successfully bedazzled my face

Gravity Falls Starter Sentences #1

  • “I’m telling you, something weird is going on in this town.”
  • “Unfortunately, my suspicions have been confirmed.”
  • “A human-sized hamster ball? I’m human-sized!”
  • “Wow, your little knees must be sore… from jumping to conclusions!”
  • “I successfully bedazzled my face!”
  • “I think I’m gonna go stare at a wall for a while and rethink everything.”
  • “I wanna put her in a headlock and make her feel pain!”
  • “The only thing we have to fear is gigantic, man-eating spiders!”
  • “Man, revenge is underrated - that felt awesome!”
  • “Come on, no one even uses millimeters! That only makes you taller than me in Canada!”
  • “I ate a man alive tonight.”
  • “You can run, but I’ll still be in your nightmares!”
  • “Is life just some kind of horrific joke without a punch line?”
  • “Come on, my Mom’s age-inappropriate romance novels aren’t gonna read themselves.”
  • “Finally! A good reason to punch a teenager in the face!”
  • “Dinosaurs aren’t magic, they’re just big lizards! Get off my back.”
  • “Hey, is the kitchen supposed to have that much fire in it?”
  • “I will pay you to put your shirt back on.”
  • “I just wrestled myself. That was awkward.”
  • “Pain is hilarious!”
  • “Every time you compliment me, I get another highlight in my eyes!”
  • “Movies are great! You watch the movie, you scare the girl, the girl snuggles up next to you, next thing you know you gotta raise a kid, your life falls apart… Forget that last part.”
  • “There’s no cops in the forest. We take this to our graves.”
  • “Today I learned morality is relative.”
  • “I just wish summer could last forever…”
  • “I hate my dumb heart for making me feel things!”

anonymous asked:

Hi! Um, I don't know if this has been done yet, but HC for RFA + V & Saeran about MC being a hyperactive weird little piece of potato like an innocent child (e.g. talks to self, gets amazed at small things, randomly dances, jumps so high when excited). lol I hope that wasn't confusing. XD Thank you! :D

*She always smiles whenever you get into your hyperactive mood
*Literally watching you get excited just makes her so!! Happy!!
*Whenever the two of you are working on a recipe together, you’re face gets all scrunchy and just
*Her heART
*Also she’s found it helpful when you talk to yourself
*Remembering recipes is easier when you’re talking to yourself about the ingredients

*lol ya
*He can be like that too
*Sometimes the two of you will just break out into improvised dance
*(Saeran is not impressed by it)
*The two of you can be a handful when you’re both in the hyperactive mood
*So when you both inevitably end up breaking something, you realize that it might not be best to act on completely on impulse when in this mood

*He finds it super endearing
*but when you jump insanely high, he kind of freaks out
*Mom V Mood had been activated
*Pls don’t hurt yourself
*but watching you get amazed at small things makes him feel really happy
*Sometimes you’ll ramble out the things you find interesting and he couldn’t find it any more adorable

*He lives with two hyperactive children
*save him
*(don’t worry he thinks its much cuter when you do it than when Saeyoung does it)
*He really does find it adorable when you start jumping around
*but don’t expect him to tell you that
*Sometimes you’ll catch him staring at you after you’ve done something quirky
*Tbh he loves admiring you
*BUT if you call him out on it, he’ll get really flustered and deny EVerYtHiNg

* You two are like night and day
* Yet it works really well
* He’s very tall and stoic and then there’s you
* Encourages all your craziness
* “Jumin, I successfully bedazzled my face!”
* “That is nice dear, now what would you like for dinner?”
* Loves watching you be yourself
* You spice up his life
* If anyone doesn’t like it then they can leave
* Will surprise you will small things to watch your cute lil excited face


* You are often confused for a middle school couple
* You are both so youthful
* Small things that amaze you will also amaze him
* Loves your energy
* Whenever school gets to be too much he can call you, and your randomness gives him a boost
* Secretly loves to hear you talk to yourself
* He gets to catch a glance what all is going on up in your brain
* Chuck-E-Cheese dates ftw


* you are so cute
* You have almost gave him a heart attack on your cuteness overload many a time
* Loves watching you dance, even if there’s no music
* Will often join in, and on rare occasions will have dance battles
* (Which he lets you win)
* You being cute is all over his social media
* You’re so innocent
* He just can’t even
* What a precious lil egg
* His lil egg