such a badass film

My experience of Wonder Woman was my four year old niece dressing up as her hero running to the poster of Diana and demanding a photo with her and when we actually sat down to watch the film, every time Gal Gadot came on screen without her WW costume she whispered “Its Wonder Woman.” And when she came on wearing her full outfit, my niece shouted “WONDER WOMAN.” Really loud in a packed out cinema. We got a few dirty looks, but she didn’t care. She saw a girl on screen being braver and more badass than any bloke. And after watching the film, she refused to take the costume off and even slept in it that night.


“Patty Jenkins worked really hard with her team to design a style of fighting that was incredibly badass, and believable. Where Batman will punch somebody in the face, and that’s effective, that’s not how the Amazons and Diana fight. They have a disciplined specialized, collaborative fighting style. They work together as a team, and leverage each other’s strengths. They are mighty, they are beautiful. And as the Germans learn, this new breed of badass warrior women are deadly.”


i got to see an early ~sneak preview~ of rough night and i can’t stop thinking about it so here’s why you should see it:

1) it’s really funny, i laughed my ass off
2) FEMALE FRIEND DRIVEN RATED R COMEDY (we need more of these)
5) both of the writers work on broad city which is an excellent show
6) has a INTERRACIAL LESBIAN RELATIONSHIP that is treated like a totally normal thing w/o any stereotypes or sexualization
7) literally the women in this film are BADASS and all very unique and have real characterizations
8) the b-plot involves the bachelor party where all the men are just at a fancy wine tasting and talking about their insecurities
9) surprising co stars include: bo burnham, eric andre, ty burrell, demi moore, dean winters, and many more
10) everyone deserves to see scarjo wearing a 420 themed girl scouts costume

tldr please please please spend your money to have a good time and support this movie. we need more female helmed comedies, and as a female filmmaker it is really inspiring to see such great work being backed by major studios.