such a baaaaaaaby


hp quotes // “Lily’s smile was widest of all. She pushed her long hair back as she drew close to him, and her green eyes, so like his, searched his face hungrily as though she would never be able to look at him enough.” 


To be a part of something like [Transformers] this is really helpful because… it gives you a lot more exposure internationally, It is important, in some ways, to be a part of a franchise because it gives you enough credibility, I guess, to go and make smaller movies. Which is what I really love to do.- Josh Duhamel For Haute Living Magazine; 2017.  

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i rlly love u i stalk ur blog religiously i love ur personality and fashion sense and ur lil snappy comebacks at mean ppl youre the best

baaaaaaaby i heart u

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The moment Hope laid beside her unconscious mother and held her arm my heart went </3 my baaaaaaabies.

IKRRRRRRRRRR, they kill me everytime! These girls spent 5 years together on their own. Hayley did one hell of a job, and you can see just how much Hope loves her mommy. When she screamed “come back mommy, come back!” I had so many feels, because Hope truly doesn’t know a world without her mother in it, and nor should she. 

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"can't take my eyes off you" is such a poe @ finn song tbh. imagine poe serenading finn with it.

here’s how it would go down: poe sits finn down in a chair in the seemingly empty and dark mess hall with no context. finn looks extremely confused and then poe, lit by a single spotlight, starts by doing the opening with just a guitar, super low-key. finn is vibing to it and poe sings the line “can’t take my eyes off of you”

and then theres a 10 second dramatic pause before SUDDENLY all the lights come on and an entire orchestra made of all the x-wing pilots (many of whom never learned to play an instrument but make up for lack of skill with an abundance of enthusiasm) accompany poe as he knee-slides and jumps right into the I LOVE YOU BAAAAAAABY

tl;dr poe is extremely unnecessarily extra

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THANK YOU FOR THIS BLOG, I LOVE IT. ❤️❤️❤️ Could you write something super cute where Holtzmann is being like, super affectionate at work & the reader's kind of shy & whenever Holtzmann casually kisses her, she gets super flustered + blushing - & Holtzmann just thinks it's 110% the cutest thing ever? Thank you. 😍


“For the last time, Holtzmann.” You whispered, grabbing her hands and removing them from your waist. “Personal space at work, we’ve talked about this.”

Jillian smiled doefully, placing her chin on your shoulder and casting her eyes up at you. “It’s not my fault I want to give my lady love affection.”

You sighed, knowing the deep blush that was evident upon your cheeks. “Look it’s not that I don’t appriciate what you’re trying to do here, but please not at work?”

When Holtzmann wasn’t fazed by your warnings, you moved yourself away from her and busied yourself with organizing the bookshelves.

However, you should have known that Jillian wouldn’t give up so easily, because within minutes she had you in her arms, ignoring your protests, and plopped down in her chair, situating you on her lap.

You huffed, your bangs flying upward as you glared at her, knowing there was no means of escaping. “I hate you.”

Jillian chuckled, pressing her nose up to your’s. “No you don’t.” She sang softly.

“Holtzmann, you have work to do.” You chided, trying to make up an excuse to get you out of this embarrassing situation.

Jillian just hummed and left a kiss on your ear. “That’s why you’re right here, dofus.” She said, reaching out to her desk and picking up a small mechanical part of a machine, starting to tinking around with it.

After a few minutes you relaxed your previous stiff position, letting yourself ease into Jillian’s hold as you rested your head on her shoulder.

Holtzmann noticed your change in demeanor and a smile grew on her face, still tinkering away. “Knew you’d come around at some point.”

You groaned, letting your head fall back on her arm. “I could just slap you sometimes.”

“You could, but you won’t because you love me too much.” Jillian said, winking at you.

You simply turned your head and scowled at the stack of books on Jillian’s desk.

“C'mon, you know you wanna say it.” Jillian said, poking your cheek with her nose.

You pettily turned your head farther away from her, refusing to give her what she wanted.

“Baaaaaaaby.” She wailed loudly, causing Abby to look over at you two and smile, a slight laugh coming from her.

You instantly panicked knowing that someone had caught the two of you and you desperately tried to wriggle your way out of Jillian’s grip, but it was iron tight.

“Stop it, Abby’s staring!” You complained.

“Say you love me and I will.” She said, clinging onto you.

“Fine! I love you dammit.” You softened your voice so only Jillian could hear, causing her to smile and cuddle into you.

“I love you too, dollface.”

  • Me: *Sarah comes on screen* my baby
  • Me: *Felix comes on screen* ugh, my baby
  • Me: *Allison comes on screen* my baaaaaaaby
  • Me: *Cosima comes on screen* MY BAAABY
  • Me: *Delphine comes on screen* MY PUPPY
  • Me: *Helena comes on screen* mY bAaaYbYyyyYYY
  • Me: *Rachel comes on screen* MY BA-
  • Me: *Rachel breaks bone marrow vials* wow, nope

a/n: sometimes i say i’m gonna write something and that it’ll be up in a few days but then i get too excited about it and end up finishing it and posting that day. enjoy, feedback is encouraged!

3K words, domestic!ash, smut!!!!, dirty talk, bathtubs!!!!!!


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