such a busy day at work

made my night

same person who submitted about being kept working bc my employers don’t have a replacement for me, even tho they’ve had two months to look; but this is a good story!!

so where i work, we’re open for lunch monday through saturday, and then for dinner wednesday through friday. because wednesday and thursday nights are so slow, only one of us works at a time while the other’s on call if it gets busy. i usually work wednesday night but traded with the manager for thursday (tonight’s thursday the 16th) so i could spend more time with my girlfriend while she was in town. 

it’s generally even slower when i work by myself, no matter what day it is, because i don’t have a car, and customers are used to seeing the boss and manager’s cars parked outside when we’re open, so if there’s no cars outside they assume we’re closed??? even if all FOUR signs say open and all the lights are on and i’m by the window rolling silverware and i literally meet their eyes as they drive by??? and then they’ll come in for lunch the next day asking why we weren’t open?????? which that’s another thing i could rant all night about but anyway. because customers are either too stupid to read the open signs or all the customers hate me and try to avoid the nights i work, sometimes i’ll literally have no one come in for dinner. if i don’t have anyone i’m supposed to let the manager know that no one’s been in and i’ll close early. tonight was one of those nights, where it reached 7pm and no one had come in. i started cleaning up and i was almost done when someone called. UURGH. he wanted to know if we were open. i’m like “yup, we’re open until 8 :)))” like really stressing that so if he wanted to come in and eat he’d come in before closing time.

he turns up about 10 minutes later with a friend and his son. i go through the motions, take their order, etc. i’m kind of zoning out (for lack of a better word) because i was tired, and kind of miffed that i wouldn’t get to go home early, and really miffed that i had to re-dirty the cleaning utensils i’d just washed… i was expecting these guys to keep me there all night like our regulars do, so i was getting to be in a bad mood, but i was still polite. but all while i’m making their food, i can hear the little boy (maybe 2? i’m really bad with guessing child ages, but he knew how to say a few works and could feed himself for the most part) laughing and gurgling which is adorable. i’m not maternal or anything but i love the happy giggly sounds kids make. when i got their food out, each time i set something down the little guy would go “oooooh!” like he was so freaking impressed with the salads and the chopped up hamburger patty i made for him. just…precious boy

the two adults ate really quickly and got a doggy bag for the rest of the kid’s burger. all together they probably spent 20 minutes in the restaurant. while the two guys were finishing their beer they gave the little boy a few fries to munch on, and he ended up dropping one. i swear i heard angels sing when the friend picked it up. i’m sure my other food service workers know just how bad parents are at picking up their children’s messes, but this guy picked up everything the kid dropped.

the dad had a salad and gave the packet of crackers to the son. while he was up paying the little boy was pointing at all of us with the crackers, trying to say “crackers” (it came out sounding like “gecko” aaah!!!!!!) and then suddenly stopped saying it. then he pointed at the friend, the friend said “crackers” and the little boy smiled. then he pointed at me with the crackers, i said “crackers” and he started laughing. he did that a few times and he acted like it was the best thing ever, and it was the cutest thing i’ve seen a kid do since i started working food service. omg and then once when he pointed at me i mimicked the way he was saying crackers (like “gecko”) and he looked so confused like i’m sorry little man i meant crackers

oh, and the dad tipped me 25%!!!! that NEVER happens!! we’re lucky if people tip 10%. most leave 5%

JB Imagine - Flirty

A/N - I hope the anon who requested this will enjoy~ Also this is the first time I’ve set out requested imagines like this with the full request included so let me know if you think this kind of layout works well or not!

idk if requests are still open but can i request a fluff scenario with Jaebum and the reader where like, they both have a crush on each other and he is constantly flirting and then he confesses and all that and then they kiss. (i don’t know what i’m typing i just really want more fanfictions of flirtass jaebum but it’s fluff akdjadlksaj

Today you were spending the day with the Got7 members while on their schedules. They didn’t have a particularly busy day and were just filming a bit for a new series they were doing so had been allowed to bring you along with them. You were very close with all of the members and considered them all to be very good friends but Jaebum would always seem to flirt with you. He’d often wink at you and make suggestive remarks. It was never anything that made you uncomfortable but it did always get your heart racing. You actually had a crush on him and so all this flirting would only get your hopes up. Despite his flirty nature, you were unsure whether he liked you as more than a friend or not. You were too shy and unsure to ask him outright so you just let the harmless flirting continue.

The boys were currently filming solo parts and Jaebum was the one on camera right now. As soon as he had finished and the director gave him the all-clear, he walked over to you.
“Hey, (Y/N). You looked like you were enjoying some of my scenes,” he said teasingly, giving you a small smirk.
“Maybe I was enjoying it. Why? Do you want me to fawn all over you?” You responded, batting your eyelashes at him. His smirk immediately fell and his cheeks blushed a light pink before he managed to compose himself.
“Well it means I’m doing my job well. If I can make you swoon then I’m sure the fans will too.”
“Oh, it’ll take more than that to make me swoon, Jaebum.”
“Really now? And how’s that? Do you need me to take off my shirt or something?”
“Hm might work, who knows.”

You were trying your best to sound nonchalant about it all when in reality you were struggling to keep calm inside. Jaebum raised one eyebrows at your last statement and without speaking grabbed your wrist and led you out of the studio.
“Where are you taking me?”
“Somewhere I’ll be able to make you swoon without anyone seeing.”
“What?” He didn’t add anything to calm your shock but instead just continued to lead you somewhere. He ended taking you to some old room that didn’t look like anyone had been in there for a while. As soon as you were in, Jaebum shut the door and pushed you against it. His lips were on yours with a force and passion that you felt like you had never experienced. You were almost seeing stars from how dizzy with happiness it made you feel. Kissing Jaebum was more than you could have ever imagined. When he broke away from the kiss, he rested his forehead on yours.
“I like you, (Y/N). If you couldn’t already tell.”
“I could tell. And that’s the best news I’ve heard all week. I like you too, Jaebum.” His smile was so wide that his eyes were like little crescent moons on his face. You brought a hand up to caress his smooth skin, watching how he reacted under your touch.
“You know, I think I’m the one who managed to make you swoon, not the other way around,” you giggled, teasing him still. Jaebum blushed and buried his face in your shoulder from embarrassment. The flirty Jaebum you were used to had completely disappeared and what was left was a man who was completely smitten and elated from his feelings and it was possibly the cutest thing you had ever seen.

The Good Parent - Part Three

Summary: After returning from your break at work, you were already faced with a longer shift than you were supposed to have. You happened to be the kindergartener of the son of Dean Winchester, a busy hunter, who mostly caused you this trouble.

Words: 1685

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Originally posted by retaliada

Warnings: blood mention, language

A/N: This is still a rewritten part. Including Part 7, everything will be rewritten forms of the old parts.


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Spirit Adoption Application

*please email this application to me at if you are interested in any of the spirits currently looking for homes. It may take anywhere from 5-15 business days before a final decision is made. If the spirit has chosen you, I will send you an email letting you know and we will discuss payment for the vessel and journal (I am open to payment plans for any vessels. The spirit and vessel will be reserved until you are able to pay off the entire listing, but I will only reserve for a maximum of 3 months. I will have the vessel and journal shipped the business day after your final payment). I DO NOT allow “collectors” to adopt spirits. I want these spirits to find meaningful homes, not to be treated as objects with no feelings/emotions. Please fill out the application to the best of your ability, the more information I have, the easier it is to make a decision. If you feel uncomfortable with any of these questions, send me a quick message on here and we will work something out.

Basic Information

Your Legal name (this is necessary if you are paying through Paypal, so I know it is you who has paid, and not someone trying to claim someone else’s):

Your name you would like to be addressed by (what you would like me to call you when messaging/emailing, etc. Be sure to include your pronouns!):

How you would like your package addressed (in case you go by a different name than those in your home know):

Are you located in the U.S.? (Due to extreme shipping costs, I currently ship only to U.S and Canada):

Would you like discreet packaging?

Your birthday (some spirits are not available to those under the age of 18):

A brief description of your personality (interests/hobbies, how you act around others, etc):

Any disabilities or mental illnesses? (Not necessary to answer, I just want to be sure that you aren’t paired with a spirit who may unintentionally trigger you/aggravate any disability you may have):

Spiritual Information

Your go-to means of communication with spirits? (i.e. pendulums, tarot, ouija, astral projection, etc.):

Spiritual practices/occult experience? (Not necessary to answer, just helps pair better!):

Religious beliefs/practices? Are you oath bound/devoted? (Not necessary to answer, just to be sure that you won’t be causing any conflict with deities/other spirits):

Ethics and Morals

Do you have a set of house rules? If so, what are they?:

How do you handle conflict between spirits? Between yourself and the spirit?:

Are there any issues/conflicts you may foresee in the near future? How do you intend to handle them?:

Spirit Companionship Information

How long have you been a spirit worker? A spirit companion?:

If you have other companions, what species are they? (There are many species who do not get along whatsoever, and I would like to make sure that each is in a safe home):

Do you astral travel/project? (this is not necessary, some spirits prefer companions who are able):

What draws you to this spirit? Why do you believe you would be the right companion?:

If the spirit found a home other than yours, how would you feel?:

What are you goals/intentions from working with this spirit?:

How do you intend to help the spirit in return?:

*note: I would prefer if applications were done through Word, or a program similar and then attached to an email, but it is not necessary if you are unable. 

Positive little things right now

I have found a new look that I’ve been rocking the past couple days, baseball hats! I usually see my hair as a big accessory of my look but with it cut so short, I’ve been really digging how I look with baseball caps on 😎

I am in the best shape of my life, overall. I may not be as fast as I was but my arms are a lot more tone, my abs are the hardest they’ve been, and I feel strong aerobically again.

I am not cracking under the pressure of life. I usually feel swamped with school, work, and everything else. For some reason, being busy 90% of my day feels fine and natural right now. I’m handling the load I usually couldn’t.

I am learning to love myself again.

I am becoming more social. Talking to people at times where I would usually keep to myself, making new friends, and putting myself out there.

I am trying new things. I tried out to be a damn model. I overcame my fear and actually talked to companies at a career fair. I’m hanging with people I usually wouldn’t.

I’m the captain of the running club team and have become A LOT more social within the club. A year ago I quit the team because I couldn’t make friends. Now I’m near the center of the social circle.

I am comfortable with my feelings. I know that I feel sad at times and I am strong enough to admit it. I am learning myself and finding myself with every set back.

It’s been 60 degrees out and I’ve been running outside, shirtless and in short shorts, IN FEBRUARY!

I’m becoming less scared to fail. I am working harder so failure is less common.

Spring break is in a week! I’ll be flying for the first time and getting my first stamp in my passport. And I’ll get to do it with my best friends.

I am still confident about my future with my career and know that I will find that right internship eventually.

anonymous asked:

how did you meet your husband?

Oh hi Anon! I met Mr Blake on my v first day of law school (spoiler, I later dropped out) when I went in to work out at the health club the school had brokered some sort of arrangement with. They told me I needed a fitness assessment in order to work out there and I was like no, I’m extremely Busy and Important, I do not require any sort of assessment from you (spoiler, the assessment went something like “rate your fitness level from 1-10” “5?” “I’d err lower”) but they insisted. And then I realized the man assigned to me was deeply attractive and my heart promptly plummeted to the depths of my uterus and arose, shining, thrust to the far reaches of insanity as I threatened to kill him within the first five minutes of our meeting and then proceeded to v nearly die myself. 

He asked me out the next day because idk he has absolutely no concern for his safety I guess

anonymous asked:

Melly- it was so obviously rigged. I know from Sony's perspective it makes sense to go with an active project rather than one that has ended and I am not naive- I know that this is how awards shows work, although the Brits have not been so blatant in the past. What irks me is that 1) he was obviously told the day before which is unnecessary and 2) his "fans" are too busy talking about a pregnant woman and not on this. Rant over.


Well and also to add to your point, the Brits is a tv show first and foremost, and a lot of what dictates who wins is who’s actually going to be there. I know there are folks in my inbox who feel Zayn’s loss was racism, and I understand where they are coming from, and its absolutely true that Zayn has faced racism and Islamophobia throughout his career, but (and please don’t throw tomatoes at me you guys), I don’t feel racism was a factor in his loss last night, though. There were other POCs that won awards. I think Zayn’s loss for British Single was rigged, but it was rigged in favor of, as you said, an active project and for artists that were in attendance to accept the award. Is it super fucky and unfair? 187%.

Speaking of a pregnant woman, in a very gross tip of the hat evildoer kind of way, you have to give it to her - Pregnant Cheryl™’s grand maternity photoshoot news was timed perfectly with Liam’s award acceptance. That’s a professional stunt queen at work. 

If you’ve been accused of committing a victimless “crime” in my county and are scheduled for trial the week of March 24, I’ve got good news for you. A mumu-wearing bureaucrat has commanded me to appear before him and work as a juror for the slave wage of $7 a day. So to avoid being thrown in a cage myself, I will be appearing with the intent to give a “not guilty” verdict to any person accused of a crime where the victim is not clearly apparent. This will include, but may not be limited to drug users, drug possessors, prostitutes, tax avoiders, people operating a business without government permits or licenses, and sodomists. “Society” is not a valid victim.

Juries are the last line of defense against a tyrannical government.

Mental health Day

I’ve been so super stressed about so much lately that it’s really getting to me (pretty much had a panic attack last week) so I decided to take a bit of a mental health day from work… couldn’t take the whole day off cos we’re really busy but I’ve taken a half day!

So I’ve done some cooking, did my nails, watched some tv and now I’m going to get out in the fresh (stormy) air and go for a a walk.

Starting to realize how important it is to take some time to focus on calming your mind and trying not to let the stress build up so much that it takes control of me.


Happy birthday to my 2 year old. Had a crazy busy day at work, but got to come home and celebrate with these two! I did have a piece of cake and it was not as good as I remember. Wayyyyyyy to much frosting. Give me pineapple instead any day. Now a 4 day weekend for me! Doing some cleaning and running tomorrow, winery tour friday and maybe the renissance festival this weekend depending on Js mood. Running in the morning is my favorite so I am ready for that tomorrow morning.

lbarrett17  asked:

Hello! Would you mind telling me about your day? Are you making sure you eat and you are not over working yourself?

Today was busy and somewhat stressful, but overall pretty good! And yes, I ate the foods with my mouth and it was glorious!

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I know the requests or closed ;-; but I was wondering if I could request a smut imagine where DaddyDom! Bucky has been busy working on papers all day and the reader is really horny and bothers Bucky to pause his work and help her but instead Bucky tells reader to just ride his thigh.

THIS IS MY ULTIMATE FANTASY!! Like you have no idea!! *squeals like a schoolgirl* I’M SO DOWN FOR THIS!! 

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Can you please just get it together and update already? I'm so sick of waiting for another chapter. Business and Pleasure is pretty good but I hate waiting so long for new chapters. Like why would you even write if you're not going to post regularly?? You're just wasting all our time and disappointing everyone.

I’m honestly sorry you feel that way, and that I’m disappointing “everyone” apparently. I’m doing my best. I’m currently juggling being a full time student, being a teaching assistant, working at the gallery, interning, and curating an exhibition. I’ve got a lot going on, and I really do try my best to update once a week, which I don’t think is unreasonable. 

I mean….I’m sure you watch TV, and you have to wait a week between episodes, so….

one of my favorite “cannot tell if great intentional character development choice or personality projection on my part” things is leslie knope’s Symbolic Clothing.

in the s2 blind date episode: ”i’ll wear a red rose, no, a giant red hat, no, what should i wear? it’s gotta be red.”

when she talks to ben in the smallest park:

and then she wears the same coat on their first valentine’s day:

and like–the whole thing in s1 where she gets a man’s haircut and doesn’t notice because no, it’s a “political haircut.” and her business pantsuit with the “team aniston” patch on it. 

idk like i hardcore relate to the “appearance as personal narrative control rather than public perception” thing and could totally see it being intentionally written in. but also the last thing on earth i should be doing right now is watching parks and rec at work in order to screencap more leslie knope outfits so who knows.

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You okay buddy? You seem a bit... off. I hope you're doing alright! Have a good day!(or night)

I don’t really know anymore… I’m just trying to decide what to do with this blog, and in the process of it I’ve been getting rid of all my drafts (reason for 6 posts a day). I’m kind of busy with work and just felt kind of shitty lately. I hope you’re having a good day/night, anon. Thank you for asking. (Hope all of my followers are doing well too.)

I want to give you guys the next 500 words of A Little Less Sixteen Candles because they are so full of feels, but I know I should really save them, but then you guys deserve it, but then you don’t really cause it ripped my heart out writing them. But for the next couple of days now I’m going to be busy with life, work and university so I might not have chance to post anything until Sunday night, possibly Monday night.

I don’t know would guys be happy with a quick 500 word teaser of the next chapter? Or do you want to wait for the whole thing?

[TRANS] 170222 Twitter Update

Everyone!! Hellohihi hehe. Nice to see you. The weather suddenly became colder, but you haven’t caught a cold, right? You can’t be sick!! Haha, our fans, who have been busy thinking about us all day, your worked hard!! Good night!! Y^^Y (The heart emoticon SuA unnie taught me.) 

Trans.: 7-dreamers
Do not take without credit

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Hi there!!! Hope you have an amazing day! Do you happen to have a tag for all your writing? Or do you post everything on AO3? Or is there any way we clould see everything you write?! Also, will you write more on the "turning back into a child-Deku" fic? I really love your works! Thank you!!!!!! You're amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

oop yeah! It’s my Sunday so I’ve been kind of lazy. Though I need to do yard work while it’s warm and get my car’s oil changed. But not too bad :) 

I have an ao3 account and a fanfiction account under the same username “swiftwidget.” 

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At the moment, I am mostly consumed by the “I Am…” series with Canvas, Catalyst, Control, *cough* and the planned sequel and epilogue (if it works out as planned) *cough* but I do plan on going back and finishing my other works. It just takes time. OTL I’m writing these with aoimikans on top of working a full time job and taking care of my house and dog. And aoimikans has a job as well so our schedules don’t always line up. :p 

Originally posted by dawnvolta

So far the “I Am…” series is legitimately longer than some full sized novels at this point (longer than at least Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone!!) which is super exciting but it’s a lot of writing OTL Plus the last chapter of Control was more difficult to write for some reason and ended up being almost 10k words by itself. And we’ve been writing almost nonstop since like last October? So we’re actually taking a short mental break because our stamina is a bit…

Originally posted by kaeveeoh

Yeah… :p 

But no worries! We do have it planned out and want to complete the series! It just takes time and effort, but we’ll get there!

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The same goes for my other works like Shoes and such. Planned out, just sort of in hiatus until we finish the current series.

Kind of a long answer but ah well xD 

Thanks for your kind words! <3 <3 <3 <3 I hope you have a lovely day as well! 

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Why is my parent’s generation so rude? “Call the computer place now” “they close in ten minutes” “Call them now” “No that is rude they want to go home” “If they pick up the phone they want the business” “That’s not how this works” “Just call them now” “No it is rude” “They are laid back there it will be fine” “Okay. Fine”


“Sorry we are closed for the day, we will call you tomorrow.”