriously? I thought that was just a press thing to get more attention for your movies.”

And suddenly you remembered why you’d stopped hanging out with Sarah. She was only in the friendship for the notoriety. She loved having the inside scoop. More than once, private aspects of your life had been slipped to the press, and you knew that she was behind it.

So you put on a fake smile and tugged Jensen a few steps away. “No, it wasn’t. Anyway, it was nice seeing you, Sarah. We really have to get going.”

You ignored her sputtered protests and let Jensen lead you to the car. Like a true gentleman, he opened your car door for you before rounding the car to get in the driver’s seat.

“She seemed like a bitch,” he said, like the true not-gentleman he was. You burst out in laughter and glanced in the rearview mirror. Sarah was still standing on the sidewalk, furiously tapping on her phone.

“You do know that she’s gonna be tweeting and texting everyone she knows that I have a new man, right?”

“Good,” Jensen leaned over the center console and grinned. “It’s about time everyone knows how much I love you.”

You pressed forward for a kiss. “Get me home and you can show me just how much.”

“Sounds like a plan.” After another kiss, he put the car into gear and pulled away from the curb.

He reached over and tangled your fingers with his while the city lights flashed past the windows.

You’d done a lot of things wrong in your past, marrying Rick among them. But this? Being next to Jensen? This was right. You were leaving your past behind. You and Jensen would carve out a future that was perfect for the two of you. Things might get bad in this world, but you knew that you would always have a safe home with Jensen.

You didn’t know where you were going with your life, but you knew that you had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

And, judging by the ring box you’d discovered in one of Jensen’s drawers when you’d been looking for a pair of clean sweats to wear earlier in the week, your future included one hell of a guy.

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lauraluvesyou: Went to celebrate the illustrious career of the incomparable Craig Slaight at @actsanfrancisco. And Darren Criss remembered me (or at least pretended to)! And was as cool as ever!!! Half Filipinos unite 😂 #halffilipino #halfasian @darrencriss

urban_oceans: AHHHHH TONIGHT I GOT TO MEET, PERFORM AND TALK WITH DARREN CRISS AND IM SO BLESSED AND HAPPY🤗😍 it’s all for Mr. Craig Slaight the best director and mentor in the world !❤️🌟

An Angel’s Promise

Characters: CastielXReader

Word Count: 230

Summary: 1K Follower Celebration drabble request by @narisjournal-blog – prompts for fluff, pining/longing, and reunion inspired by TKG poem #9. Something short, sweet, hopeful, and wholly influenced by the SPN season 12 finale (I believe any relation to the finale is vague enough to not warrant a spoiler warning).

My eyes are the cloudless expanse of vivid blue sky stretching to the limits of the horizon. Tilt your gaze Heavenward if only for an instant to perceive the warmth of my sunlight reverence upon your flushed cheeks. Lose yourself in that endless sapphire sea as you are so often wont to do.

I am here with you.

Stay with me a while longer. Twine your fingers idly through the smooth lush grass, radiant with heat, Earth firm beneath your fingertips. Observe how I kiss the gathering clouds with a million fiery shades of golden hue. These are all the ways I love and miss you; this is the passion burning at my very core.

I am everywhere.

Rest with me now as the sky darkens to midnight, enveloping you safely within shadowy wings. Feel the gentle caress of the rolling breeze, goosebumps prickling your skin as you shiver in recognition of my tender touch.

I promised you forever, and forever doesn’t end.

Lay with me a moment or two more – close your eyes, and hear me. My voice is the deep rumbling thunder resounding eternal devotion across the hilltops. Listen carefully to my words.

This is only the beginning.

Once upon a time I flew.

Once upon a time I fell.

Once upon a time I failed.

And once upon a time I found my way back to you.

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