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Do your movie interest span into Kaiju territory or are you usually interested in horror and yōkai ?

Definitely! I’m a big kaiju fan. My favourites probably being Daimajin, Mothra and Gamera 2.

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RWBY V4 Finale Chart

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I’mma take a bow real quick.

It’s been fun. This volume we got a few good jokes in, didn’t we? Did you have a favourite? Personally I’m fucking blown away at how big Rensexual has become. I can’t wait to see what V5 will bring us. Thanks for being an amazing community once again. I never imagined my content basically becoming one of the largest parts of the RWBY community.

…and now I get to take a long fucking rest until October. 




(for anyone that’s curious, yes, that’s me in the first pic 🌱)
↳ my name is sarah
↳ 15 y/o
↳ pansexual as heck !!
↳ a very stereotypical pisces (crybaby daydreamer clumsy gal? that’s me!!)
↳ i’ve officially been in the fanders army for almost 2 years (though i’ve been watching his vines since the beginning of 2014, thanks to keegan allen!!)
↳ i love to sketch (note: i’m Not good at it)
↳ thomas is my favourite because he’s like a big ol fluffy teddy bear that won’t judge you or anything you tell him & i think that’s wonderful

@thatsthat24 💕

A/N: I wished Coeurl mount was a companion as well! is one of my favourite mounts so far. 

So, here you have two big cats…errr, yup!
Zah’s parents own coeurls that used to move around and for their own protection, spent half of his childhood among them, can be the reason why I made Zah so fascinated to these creatures.
Eventually will draw more Zah and coeurls, they are super fun to draw♥

Six years together, four years married.

I woke up this morning to a beautiful big bunch of my favourite flowers. I am so incredibly lucky to be married to this wonderful man … even if he broke our agreement to not worry about gifts this year because money is tight LOL

I love you more than Mass Effect: Andromeda <3

you’re in your new apartment, comfortably cuddled in your extra big fuzzy blanket. your favourite, calming song is playing while you look out of the window, down on the city lights. next to you lies a great book eith a beautiful cover you’ve bought yesterday, together with a cute bookmark you’ve ordered online, and a cup of some hot beverage. you’ve been productive today, your assignments are challenging yet fun. tomorrow you’ll meet with some friends of yours at a little café you’ve just discovered. you doze off with a smile on your lips.