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Positive people just vibrate differently; no matter what.
—  Lalah Delia
Don’t Spoil It For Me (Gray x Reader)

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Gray was a charmer, a talented, cool and talented rapper and porducer, an excellent performer and the fantasy of hundreds of girls. Seonghwa was a dorky, loving and caring man, your supportive boyfriend, an available shoulder to cry on and an excellent lover, you loved both of his sides and supported him on everything.

You met him the most random way. It was cold and it was pouring rain, you were sitting next to the window at your favorite cafeteria, tapping rapidly on your computer, as you ocassionaly took a few sips of your coffee. You prefered to write outdoors, you could observe different people and their actions, it gave you more inspiration for the book you were writting. You loved to write since you were a little girl, as the years went by you were getting better and better, you ended up winning a competition and your book “Love and War” was published, it was a huge sucess so people wanted a sequel.

Seonghwa wanted a break, he needed to get some fresh air, relax and recollect, since he has been locked in that damn studio for hours. He runned at the nearest cafeteria. He walked in putting his umbrella to the side, there was only an old couple and you. He saw you pressing on the keyboard in the speed of light, your eyes fixed on the screen, you bit your lip sometimes. He ordered a coffee and sat next to you, he could have sworn he had seen you before, but he was more interested on your actions, your eyes were sometimes getting filled with tears, you sometimes showed anger in your eyes. He sat down and reached for his book, that’s when it clicked! you were the writer. He got up and walked up to you

“Excuse me, are you miss (y/n)?”


He gave you his million dollar smile, showing his pearl white teeth. You saw that he was holding your book at his left hand

“I’m currently reading your book, you are an amazing writer”

“Thank you”

“I heard you are writting a sequel”

“Yes, this is what i’m writting right in this moment”

You informed him. He took a seat at your table, totally mesmerized by you, you were calm, your voice was smooth and slow, the picture on the book did you no justice

“I would love to know about that… maybe we could discuss it over dinner?”


You were still not done. You were so close to the end, but that’s when your mind shutted down, it was like you hit a dead end, you were writting one line and then deleted it and did that probably a million times. You were getting frustrated with yourself, you could not get a ‘writer’s block’ right now, it was unacceptable, you had to finish this.

You pushed yourself on the bed, trying to catch some sleep, but nothing. You got up and maybe now you could write, still nothing, you did a little bit of yoga breathing and exercising, a desperate attempt to relax you, nothing worked.

Seonghwa walked when you kicked the chair, letting out a frustrated grunt in the process. He set down his stuff and walked to you, you had sat down on the floor with your hands in your hair

“Baby are you alright?”


You said honestly. He looked over at your computer, he saw a blank page, balls of papers everywhere. He knew exactly what this meant, he wasn’t a book writer but he was an artist, a composer, a rapper, all of this required writting. You hit a writer’s block

“Come on love, get up please, you’ll catch a cold. Let’s go for a walk, some fresh air will do you good. How does that sound?”

He asked you and placing his warm big hands on your cheeks, squeezing them a bit. You nodded, anything would be better than facing a screen.


He took you to the park next to his studio. You had been here before, but not with him

“I come here often, whenever I can’t get a nice tune or a good lyric, I just pull away and take a long walk around here.”

He informed you. You held his hand and looked around, it does look very relaxing, there was only a few people here, a few kids playing, a cute couple that probably had just started dating, since whenever they touched eachother they were blushing and two girls that seemed to talk about something that upsetted one of them, the other one just comforted her. Maybe you could write about a young love, or maybe kids? no that’s dumb

He saw the sparkle in your eye, you were starting to getting back to it, but it was not enough, you wanted a bit more pushing. You were almost there


“Go on to the bed, i’m just going to make some tea. Your cold”

He instructed you. You smiled at him, you reached up and pecked his lips, he smiled at you and then he leaned to give a longer sweet kiss on your cold lips, it was okay his lips were cold to but even if they weren’t he would still give you a kiss.

You took of your sweat pants and put on one of his t-shirts, you layed under the warm covers, you always loved to have a lot of covers on you, it was like a heavy warm hug.

He carefully brought the two cups of teas and placed them on the night stand

“Sit up princess”

You smiled at his little pet name for you. You sat up and he sat behind you, supporting his back on the bedstand, he pulled you back so you can lie on him, as he wrapped his arms around your figure.

“Pass me the cup please”

You took both of the warm cups and gave him one. You gently blew the warm beverage and then took a small sip, it was exactly how you liked it.

“Where did you stop?”

“Alexandria finds out that Bora betrayed her, she was the one that killed Hyerin and blamed it on Chanwoo”

“That’s when you stopped?”


“Okay. I want you to close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine the scene right infront of you, try to be Alexandria or just a third person in the room. Then tell me what you see”

You didn’t really believe it would help, but it couldn’t make you worse. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath like he told you too

“Alexandria is upset, she stutters and her hands are getting shaky, Bora is crying and begging for forgiveness, she knows Alexandria will go to extremes. Alexandria slaps her, she yells at her for being a lowlife and a liar, she runs out and tries to find Chanwoo, her long dress makes her trip sometimes. Chanwoo is sitting by himself, in the basement drinking soju, laying his back against the wall. He can’t stop thinking about Alexandria, how she didn’t believe him, how she pushed him away”

You kept talking and talking, as the minutes passed by you were slowly getting back into it. He listened to you, you kept him waiting until the book was released, so this was amazing for him.

“I’m going to stop you here, don’t spoil the ending”

You opened your eyes. It was like you entered another world. You looked at him, your eyes were wide and you didn’t even know how you did that

“See? You just passed the block”

You attacked him, wrapping your arms around him and and kissed him full of passion and excitement

“Thank you babe”

You were about to walk to your computer when you felt his arm being wrapped around your wais pulling you on the bed and pinning you down

“Hey where are you rushing to? Shouldn’t you thank your boyfriend for helping you?”


The city streets of London were dead. Obviously something was not right with this place. It was known to be The Capital of the World and yet not a soul was in sight. Only one thing was actually outside.

They had gold casing, no legs, one eye, a gun and a plunger. Daleks. Seems whatever they had done was a sucess as people watched from the windows and stayed quiet, ducking down when one passed.

However someone was out tonight, running along the rooftops of various shops and apartment buildings. They came to a hault when noticing the other and grabbed their arm and pulled them back, whilst keeping their mouth covered. “Ssshh…I’m not here to hurt you, but you have to stay quiet.”

“Am I the only one who finds the Carole Middletons family super inpiring and motivational? I mean an old DM article that talks about their ‘social climbing’ shows how Kates Great grandma worked hard and eventually shaped Caroles life and led to kates mom starting their own business. I find that inspiring and thats admirable. They are millionaires right now thanks to hard work and determination. Instead of hating on their sucess maybe people should focus on bettering themselves.” - Submitted by Anonymous