such a beautiful cinematography i could cry

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I was looking through your blog (that totally didn't sound creepy ^^;) and I just can't stop looking at the photos of the 2016 Kenneth Branaugh production of Romeo and Juliet on the balcony and Romeo's death just before Juliet awoke. As a Shakespeare nerd with a photographic eye, I can't get over how perfect the juxtaposition is ❤❤❤❤❤

Nope, it’s not creepy! It makes me so happy that you looked through my blog. Thank you!

The fact that the death scene echoed the balcony scene is indeed such a sad and beautiful contrast (and that’s, like, my favorite combination). Here are the pictures for those who have not seen them!

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Source (x).

I loved the cinematography and the whole feeling of Branagh’s production: Friar Lawrence’s and Peter’s singing, the falling of curtains after Juliet drank her potion, the slow motion of her funeral (and its juxtaposition with the moment when Romeo looked up at the sky and yelled, ‘then I defy you, stars!’). Besides, I thought the black and white filter contributed greatly to the distress of the tragedy.

I especially loved the prologue. You could discern all the characters of the play crying in anguish, all wearing black. Then, when the chorus mentioned the ‘pair of star-crossed lovers’, Romeo and Juliet came on stage wearing white. Visually it was very impressive, and I found the whole production to be very aesthetically pleasing (the music was also fascinating and heartbreaking). Add this to the wonderful acting and reading of the play, and you have a marvelous production! Lily James and Richard Madden are now my favorite Juliet and Romeo after Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting. I talked about the production more exhaustively here.

For the love of God, please go see Wonder Woman. Immediately.

I have literally no criticisms of it whatsoever. It was basically flawless. It’s a fantastic film that pretty much destroys the patriarchy in 2 hours.

I honestly was in tears not because of something sad or emotional, but because of how insanely gorgeous the battle sequences were. This is a woman fighting men- and only men- with usually nothing but her shield and her lasso, yet completely kicking their asses. That mixed with the beautiful score and the fucking fantastic cinematography actually made me cry like a baby.

I’m so happy that we finally have a female superhero movie directed by a women. It was everything I could have ever hoped for and more. And tbh, it’s now my favourite superhero movie. So I don’t care if you dislike the DCEU or if you’re the world’s biggest Marvel Stan- please, please, PLEASE do yourself a favour and go see this movie. Right now.


“사랑의 온도/Temperature of Love” (SBS) - teaser 2

I’M SCREAMING!!!! IT LOOKS AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL!!!! Right off the bat, the cinematography and the coloring reminded me of Oh My Ghost and Tomorrow With You!! It has such a subtle vibrant quality to it and it just screams ‘understated romance’ without all the unnecessary melodrama. I feel like this one’s gonna be authentic as it could get, judging by the premise and the atmosphere. I felt like I was watching a teaser for a film, it’s that high quality! The main characters already look so sweet and angsty I’m ready to cry over them!!! Yang Se Jong and Seo Hyun Jin are so beautiful my heart is so soft, I need to watch this drama now!!!