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Yes, because if you’re depending on the police or anyone else to protect you or your home then I got some bad news for you buddy.

I feel like this will go to deaf ears but welp.

For one, I am merely for gun control. I don’t care for guns otherwise.

Anyways, the issue is that your logic victim blames people who don’t have a gun for whatever reason. If someone hurts people and they have no gun, it is still the assaulter’s fault. Not the person who didn’t have a gun.

And it technically should be the cop’s duty to protect you. Yes, they may not be on time (or some may not even care), but there’s a reason we rely on cops because that’s kind of the whole point of their existence. (if we’re gonna argue their only duty is to abide by the law, well that must really say a lot about the laws if protecting citizens isn’t part of it).

I know realistically, that “well the asshole is still gonna attack you durr” but constantly shaping our views, our values and our lives just to protect ourselves from these assholes is just living in fear. It may seem like merely being prepared, but it becomes a slippery slope of victim blaming and other junk. 

What if you did have a gun but didn’t use it on time, or the assailant was faster? Why didn’t you shoot fast enough?!?! Or what if someone shot someone out of fear? They can’t hurt me if I hurt them first! That mentality will just go on and on. And besides if everyone has a gun, then who’s gonna protect each other from each other with the guns..? Is it gonna be grenades next?

As far as gun-control goes, I just don’t see what’s so wrong with having some sort of screening with guns. Gun control isn’t anti-gun. It’s literally just seeing if someone is responsible enough to own one and randomly buying one from Walmart is probably the least safest way into getting one. Which is what the gifset was implying. (If you’re not actually anti-gun control then ignore this paragraph.)


Thanks for 100 followers! (Well, it’s more now.. but still!) Enjoy this little bonus!! I had to save two at a time so they’d all fit in one photoset, so I hope it’s still easy to read for everyone. x:

To be honest I expected this blog to plateau at around 30 followers, so seeing it grow past that was extremely surprising! Thanks for sending in requests and being so open minded, welcoming and encouraging!

Also, please don’t take theses little strips too seriously. It’s nothing but bad jokes but hopefully they’ll make someone laugh. :)

mylittlehony replied to your photoset: “First ride on Celtic since the op! He was a bit antsy as he’s so out…”

What was the operation for? I’m glad he’s recovered well from whatever it was.

It was for me actually, thank goodness. I was born with bad hips but it’s not a problem that was really known about or checked for when I was a kid. So now there are a number of 20-something athletes coming in with early onset arthritis in their hips because their ball and socket don’t align right. It’s in both legs but my left isn’t giving me too much trouble (I can’t get my left hip in alignment under me which you can pick out easily in pretty much every photo once you’ve been told about it) so I’m not fixing it unless it becomes troublesome.
My right one was showing some narrowing of the joint space and I’d over-done how far the joint could move at some point because I’d torn the outside ring of cartilage too. Basically I’d ride for a while then by late afternoon I’d be paying for it, and by the next day I’d be miserable. Walking for any more than half a mile or at a brisk pace would also aggravate the problem and painkillers only helped if I was resting, but I work a physical job. So my quality of life was suffering and I couldn’t work for longer than a couple of hours.
Sooo… they broke my femur, rotated the ball head, repaired the flapping cartilage and gave me a foot long piece of metal in my leg and a scar just as long to match. There is a pin that’s too long and catches me occasionally. I can’t do big, fast movements with the leg so becoming a professional kickboxer would be out of the question lol ;)  But I can ride for several hours, days in a row, and I don’t feel any repercussions. Hence, I label myself less-abled. I walk, but it’s with a slight twist and limp. I can use stairs, walk a mile, ride a horse. Just don’t ask me to run, jump or change direction too fast. Or sit for any length of time. Riding can get a bit sore too if we’re walking and I don’t get to do any trot work for a time. But generally, when people ask I usually tell them it doesn’t matter if I don’t walk well, just as long as I can ride.

Needless to say, last year was quite a journey.

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Ahhhhh fml yes! I’m in need of a haircut like bad and now that it’s getting warmer I’m really motivated to chop this crap off. xD

@insigni–ficance hehehe…you should do whatever you want! :) But I’m pretty sure that no matter what you do, it’ll be amazing. I always helllaaa look forward to whenever you show your hair in your snaps, because that’s the only time that I can see your current hairstyle and color! ;)


There’s a tree of events that start back in 2007 when I got hired for The Force Unleashed. I started creating this character called Starkiller for that video game series. And that caused Dave Filoni to hire me for a character called The Son in these three episodes in the third season [of Star Wars: The Clone Wars]. […] I guess he liked what I did. He said ’there might be something down the road for you’. And that lead to Darth Maul. - Sam Witwer on how he got his various roles in the Star Wars franchise

rabiesvaccine replied to your photoset “Damn, when did Gundam get so… grim and bloody? I think I’m cheering…”

surprised by the “grim” and “bloodiness”? referring to either side as “good” and “bad”? you haven’t watched a lot of gundam, have you? lol

No. I’ve completed four series of the ones I have tried. It’s not a franchise I’m particularly invested in and thus I don’t really care about the whole history since it was made in ‘79 or whatever.

After that rather harmless post, I realized Gundam fans were a bunch of elitist cunts, so I did learn something about the franchise. Now I have no intention about talking about it, since I have no desire to get spat on for not knowing the whole fucking history of Zeon or some other idiotic shit.

The Gundam fandom literally sucks. So no thank you, please all of you, fuck off.


Yes it is, this kid who went to school upstate, in the country whatever, who is from the ghetto and he tried to make something of his life and he would leave his old friends behind and when he came back ummm, on Spring break or Thanksgiving break his friends became so envious, jealous of him they killed him but in the film I don’t die of course so it’s a true story that we had taken from Time or Newsweek Magazine. - Michael Jackson, 1987 Ebony/Jet Interview

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How is it that you get so many notes and followers,any advice?

Before you get a lot of people following you etc you want to make sure you have a clean theme, i see too many people with brightly colored backgrounds or poor default themes that just don’t do them any justice.

You generally want a 2 columned theme with a white background, it’s generally the most easy on the eye, hence why people are more likely to look at your stuff - and more importantly stay there. 

You need to make sure your posts aren’t bad. What i mean by that is, you don’t want to have (in my experience at least) really long photoset photos - as this takes up a large space on your blog. Try and generally keep to 1 sort of look or idea, i see alot of popular nature/vintage/cars/girls and whatever, you don’t have to do that though. I just do all verticals in general - but i remember when i started out i had specific blog theme like 4 different times, swapping from horizontal pictures only, to luxury pictures only and so on. I would recommend trying to get a URL that is just 1 word, for example - cool, teenager, pizza etc. These are hard to obtain as most words have already been taken, but if you can snag one it’s probably going to make you stand out way more than if you’re called only-the-hipster-babes or cars-and-bitchesyolo3. I remember one guy i once knew with around 50,000 followers once told me that the way he would find knew people was to simply look at all the URL names of the people who reblogged from him and he would only check out the people with the best/coolest names - so i would say having something slick is going to make you stand out.You could consider a name with alliteration as that works too e.g. Jamjars, sinkingsouls, which you probably know makes things become emphasized if you paid attention in English class. 

I remember when i started out that one of the things i did was message every single blog that was considered ‘big’ at the time, pretty much anyone who had over 30,000 followers, i asked them to check my blog out. Some people completely ignored me but maybe half or so ended up liking what they saw when they gave me a chance and followed, so that really helped alot. As a later result of that, me and one of the guys who now has over 200,000 followers - you can check his blog here - set up a clothing line together - which you can check out here - and made it decently successful given that we could show our photos to almost 500,000 people. The point i’m making is that by trying to put yourself out there and keeping your blog clean/pleasing to the eye - you stand a better chance of meeting similar/like minded people, getting followers and consequentially getting those notes. 

I hope this helps! I’m going to tag this as 'me’ so that anyone who is interested in following these tips can show them to their friends on my 'me’ section, or you can just provide them with this reblog link. 


“Hey, Julia, listen to me, okay? Whatever is feeling good right now about Ed is just related to how bad things are feeling with Joel, and it is not worth it. It’s not about him, this is about you and Joel, and you gotta focus on your marriage. It’s about you, it’s about your family. It’s not worth it, okay? You gotta get this guy out of your life and forget about him. Figure your stuff out with Joel.”

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Ate Mon, how did you do those custom link bars?

okay so like, i have all the images uploaded in my drafts as a text post (note: NOT a photoset, nevr a photoset) so i can get the image addresses bc im too lazy to use imgur or whatever. 

this is actually a bad idea bc i think tumblr links disappear after a while but i never have themes long enough for me to care. tumblr removed Upload Static Image so u cant rly use their permanent image hosting anymore (dang staff why)

so what u wanna do is right click and choose Copy Image Address to get something that looks like this > 

any image hosting site will give u a link like this if it ends in .jpg or .png ur good

so there are two codes u gotta learn here, the first is <img src=“http://PIC/”>, which lets u insert an image. just insert an image. it won’t really do anything but show up. replace PIC with the httpsdfgjhkdlsf.png image.

the next is <a href=“http://LINK”>BLAH</a> which lets u put links on things. if you replace LINK with a url, BLAH will go to the url when you click it

so basically u gotta put it together. put a link on the image u insert.

pls pls pls remember </a> or else the link will never end

also remember to put “” s before and after the urls or they wont work

and don’t copy paste a “ because somehow it doesn’t work if u do. type it in manually

this is an example, sorry it’s messy but yk whatevs. it’s the code i use to link to my art tag. title=“sjdhgfl” is an extra code you put if you want hover text

so if u click this

itll link to my art tag

sorry i cant explain it any easier :u

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he’s got hundreds of thousands of followers and he does in fact, put:
✩ pale & pastels ✩
on all his posts. he’s also a photographer and loves his Nikon more than anything, possibly even more than his cat (Tabitha) and his Polaroid. he likes taking artsy pictures of his best friend lydia

and whatever

derek on the other hand, has a couple thousand followers, which is not too bad, and he is pretty damn happy with that. mostly he loves thinking up marvel headcanons and what happened in budapest and angrily demanding a black widow movie (which is how derek first finds stiles’ blog, because there was a photoset of lydia dressed up as the black widow. credits to tifferini for these photos)

and that is how they meet uwu

i have nothing else from this verse just yet but i think it would be so. freaking. cool.