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Salam! Can you please explain what is arbaeen?

Wa Alaykum as Salaam. I decided to answer your question with a poem of my own. I hope you like it…

The question I’m asked
is to explain Arbaeen
but how can I describe
to you what this means?

Should I mention the struggle
that Hussain indeed has seen?
or the love of his sister
whom bared these trials patiently?

I thought I should mention
the thirst that was seen
the chapped lips of Akbar
which made his father’s heart bleed

The loyalty of Abbas
which made the enemies flee
and the innocence of Asghar,
a great sacrifice was he

But what about the march to Sham
whom taken was he
The fourth successor of the Prophet
Imam Zaniul Abideen

Arbaeen marks the fortieth day, after Ashura
Where all the Shia gather
in a land called Karbala

our purpose is simple, noble, and pure
for our hearts are still heavy and broken, I assure

Regarding a tragedy which took the world by storm
One for which the skies cried blood
for even they could not endure!

To hear the cry of the one, who was from Rasulliah
“Is there no one to support us?”
We’ve come to answer,

I think I could end this right here and now
but this would not have covered the when, why and how

To answer these new questions I point to a time
not more than 50 years prior
to the tenth day for which the sky cried

An event called Saqifa
has cursed humanity
for it was Abu Bakr and Umar
who shot the first arrows, don’t you see?

This war didn’t start by the hands of Yazid
rather it began when they usurped the rights of Ali!

As they surrounded his house
filled with rage and jealousy
They did the unthinkable and broke it’s sanctity

They kicked down the door
behind which was Zahra
Then was miscarried
the first martyr of Karbala

They tied the hands
of our blessed Amir-al Mumineen
tried to force a bayah
one which was indeed foreseen

But with her broken ribs
followed Our princess Zahra 
She called out Abu Bakr
And became the first of the Rafidha

After her Martyrdom
aggrieved was Ali
for she was his light, his love, and his closest company

With this being said
I’m sure you now see
That Arbaeen goes much deeper
than what is apparently seen

We march through the desserts, crossing oceans and seas
to remind the world of the sacrifices of the sons of Ali

And don’t think for a second that he has lost the war
Because this would be uncharacteristic, and this I assure
for Hussain is the son of Muhammad
and has the blood of Ali
and never have they returned (from a battle)
without bringing victory!

Sunni & Shi'a


This is for the anon and whoever else passes by this post. Bear in mind that if you really want to learn about Islam and, in this case, why and how did things split then you have to research on your own and keep asking questions. Actually, it is a duty for every single Muslim to do so because if we are asked on the day of judgement “Did you follow Islam?” and we reply “Yes” and yet we didn’t do any critical thinking then the reply will be “No, you followed the religion of your mother and father.”

I will only briefly outline the Shi'a belief system as that is what the direct question was but I will then shortly note the differences between sunni and shi'a Islam God willing.

Shi'a Islam

  • One God
  • Prophet Muhammad (sawa) is the LAST prophet.
  • Prophet-hood
  • Imamate (this is not really present in sunni aqeeda)

I’ve just listed the main tenants that I think will be enough for this post. Of course there are the pillars etc but there is no need to delve into finer detail just yet.

There isn’t really a big difference when you compare the two sects in terms of the foundation i.e oneness of God and Prophet-hood. Yes, there are differences in opinions in terms of the total infallibility of the Prophet (sawa) but I can’t go into these issues in much detail here otherwise I’ll be writing for time and people will get bored.

The one huge distinction and the one which causes controversy these days because, one, people just don’t understand it and secondly due to misinformation and lies, is Imamate.

Imamate is at the very least acknowledged by sunni Islam because there is undeniable evidence present in the holy Qur'an which states Prophet Ibrahim (as) became an Imam after his tests. However, when people talk about Imams they usually refer to the 12 successors of Prophet Muhammad (sawa). Before I go on please let what I am about to say resound through your mind. The 12 Imams are NOT Prophets nor are they believed,  by the shi'a, to be of greater status than the Prophet Muhammad (sawa). On the contrary, Prophet Muhammad (sawa) is also an Imam as were other Prophets but again due to time I will not dive deeper.

These Imams are believed to be chosen by Allah (swt) just like the Prophets were chosen. They are divine and do not err i.e they are infallible. We have many logical proofs and evidences for the concept of Imamate and why they must be infallible just like the Prophets, which I won’t get into here due to length. We believe they are the leaders of mankind after the death of the Prophet (sawa) and no matter what the majority says or does the truth and right path is always with them. To clarify again we have many evidences for their rightful leadership after the Prophet (sawa) so please ask me if you would like any of these logical and evidential answers. For now I think it best if you looked into the event of Ghadeer.

Shi'a do not accept the rule of the first three leaders and believe that they were bad people who followed their Egos. We have no respect for them what-so-ever because they stood against the ahlulbayt (as) and oppressed their rights. Saqeefa is a prime example and highlights why we hold such a belief. Whilst Imam Ali (as) was preparing the funeral of the Prophet (sawa) abu bakr and a handful of others met at a place called saqeefa where they decided to elect abu bakr as caliph. This was, in our view, a clear plot again Imam Ali (as) even though all the companions knew Imam Alis (as) rights. In any case. at the very least Imam Ali (as) was a notable enough companion to be invited to the ‘meeting’ was he not?

One more thing needs to be addressed and that is the view of the sahaba (companions). The sunni belief is that all companions are 'good’ even though they fought against each other and therefore the blame lies nowhere - in a sense. For example even though Ayesha led an army against the caliph of the time, Imam Ali (as), and many people were killed she is 'let-off’ just because she is the wife of the Prophet (sawa).

Shi'a believe that not all sahaba were good as there were of course hypocrites with the Prophet (sawa) that 'came out’ in their actions after the death of the Prophet (sawa). Everyone is accountable for their deeds, so no not every single sahabi was 'good’ or 'let off’ just because he saw or was in the vicinity of the Prophet (sawa). Taking Ayesha as an example, the wife of Prophet Nuh (as) was a disbeliever and stood against Allah (swt) and the Prophet so this shows us family relations to a Prophet cannot take away accountability.

I’m not sure if I should have included more but I didn’t want to throw masses of information out there. Please ask questions if you want to know something in more detail like, 'Why do you believe Imam Ali (as) to be the successor after the Prophet (sawa)?’. I will Insha'Allah answer to the point and with a logical approach.