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hey hey it's meeee again! I wanted to ask if you had a list for jealous drarry fanfic? thanks in advance ☺️💕

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how about these 


AllRiseSilver: Ryeowook-ah, I came to your neighbourhood #HobbitVillage @ Hobbiton - The Shire

AllRiseSilverMom and I @ Hobbiton - The Shire

AllRiseSilver: Happiness @ Hobbiton - The Shire

AllRiseSilver: Who is it? #Comein @ Hobbiton - The Shire

AllRiseSilver: Miss you guys [c]  

Preference #10: Making Up


Harry: Your mother had always said the best way to cure heartbreak is to not acknowledge it. So that’s what you had been doing. For the past week you had been doing the usual routine. Going to work, catching up with friends, posting stuff on social media and ignoring the phone calls and text messages Harry was constantly sending you. Of course you, being 100% stubborn, refused to respond to them. If he really wanted to fix things he could try and see you in person. Until then you were good at pretending that everything was normal. You had forced your best friend to take you somewhere fun, somewhere you could easily distract yourself from your thoughts. Retail therapy was the obvious answer, so currently you were wandering the mall for cute outfits.

“Y/N I’ve found the hottest dress ever, try it on.” Your best friend shoved you into a dressing room and handed you the silky white material. You didn’t have time to protest so you gave up and slid the dress on. It was beautiful and somehow managed to hug your curves and leave something to the imagination.

“Can you zip me up?” You walked out of the dressing room and angled yourself so your friend could zip the back up. You weren’t prepared for the masculine and familiar hands to graze your skin, causing you to shiver.

“You look beautiful.” You felt every part of your body freeze as you heard Harry’s deep voice. You had no idea the level of impact hearing his voice would have on you. You could practically feel your heart soar. His hands slid down your back and landed on your hips as he turned you around to face him. As soon as you saw his face the pain and humiliation all flooded back. So he thought you looked beautiful but he didn’t care enough to make love to you?

“What are you doing here Harry?” Your voice was monotone, uncaring even. Even if you were dying on the inside, your composure remained intact. You still had your dignity even if you didn’t have him.

“I was a jerk, I treated you horribly. I have no excuses I can give for why I acted like I did.” He cupped your face in his hands and pulled you closer, whispering in your ear “but I can tell you one thing.” Your heart was racing, as angry as you had been, being with Harry always felt amazing.

“I can take you back home, where you belong, and prove to you just how much I’ve missed you.” He leant down and placed a tender kiss right on the nape of your neck, your weak spot. As mad as you were, you knew you had the rest of your lives to sort out the problem. But right now, you were going to get what you had been waiting for.

Liam: “Fuckity, fuckity, fuckity fuck.” You muttered, pacing up and down the sidewalk outside Liam’s house. You had been staying with your best friend for a couple days ever since Liam had stood you up. However, you’d just realised that you had left your purse there, which had everything you needed on a daily basis. You took a few deep breaths. Surely it wasn’t going to be a big deal, maybe he wasn’t even home. You silently prayed that he wasn’t going to be home, you didn’t even know how you would react if he was. Digging your nails into the palm of your hand, you scurried down the footpath and opened the door with your key. You tiptoed into the foyer, making sure not to make any sounds. The last thing you needed was a confrontation. Your purse was on the nightstand in the main bedroom, meaning that if Liam was anywhere, it would be there. Closing the door gently behind you, you clambered up the stairs and snuck into the bedroom. You heard the shower going and cursed to yourself, the purse was so close but to get it you had to walk straight past the bathroom.

“Okay Y/N, you can do this.” You whispered, reassuring yourself. You lowered your body down to the floor and shuffled along the carpet in an army crawl. Your purse was nearly within reach now, if you just stretched your arm out…

“Y/N?” You jumped as Liam’s voice rung out behind you, causing the purse to slip off the nightstand, bringing down several other items with it.  Your cheeks burned as you scooped the purse up and turned to face a shirtless and dripping Liam. Your already tomato looking cheeks were probably a shade darker at this.

“I was just leaving.” You turned away, trying to muster up your last shred of dignity. The angry tears were stinging your eyes and you blinked rapidly, trying to stop them from falling.

“No, wait.” He grabbed your wrist gently, and pulled you towards him. You kept your eyes averted away from him, knowing that him being shirtless would give you heart palpitations. “I’m sorry Y/N. I’ve been a complete asshole and you didn’t deserve that. I’ve missed you so much-”, he was cut off as he saw a tear trail down your cheek. He tenderly lifted his thumb and wiped it away, looking at you with a pain-filled expression.

“It was our anniversary Liam, I don’t want to be over-dramatic but to me that means something.”

“I know baby, I know. I’m a jerk, a douchebag, an idiot and every other insult I can think of. You’re the most important thing in my life and I promise I won’t ever forget that again.” He hugged you, kissing the top of your forehead and pressing you against his shirtless body. It was too hard to resist and you knew he wouldn’t do it again. You melted into his arms and let all your anger fade away.

Zayn: The sadness had turned into anger about five minutes after he had slammed the door. Clingy? Wanting to spend time with your boyfriend wasn’t a fucking crime but apparently it seemed to win you award of the worst girlfriend ever. You could hardly wait until he got home so you could let loose and give him a piece of your mind. Even if that meant waiting up all night, you would do it. You sat on the sofa, trying to distract yourself with a movie. You had gone through two movies and a whole jug of coffee and it was only 2 in the morning.

“Clingy, god, I’m the least clingy girlfriend ever.” You angrily muttered to yourself, pausing the movie and going to fill up your mug again. A car door slam made you jump and you heard murmuring voices. Sighing you walked over to the door and opened it, seeing Louis and Harry supporting Zayn as he wandered drunkenly over to the house.

“Sorry Y/N, he seemed to be drinking a lot tonight and he said he needed to see you.” Harry smiled sheepishly as the intoxicated Zayn finally realised you were there.

“Babeeeeeeeeeee, I missed you.” His slurred words made it difficult to comprehend what he was saying. You’d never seen Zayn this drunk and you realised his eyes were bloodshot. You quickly ushered him inside and sat him down on the couch before walking back over to the other guys.

“Why are his eyes so red? Please don’t tell me he’s been smoking pot.” Harry and Louis quickly shook their head.

“He was crying at one point and muttering something, and then he asked for you. I have no clue what he did Y/N, but he seems pretty beat up about it.” You could feel an ongoing headache coming on but you thanked the boys and walked back over to Zayn. His black hair was dishevelled and his appearance was sloppy, you could smell the alcohol on his breath.

“I’m s-s-sorry Y/N.” His brown eyes filled with tears again and you felt your heart clench. You had never seen Zayn cry before, and it was heartbreaking.

“I’m not clingy and it really hurt when you said I was…” You picked at a loose thread on the sleeve of your sweater and avoided eye contact.

“C-c-can we talk about this t-t-tomorrow? I l-l-love you-u-” He slurred, the same pained look on his face. You smiled slightly and nodded, forcing him to lay down as you covered him with a blanket. You could deal with the mess tomorrow, but it was obvious Zayn was sorry and you couldn’t help but forgive him.

Niall: He had left you seven voicemails, all of which you had deleted. You knew the media sometimes twisted things, but this was obvious and clear. Niall had a girlfriend, a fact he ‘forgotten’ to tell you. However, you were ready to confront him and tell him to leave you alone. The more he called and tried to get in contact with you, the more you were reminded of the pain. You pulled up outside his house, a stone-cold look plastered on your face. You weren’t going down without a fight. The door was unlocked and you walked straight in, not bothering to knock.

“Y/N, I’m so glad you’re here, we need to ta-” Niall got up from the couch, a pleading look on his face. You swallowed the lump in your throat.

“No, we don’t. I’ve come here to tell you to leave me alone.” You could physically feel your heart break all over again as the words left your mouth. Niall’s face fell, making you feel even worse, but you had to stand your ground.

“I can’t do that Y/N, you don’t under-” He began to speak but again you cut him off. You couldn’t handle the excuses he was going to throw at you.

“Understand? I understand perfectly well, you never cared about me. It’s fucking simple.” Your voice was steadily rising and you were getting angrier by the second. By the look on Niall’s face, he was as well.

“Let me speak for fuck’s sake. I’m. not. dating. that. girl.” He yelled, his teeth gritted. “And don’t fucking say I don’t care, because I do care. A lot.”

“Okay then prove it huh? If you care about me so much, then do something about it.” You asked, challenging him. He could say whatever he wanted, but words didn’t prove it, you needed evidence.

“Fine, I’ll prove it.” He yelled, lifting you up and pressing you against the wall. His lips connected with your collarbone and you let out a moan, running your hands through his shaggy hair. You wrapped your legs around his waist and his hands travelled to your thighs, gripping them tightly. He pressed his lips against yours and moved you to the kitchen counter, his lips never once leaving yours.

“I love you.” He moaned, his deep voice echoing in the kitchen. As he lifted your shirt over your head, his mouth travelled down your chest. This was the most passionate you guys had ever been, so you knew he meant every word.

“I love you too.”

Louis: You couldn’t help but curl up in your bed and refuse to move after you had that fight with Louis. You guys hardly every fought, you were the ‘perfect’ couple. Recently, when your best guy friend had come to visit, Louis had become insanely jealous and possessive. You sighed and cuddled into your pillow. Part of you knew he couldn’t help it, I mean god know’s how many times you had been jealous of the girls he hangs with. The rest of you was just upset, it was almost like he had zero trust in you, and that hurt. Your phone buzzed and you glanced at it. It was your best friend, the cause of all your problems right now.

Y/N, come to the balcony. - Y/BFF/N

You groaned as you left the comfort and reassurance of your warm and cosy bed. As you walked onto the balcony you felt the cold air engulf you.

“This better be worth it.” You muttered as you shuffled over to the edge of the balcony and looked around. Down below you saw a dark figure, in his hand a bouquet of roses in his arms.

“I’m sorry.” A sheepish voice muttered as Louis stepped out of the darkness. He was dressed in a black suit, extremely stylish considering you were dressed in your PJ’s. The bright red roses shone and you smiled to yourself, of course Louis remembered your favourite. But you weren’t going to give in that easily.

“For what exactly?” You crossed your arms, fighting the smile working it’s way onto your face. You had already forgiven Louis as soon as you saw him, but you wanted to make him squirm.

“For being a jealous boyfriend. I do trust you, completely, but I just felt insecure and stupid and I’m sorry.” He trailed off, extending his arms and lifting the flowers up to you.  

“I forgive you Tomlinson, now come up here and hug me because I’m freezing.” You laughed as Louis climbed up onto the balcony with ease, and wrapped his arms around you. His arms had never felt so good.



how they wake you up; for got7

Mark : With feather-light kisses. Mark turns to sleep on his side, snuggling into the warm duvet, and a warm person. He opens his eyes when he feels his nose bumping into yours by accident, and when he’s more awake to realize that you two just bumped noses while you were sleeping, he had to stifle a laugh. He smiles brightly, all teeth and eyes disappearing into crescents, while he watches you breathe steadily as you continue to sleep like a baby. You look so peaceful when you’re sleeping, and Mark can’t help but lean in to kiss the tip of your nose. He pulls away, expecting your eyes to flutter open so he could look into your light brown orbs, but you don’t and he pouts, more to himself. He pushes himself up and places a soft kiss on your forehead, letting his lips linger there for a few seconds longer. All you give him in response is a rather inaudible groan, your body barely moving. Mark chuckles softly and kisses you on your cheeks, two on each side. This time, you move your hand to swat at whatever was disturbing you, unaware that it was Mark. He giggles and dodges your attacks, then swoops down for another kiss on your lips. He pecks your lips until you finally wake up, throwing your arm over your face and turning away from him to hide your wide smile and blushing cheeks.

Jaebum : He would be staring at you until you wake up. Jaebum stirs from his sleep and cracks an eye open, letting his retina adjust to the sun rays streaming into the bedroom, drowning the room in a warm orange hue. He closes his eyes and sucks in a breath, stretching out his limbs and letting out a yawn. Jaebum’s movements cause you to shift, making you turn your body to face him. He stills for a moment, realizing that you’re still asleep, then he slowly props himself up on his arm so that he can get a good, long look at you. A small smile creeps up onto his flawless face as his eyes scan your features; your cute nose, your furrowed eyebrows, your long lashes, your rosy cheeks and your red cherry lips. Jaebum gently brushes away some hair from your face, just so that he can get a clearer and better view of you. He continues to watch you while you’re sound asleep, your slow breathing in sync with his, breathing each others’ air. He doesn’t get sick of looking at you, and he thinks that he can probably look at you forever, but then his thought is interrupted when your eyes slowly flutter open, your lips instantly curving up into a smile when he’s the first person you see.

Jackson : By being noisy and pouncing on you. Jackson’s the first one to wake up today, surprisingly, and the first thing he does is turn to your side of the bed to look at you. He plops back down onto the pillow and stretches to wake his muscles up. “Y/N.” He calls, in his low and husky voice. You don’t respond, so he scoots closer to you. “Babe,” He looks up at you with puppy eyes, “wake up.” He shakes you softly and you groan in response. You turn your head so that you’re away from him, facing the wall. “Babeeeeeeeeeee.” He whines. He places a kiss on your shoulder, then up your neck. “Wake up.” He says again once his lips reach your jaw. He pulls away, seeing that you still haven’t moved or responded to him. “BABE!” Jackson raises his voice, propping himself up on his elbow. You groan once again, your arm flying over your face to cover your eyes. “Y/N!” He jumps over you and you let out a scream from the sudden weight of him above you. He looks down into your eyes now that you’re fully awake, and rather annoyed, but he knows how to deal with it. “What?” You furrow your eyebrows. He smiles and leans in to kiss you lovingly on the lips. You’re lost in the kiss and your arms instinctively wrap around his neck. “Good morning, beautiful.” He says when he pulls away, a sly smile on his face. “Morning, idiot.” You say, before pushing him off the bed to wash up.

Jinyoung : With breakfast in bed. Jinyoung always wakes up earlier than you, and he’s glad he does because he gets to look and admire the way you sleep. It’s not very glamorous, with your hair sticking out in every direction and your limbs tangled either with his legs or the duvet, but he likes how you look so vulnerable when you’re sleeping. After staring at you for what seems like forever, Jinyoung sits up in the bed, messing with his fringe and putting it the way he likes it. He turns around to glance at your sleeping form, a smile spread across his face. He leans over to place a soft kiss on your forehead, then quietly hops out of bed to freshen up. He stalks to the kitchen and pulls out ingredients needed to make pancakes. Jinyoung hums and sings softly as he prepares breakfast, the aroma of pancakes making the apartment smell like an edible candle shop. He plates the pancakes up nicely, drizzling maple syrup on top and adding a few strawberries on the side. He puts two plates on the tray, followed by two glasses of orange juice, and walks to the bedroom. You’re still sleeping when Jinyoung walks in, and he smiles softly and places the tray on the nightstand. “Baby, I made breakfast. Wake up and eat it while it’s hot.” He says in the most soothing voice ever, while shaking you slightly. Your eyes flutter open and you smile when you see him. “Hey.” You say in a hushed whisper. He repeats again that he made you breakfast, only then did you smell the delicious aroma of pancakes. “You’re the best.” You say as you get out of bed, walking to the bathroom. “I know.” He smirks as he stuffs a forkful of pancake into his mouth.

Youngjae : He wouldn’t have the heart to wake you up. Youngjae rarely wakes up later than you, but today he does wake up later than you, way into the afternoon. Whenever you wake up later than him, it just means that you’re too exhausted from studying, because really, who could ever sleep as much as Youngjae? Then he remembered waking up at 3am last night to use the toilet to see you still studying. He had called you to bed and you complied, crawling into the warmth of his arms. He yawns and wraps an arm around your waist and gently pulls you closer to him. He turns to sleep on his side so that he can hug you more comfortably. You let out a soft groan and snuggle closer to him, your eyebrows knitted together. He smiles and uses his index finger to tap your nose, then places a light kiss on your lips. Youngjae doesn’t want to be the only one awake in the house, so he closes his eyes and tries to drift off to sleep again, letting your shallow breathing and addictive body scent lull him back to sleep.

Bambam : With bone-crushing hugs and close body contact. Bambam yawns and lies in bed for a few seconds, staring up into the ceiling. You have your back towards him, a pillow in your arms as you hug it tightly. Bambam pushes himself up and bends over you to see if you’re still sleeping, which you were. He collapses back down on the bed, then snakes his arm around your waist and pulls you against his chest. He throws his leg over yours and snuggles his face into your hair. You shift when he suddenly hugs you, and you turn to sleep on your back. Bambam pecks your cheek and pulls you even closer to him, squeezing you to his body, as if you two weren’t already close enough. He rests his head on your shoulder, but gets up after two seconds for the fear of his head being too heavy and straining your shoulder. He settles for nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck, his lips grazing your warm and smooth skin. His hot breath begins to tickle your neck and you slowly wake up to his arms and legs wounded around you. You push the pillow that you were hugging away, and wrap your arms around him instead. “Morning.” He coos, kissing your soft lips. You smile into the kiss and hum, resting your head on his chest. Bambam is way more comfortable to hug than a pillow anyway.

Yugyeom : By poking you playfully. Yugyeom rubs his face with his palms and then runs his fingers through his blonde hair. He turns to his side with his eyes still closed, but slowly flutters them open to look at you. The more he stares at you, the more awake he becomes. Yugyeom gently pokes your arm, then decides to poke your arm in a pattern. He gently does it from your wrist up to your shoulder blade, then back down again. He then pokes your cheek, then your nose. Your eyes flutter open and you turn to face Yugyeom, a mischievous smile on his face. “Good morning.” He says cheerfully, a smile brighter than the sun on his face. You scrunch up your nose at him, turning your body so that you were facing him. “Good morning.” You reply, letting him drape his arm around your body so that he can pull you closer to him. Yugyeom pokes your sides and you giggle with your face in his chest.

- ash teaching you how to play drums by having you sit on his lap, controlling your hands…

-he would ALWAYS mention you when people asked about girlfriends In interviews, blushing as he spoke about you and giggling every five seconds,


-putting tiny plaits I’m his hair when it was wet,

-“ASH SIT STILL IM NOT DONE” “why are you braiding my hair?!” “FOR THE FANS ASH, FOR THE F A N S”

-Twitter would love you as a power couple

-on Halloween you would dress as old him, with a bandana and a tank top



-always cuddling, his long limbs draped round you in the car, sofa, bed, plane, coach, etc

-cute fucking snap chats, the cute ass big eye filter, the heart eye filter, the angel filter, the rainbow filter.

-“I love you” “I love you too” “ash get the camera out my face” “but babeeeeeeeeeee”

-“my baby girl” ALL THE TIME

-Always touching you at some point around the boys, a small hand on your thigh or and arm round yours or your hands interlocking, even a fucking leg over yours while sitting.

5SOS Preference~He's Sick
  • Ashton: "Oh my God," I say as I stare at Ashton puking for about the fourth time today in the toilet. I ran to him and soothed his back with my palm. I pulled him out as he rinsed his mouth using a mouthwash. "Ashton, I think you got food poisoned." He looked at me with a confused stare. "Why would I get food poisoned? And from where?" I shrugged. "I don't know, really. Maybe the food at the party yesterday." He bit his lip as if remembering something. "Well... it did taste sort of funny.." I held back a laugh and said, "Dear, Jesus. Why'd you eat it then?" "Well I-" Whoops. There he goes again with the vomiting. He washed his mouth again and I led him over to the couch. "My tummy hurts," he groaned. "Let's go watch a movie, yeah?" I proposed. "You pick, Ash." He stood up and picked a movie whilst I prepared us food. Once I got back, he was already settled down on the couch. I chuckled and he turned to face me. He opened up his arms and I plopped down on the couch. "Comfy?" he smirked. "Shut up, and watch the movie."
  • Calum: "Yes." "No." "Yes." "No. "Yes." "No." "Goddammit, Calum. Just take your medicine." "Fine." Yesterday, the boys played soccer. I was okay with that, though. Calum just got hit by the rain as he stayed behind a little longer. Being sweaty and being hit by the rain, he got sick. I woke up to him trying to muffle his coughs, which I may add, were dry, but I heard him. He tried to convince me that he was okay and that he "can take care of himself" but I wasn't buying it. "See, I told you you would get sick." "For the last time, babe, I'm not *cough* sick." I smirked and the red on his cheeks were evident. "Mmm.. You sure 'bout that, Thomas?" "Posi-*cough*-tive." A laugh escaped my lips. "Sure. Now, take your medicine." He groaned, but finally agreed. I wrapped him up in blankets on the bed while I was on twitter laying beside him. "Cuddle?" he asked in a helium voice. "No." "Cuddle?" " Calum, you'll get me sick." He stuck out his bottom lip and put on puppy eyes. "Ugh. Fine." He grinned wide. "Yay!" I put the cover above us and I cuddled into his chest. "But if you get me sick, you're dead."
  • Luke: Dropping my bag on the floor, I closed the door. I came home from school, expecting the sound of a guitar strumming, but much to my dismay, it was quiet. Well, except from occasional coughs and groans. "Babe?" I called out. "I'm here, Y/N," a hoarse voice replied. I walked to the living room to see my boyfriend on the couch wrapped in blankets. "Aww.. What's wrong, Lukey?" I cooed, feeling his forehead. He was hot. (Well, HOT hot. But he's hot, too) "I'm gonna get you medicine, food, and water, kay? Wait for me here." I ran to the cupboards and took out a biogesic, a bottle of water, and I cooked noodles. "Babeeeeeeeeeee," he groaned, making me lightly chuckle. "Wait a sec, hun," I replied giggling. After five minutes, I poured the contents into a bowl and got a clean spoon. I put everything on a tray and carried it to the living room. I sat on the floor facing him, feeding him. Although I wanted him to feel better, I found it kind of adorable. While he ate, I told him stories about my day and how I aced the test I've studied for so long. Seeing the smile on his face made me happy. I gave him his medicine and he gulped it down with water. I put the dishes back to the kitchen with the tray. "Come on, Luke," I say as I come back, "Let's go up. You need sleep." I managed to make him stand up as he leaned onto my body for support. "Mhm.," he mumbled. "Luke?" I giggled. "Are you asleep already?" No reply. I shook my head smiling. I dragged him to out bedroom and laid him down on the bed, covering him with blankets. Just as I was about to leave, he caught my wrist. "Stay?" I couldn't say no. I snuggled with him under the blankets. "Thanks for taking care of me, Y/N." I pressed a kiss on his burning forehead. "No problem. Now, go get some sleep. love."
  • Michael: "ACHOO!" "Mhmm.." "ACHOO!" "Michael?" I turned around to see my boyfriend having a little sneezing fit. As cute as he was, I didn't want this going on for long. "Mikey, I'll go get you some neozep. Stay here." He pulled me closer, saying, "No. I'm fine. I'm not-ACHOO!" I giggled and kissed his forehead, latter saying, "Nope. Be right back." I got up, got his medicine and some water, and walked back to the room. "Here," I said, handing him the tabs. He smiled softly. "Thanks, love." "No problem." It was cold, and we were too awake to go back to sleep. We just told jokes and stories and laughed, Michael's occasional sneezes making us both burst of laughter. At about three a.m., we finally went back to sleep.