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Hi! I'm interested in starting a terrarium for my college dorm, but I've read online that glass terrariums retain water which can cause harmful diseases for succulents. Are there any succulent-friendly terrariums you'd recommend? Also, any tips for first-time succulent moms living in dorms? Thank you so much in advance!

A succulent terrarium?

A succulent terrarium??


NO. There are NO friendly succulent terrariums. Ferns, moss, and other plants that like moist, humid conditions and can handle less than ideal drainage go in terrariums. Succulents MIGHT live, but they will not thrive. Most likely, they will rot. PLEASE NO DON’T DO IT I WILL BE SO SAD

as for your dorm question: most dorms have only one or two windows, and unless you have a place for your succulents right in front of them, most won’t do very well. some that will survive with limited light are haworthia, gasteria, aloe vera, hatiora, and schlumbergera. water very sparingly and keep them in clay/terra cotta pots to help keep moisture at a minimum. they should do just fine. :D


I saw some posts about water propagation, and wondered if a similar setup would work for succulents which already have roots (and how long they’d be happy in such a situation). Took this one out of the soil it came it, let it dry for a couple days then set it on top of some water.. It already had plenty of large white roots, but lots of new tiny white roots started growing ! Makes me wanna try this on beheaded succulents that have trouble rooting in soil.


This lovely multi- headed baby suffered terribly from too much heat, too much water, and too much shade so it burned, all but one (…and a half?) of its heads rotted and fell off, and the remaining one is etiolated. Sometimes I get everything terribly terribly wrong ! It’s perked up a bit now that the weather is cooler and sunnier, and lots of tiny babies are popping up from its stem 🌱

When I first brought it home from Cameron Highlands I didn’t expect it to survive at all - I try to post about my succulents not when I first buy them but when I’m at least half sure I can keep them alive, so. This one’s half out of the grave 🍀