such a ba at everything she does!

Ok look I’m just gonna put this out there…Sokka was the oldest male in the Southern Water Tribe, right? That’s why he was the warrior and all that jazz. Katara grew up with a bunch of old women and girls and little boys. So when Aang came along and subsequently showed interest in her, yeah, I’m not surprised they had a thing. But even if they did love each other, he was her first love. Many would call that a childish love, especially considering he was probably her first romantic love interest. 

Then comes along Zuko, someone she had to hate right off the bat because he was a lil crazy (I mean, understandably) and chasing them around the world, trying to kidnap her friend/possible romantic love interest. But then things change. We see that change in the show. And when the two of them are stuck in the catacombs of Ba Sing Se, we see her attitude towards him change rapidly. Because now she’s gotten out of her childhood home and has been places and met people and learned that not everything is as simple as it once seemed. So here’s this guy that she previously hated, now opening up to her and actually trying to be a decent person. He suddenly does a 180, shattering that fragile trust she had gained in him. And it sucks.

But then Zuko goes through his metamorphosis. And Katara experiences a supreme amount of loss and struggle. She herself realizes that not every person’s history is black and white (shoutout to you, Hama). I’m sure there are tons of examples, but I’m too tired to find and list them.

ANYWAY, when Zuko comes back, apparently a changed man, it’s not surprising that she’s skeptical. She gave him the chance to prove himself before, and he failed. But then he does prove himself a thousand times over. And Katara has the life experience to understand how significant that is. 

Aang is a great guy, but he’s so straight. He never really wavers in his character or morality, at least not to the extent that Zuko does. Katara helps Aang in so many ways with her kindness and strength and generosity. But to me it just seemed so one-sided (again, I’m sure there are examples that counter that, but overall it just seemed one-sided). The fact that Katara is able to find it in herself to forgive Zuko, and the fact that Zuko is deserving of forgiveness, and the fact that they help each other grow, is monumental.

So I’m sitting here, ranting with @inesathammar about my fic and how Zuko and Sokka would’ve been the greatest in laws and we’re like cackling over all of the jokes the two would share and somehow… this list of Zutara AU headcanons came up. 

It’s very rambly and long winded. But. Enjoy.

  • Zuko, Sokka, and Hakoda have an ongoing, three-way bromance. 
  • Zuko and Katara had a small, intimate wedding on Kyoshi Island with just their family and big, formal wedding a few months later in the Fire Nation
  • They have three steam babies: 
    • Kya is the first born. She comes along kind of by accident when Zuko is twenty-five and Katara is twenty-three. She looks very much like Zuko, but has wavy hair and tanner skin. She is a firebender and she kicks ass. 
      • She visits Grandpa Iroh in the Earth Kingdom all the time. This is how she meets her husband, an earthbender, and they marry at the Jasmine Dragon. 
      • When she is thirty-five, Zuko abdicates the throne, and she takes over as the greatest Fire Lord - after her father, of course. 
    • Next is Ezra (YES I STOLE THIS NAME, EMILY. I LOVE IT). He comes along a year after his sister. He’s a nonbender, but his parents love him all the same, and he takes up his father’s skill with dual swords. He also trains with Uncle Sokka and Aunt Suki. Ty Lee teaches him a bit about chi blocking. Basically, he’s deadly when he wants to be. 
      • He’s very sweet-natured though. He looks a lot like his mother and as he grows up, there’s a lot of Sokka and Hakoda in his features. 
      • Eventually, he marries one of Aang’s daughters, an airbender (more on that later), and takes up a nomadic lifestyle with her. They have all kinds of air babies.
    • Finally, five or six years after Ezra, our beloved Z&K have another little unexpected surprise, a waterbender named Lee. They call him Blue sometimes. 
      • He’s another baby that looks a lot like Katara, which makes Zuko happy because he thinks his wife is very pretty. 
      • Lee doesn’t like the royal life all that much, so Zuko gives him the Blue Spirit mask and Lee becomes a vigilante. However, unlike Zuko, Lee can rest assured that his father won’t put a warrant out for his arrest. 
      • Zuko teaches him all kinds of things about stealth and Katara trains him in waterbending and bloodbending. 
      • Lee is gay and marries a young man from the Fire Nation army. 
  • Zuko and Katara take the family for frequent rides on Druk.
  • I can’t really decide who Aang marries. I don’t ship him with any of the known characters, but I imagine him marrying a nonbender from the Fire Nation and living happily in Republic City with his family. 
  • Aang has many journeys he must take, but he is sure to include all of his children. 
    • Bumi and Tenzin exist as they do in LOK because I like them so much. 
    • Aang’s daughter is named Aria. She is Tenzin’s twin and also an airbender. She meets Ezra during one of her father’s many visits to the Fire Nation and from that point on, the two are inseparable. 
    • Bumi never questions his worth.
  • As for Toph, she never marries, but she has Lin and Su and is quite the wonderful mother. She lives in the Fire Nation (the palace to be exact) until her late 20s, and then she moves to Republic City to help run things. 
  • Zuko gives Toph honorary Fire Nation citizenship so she will always have a place she can really call home.
  • Sokka and Suki get married really young, like 18 and 19, and have one daughter who is an earthbender. 
  • Sokka becomes a member of the white lotus and his daughter does as well when she grows up.
  • Iroh lives happily in Ba Sing Se, running his tea shop, but he always comes to the Fire Nation for the entire winter to visit his son and grandkids. 
  • Iroh also has an adopted cat that he named Lui, after Lu Ten.
  • Hakoda meets a woman from the Fire Nation and remarries and adopts her son as his own. That son takes over the Southern Water Tribe as chief when Hakoda is ready to retire. 
  • When Aang does die, Katara still teaches Korra everything she needs to know about waterbending.
  • Also, at some point, Zuko runs into Jin during a visit with Iroh. He’s very awkward and stammering, naturally. 
    • Katara helps out a bit. She introduces herself to Jin and then introduces Zuko. After a bit more awkward silence, Katara invites Jin over to Iroh’s shop for some tea and conversation. 



Top 11 Katara episodes in chronological order

10/11: 308 - The Puppetmaster

Aka that time Katara experienced the dark side of waterbending (and it broke her a little).

Finally, we’re at the juicy stuff. There’s a reason why 48 is one of my two favourite numbers, and it is the fact that The Puppetmaster is the 48th episode in the series. I love this chapter to bits, but I’ll try to refrain from talking about every single detail and just focus on Katara’s journey. Although it is a good old Katara-centric episode, so there’s a lot to talk about.

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daveawokehisinnershrek  asked:

How did Tim get a gun?

Tim was a little cute inkling!

It was his first splatfest, Cats Vs Dogs,  so he wanted it a new gun



D - Here sweety, your new gun~

But Timothy was really confused….

T - is this…is this a gun?


That’s my son

Azula: Good and Evil Rant

Whenever I hear people say that Azula is an evil psychopath with no emotions what so ever do not have a place in my life. (And are apparently watching a different show and reading comics I have never laid eyes upon.)

It may just be me…but I look into the reasoning behind how a person came to be who they are. I look into every detail that many look over. All the factors that add up to the bigger picture. I love breaking down a person’s psyche and figuring out how they think. 

What most the fandom doesn’t realize is that Azula had it just as bad, if not worse, than Zuko. How you are raised has a huge influence on who you become in life. Zuko had Ursa and Iroh: Love and acceptance. Azula only had Ozai: Power hungry and unloving. If that doesn’t say anything let me break it down further…

Ursa loved both her children but was obviously drawn more towards Zuko and his gentle nature verses his sister who was more stubborn. Azula grew jealous of their relationship and acted out in order to gain Ursa’s attention. No matter if sed attention was good or bad, didn’t matter. But in the long run, getting scolded by her mother (who in her defense, was trying to guide her head strong little girl on the right path) only turned her away and towards her father, who only nurtured that cruel side to Azula. In Azula’s mind “Why should I care what mother thinks, when father approves?” Thus getting her to imitate his words and actions. Ursa was torn between her two kids. Trying to make sure her son did not feel unloved or less favored by his neglectful father while also trying to keep Azula out of her father’s manipulation and grasp. Since Azula had more of Ozai’s personality, it only made her more of the victim. It was dangerous to keep her around that kind of influence.

Azula controls her emotions and is on her toes 24/7 as to appease to her father. She will do anything to gain that love from the only parent who, in her mind, loves her. That “love” Ozai gives is toxic. She is intelligent, strategic, and prodigious…but at what cost? She loses herself in the process. In reality, she doesn’t know who she is. Everything she does is for her Nation but mainly for her father. 

But it is shown in the show that she does, indeed, care for her friends and brother. She brings Zuzu back to the Fire Nation, even though she could have easily taken over Ba Sing Se on her own. She didn’t have to do that. She did it our of her own free will and wanting her brother back even though doing so would help him redeem his birthright. She even looks out for him when he visits his uncle, warning him of the consequences and to be careful, but she does not hold that over his head. Yes, she does give him credit for the Avatar getting him on their father’s good side while simultaneously putting him in a bad position, but that was out of self defense. He didn’t share the knowledge that the Avatar could be alive and if he did not want to share it with her, then she had to save herself. She does not want to get on her father’s bad side should the Avatar be alive. She has seen first hand what he will do to his children if they step out of line. Not to mention that she has been Zuko’s council on certain occasions. One being at the beach when she sought him out and comforted him in her own way and helping him figure out why he is angry and shows genuine concern and confusion as to why he is so angry with himself. She also does apologize to Ty lee after speaking the cold hard truth out of jealousy of not being able to attract male attention. She also gives Mai a chance to speak her mind and explain her betrayal rather than immediately locking her away. The list goes on and on. But those are the ones that come to mind. And that isn’t even including “The Search”.

After losing everyone she held dear to her, that’s when she lost it. Her brother leaving her. Her friends betraying her. All she had left was her dad, who she placed all her faith and love in, only to have him leave her behind in the end. She figured out that her father never loved her. The only parent she had left. Seeing how there was no one left…the self-doubt and loneliness crept it. Why was everyone leaving her? She was forced to look at herself for the first time and acknowledge that she is not a good person. She knew all along that she wasn’t. That what she does to people is wrong. She’s not proud of it. You can see it in her face. All her paranoia, abandonment, and trust issues all stem from her mother leaving her. It all stemmed from her child hood. Those suppressed emotions  and pain all brought her to her downfall in the end.

Not to mention the biggest factor: She is the great grand daughter of Fire Lord Sozin AND Avatar Roku. Which means…she has good AND evil at war inside her. Just like her brother. (This seems to slip past most the fandom)


If she were TRULY a monster and evil…would she really be having these emotions? These hints of love and kindness that are so rarely seen?

A monster has no remorse, love, or emotions.

A human does and with it comes flaws. 


Two of a Kind - The Things People Do For Love

Woo Hee asked you for those doctrines of promises. That means you had already made a deal with her, right?”

“I didn’t know she would die. She only told me I could save you if I wrote those doctrines… I only wanted to save you. It’s like grabbing onto a rotting rope, but I wrote them. I didn’t know what would happen, but even if I had I would have done the same. To me you’re more important.

I love this little connection between Woo Hee and Wang So, the two people who are prepared to sacrifice everything for the people they love - even their own life and soul. They are prepared to do whatever is neccessary, to take that one shot, no matter how painful it is because the people who they are protecting are worth it. It’s such a pity we didnt’ get to see their meeting because it’s clear that WH HAS RECOGNIZED THAT WS IS THE ONLY PERSON IN THE ENTIRE WORLD WHO LOVES BA AS MUCH AS SHE DOES, and like her he would do anything for him, to protect him. That’s why she told him that writing those doctrines would save BA; she knew that that argument is the only thing that could persuade him. SHE KNEW THAT WANG SO WOULD UNDERSTAND HER. In that moment, she is not only protecting BA, but also entrusting her Baekje people under his protecting; she recognizes him as her king. THEY ARE TRULY TWOW OF A KIND - both love someone deeply, both are idealistic and responsible rulers of their peoples. Their love truly knows no bounds.

“I protected what I wanted. Now I need to pay for it.”

The whole theme about protecting someone has been ever-present in the story since the very beginning, just like the need to sacrifice certain things for it. WH’s sacrifice is her life, WS’s his loneliness. THAT’S THE GREATEST TRAGEDY OF HIS LIFE - he began this journey so completely, desolately alone, and along the way he found a lover, a family and friend. And to protect them all in this dangerous world, he sacrificed everything to save them and by doing so he condemned himself to eternal loneliness.

Real/Not Real

Seblaine Week 2014 // Day Seven // Soulmates

When Blaine turns seventeen and the name of his soulmate is revealed to him, he is thrilled. As is his best friend, Sebastian. But for different reasons. {Inspired by one of the prompts in this post}. // // {also on} AO3 -

soulmate (n): best friend, lover, person with whom one’s life is joined, the given name of whom is revealed upon the inside of the left wrist on the morning of one’s eighteenth birthday

see also: anomalies, exceptions

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A comprehensive list of reasons why Burial at Sea Part 2 was utter bullshit

I hated it as much as I loved Bioshock Infinite and this is the only way I know how to process. ALL THE SPOILERS below. Special thanks to cirqueduinsanity - I cross-referenced a few of her posts seeing as she knows Bioshock 1 canon way more than me.

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