such a car song

yalls…i’m so ready for the return of musician!harry,,, as amazing as actor!harry has been ….i want some o that falling to his knees bc he’s so into his own song….slamming the roof of a car…..lalalalala™

Cole’s phone was connected to a car radio and the song he posted wasn’t the same from lili’s story but it was from the same album by Tyler The Creator. So yeah, i’m pretty sure he was driving the car.


in the long run … / memories wilt and get carried away by the wind / like dust and ashes and everything else / black and white album covers / sepia words / neon-color songs / the car stereo blasts every lyric perfectly / i get back to my house and scream / it’s daytime so i’m sure i’m not waking anybody up / long ruin / dense brick walls / hopeful graffiti / i’m still here

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1. Post the rules
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(under a read more bc I don’t want to clutter anyone’s dashboards)

1) favorite season? 
heck man im love winter tbh

2) would you befriend a train? 

3) favorite emoji? 

4) would you let ocean man take you by the hand and lead you to the land that only he understands? 
ocean man can lead me to wherever he wants

5) favorite color(s)? 
blue, red, purple, and any color that’s in eyestrain

6) favorite meme? 

7) man door hand hook car door?

8) current favorite song?
everlasting by toru itoga or unrest in the house of light + sons of fate by the protomen

9) favorite food?
mmmmm pasta

10) do you pronounce mega man as “megan hands” or “egg mam”?
megan hands

11) favorite animal?
chill penguin jk i like octopi

alrighty the questions i got for yall are:

1. pineapple on pizza?
2. would you let diego brando into your religious household?
3. conk or bepis?
4. favorite time of day?
5. would you smooch luigi?
6. least favorite color?
7. favorite gemstone?
8. would you accept robots as regular people in society?
9. long or short hair?
10. least favorite article of clothing?
11. biggest pet peeve?

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I didn’t really understand the initial rule bullshit so I’m not gonna bother with it

Name: Cole
Four letter word: colt
A “boy” name: Calvin
An occupation: contracter 
Something you wear: cloak 
A colour: #ccccff
A food: uh yeah cheese
A place: Correze
A movie title: corpse bride
Something you drink: Cabernet Sauvignon variety wine
Animal: cockatoo
Type of car: Cheetah G603
Song title: Cantarella

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