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What's your type? What do you look for in a girl or relationship in general?

I was just asked this earlier lol. Physically I don’t really have a type although I notice I do fall towards the girls who don’t focus so much on their looks, they are fully aware of their beauty and aren’t into constantly trying to shape it. My “type” goes a little deeper, rather than looks. Someone who enjoys humor, who isn’t serious all of the time and who is able to laugh and make me laugh. Personality.. I’d prefer them to be more extremely down to earth. Someone who doesn’t care at all about what anyone thinks of them I think I’m just really into someone whose confident but humble. And enjoys who they are as a person because to me that shows me that I’m not there to constantly feed their ego, I’m not there to make them feel better about who they are they can do that themselves, and me doing so is only a plus. Someone whose kind, to everyone. I don’t like jealousy. Huge huge turn off, so if they’re a social butterfly that’s even more of a plus for me, because I certainly am but if they aren’t it’s okay just don’t shelter me and change that about me. Someone whose ambitious, in whatever it is. As long as it’s good for them and brings them happiness. Just someone with good character and who brings good into my life like I’d love to bring into hers. I literally picture a butterfly when I think of the girl I want to be with. Like something rare and hard to find and catch, because she’s so free and so beautiful all on its own. That when you do see it, you can’t help but to stop and take a glimpse at it and feel lucky enough that YOU today got to see a butterfly. And once again, it’s not so much about the physical beauty. It’s the feeling they bring to others. Someone graceful. And believe me this may be asking for a lot, and going for looks may be much simpler. There’s beautiful faces everywhere. But I won’t conform into society’s way of making me think this girl I want, is impossible to find. That I’m asking for too much. Asking for an angel isn’t asking for much at all, in fact it’ll only bring good. It may take awhile but while waiting for her life to collide into mine, I’m steadily working on myself so I can be the angel she’s looking for as well. So I can completely be ready for her and to hold her with soft hands that know nothing other than to take care of her. You know, since she’s a butterfly you need to be extra tender for something so breathtaking 🙃

official ranking of every turtle emoji on emojipedia

a beautiful friend. a wonderful smile. i will protect this perfect tortoise with my life. thank you.

just a cool and good turtle, going about its business. keep doing you, turtle.

simple, minimalistic, well executed. a solid turt.

a unique perspective on the humble turtle. it takes guts to break the mould like this. bravest turtle on the list.

a cool stylistic approach, but kinda lacking in personality.

the shading is really badly done, but the fundamentals are quite solid. an adequate turtle.

this is just the twitter one but less friend looking.

“turtles… they’re sort of weird and blobby, right?” - apple emoji designer, 2016

the style is very good. extremely well rendered. but unfortunately, this turt’s fuck ugly. look at its face. this turt is no friend of mine.

fisher price.

utterly disgusting.

Poems for the signs

there’s a fire inside of you
why is it never true
when you say “leave me alone”
and all you want is love
to be shown

time is running out
you’re having your doubt
if life’s really worth living
because it’s just you
who’s constantly giving

talking can be beautiful
it can be truthful, but also neutral
you’re stick between
the two of them
trying not to make a scene

if you’ve ever been hurt
remove that person just like dirt
you don’t need to be close
with the someone who
gives you all the “no’s”

oh you crave attention
but there’s another way to mention
try to be humble and kind
for there are always people
who do mind

yes, you are perfect
but what if there’s a defect
with the one you love
and care about
are they enough?

you may be adaptable
but are you even capable
of the amount of criticism
you might get
because of your decision?

when people say you’re intense
it’s just their normal sense
of detaching themselves
from things
that might give them wings

the world is free for those
who want to overdose
the feeling of being high
not high of drugs
but high of the blue sky

if you keep working hard
you will get the card
for a lot of money
but is that what you want?
don’t you wanna be funny?

freedom is what you search
you’ll be left in the lurch
if you won’t settle down
why don’t you call it home?
being in your favorite town

stop caring for others
it’s not only lovers
if you wanna help the world
then take care of you
until you are unfurled

*these poems are made by myself, if you don’t like them or don’t agree with them, please do not reblog with hate*

Happy Birthday Rihanna!!

Some of you already know, but Rih was actually the first celebrity to show my work love! She saw my sketches on Twitter back in 2010 & i’ll always remember the feeling when she followed me & dm’d me… “Yo dude! I’ve been seeing some of ur designs! Ur sick wit it!” ❤ Many ongoing & surreal convos later…next thing, she had my work as her Twitter profile picture, and in 2011, she invited me to one of her LDN Loud tour dates where we finally got to meet each other. She even told me to bring my work. Her loving embrace was like we had known each other for years! She is truly a beautiful, humble & genuine soul! This is a long ass caption, but I wanted to share what a cool person she is. I’ll always be grateful for her support & can’t wait for us to collaborate one day! Keep continuing to kill it & enjoy your Birthday Rihanna, you deserve all the blessings ❤❤❤

Note To Self:

No matter how bitter you feel, how upset you are and how cheated you feel always stay humble.
Remain at peace with yourself and remember things happen for a reason.
Something greater and more beautiful always replaces something that has gone.
You are great. Your worth is infinite.
Above all, remember a broken heart can heal if you nurture and allow it to.
Loving someone again can happen if only you open yourself up to it.
Please do.

  • Rapmon Stans: He's so smart and thoughtful and handsome, what a good leader! Protect him.
  • Jin Stans: He's so handsome and funny and talented and silly and relentlessly hardworking! Protect him.
  • Yoongi Stans: He works so hard for BTS and loves them so much, even if he's all tsundere about it. Protect him.
  • Hoseok Stans: He's always smiling and working to make everyone else smile too! He's incredibly talented and humble. Protect him.
  • Jimin Stans: Our angel!! He's the kindest, gentlest person in the world and God help anyone who tells him he isn't as beautiful and talented as he is! Protect him.
  • Taehyung Stans: He's so cute and smart and genuine and full of pure wonder at life. Protect him.
  • Jungkook Stans: Look at this fucking asshole. Goddamn rude-ass muscle-pig toddler brat. Literally just launch him into the sun.

namjoon is such a warm and inviting person who’s always willing to listen and learn from others and who is always so humble and grateful for everything that happens to him and he never boast or brags he’s always just pleased that he’s getting to make music and share it with people and he’s so selfless and always considering the other person’s feelings. he’s always just chewing on a thought and putting things into perspective and WONDERING about the world like he’s so mesmerized by everything around him and he can find beauty in even the smallest things and i think that says a lot about how wonderful his heart is. i love namjoon so much and i hope he’s happy right now and that he’s had some time to look at the sky and that he’s smiled today and that he’s seen someone else smile because of him.

role reversal au where yuuri is the shy coach who has a lot of anxiety and victor is the charming, devoted skater that can skate beautifully but not that well. yuuri has won all of his competitions with his elegant, precise skating style and doesn’t show much emotion besides worry and nervousness. victor has millions of fans that would marry him in a second. viktor admires yuuri for how he wins his performances but is so humble about it, and is extremely attracted to his subtle beauty and his lovely and delicate personality. victor skates to one of yuuri’s routines for the sake of trying to get him to see it, and it works. yuuri debates for a whole day until he finally decides to fly to see victor and try to get to know him. he just had felt such a pull to the younger skater with his beauty and complicated, angelic beauty.

Joe Biden’s reaction to receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom is so fucking beautifully humble wow. It’s really powerful honestly watching him try to hold it together and have to turn away because you can tell that he is not thinking about how this makes him “look” and he doesn’t care about being a star or being well known, or anything selfish whatsoever. He is having some sort of internal spiritual moment where he has tried to be the best that he could, he tried to be good, and now he is given this high honor from his good friend, and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him, I imagine this was a moment between him, Obama, and whatever or whoever spiritual he feels a connection to. Fucking beautiful. Those are the kind of people I want in charge of my country, the humble that do what’s best not for awards, not for fame or glory, but because it’s right. Damn. Thank you for your service as well, Biden.

So, a friend asked me today what I loved about Jared Padalecki and I started tearing up just thinking about it. ( he makes me emotional ok, I can’t help it)

Anyway, when I finally swallowed against the lump in my throat and was able to find my voice, I gave my best attempt to convey all the reasons why he means so much to me…

It’s his heart, his intelligence, how humble he remains despite his celebrity status. I love how much he cares about people and is so accepting of others.

I love that even when hate is directed at him, he tries to understand the person and why they might feel the way they do. He’s a gentle giant who wears his heart on his sleeve. A man who gives so much of himself and never asks for anything in return.

He’s beautiful, both inside and out. He stands up for himself and values his self worth, refusing to allow anyone to walk all over him or treat his fans with disrespect. He has a voice and isn’t afraid to use it. He adores his fans and continually makes time for us. He is ridiculously talented.

But mostly because he’s an inspiration to so many people, a man who believes that anything is possible if you have enough faith and encourages you to #AlwaysKeepFighting. He’s a humanitarian, a fighter and lover of truth who’s height is only surpassed by the size of his heart….


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I hate that lately it’s become trendy for people to be SO confident to the level where they’re arrogant, cocky, and full of themselves. What happened to humility and self-awareness?Of course you should know your worth and value; but what’s more beautiful than someone who is aware of their faults and flaws, and always working on becoming a better person.

How can people hate this little lamb? He’s the most talented, hardworking, soft, humble, amazing, handsome, beautiful and ethereal person I have ever seen and its a shame haters can’t see those facts. Whoever throw that bottle at Yixing doesn’t deserve respect not even love from another human being and to be honest, nobody deserves that treatment. I hope that “fan” gets back what she did.


When you ask young girls what it means to have good character and be good people in relation to the issue of beauty they overwhelmingly say that it’s important to be “humble” and “not think you’re better than someone else” because of your beauty. While being humble is a great attribute, boys do not have this idea of humility hammered into them like girls do. Boys never say that’s it’s important to be humble about your appearance…they’ve never been taught that they should be. It’s only girls that are taught to conflate confidence and a high self esteem with an ugly character trait and a sense of superiority. It’s only girls that are taught that being confident is unattractive and makes you a bad person. And that carries forward into all aspects of their lives.

why is jack such a good person?? he is so kind and beautiful and pure and good and soft. his motivation for his career is just to make someone smile. he calls it “our channel” and hes just “the guy making videos” like,, who has that mentality? who has 14 million subscribers and manages to still have that mentality?? i admire that man so much to be so humble and just want to help people. he pours so much time and energy into us and im just so glad to say that i look up to him

Van life love overload tonight. I cannot wait for warmer weather so I can dust off my beautiful van and run away to paradise.

Spending days in the redwoods this summer was magical and humbling and I miss the feeling of ancient giants living next to me.

Life has a way of happening as it should. I’ve turned in my most important grad school application and will turn in a couple more within the next week or so. Grad school is plan A for my future.

But if that doesn’t happen, everything will work out as it should and I’ll have a different adventure. Maybe I’ll get lost in the woods and learn things I didn’t know I didn’t know.

Seungkwan is beautiful just the way he is. The fact that he’s felt enough pressure to lose 7kg is sickening.

Soonyoung is such a hard yet humble worker and his choreography is pure genius.

All of the performance unit have poured in so much effort to make Seventeen’s dances as great as they are.

Wonwoo can speak in whatever he damn wants.

Vernon and Seokmin deserve the gifts that fans have put in time and money to get for them.

I don’t know if all the claims made are legitimate, but Seventeen are gorgeous individuals, inside and out. Their mistreatment and the deliberate overlooking of their rights really infuriates me and I hope the fandom can get some answers out of Pledis without risking Seventeen’s success.

I forgot to share this yesterday but as I was trying out some formal dresses in a boutique with my mom for my work’s spring gala, a couple of strangers told be that I looked beautiful ;-;. A woman who was shopping in the same store came up to me in the dressing room, took my hand and handed me a card. It was a 50$ off voucher and then told me afterwards to buy the dress. I was so shocked and humbled by everything…this never happened to me before and I felt really happy with how I looked.

What happened yesterday was pretty much something I want to remember for a very long time. Wah, it feels good to share.