such a beauty



“The live-action movies’ expert use of CGI make them seem magical, in a way that reminds me of why I enjoy the original movies so much, and are an advantage to seeing these movies brought to life this way. Like Cinderella’s transformation scene, or the opening to The Jungle Book, or the ballroom dance scene in Beauty and the Beast. Sometimes they’re effective enough for me to ignore some of the issues I have with the movies in that moment.”


Guess who was wrong




(ok, here’s a modern!au featuring gafou slighty inspired by a Friends episode, sorry it’s dumb and long :’> uhm, if you’re wondering, Gaston’s the transfer student or something, that’s why LeFou is not really confident around him…yet. Anyway, I know that I’ve still got some suggestions to draw, but I really want to focus on more modern!au stuff </3 summer setting. I hope you don’t mind and thank you for your patience!)