such a 90s tv kick lately

Okay so I read a lot of pop culture news and the other day I was reading some articles about past band drama that many pop punk bands of the late 90s and early 2000s encountered and one common form of drama that I noticed was the act kicking someone out of the band (sometimes without that band member even knowing) for any plethora or reasons. And I always relate things back to fandom, so when I started to consider Gorillaz it dawned on my that this has never really a plot point in the narrative.

We all know Murdoc has explicitly affirmed that 2D isn’t replaceable but looking back on the band’s entire career it’s clear that replacements, or even kicking anyone out has really never been an option entertained by any of them (with the exception of Paula, though it’s been stated that they never really considered themselves “Gorillaz” until Noodle joined so I’ll let that slide). Even when it was just 2D and Murdoc, they didn’t go to audition new guitarists or drummers, Murdoc literally built a robot to try and create the closest thing to Noodle that he could. And what about Murdoc? It would have been so simple to have a 3 vs 1 vote to kick him out, send him back to prison etc. yet that’s never really been a direction the team and by extension the band has entertained. This would have been a very understandable and convenient arc to undertake since it’s easily one of the most standard issues bands of their era, both real and fictional, seem to run into at SOME point in their careers. But it has yet to happen.

I guess what I’m getting at is this: I’ve always been a little skeptical of the “Gorillaz is a family” concept not because I don’t like it (quite the opposite) but because I’ve always acknowledged that IF this story were actually going for realism, there’s now way it would be the reality. However, considering everything mentioned above I feel like it’s fair to conclude that really, they all view each other, on some level, as irreplaceable; that the dynamic they have when they’re all working together is unable to replicated so if they’re not all in agreement to work on music, they simply don’t work at all. Everyone is valued, and idk, I find that very..reassuring? Sweet? In any case, it’s something to think about.

when i was in boston a few weeks ago visiting with pals my friend stephen and i stayed up late and watched this old VHS he had of a ton of early kate bush appearances on british tv and whatever else, plus those fruitopia commercials she did in the early 90s

and something about watching kate actually perform stuff from the kick inside and lionheart - albums i’ve heard but never particularly connected with - flipped a switch in my brain for me. like her physicality was always part of the work in a way i didn’t have access to. like finally watching her swoop + dive on the moors brought the music to earth.


Eugene, sound the alarm; Hey Arnold! is back! 

Here we were, casually admiring our hidden photo of everyone’s favorite football-headed friend, when suddenly, there’s Arnold himself! Or, rather, news of another TV movie to kick off a Hey Arnold! revival. 

Variety reported yesterday that Nickelodeon is making a new Hey Arnold! movie to bridge the gap between old fans and Nick’s current demographic of children — and to pick back up with Arnold’s story, particularly concerning the mystery of his missing parents. 

The beloved blond fourth-grader and his friends originally ran from 1999 - 2004 on Nickelodeon, and they’ve recently seen some air time on late-night reruns through The Splat, where several other well-known ’90s shows have also been seen. This is the first announcement of any actual renewal of these shows, however.

To add to the excitement, animation fans and animators can look forward to a future full of original Nickelodeon animation. 

“Nickelodeon has more than 13 new animated projects in production and ‘over 40 things in development,’ said [Russell Hicks, president, content development and production, for Nickelodeon Group]. ‘There is a robust pipeline of new fresh product,’” Variety reported. 

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- Courtney (HarmonicaCave)

Help for American fanfic writers writing for British characters


Repeats: Reruns, this is what we call reruns of a show.

Pavement: Sidewalk. when a British person talks about “pounding the pavement” this is it.

Fringe: Bangs, seriously I’ve read first person POV fanfics about a British character from a British movie or tv show who use the term “bangs” instead of “fringe”. It smashes the sense of disbelief for me.


SM:TV Live:  Early 2000s kids Saturday morning television programme.

Jim’ll Fix it: Television show broadcast in the 70s and 80s. Probably best to avoid this show since it was revealed Jimmy Saville was a paedophile.

Live and Kicking: SM:TV Live’s main rival, broadcast from 90s onwards. There would have been fights over this: write that in, it’ll make it more realistic.

Get Your Own Back: Hosted by Dave Benson Philips, broadcast from 90s.

Taggart: Glaswegian cop show, started in the 80s and ran until the late 2000s

 Swap Shop: broadcast from 70s, originally hosted by Noel Edmonds but it enjoyed a renaissance in the late 2000s/early 2010s hosted by Basil Brush (I’ll explain in the next point)

The Basil Brush Show: Basil Brush is a puppet fox who had his own show from the 70s but had a spin off sitcom in 2002-2007, the actress who played Katie Bell in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix had a main part in it! Basil’s famous catchphrase “Boom, boom” comes from the joke about two elephants who fall off a cliff.

Only Fools and Horses: Sitcom in the early 80s. Iconic. This show gave us so many  hysterical moments such as the Batman and Robin scene, the bar scene, the Chandelier scene. If you want to see these moments they’re on youtube. 

The Young Ones: An 80s sitcom about students in London starring the late Rik Mayall. It is all over tumblr so finding out more shouldn’t be a problem.

I think that’s it. If any Americans want to do one for British fan fic writers I’m all for it!