Keeping Indoor Succulents: A Guide for Hopeful Growers

I see a lot of blogs out there telling people interested in having succulents and/or cacti that unless you can provide the PERFECT outdoor place for them, you shouldn’t have them.

That’s just damn discouraging for a would-be grower! While a warm, sunny spot outside IS ideal and I strongly advocate getting your succulents outside for the growing season if POSSIBLE, don’t let the lack of outdoor space prevent you from enjoying some of these awesome little plants!

Here is a guide that will help you choose the best succulents/cacti for every windowsill.


¡¡ Some things to remember !!

• Succulents with dark green leaves are best. They are best-suited to soaking up whatever light is available.

• Make sure there’s plenty of airflow. This will help prevent prolonged dampness, which leads to rot. I keep a fan on frequently, especially after watering. This is especially important if your home tends to be humid.

• Water deeply and infrequently. It’s best to water until a good amount of water drips out the drainage holes, and then not watering again until the plants are bone-dry. NEVER let your plants sit in excess water!

• Use clay pots with a lot of drainage. If your plants are indoors, the clay soaks up a lot of excess moisture that could otherwise lead to fungus. Make sure the pots have AT LEAST one large drainage hole in the bottom, but more is better.

• Gritty, fast-draining growing media is essential. Stay away from anything containing peat or a lot of wood. Soil with a large amount of coarse sand, lava rock, or perlite is ideal.


Succulents/cacti that do well by a bright (south or west) window:

- Aloes
- Corpuscularia
- Crassula perforata
- Crassula ovata
- Senecio rowleyanus
- Sedum morganianum

Succulents/cacti that do well by a less bright (east or north) window:

- Hatiora
- Haworthia
- Gasteria
- Rhipsalis
- Sansevieria
- Schlumbergera


¡¡ Please note that these are plants that I’ve had experience growing in these conditions. I’m sure there are more out there that do just fine indoors. Feel free add your own success/fail stories! Your plants’ needs will also depend on your own climate and hardiness zones, if your window is obstructed, etc. !!

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Yesterday I put up some new motivational photos on the wall. I really like how well the colours go together! Also, my plants have been growing a lot lately, especially the one to the right (my fave hihi). 

the photos i used are pictures I’ve found on tumblr (by @universi-tea, @studypetals, @olciagwiazdka, @itquiet, @allureing, @persistencetosuccess, @mathematicool and @lisa-lostinlit).  

have a great day!! <3 i believe in you!