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How I see kpop groups and their traits

Exo: referred to as gods by the future generation; they could release an album full of high pitched screaming and still would make the best selling kpop album; china line who?; we are 1 what?; korean members with chinese stage names; don’t let the satan near you; yehet, kkaebsong; give Sehun lines

Bts: from nowhere to everywhere; hyperactive kids making good music; kids with mental health issues doing vanalism; they look at you - you faint;  shit down, beach - bitch?, ikskjuz miii; zoo; give Jin lines

Ikon: B.I, Bobby and friends; favoritism by yg; “the next bigbang”, but yg seems to forget about them so does the crowd; being hyped up then ending up disappointed; capable of doing good music but refuses to; give chanwoo lines

Got7: no mvs in the future just videos of them dabbing; b side tracks always better than the titles; acrobatics until their neck breaks; not so creative fandom name; bamx2 is big; jaCSon, hard carry by Monsta x

Winner: searching for them - error404: nowhere to be found; somewhere in the yg building; Taehyun had enough shit, wants his own band, searching for members through tumblr; capable of being unique, yg aint letting them; let them break out   

Day6: now 5live, nope, day8, members: sungjin, wonpil, dowoon, youngk, jae, chicken little, brian, younghyun; the one who has a stage name but seems like everyone is forgetting about it; dancing king; hashtag king; let dowoon sing

Astro: too much sugar in my eyes i can’t see; too pure for you; won’t ever do other than cute concepts;  michael jackson; giant maknae; voice cracks for life; new generation of flower boys

Seventeen: too many; pledis has a thing for girly boys; pledis’ only income; leg breaking choreos; adore u remakes as title tracks; no dark concepts in the future; sebeuntin; carrots, mounteen; slipping here and there; dino nugu aegi; thughao, 10:10; divaboo; noone looks like suga; jeongcheol, meanie; give china line lines

Vixx: concept kings but kinda ran out of concepts; oldschool kpop feel; from vixx ravi to solo ravi - full upgrade; one of the prettiest fandom names; endless leader bullying; serial killer; let the maknae line sing

Shinee: going strong since 2008; people seem to pay less attention to them; taemin upgraded; weird fashion taste - key; cola cola; don’t sleep on them

Infinite: dope intros - give you chills; old kpop sound, unique sound; scorpion dance, live singing + synchronized choreos; dinosaur who’s laugh can be heard without a mic; endless leader and maknae bullying; saved woollim; give sungyeol and sungjong lines

Monsta x: future strippers; stuck between hiphop and sexy concepts; wtf is going on here mvs, gay mvs; cringiest fandom name; weird noises by the rapper; damn daniel; how to learn hungarian by changkyun; abs, memes; ten years later: waiting for their first win; mosta x, moista x, monster x;  give hyungwon lines; 

Bigbang: legends; noone can dance, too lazy to dance; fashionistas; min hyorin; yg = bigbang

B.a.p: started to rise - shit happened - nobody cares about them anymore; getting killed or killing others in mvs; unappreciated dancers and rappers; high notes for life; actual meaningful lyrics

Block b: zico and the boys; biggest weirdos of them all; no friendship just business; give jaehyo lines

Nct: taeyong and the boys; pouring salt at the wounds; mess of a noise music; rotating as much that i can already see the tornado; dozens of units; horrible fashion; unnecessary ps; damn hoverboard skills; great vocals being hidden; johnny somehow managed to get out; let hansol free; give lines to everyone

Pentagon: putting them through an unnecessary scripted survival show to make people foget about some disbanded groups (4minute); sm and yg let some gems slip out from their hands, at least they are not in the dungeon; giants and dwarfs; ugly crying; lame jokes; ultrasound screams; nudity; wooyu; yutoda; give shinwon lines

Btob: being forgotten by cube; weird, extra; slowly turning into a ballad group; is minhyuk a rapper?; give peniel lines

Beast: what is happening with u cube? shit happened; new name - bea5t?;  lost their spirit after shit happned; great lives 

Suju: waiting for ot15; shit still happening; growing out of kpop; concepts don’t match their age; still waiting for kibum; don’t forget about zhoumi & henry; diaries of a married man; being succesful in the military

Nu’est: best debut song ever; had the most potential as a rookie group; pledis messed up; now they’re popular anywhere besides korea; getting worse and worse title songs; aesthetic mvs; creative fandom name; again pledis has a thing for girly boys

Ft Island: hongki and the others; awesome dope music (let’s not count puppy here); people don’t appreciate quality music anymore; this gem is lost in the ocean of cute, badass & hiphop concepts; pretty fandom name

Cnblue: another gem; better japanese releases; boring new songs because they have to fit into the kpop standard; yonghwa’s unique teeth; visuals; let the others sing

SF9: another group coming from a survival show; covering their seniors’ songs so they can’t even recognize them; thumbs up for the K.O choreography; don’t go with them to amusement parks; deep af voice maknae; park jimin 2.0; hwiyoung got them lines in roar

KNK: a bunch of idiots - literally; tall af; models af; old school kpop feels; if you hear someone laugh hysterically from afar it’s probably them; falling dramatically to the floor while doing so; choking sounds; don’t let them feed you; horlolololo; astro x knk; bullying sanha

2PM: definition of men; hella hot bodies; starting to be unknown; when was their latest first win?; manly concepts; awesome vocals; the rap is still meh; go crazy is a jam y’all; great actors

U-Kiss: so many member changes; lit songs, but not getting appreciation; don’t complain about your faves not getting 1st place like 2 months after debut - it took for them years; the first kpop fathers; they need a comeback soon

B1A4: great vocals again; don’t let them being forgotten; cnu just rocks the short hair admit it; baby i’m sorry is one of the best kpop songs; but great ballads as well

Teen top: they need to go back to their previous style; cap rocking them tattoos; hilariously funny group - watch their weekly idol; promoting as five now - anticipate their comeback

Wanna One: what even is this name; salty af that Jonghyun and Samuel are NOT in the 11; Never is still my jam; i’m not lookung forward for cute concepts; god 10 year age gap between the oldest and youngest member; still salty some trainess weren’t even in top 20 *cough* hwanwoong *cough* taehyun *cough* gunhee* *cough*; some great inventors (round clap, jeojang, etc.) and psychos and a lot more.

Everyone please note that i dont mean to offend neither the groups neither the fans. its just for fun and me being 100% sarcastic by these statements. i love and respect these groups with all my heart!
sorry, its a bit long.

bro…can we talk about how similar peter parker and percy jackson are??? like, honestly:

-both accidentally blew up a national monument
-both are surviving (mostly) on luck
-both are devastatingly loyal to their friends/family
-the pUNS
-the hUMOR
-both are literal living breathing forms of the ‘i-came-out-to-have-a-good-time-and-am-honestly-feeling-so-attacked-rn’ meme
-both can speak a different language fluently
-both live in nyc
-their dads are distant dudes but really do care for them and want to just see them reach their full potential (tony stark is peter’s unofficial dad fIGHT ME)
-can kickass and are badass
-both have a best friend who seems dorky in physicality but is actually the best
-both are school delinquents
-both have a single, motherly-figure raising them whom they would die for and vice versa (and lowkey tho…does anyone else picture marisa tomei as the perfect sally jackson or is that just me…???)
-have weird food obsessions (i.e. peters love for the sandwich shop and percy’s love of blue food)
-were both offered amazing positions (percy a god and peter an avenger) and both turned them down
-both have extraordinary powers
-both are still teenagers

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I hate to ask, coz you have so many requests, but could you draw some modern versions of Angelica, Eliza and Peggy? Like modern AU? You're amazing person and artist and I love your animatics!!!!!

ur typical modern au :o

eliza - music teacher that has more energy than the kids she teaches, made alex fall in love w her in a week, a world record

angelica - badass lawyer, soon to be president, has basically a flawless life style??? how does she do it

peggy - at uni, trying to survive in this horrible world through running a popular twitter account w fresh memes, pretty goddamn gay

You know, I really love all those ‘Earth is Space Australia’ ideas and humans as the super tough, super unflappable space badasses who can smile in the face of any danger and who will pet absolutely anything that mostly isn’t toxic and sits still long enough. I adore them. However, sometimes I do wonder … do aliens have phobias?

Because I can’t help thinking that somewhere in this future universe there’s the one human who went to space because spaceships are relatively sterile environments and therefore in space there are less bugs*. And then one day a guest comes onto the ship and their multilegged pet comes slithering out from under their fashionable collar and suddenly from the back of the shuttle bay there’s this high-pitched, hysterical screaming. And the alien crew turn around and there is their human, their badass, amazingly tough human, the one who managed to survive with half her leg torn off that one time long enough to make it back to medbay, the one who bluffed space pirates for a full half-cycle without so much as a quiver, the one who had to be forcibly restrained from petting the nine-foot slavering hregallar on Threlanix because apparently they were 'adorable babies’ … that human, their human, is suddenly clinging to the ceiling in blatant defiance of the ship’s artificial gravity and wailing her head off in absolute terror over a pathetic little xhilitin. The tiny, stupidly harmless insects that about sixteen species keep as pets because their jewelled carapaces are lovely and decorative and they’re so dumb and harmless that they’ll cheerfully sit on your hat as an ornament from here until infinity.

So the mildly shellshocked aliens try and calm their human down and they get her to medbay and they’re asking 'are the xhilitin on Earth dangerous?’, which, probably, apparently everything on Earth is deadly, but none of it has ever terrified their human before, and their absolutely mortified human is going 'no, well yes, some of them are, that’s not the point, it doesn’t matter if they’re dangerous or not, I just don’t fucking like them, okay, please never let one aboard ship again, i will love you forever and fight off a hundred pirates for you if you just keep the creepy leggy little fuckers the hell away from me, i’m so fucking serious right now, i am begging you’.

And she is absolutely deadly serious, and it makes no sense whatsoever, but suddenly the entire crew are 100% for never, ever letting xhilitin aboard the ship again. Because, well. She would fight off a hundred pirates for them, she has fought off a hundred pirates for them, she’s dragged herself back with half her leg torn off that one time after saving Lehm and Ehletol from the nine-foot slavering beasties she still thinks are adorable. There is no rational reason in the universe for her to be afraid of xhilitin, but it doesn’t matter, because she is, and that means this ship is suddenly a no-insect zone from now until forever.

Because hey, okay, humans are tough, humans are insane, humans come from Space Australia, but sometimes humans come with a couple of odd little quirks, sometimes they’re randomly terrified of ridiculously harmless things, and that’s okay. That’s okay. That just means that sometimes aliens get a chance to look out for their humans in return.

* please allow me my comforting illusions and do not inform me of how unsterile and full of bugs spaceships really are, okay, this is future sci-fi land where spaceships are clean and free of creepy crawlies and nobody needs to have nightmares

okay. so y’all complain about no diversity in shows, so let me throw in some details about sense8. it’s kind of a long post, so bear with me. but in this funny, fascinating, absolutely gorgeous show, you have:

  1. Nomi, a trans woman hacktivist in a healthy, loving relationship with Amanita, her black lesbian girlfriend that directly addresses trans erasure and bigotry in both the queer and straight communities while challenging the idea that you can’t be gay and trans, or have any sense of a happy relationship
  2. Lito, a gay Mexican man, renowned actor, and highly emotionally intelligent character that’s breaking the ridiculous hyper-masculine, unemotional, and chauvinistic stereotypes of latino men
  3. Capheus, a Kenyan man trying to get enough money to get medicine for his mom suffering from AIDS and literally the most compassionate and optimistic character I’ve ever seen, addressing the international issue of AIDS outside the realm of white gay cis-men and defying stereotypes of hyper-aggressive black men
  4. Kala, an Indian pharmacist and devout Hindu breaking the perception that you can’t be both scientific and religious, as well as the belief that you have to abandon your traditions and the importance of family to survive in a modern world
  5. Sun, a Korean businesswoman and absolute badass who can kick anybody’s ass and directly destroying the passiveness, submission, and domesticity attributed to east asian women 

as 5/8 main characters who are minorities. Will, Riley, and Wolfgang are both white and cis, but definitely not fully straight after multiple telepathic transatlantic orgies that they all really enjoyed. Either way, 5/8 main characters (not to mention their attached side characters from their respective countries and cultures) is still a long ways from what we usually see of an all-white cast.

Basically, through Sense8 you get this show that goes and films in all these different locations and addresses all these different cultures and challenges so many stereotypes as to what kind of characters we see and are constrained by, all the while remaining interesting, hilarious, and visually stunning. Even if you don’t care about the story you have to admit that just the filming of this show is so absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention that they also film on site and hire local actors and crews from 7 different countries in the world.

Does this show have it’s problems? Yeah, yeah it does. Every show is going to be problematic in some form or another, but this is also the first show I’ve ever seen that has this much diversity in every step of the filming process, that represents so many people and I want this to succeed because it’s the first project that tries to do all this and if gets cancelled it’s unlikely we’ll ever see this sort of representation again.

So please, while you’re adding The Get Down, Dear White People, and Master of None to your Netflix watchlist (all of which I love and highly recommend), please just consider watching Sense8. Or just keep it playing in the background while you’re doing other stuff to get those views, if it’s not your kind of show. Please just let this show live, because honestly I don’t know when we’re gonna get a project like this again. 

Realtalk: Beauty and the Beast

((Spoilers: DUH))

Okay, but jokes about bad CGI wolves aside, Disney’s latest live action remake just served to remind me what didn’t work in the last few films. Keep in mind this is all my opinion and you don’t have to agree to any of it.

I could appreciate the effort they took in better explaining the lore. The classic film implied Beast could be as young as 11 when the curse took effect for them to be wasting away for “ten years” (as stated in the original Be Our Guest), and a lot of people were left puzzling as to how exactly an entire town failed to notice the ominous castle sitting on their outskirts for all those years. But as with all the other remakes Disney also attempted to flesh out the characters, usually in the form of a heavy backstory, and this is where they always seem to fall flat for me.

This is the main problem I have with live action: they seem to struggle in deciding which tone they want to run with. Do they want to prove they can play with darker and more sombre themes? Those poignant backstories and frequent deaths in the families would suggest so. But then they turn right around and try to emulate the cartoon almost frame for frame. Suddenly the action sequences, one-liners, and visual gags look too hammy and out of place, especially when juxtaposed with the aforementioned Dark Subjects. This isn’t helped by the uncanny valley characters at all.

I’m sure some kids out there find all of this enjoyable and see no problem with the new films (though personally if I saw that CG Lumiere as a child I would have run screaming out of the theatre), but all I could think as I watched Beast tear through the tower pining and singing his heart out was:

“Holy shit Disney, you should remake Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

Think about it: they could play with dark themes all they wanted and it wouldn’t feel out of place at all. The animated film was already one of Disney’s heaviest, in fact I feel it’s been swept under the rug as a result of its heavier tone. The characters themselves are some of Disney’s most subdued and wouldn’t be terribly difficult to translate into live action without changing too much, and they could go nuts with the special effects and locations all they want because it’s got everything.

Medieval city? Check. Tall, ominous towers? Check. Spectacular views for breaking out into song? Check. Political/social commentary still relevant today? Check. Vibrant/fictional locales to pour their CGI budget into? Check. They’ve got one of the best villains in that movie, whether you love to hate him or just … love … him … if you’re one of those weirdos.

But that brings up another point: if they did rework it, I want them to go really dark with it. I’m talking taking cues from their friends in Germany and Der Glöckner von Notre Dame, a musical that managed to preserve a majority of the film while also capturing the weight of the original novel.

Don’t try to redeem Frollo like you did with Maleficent. Preserve all the slimy, misguided, despicable facets of his personality. Don’t gloss over the political commentary of gypsies in Paris, and highlight Clopin’s juxtaposed sides as a result–willing to do whatever it takes to survive even if it means stealing and murdering. We already have one of the most badass women out there in Esmeralda, and finally one who isn’t a damned princess that needs her sparkly dress. Give Phoebus a bigger role, give us time to really see the conflict between his role in society and his moral compass. Focus on Quasimodo’s internal struggle, torn between his curiosity and love for the outside world, but also his blind loyalty and affection to the one man who raised him his entire life.

And for f**k’s sake those gargoyles better be hallucinations to illustrate the toll a lifetime of solitude has taken on the poor guy or I am going to flip some heavy Medieval tables.

And finally Esmeralda dies. No-one gets the girl. Phoebus fails at his job, people get hurt as a result, and he can’t even save the love of his life. And Quasimodo is left utterly broken hearted and alone, with neither his father figure or his friends by his side. The movie ends as the stage play did: with our hunchback carrying the gyspy in his arms in a sad nod to the iconic “Sanctuary!” scene, walking away into the dark unknown, presumably to die as he did in the novel, with Esmeralda in his arms. A sombre Clopin, knocked back down to a beggar (if not dead as well during the seige), narrates the closing scene.

Because life sucks and that’s what you get for attempting to turn a Victor Hugo Novel into anything less than a tragedy.

TL;DR: Disney remake HoND. I double-dog-dare you.

(Oh my god I have not drawn these guys in literal ages. It felt so weird!)

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What are your favorite shark facts?

*screeches with glee* Alright nonnie, you have asked me the best question EVER!

Apologies for taking two days to reply to this, life was a bit hectic


Super Awesome Shark Facts


Sharks showed up 400 million years ago in the Devonian 358.9–298.9 aka “The Age of Fish” between the geological Silurian (443.8–419.2 million years ago) and the Carboniferous Periods (358.9–298.9 million years ago). By the time of the Carboniferous, we had amphibians and other small vertebrate creatures capable of crawling about on land. It’s during the Carboniferous Period that the continent of Pangaea first began to form (let that sink in for a second, the sharks were about before Pangaea even began to look like a continent, that’s how long these creatures have been about jfc). 


To date they’ve survived FIVE massive planet extinction events… ya know, those things that KILL PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET?? YEAH, THEM. We know of one that happened pretty recently in geological history; 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs went bye-bye. How fucking badass is that, Jesus Christ!


There’s currently over 500 types of Shark in the ocean at present (though not for long if people don’t stop KILLING THEM! CAN YOU NOT?!??). The most famous, of course, is the Great White (Carcharodon carcharias) and the Hammerhead (family: Sphyrnidae). For all that there’s a variety of Species, there are, of course, similarities in form and shape including cartilaginous skeletons (they’re literally made of the same stuff as the ridge of your nose is), enhanced electro-static senses (on their nose which is cute but also reason why if you boop them on the nose they ‘nope’ it out of the place; consider it not too dissimilar to bashing your funny bone and deciding to avoid that damned door in the future, same sort of logic tbh).


You can pet a Shark on the nose. This isn’t really a fact so much as an interesting aside that I think is cute and adorable as shit so like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[The still looks scary but honestly, he’s just giving the Tiger Shark a snack lol]

[I believe these are Lemon Sharks, which are fucking cute and I would cuddle one of them to the end of my life (I don’t have self-preservation instincts tho soooo)]


You have a higher chance of dying from being attacked by hornets, wasps, bees, dogs and even a fucking coconut (if you live in Asia) than you do of being killed by a Shark. How’s that for some mad stats?


As I’ve said, Sharks have survived FIVE massive planet extinction events but, currently, 20-30% of Sharks are close to extinction because of us, humans. Commercial fishing means Sharks get caught on hooks and nets; homeopathic remedies that require parts of Sharks for them to ‘work’; and Shark Fin Soup all contribute to the decline of these amazing creatures that have lived on this planet longer than even our most distant ancestor has.


Thanks to the media and stupid ass people who think they know everything from a movie marathon of the Jaws series, people think all Sharks are man-eating monsters that want to murder anyone who dares go for a swim in the open water. Here’s the thing though, 97% of over 500 Shark species are HARMLESS to us. The ones that ARE harmful tends to be because we’re in THEIR space and fucking up THEIR shit (personally, I’d beat your ass too if you came near my home so IDK why anyone thinks Sharks are evil; they’re just animals).


The reason why so many Shark attacks happen in California and places like South Africa is simply because of the abundance of food for Sharks; Great Whites especially. Seals, Sea Lions, and Sea Otters are all on the menu for the Great White and us pesky ass humans keep getting in their way. It’s not their fault they mistake us for food. Honest mistake.


Connected to EIGHT. Most of the time, people die from a Shark BITE but the Shark doesn’t come back for a second time (usually) because, unlike pretty much every other species that’s evolved on this planet, Sharks don’t have the opportunity to test what something is before using their teeth on it. Humans bleed out horrendously fast, especially in water, so the cause of death for most Shark attacks is blood loss and shock, not actually being eaten by a Shark.


Whale Sharks are the largest Sharks on record out of all current, living Shark species. They can be over 13 metres in length and, while they look scary considering how humans usually don’t go past 2 metres (imagine seven people stood on top of each other and you’ve got an idea of how long a Whale Shark is), Whale Sharks are the most docile creatures ever. They’re quite similar to Whales (hence the name) that live on plankton, for example the Blue Whale, and are absolutely gorgeous.


Hopefully these have been somewhat educational (while interspersed with my delightful attitude) and everyone can go on with their lives a little more aware and knowledgeable about Sharks.

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Doctor Strange

- Arrogant Arse 

Peter Parker (because he isn’t technically an avenger yet…)

- Coming Out

- Fails



- How You Kiss

Peter Maximoff

- Jealous 

Charles Xavier

- Kiss Her Silent

- Call Me - Drabble Prompt


-Badass [coming soon]

Pietro Maximoff 

- How Could You?… 

- Slow Dancing

- Guilty

- Cheating Game

- Too Late

- Flustered 

- Change It… 

- Work your magic?

- Survived For This 

Steve Rogers 

- Brooklyn Bridge 

- Comfort 

- You Got It

Bruce Banner

- A Million Possibilities

Tony Stark

- Of My Own Daughter? 

‘Am I Distracting?’

Bucky Barnes

- Stay?

- Does He Know?

- You Have Family 


Archie Andrews

- Autumn Herself

- Butterflies

- Particular Cravings 

- Being Archies Sister would Include…

Jughead Jones

- Playbook

-One Dark. One Light.

- End-Game

- BabyGirl  [1]   [2]  (Serpent!Jughead)

- FP’s Kid [1]   [2]

- Quite Amazing

-Dating would include…

Reggie Mantle

- In Love Means…

- Just Go  [1]   [2]

- Safe with you

- Dating would include…

FP Jones 

-Dating would include… 

- Southside Girl  [1]   [2]  [3]  [4 Coming soon]

Cheryl Blossom 

- Dating a serpent girl would include…

Joaquin DaSantos 

 - 3 moths (smut) [coming soon]

Game Of Thrones 

Robb Stark

- Make Her A Stark  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]

Tyrian Lannister 

- Life Played Out

Harry Potter

George Weasley 

- Apology? Accepted 

Fred Weasley

- The Little Things 

Draco Malfoy

- Sweet Misery


Remus Lupin 

- Cuddles 

- Protective Brother Stuff

- All I Needed

Sirius Black

- His Fault

- Miss You. Love You.

- The First Waltz

- Muggle Stuff

- Tripped [coming soon]

James Potter

- You Beautiful Girl

- Pancakes and Bacon

- Playing Cupid

The 100

John Murphy

- Three Things

- Hanging Tree

Bellamy Blake 

- Date That Girl

The Walking Dead

Carl Grimes

- Our Future Plans

- Safe In Your Arms

- He’s In Love

- Summer Skies

- Okay To Let Go  [1]  [2]

Daryl Dixon 

- Thank God 

Suicide Squad

Lucid Dreaming - Joker x Reader Series Discontinued [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]  [6]  

Floyd Lawton

- Bad Choices To Make

the 100 sentence meme:
episodes 1 - 3.

  • it’s so beautiful. 
  • this is reality. 
  • what?! but it’s not safe!
  • your instincts will tell you to take care of everybody else first, but be careful. 
  • i can’t lose you too. 
  • why the hell are you here?! 
  • you’ve been given a second chance.
  • we have no idea what’s waiting for you down there.
  • your dad is a dick.
  • your one responsibility is to stay alive.
  • they’re on their own.
  • don’t you talk about my father.
  • i can’t die knowing that you hate me.
  • what the hell are you wearing?
  • let’s give them something else to remember you by.
  • the communications system is dead.
  • this is where we need to get to if we want to survive.
  • they got a bar in this town? i’ll buy you a beer.
  • we’re just trying to figure out where we are.
  • you think you’re in charge here?!
  • do you think we care who’s in charge?!
  • let the privileged do the hard work for a change.
  • i came here to protect you.
  • i don’t need protecting. 
  • i am done following orders.
  • you do still trust me, don’t you?
  • do you want the people you love to think you’re dead?
  • that, my friend, is game.
  • how do you block this all out?
  • we’re way over the line.
  • you’re asking me to break the law.
  • if we’re gonna kill hundreds of innocent people, we’re gonna do it by the book.
  • someone’s got to help me run things…
  • something else killed these two.
  • we have to warn them.
  • take off your damn clothes.
  • what the hell is that?!
  • note to self: next time, save the girl.
  • it looks like you’re trying to get us all killed!
  • we can take care of ourselves, can’t we?
  • we won’t survive on our own! 
  • we do whatever the hell we want, whenever the hell we want!
  • we always have a choice.
  • hiding behind the law absolves you of nothing.
  • i choose at every turn and at any cost to make sure that the human race stays alive. 
  • that’s the difference between us – i choose to make sure that we deserve to stay alive.
  • aren’t you tired of always doing what’s expected of you?
  • i knew there was a badass in there somewhere.
  • it’s okay to be afraid. the trick is not fighting it.
  • we are not alone.
  • i know this is hard, but we don’t have time for false hope.
  • we share based on need, just like back home.
  • don’t you see you can’t control this?!
  • we were attacked.
  • you’re killing us!
  • i understand your need to have hope, but hope isn’t enough. not when the end of the human race is at stake.
  • hope is everything.
  • who benefits most from my death?
  • i had nothing to do with the attempt on your life, but i’m not surprised that it happened.
  • you’re not coming with us.
  • it’s not an adventure. it’s a suicide mission.
  • you could have been killed!
  • you want them to follow you and right now, they’re thinking only one of us is scared.
  • anybody touches her, they answer to me.
  • i’m gonna make your life a living hell.
  • those guys aren’t just bullies – they’re dangerous criminals.
  • we need weapons.
  • i’m no one’s bitch.
  • maybe one of these days you’ll realise you can’t control me.
  • they’re hiding something and i’m gonna find out what it is.
  • it doesn’t mean we have time to waste.
  • you call this a rescue party?
  • we have nothing in common.
  • your secret’s safe with me.
  • you’re not a basket case because you were loved.
  • you have someone who would do anything for you… i envy you.
  • i think i know why you’re always taking care of everybody else.
  • why would they do something so reckless?
  • we’ve got nothing but time.
  • the truth is, i don’t know if he is alive or dead.
  • you’re not the only one with someone you love out there.
  • those are my terms. take it or leave it.
  • what, you think you play by different rules?
  • i thought there were no rules.
  • go back to sleep!
  • you’re gonna make it through this, okay? promise.
  • can he just die already?
  • it’s okay to be scared.
  • maybe we can move past that now… maybe this is our second chance.
  • let’s go kill something.
  • garden of eden this ain’t.
  • you can’t keep everyone away from me.
  • you’re killing him!
  • every life matters.
  • if i say there’s hope, there’s hope.
  • you don’t have the guts to make the hard choices.
  • if he’s not better by tomorrow, i’ll kill him myself.
  • you should really rethink this whole ‘hating me’ thing…
  • we’re surrounded by criminals. we’re gonna need each other.
  • i almost killed you.
  • every killed something before?
  • don’t people deserve to know the truth?
  • fears are fears. slay your demons when you’re awake and they won’t be there to get you when you sleep.
  • down here, weakness is death. fear is death.
  • when you feel afraid, you hold tight to that knife and you say 'screw you, i’m not afraid’.
  • slay your demons.
  • i can be fun.
  • i’m gonna kill him, okay?
  • last night was pretty intense.
  • why’d you do it?
  • last night was pretty… what’s the word… fun.kill me.
  • i guess we’re gonna have to get used to people dying, aren’t we?
  • you’re not allowed to die.
  • i know i probably don’t deserve it, but i need to know the truth.
  • thank you for not dying.
  • i’ll try not to die tomorrow, too, if that’s cool.
  • the nightmare never ends.

I love how realistically the guys view themselves. Most D&D groups - and all of the ones I’ve had experience with - have at least one person who wants to be the biggest, edgiest badass in the world; the guy who tries to bend the rules any way he can and min/max his stats to become the biggest Gary Stu since Drizzt Do’Urden; the guy who takes combat way too seriously and everything else not seriously enough.

But none of the TAZ guys are like that. They don’t seem to give a single fuck about how strong they are or whether they win a fight, they’re just there to have fun and entertain their viewers. It doesn’t matter whether they stomp the enemies into the ground or whether they even survive as long as it means they tell a hilarious story. Is it a good idea to jump right in without coming up with a plan or weighing options? Probably not but Magnus doesn’t care. Does it make sense for your intelligence-based character to be a complete fucking moron? Not really but holy shit does it add some funny moments to Taako’s character.

And they’re well aware of how ridiculous they’re being. The whole story is trying to drive home this point of “you’re amazing, you’re heroes, you’re capable of so much” and they’re just like “…no we’re really not, and we’re okay with that.”

That’s it that’s the whole show.

I had this dream when I was about 7 but remember it absurdly vividly and with abnormal amounts of detail.

I was on a foreign planet that would occasionally get little tornado looking black holes. If you got caught by the black hole you ceased to exist. I teamed up with some kids I didn’t recognize and Sonic the Hedgehog to fight them, but quickly realized you can’t fight something you can’t touch. So we said screw it and continued on with our lives. That is until sirens started going off warning us that the world was ending and that a black hole tornado was going to destroy the entire universe. The only way to survive was to get into the safe house. Thousands of children flooded into this weird bunker thing. When I looked in, though, I saw it looked like my elementary school. I spent a good minute debating on if I wanted to be in school for the rest of my life. When I decided that I didn’t, I turned to go back to the surface. Sonic asked me what I was doing, and in the most badass apocalyptic hero voice I told him I was going to save the universe so I wouldn’t have to go to school. Then I woke up.

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I've been re-watching the part when Erwin saves Eren and I noticed that when he cuts Bertohlt he cuts Reiner's thumb too. It kinda looks like his thumb is partially covered in armor so does that mean Erwin was strong enough to slice through it?

I’ve only had a chance to watch the episode once, which is a crying shame, but after carefully examining the many splendid gifs, it does rather look as if Commander Badass slices clean through Reiner’s thumb.  

I think that’s one of the things we tend to forget about Erwin, not only is he intelligent, brave, and resourceful, he’s also immensely strong.   Just think of all the expeditions he survived, all the expeditions he led from the front.  Do we ever actually learn what Erwin’s kill count as a soldier or a squad leader was?  I don’t thing we do but it must have been astronomical.  

And of course if further proof were needed, Erwin Smith is the only one who was able to rein in Humanity’s Strongest…..

As Levi himself said….

                                      “WHAT A MAN.”

A-Z Book Recommendations

Inspired by @macrolit

A: And the Mountains Echoed- Khaled Hosseini

Most people might say the Kite Runner or A Thousand Splendid Suns if they were asked about this guy, but And the Mountains Echoed is a little more melancholy than outright shocking, and it was a fascinating read.

B: Beowulf (I read Seams Heaney’s translation)

The epic poem, the legend itself. Not a particularly long or difficult read for this translation, but the story was fascinating. Absolutely something out of the legends, and you can actually see a fair amount of where certain other stories are being inspired.

C: The Crimson Crown- Cinda Williams Chima

Final book in the Seven Realms series; it’s everything I wanted in the ending, honestly. The love story is resolved, character arcs are finished, and you root for the admittedly slightly unlikeable hero and the badass Princess (then Queen) every step of the way. Kick the wizard aristocracy’s ass.

D: The Divine Comedy- Dante Alighieri

A classic, and, all in poetry. Is it fudging the title? Consists of 3 parts, and very Biblical. Like, a self-insert of Greco-Roman myths and the Bible. Still really interesting to read.

E: Everything I Never Told You- Celeste Ng

Oh, man. This one is actually YA, I’m pretty sure, but it packs a punch. Takes place after the suicide of this girl Lydia and talks about her family and how it affects them, secrets come to light about both her and the family as the book goes on. Not necessarily a whole lot of twists and turns, I don’t think, but touching.

F: Feed (Newsflesh)- Mira Grant

Uh, zombies, basically, but post-post-apocalypse. Humans have survived, managed to rebuild some semblance of society, and that in and of itself was interesting as a premise. The plot twist at the end is goddamn great. Loved it.

G: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- Stieg Larsson

Lisbeth may not be the most likeable of heroines, but goddamn do you root for her. She is badass, pretty much, and it’s actually kind of empowering? TW for rape, though, and also a huge age difference in relationships? As far as the plot, it’s, y’know. Crime novel, but longer and a little more focus on the characters. 

H: The Handmaid’s Tale- Margaret Atwood

Originally read this one because of the series that came out, and boy, I was not disappointed. It was different, and the ambiguity of the ending was a little frustrating, but certainly well-done. Dystopia, but not post-apocalyptic, showed how…easy, it was, for a handful of people to disrupt society. A bit scary, that, but nevertheless good.

I: Infinite Jest- David Foster Wallace

Honestly, not a book I expected to love, or even like. It’s an actual behemoth, and honestly an ode to anachronism and postmodernism. Recommended to me by a friend; you’ll need 3 bookmarks to read this one (one for footnotes, one for the timeline, one for your place). The best description I can manage is addiction and tennis, which encompasses a fair amount of it. Cannot praise enough, honestly, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

J: Jurassic Park- Michael Crichton

These movies were such a huge part of my childhood, honestly, and I’ve always loved dinosaurs. The plot is pretty commonly known, but there’s a reason they made a movie out of the books, y’know? 

K: Kafka on the Shore- Haruki Murakami

I really liked this one, not much else to say about that. Magical realism, again, of course, but there’s something about Kafka that’s really interesting to me. And it’s interesting to try and puzzle out what’s going to happen, even if you end up being completely wrong. I loved this one.

L: Les Miserables- Victor Hugo

The Brick. Long, long, long. But, again, something I don’t regret reading, even if I had to slog through like 10 pages describing the history of the Battle of Waterloo, and then 10 more on the Battle itself. For me, the chronology was a little confusing, but on a reread and some Wiki, it resolved itself just fine. Really kind of hits you hard when you think about what it was really like back then; Hugo’s reputation for speaking for the people is well-deserved. Great.

M: At the Mountains of Madness- H.P. Lovecraft

My favorite of his works, because really, who the fuck knows what’s in Antarctica? I might be fudging a bit with the title, but I did really want to fit this one in here. Really gripping, even if his descriptions tend to go with ‘let me shove every adjective I know’ in here. 

N: The Night Circus- Erin Morgenstern

Magical realism, gorgeous prose, and the Aesthetic you love. Honestly, it’s a masterpiece and I love this book to bits. A game, between two masters, set in a circus, for their apprentices to compete in. There’s a love story, too, but it’s delightful and not at all overdone. 

O: The Odyssey- Homer

While the Iliad is great and all, there’s just something that speaks a bit more to me about wanting to go home, and also everything that could possibly go wrong, going wrong when Odysseus tries to get there. Love it.

P: Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen

Yes, I know, the plot is fairly slow. But Elizabeth Bennet is an absolute delight, even in her misconceptions about Darcy- who is, apparently, a lot more socially awkward than I expected on the first reading. A classic.

Q: 1Q84- Haruki Murakami

Magical realism, and another behemoth to get through, but it’s certainly worth the effort. The alternate dimensions, the way the two main characters’ stories entwine but take time to resolve, it’s perfect. The two characters are a perfect contrast for one another, honestly, and it’s nice to see more and more of them as the book goes on.

R: Return of the King- J.R.R. Tolkien

Yes, we all know that his writing is….tedious, sometimes. To say the least. But this is the finale to LotR, so how could I not put it in? It’s the culmination of everything and it carries the strongest message of the three books. Love, love, love.

S: The Stand- Stephen King

Humanity died of the flu, basically. This takes place afterwards; we see good and evil and everything in between as the survivors form their bands and coalitions. There’s a bunch of different editions, though, and I know they either have an epilogue (which is a bit of a darker tone), or they don’t. Either way, fantastic, if long.

T: The Twelve- Justin Cronin

Sequel to The Passage, but still as good. Flashes back to the beginning of the plague so we are actually able to see more of it, which was certainly interesting. Chronologically, it skips around a bit (plague time, to slightly before the majority of the first book, to 5 years after it), which can be a little confusing, but it serves well as a sequel. Lots of twists and turns for those who like it, and although there’s some loose threads left, the ending is way more satisfying. Really interesting.

U: Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy- Douglas Adams.

This one might be cheating, a little, but it’s actually the collection of all the stories in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. Quirky characters that you learn from and about, and some strange things happen, but you just learn to roll with it. Whimsical and nonsensical at times, but in the best way; I love it.

V: Voyage of the Dawn Treader: C.S. Lewis

Well, aside from being one of two books that I’ve read that starts with V, this one speaks to me a lot given the character development, the scenery (sea of lilies? Sign me up), and the kind of obvious symbolism.

W: Wise Man’s Fear- Patrick Rothfuss

Sequel to the Name of the Wind, and though we’re still waiting on Doors of  Stone, this one is arguably the best in the series. Kvothe is loveable, albeit still a dick, but we see him face more hardships, and get closer to where he was in the ‘present’, while the story of the past is being told. 

X: Xenocide- Orson Scott Card

Ender’s Game was good, but this is my favorite of the sequels, I think, given that it (a little more so than Speaker for the Dead) deals with the consequences of Ender’s actions, and shows how easily people were ready to revert to what they once were.

Y: The Young Elites (Marie Lu)

Unconventional heroine, set in what I’m pretty sure is an analogue of Renaissance Italy, and fast-paced with magical powers and a plague. Same author that brought us Legend/Prodigy/Champion, so the action sequences were great, but the writing is also great. The sequel is even better.

Z: Zombie Survival Guide- Max Brooks

The OG zombie apocalypse book. What else is there to say?

And some runners up that didn’t quite make it:

Memoirs of a Geisha (Arthur Golden), Queen of Shadows (Sarah J. Maas), The Passage (Justin Cronin), It (Stephen King), Color Out of Space (H. P. Lovecraft), The Cask of Amontillado (Edgar Allan Poe),  World War Z (Max Brooks), The Silmarillion (J.R.R. Tolkien), the Ashes Trilogy (Ilsa J. Bick, I LOVE IT), and the Razorland books (Ann Aguirre).

Ivy: *Rescues Penguin from a watery grave*
Ivy: *Nurses Penguin back to health with her plants and makes him food*
Penguin: Bye, bitch. You’re a freak. G2G kill someone. 

Ivy: *Finds out Selena’s in the hospital clinging to life.*
Ivy: *Brings badass healing plants to Selena’s room to save her life and stays by her bedside until she wakes up*
Selena: Whatever. Bye, bitch. G2G kill someone. 


Angel Eyes

Summary: An angel/demon AU featuring demon!Bucky and angel!Reader based on this request:

Pairings: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Religious imagery, probably some blasphemy, language, unprotected (graphic) sex

Word Count: 2,915

A/N: Ask and ye shall receive. I kinda got carried away with this one. I do hope it’s okay? (.gif has nothing to do with the story. I just like staring at it)

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What happens when an angel knocks up a demon? You get a devilishly handsome half-breed with angelic charm and passion like hellfire running through his veins—you get me. Maybe I’m not as impressive as Lucifer, I didn’t fall from grace, I didn’t cut off my wings to spite my father—I never had wings—but I am more impressive than other demons. I’m stronger, smarter…just overall, I’m better. My unique position comes with perks from Luci, but jeers from full-blood demons. They say I’m not pure, that I have a disgusting heavenly glow about me. They say I don’t belong in Hell.

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44. My favorite TV Show


So, get this, it’s set IN THE FUCKING FUTURE where it takes just a few months to get to KERBEROS. That’s fucking right, KERBEROS, as in the moon that orbits Pluto at the edge of our solar system, right out near the Kuiper Belt. 

Meet the motherfucking paladins. These motherfuckers each pilot a lion that’s the same colour as that badass armour they’re wearing. Each lion chooses their paladin based on their personality, and each lion has very distinct preferences. These lions come together to form VOLTRON, a massive robot that is stronger than literally anything else in the Universe

KEITH KOGANE, the red paladin. He’s an orphan, and everyone thinks he’s really emo and angsty, but he’s actually a TOTAL CINNAMON ROLL. The red lion chooses her paladins to be quick witted and sharp, relying on instincts alone, and charging into things before thinking. The red lion is the most difficult to pilot, but she’s the fastest and most agile. She is INSANELY protective of Keith, and they have the strongest connection. Keith fights with a sword, and he used to be at the Galaxy Garrison as a fighter pilot, until he got kicked out.

LANCE MCCLAIN, the blue paladin. He’s literally the biggest sweetheart ever. He was in Galaxy Garrison as a fighter pilot after being moved up from cargo pilot when Keith dropped out. He’s the teams sharpshooter, but he has massive self esteem issues and self doubt, which he hides behind humour and jokes. He literally jumps in front of someone he’s just met so that an enemy can’t shoot them. He’s a hopeless romantic, and flirts with everything and everyone he sees. He also has a pet cow called Kalternecker. We don’t actually know what traits the blue lion chooses, because Lance cut off the explanation by saying that the blue lion obviously chooses the handsomest and most charming paladin.

TAKASHI SHIROGANE, aka Shiro, aka the black paladin. He was part of the mission to Kerberos to gather space ice (which he doesn’t get as excited about as some other people), and he and his crew (Matt and Sam Holt) get kidnapped and held prisoner on a Galra ship by Emperor Zarkon himself. That’s how he got the white fringe, nose scar and cool robot arm. He’s a total leader and a complete sweetheart, and Pidge is secretly his favourite paladin. He pilots the black lion, which is the body of Voltron, and chooses a natural born leader who keeps their head in stressful situations. Shiro sometimes gets flashbacks to when he was kept as a prisoner, rendering him unable to move or react to anything. He has the best eyeliner in the Universe.

PIDGE GUNDERSON, aka Katie Holt, aka the green paladin. She infiltrates the Galaxy Garrison, first as a girl, and then cutting her hair and enrolling as a male student, to find out what REALLY happened to her father and brother, Sam and Matt Holt, who were both lost alongside Shiro on the Kerberos mission. She’s an expert hacker and probably the best technician on the team despite being the youngest. She writes code like you eat cereal, IT’S THAT FUCKING EASY FOR HER. She’s a beautiful little nerd who makes maths jokes and snorts when she laughs. She pilots the green lion, who chooses an inquisitive, curious, creative paladin, and also represents nature. Pidge hates nature because of her allergies and general aversion to the sun, but she finds that she actually kind of enjoys being in it.

AND LAST BUT CERTAINLY, DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, HUNK GARRETT, the yellow paladin. He is literally the sweetest person you will ever meet. He loves baking and is an amazing mechanic. He has a sense for dodgy people, and he WILL NOT hesitate to call a bitch out when they’re being shady. He went to the Galaxy Garrison with Lance, and they’re the best of buddies. He’s literally so sweet and such a cinnamon roll and an actual line of his from Season 2 is “I’m just so glad my cookies are making people happy” LIKE UM THIS BOY IS BEAUTIFUL AND NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED?????? He pilots the yellow lion, who chooses a compassionate and caring paladin, and can also take the most damage and is basically built like a fucking tank. He gets very travel/motion sick BUT HE STILL POWERS ON THROUGH AND BECOMES A FUCKING PALADIN???? He can befriend literally anyone in the matter of a few seconds and honestly I just love him so much I wanna shyly hold his hand and fall asleep with his arm around me and watch movies with him all night because I just love him so much

I mean just look at him. He’s so happy to be alive and have friends and be able to make people happy

Now this beautiful person might just be the most stunning, gorgeous, badass thing to ever cross your dash today. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, MAY I INTRODUCE PRINCESS FUCKING ALLURA. This girl is one of the only 2 surviving members of her ENTIRE RACE (the Alteans). She was put into cryostasis by her father when the Galra attacked, and awoke to find everyone dead and gone (except for her right hand man and fellow Altean, Coran). She kicks ass and has no time for anyone’s shit. She fucking runs straight into danger head on AND IT FUCKING RUNS AWAY. She takes on the Galra’s most powerful magician ONE ON FUCKING ONE and walks out ALIVE. She kicks ass and still looks absolutely breathtaking doing it, and is mentally connected to all of the lions

THIS IS CORAN, THE ONLY OTHER SURVIVING ALTEAN, AND PERSONAL ADVISOR TO KING ALFOR AND PRINCESS ALLURA. He is just awesome and funny and cool and badass and he still kicks ass and provides comic relief and honestly he is the embodiment of the Uncle Friend

Now, they’re all fighting this mean Galra dude called Emperor Zarkon, who takes over worlds and kills people, and he want Voltron because it’s cool and powerful and he’s a butthurt little piss baby who is never satisfied with anything. He used to be the black paladin (but the black lion likes Shiro more, so up yours, Zarkon)


Bonus: it has hot aliens

Top 10 Characters

Tagged by the amazing @do-you-even-kakasaku! Thanks for the tag, dude! I love doing these!


 1. Hatake Kakashi (Naruto)
•Kakashi holds a dead place in my heart for a variety of reasons but I guess what makes him my top fave character is his nuance as a character. He’s grown as a person since he was a kiddo and although he’s not perfect, he strives to be the best person he can be. He’s one of the few characters in Naruto that’s learned from his mistakes and who’s tried to teach others how to avoid making them in the long run. Plus he loves dogs and reads smut with class, so yeah. He’s just amazing, tbh. He’s my expectation of the perfect man, lol. I absolutely adore this dude…it’s unhealthy but hey, most of the good stuff in life is.

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2. Vash the Stampede (Trigun)
• Vash is honestly one of the newest characters that I’ve become acquainted with but he quickly become one of my all time favorites in a short amount of time. It’s hard to not love his quirky personality and his ability to go from goofball to extreme badass from 0 to 3. I love how he sticks to his sense of morality and principles throughout the series but what makes him great is how he understands that the world doesn’t always let everyone remain pure as they wish to be and sometimes, people have to go against certain beliefs in order to survive and do the right thing. HE’S JUST FUCKING PRECIOUS.

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3. Agent Carolina (Red vs Blue)
•Red vs Blue has been a big series in my life and it’s honestly what’s driven me to choose animation as my career path. It may have started out as a comedy skit but it quickly evolved into an amazing story and Carolina is a character that became from said evolution. She’s an amazing woman, a badass whose fought and worked to be the best at what she does. Although her past was mostly her letting her competitive nature get the best of her, daddy issues and making stupid mistakes because of clouded judgement, she managed to grow as a person thanks to her interactions with the blundering buffoons known as the Reds and Blues. She learned about honor, forgiveness, friendship and love. And she still remains a badass even then. Woman goals, tbh.

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4. Roy Mustang (FMA: Brotherhood)
•Stoic dudes with amazing capabilities seems to be my type so I guess that and having Travis Willingham as his dub voice actor immediately made me fall in love with Roy when I first saw him. Eventually, I learned that there was more to him than meets the eye with the whole Maria Ross and Hughes incidents. Seeing him being able to overcome his burning desire for vengeance because of his desire to keep his friends and loved ones safe was honestly endearing and I ended up falling deeper in love with his character. He’s not perfect but he’s able to admit to those imperfections and work to make them strengths instead of weaknesses because he’s not the kind of dude who gives into defeat.

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5. Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)
•Criminal Minds is one of the few TV shows that I actively follow and this guy is one of the reasons why. Not only is Mathew such a great actor but Reid’s intelligence is portrayed in a manner that makes him lovable. Most of the time, shows depict prodigies and geniuses as sassy ‘know-it-all’s who only anger people with their rants and commentary. But Spencer is explored in a manner that reminds us that even intellectuals are human. Seeing his unique love story with Maeve, his attachments to JJ and Gideon and his mother, and his fear of dementia, we come to see Spencer as a character of nuance. He’s a beautiful human being who deserves lots of love and plenty of chess games. 

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6. Ryuuji Takasu (Toradora)
• I first watched Toradora because I accidentally clicked on it while surfing an anime site for it and at first, I wasn’t so impressed with it. But before the first episode ended, I found myself loving this dude. He’s pretty average with nothing major to set him apart from the crowd (except his creepy little eyes) but the thing that makes his lovable is his dorkiness and his devotion to his friends and family. He’s selfless and kind and generous and that honestly speaks volumes for his character. Honestly, he’s the kind of friend that everybody wants but nobody ever truly deserves. (I just fucking love him)

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7. Kotetsu T. Kaburagi (Tiger and Bunny)
•Okay, let’s see….What can I say about this dude that won’t sound like a fangirl’s rant? XD
Kotetsu is honestly an amazing character; in a show where his partner is shown to be the epitome of perfection and angst, ol’ KTK may seem like nothing more than a old time past generation hero whose unwilling to let the shine of the spotlight go. But he’s so much more than that. He’s clumsy and awkward, sure, but he’s understanding and congenial. He doesn’t judge people because of their past or their mistakes; he knows better than anyone what that feels like so instead he tries to offer support and as much care that he can. He’s a great dad and despite the fact that he sometimes misses recitals or special occasions, his daughter is willing to admit that he’d do anything for her. Kotetsu strays from the typical “perfect anime dad” and is instead a reflection of real life dads who aren’t always perfect but are heroes in their own right because of their love and dedication to their kids and loved ones.

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8. Korosensei (Assassination Classroom)
•TEACHER GOALS. Even though he’s a weapon of mass destruction who can probably obliterate the Earth with a twitch of his pinkie, he’s still a lovable characters. He’s funny, badass when the moment calls for it, perverted and dedicated all in the same go. If there’s anything I learned from him, it’s that good teachers are flexible and they should strive to find the way to teach each student in their own individual manner. I mean, this dude taught one of his kids while cosplaying as Naruto because he knew that was the only way the dude would remember the concepts he was trying to teach. He was able to teach his kiddos how to tackle problems not just so they could get solutions but also to grow and develop as intelligent and competent individuals. Even though he was a threat to the Earth, his students all loved and respected him because he was able to connect with them individually. Despite being an assassin and failed lab experiment, this guys showed more heart and humanity than most people. He’s honestly amazing.

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9. Melan Blue (Brigadoon: Marin to Melan)
•Geez Louise it’s so hard to think of ways to describe how much I love this character. He’s one of those characters whose gentle af but ruthless and unforgiving on the battlefield. His lack of knowledge on humans allows for many mistakes to be made on his behalf but he makes up for it in sincerity. He may seem cold and distant to most but once he warms up to you, he’ll protect you with his life and will damn well make sure you’re content and at ease. I guess all I can say is that he’s just the perfect blend of adorableness, charisma, loyalty and badassery. I love this character to pieces. 

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10. Yami Yugi/Pharaoh Atem (Yu-Gi-Oh)
•This dude is a breath of fresh air, one of the reasons I even continued delving into the world of anime to begin with. Part of the charm of this character are his voice actors and albeit I’m not really a fan of the Japanese dub, Megumi Ogata and Shunsuke Kazama did a great job but my overall favorite one has to be Dan Green. He literally breathes life into this character and you can literally find yourself thinking that Dan Green is Yami Yugi. Anywho, Yami is just amazing. He’s fearless, wise, witty and intelligent. He has an aura that commands respect but at the same time, he’s considerate of his acquaintances and loved ones. Of course, the 4kidz version is more mellow than the manga but even then, this Yami manages to sorta keep true to his original portrayal’s will. At the start of the series, he’s proud and ruthless but as he spends time with Yugi, he becomes more considerate and it’s such a joy to see how much of an effect Yugi has on Yami. Once more, I love this guy to pieces.

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They’re so precious. LIKE SO EFFING PRECIOUS.


First up is Hei (Darker Than Black)

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Then we have Kyoya Ootori (OHSHC)

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Followed by Nicolas Brown (Gangsta)

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And Caboose (RvB)

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And Sebastian (Black Butler)

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And Agent Washington or Agent Washingtub as Caboose fondly refers to him as (RvB)

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And Ill stop right there…because this is getting ridiculous.





I’ve been re-watching Gargoyles because I used to watch it all the time as a kid but I didn’t remember anything about it except that there were gargoyles that were stone during the day and came alive at night. I’m into season 2 now and I can’t help but wonder why more people aren’t talking about the main human character. 

In case you’re not familiar with the show or have forgotten, meet Elisa Maza, New York police officer. Not only is she a good person (she shows again and again that she is dedicated to upholding the law and doing what is just and fair for all involved) but she’s also pretty badass. 

She doesn’t always have the brute strength to beat her enemies in hand-to-hand combat (though she can put up quite a fight) but she makes up for it tenfold with her sharp wit. She’s very good at using her surroundings to her advantage, tracking down criminals, and figuring out the plans of the various villains and magical creatures she and her gargoyle friends encounter.

She also survived a near-fatal gunshot wound (I won’t say who shot her, in case anyone wants to go back and watch the series) and was itching to get back on the job very soon after.

Some of you may have already picked this up but Elisa, in addition to being a badass, is a mixed-race woman of color. This is most of her family (her mother, father, and brother):

Her mother is African American and her father is Native American. Elisa, her brother Derek, and her sister Beth interact with the parts of their heritage on different levels so the show also explores, to an extent, what life is like for the kids in a multi-racial, mutli-cultural family.

I think it’s kind of sad that she doesn’t get more attention, especially here on tumblr where I’m constantly seeing posts asking for portrayals of strong women of color. Why aren’t we talking about Elisa Maza?

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Just saw your reblog about Tenten, and you know what struck me? Her ressemblance to Mito. She even uses seals in her fights (mostly to summon weapons, but still!)! So two possibilities: Tenten is a relative of Mito (direct line or not, we know nothing about her family last I checked), or, in reading about Tsunade, Tenten found out about the Slug Sannin's grandmother and went "This is who I wanna be when I grow up". Imagine. Little Tenten with her team on a mission near the ruins of Uzushio (1)

She ditches her team during the night and goes digging. Literally, because there are still bones that haven’t been buried and she can’t let that pass. Then she finds some beginner’s guide to sealing (this being Uzushio, it’s more advanced than Konoha’s mastery books). Just. Imagine Tenten, but with fuinjutsu. She gets rid of Neji’s seal after his first rant in hopes of getting him to stop going on and on about fate. She designs Lee’s and Gai’s weights. She seeks out Naruto and drums sealing in his head, because it’s his heritage, and because some of these seals require too much chakra for her to use them, but she wants to test them log damn it, and she vaguely remembers the Academy senseis mentioning that the Uzumaki clan had stupidly huge reserves anyway. Imagine Tenten going up against Temari in the prelims and trouncing her because there had been seals, explosives and flashbangs and paralysis seals, painfully carved into the metal of her weapons. Imagine Tenten drawing Gaara’s number for the third task, after he nearly killed Lee, and deciding to make sure he would never hurt anyone ever again. Imagine her being close enough to Naruto that he tells her about jinchuurikis, and imagine her putting two and two together and deciding that if Mito could improvise a seal for the Kyuubi on the spot during a battle, Tenten could certainly manage a seal to keep the Ichibi in check with a month to prepare. Imagine how badass a fuiinjutsu mistress Tenten could have been. And how that would have changed the course of the story. (Imagine her standing up for the jinchuurikis when Akatsuki’s targets are revealed, harassing Tsunade until she agrees to send her out to warn them. Imagine Tenten checking each and every jinchuuriki’s seal to make sure nothing like what happened to Gaara would happen to them. Imagine Tenten tatooing seals on their skins, warnings, protections, wards, anything to allow them even a few seconds to get away, to escape, to survive.) Imagine a Tenten who looked up to Mito instead of Tsunade.