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on dark determination (sbr spoilers)

I find the dark determination to be a great aspect of sbr. How johnny has no problem with getting into the state, and how gyro has to work to get to it. However, as i reread some chapters, i got wondering.

This conversation is had in the third stage goal: cannon city issue, the issue right before the true man’s world. Johnny tells gyro how he could never win from dio, who hungers (in this case for victory) and through that hunger is able to successfully pursue and acquire his goal. I believe Johnny has that same hunger (only its’s called the dark determination). A similar point is made in the next issue, True Man’s World, with Ringo Roadagain commenting how gyro doesn’t have Johnny’s determination.

Then stuff happens and Gyro is able to call on the dark determination.

Now, i wonder how different the determination is from the ‘hunger’ johnny described. Is diego also able to call on the dark determination? If he can, why wasn’t it ever shown? (Personally, i think it would’ve been badass to see Diego with eyes of flame.) Or is it just something Johnny and Gyro can do since they hunger in a ‘much more noble manner’ (what that means, i don’t really know)? If anyone has something to bring in on this, please do! I like to think diego also had dark determination, but that it wasn’t ever shown, for some reason.

BotW: Facts & Theories

Fact: Our Hero, Link, has been sleeping in the Shrine of Resurrection for one century!

Fact: The Koroks — the plant-like children of the Great Deku Tree — are hidden throughout the world in suspicious locales, gifting Korok seeds to travellers who find them!

Fact: The ancient Sheikah clan were not only powerful guardians of Hyrule & servants to the Goddess Hylia, they were master builders & innovators, creating automated sentries, great monuments, and a peculiar device called the “Sheikah Slate”!

{Factoid: Time-shift Stones present in Zelda: Skyward Sword were emblazoned with constellation-like & eye-like patterns in similar fashion as the Shrines in this game, and both are associated with ancient high-technology. Coincidence?}

Fact: The helpful Old Man who first greets Link outside is camped-out in a cave… an obvious call back to the cave-dwelling Old Man who gave the Hero in The Legend of Zelda his first weapon: a wooden sword!

Fact: The Goddess Hylia is mentioned by name in this game, direct from the ancient Sheikah Monks who served her; her statue makes a cameo within the Temple of Time!

Fact: Legend hints that, slumbering deep within some hidden glade, there is an ancient weapon… one that could deal the final blow to the Calamity Ganon?

Keep Reading on for some [possible spoilers] and my theory on where this game would fall in the grand Hyrulean timeline!

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June/19/2016 Update

Thank you everyone for commissioning me. :’ ) I have successfully acquired enough money for the graphic’s card. So I’m finishing up the last of my commissions for the graphics card fund. But feel free to contact me if you are interested in a commission from me.

Hey Tumblr, badly needed commissions for a new graphic’s card.

My current one broke on me and I absolutely need a new one to do most of what I do ( art wise, socializing, work, etc. ) I am currently using a mac laptop to write this, but it’s old and incapable of using the programs I use a lot on my desktop. Luckily my mac laptop runs the same drawing program I use on my computer (Sketchbook Pro), so I’m able to draw digital art. I’m putting up commissions to hopefully acquire 400 USD at most for it since I don’t have the cash for it currently.


How do I contact you/what form of payment do you accept?

Email/paypal is:

  • Only accept paypal and payment is upfront.
  • 2 characters are both based price ( e.g. chara #1 and chara#2 are 30 USD together for a bust sketch). Adding another character is half the base price. (3+ and so on)

What will you draw?

Pretty much most things. Exceptions -> extreme violence/gore/etc. 

  • References will be handy ( for ocs, etc. )
  • I will draw nsfw, but not outright/hardcore sex. Cuddling, kissing, etc. is fine.
  • Depending on the complexity you will be charged extra ( 5 USD at most )
  • Able to request to not upload your commission.

Can I see any other examples of your work?

Main blog / Homestuck Blog / TF2 Blog / Skullgirls Blog / Wildstar Blog

I don’t have much in terms of cash but could I donate?

Absolutely! I appreciate any amount given.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask. :’ ) And thank you very much in advance.


[Translation] Kurobas Cup 2015 Pamphlet: Aomine & Sakurai Pair

Here’s the next installation. Managed to get this quicker than I thought.

Happy (start of) Halloween (week) ! Enjoy ⁽(◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)⁽

Disclaimer: Not for profit. Fan for fans. Please do not use my scans or translation without permission.


Questions for the Casts:
Q1. ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ Season 3 has ended. Please tell us your feelings regarding this.
Q2. You have been enrolled into the same school that the character you’re playing also goes to. How would you spend your high school student life in that case?
Q3. Please give a message for the fans, as well as your enthusiasm and spirit for ‘KUROBAS CUP 2015’.
Q4. ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ Drafting Players!!!
Choose 5 players from any of the Kuroko no Basuke characters to create your very own All Star Team.


Suwabe Junichi: Voice of Aomine Daiki

Q1. ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ Season 3 has ended. Please tell us your feelings regarding this.
A1. My feelings are hard to describe; I’m torn between a sense of accomplishment (from completion of the series) and a twinge of loneliness (that it’s finished). Once again, I feel that memories from this series called ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ and the character called ‘Aomine Daiki’ have been engraved in my heart deeply and strongly.

Q2. You have been enrolled into the same school that the character you’re playing also goes to. How would you spend your high school student life in that case?
A2. (I’ll) Study very hard for the sake of my future. There’s no other way!

Q3. Please give a message for the fans, as well as your enthusiasm and spirit for ‘KUROBAS CUP 2015’.
A3. There’s not one bad person who loves ‘Kurobasu’. That’s my special theory. Even though I won’t measure up to it, I will try my very best so that everyone who comes to this event can experience this wonderful sense of unity (from joy and fun) as if we’ve all entered the Zone.

Q4. Kuroko no Basuke’ Drafting Players!!! Choose 5 players from any of the Kuroko no Basuke characters to create your very own All Star Team.
A4. Team Name: ‘Most appropriate team, isn’t it (?)’
I listened to my heart when choosing (the players), and it ended up like this.


Shimazaki Nobunaga: Voice of Sakurai Ryo

Q1. ‘Kuroko no Basuke’ Season 3 has ended. Please tell us your feelings regarding this.
A1. This is honestly a wonderful and passionate series. Of course it’s not surprising because the setting (of the series) is really fun and enjoyable, and even though it was very frustrating that Touou lost in the early stage, I was truly happy to have been able to play a part in the last ever episode with everyone else. But, if I’m being honest, I wanted to fight more (and more) as Sakurai Ryou !!

Q2. You have been enrolled into the same school that the character you’re playing also goes to. How would you spend your high school student life in that case?
A2. Honestly, I don’t think I can survive as a player in that basketball team, so I would like to support everyone in Touou (team) by becoming a manager. Also, I think I would like to try making proper and non-rounded honey-pickled lemons (laugh).

Q3. Please give a message for the fans, as well as your enthusiasm and spirit for ‘KUROBAS CUP 2015’.
A3. Until now I’ve only been voice acting (for this character), so I am very happy to finally appear in person on stage as Sakurai Ryou for the ‘KUROBAS CUP’ this time. Not only that, I will be appearing alongside these wonderful cast members! So everyone, please lend (us) your energy, and let’s fire up Makuhari Messe to the best we can !! I will fight with everything I have too ! I’m sorrryy !!

Q4. Kuroko no Basuke’ Drafting Players!!! Choose 5 players from any of the Kuroko no Basuke characters to create your very own All Star Team.
A4. Team Name: ‘Hate to Lose! We’re 3P Shooters!’
I’ve chosen 3P shooters from all the schools. I understand that it might be quite inflexible to have a team full of (3P) shooters, but I want to try this kind of team formation! Our (play) senses will be compatible in a match, so that we can keep shooting (3-pointers). Especially for Ryou, even though he is a nervous wreck before a match, once it starts his ‘hate-to-lose’ switch is turned on and he gets really fired up! Of course, we cannot win just by shooting (3-pointers), so I think it would be fun to see what sort of play strategies these guys will come up with (as a team).


Touou Gakuen High School

They have scouted all the excellent players from around the country, and as a result their team power has increased substantially to the point that they’ve been nicknamed ‘The Newly Crowned Tyrants’. Each regular member has a high level of ability, and they complement it by adopting a strategy that priorities each individual play style. From the ‘Generation of Miracles’, they have successfully acquired Aomine Daiki who possesses an incredible ‘basketball sense’. Together with the commendable sense of ingenuity from the caption, Imayoshi Shouichi, and the information collected by the manager, Momoi Satsuki, they utilise the abilities of the Ace Aomine and other team members to the maximum level; and this coordinated system has raised them to be among the top class teams on a national level.


All I have to say is LOL seriously JunJun, well at least perfect cast is perfect. I don’t even know where Aomine stops and SuwaJun begins (ᗒᗨᗕ) Good luck winning with that team though ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧

Also, thank you staff for not messing up Zakki’s profile pic. At least they got it right this time ೕ(˃̵ᴗ˂̵ ๑)

You can find translation for other pairs from the pamphlet here at my {Translation Master List}.

Something interesting about Antman

It was nice to see a movie that was outside the scope of The Avengers. Especially the Pym family & Scotts reaction to the encounter with Falcon. 

Hank & Hope both tell Scott to flee because an encounter would result in Scott being killed. And Scott, after successfully acquiring Hank’s invention says “Hey, can you believe I fought an Avenger and didn’t die?”

I don’t know how other people felt, but I was a little alarmed by this until I really thought about it. This is a small, almost throwaway-like reference to what is coming in Civil War. People, even Hank Pym, are scared of the Avengers and what they can do. 

Not only would Scott get in trouble, they thought he would be killed. They have a similar reaction to Darren Cross. Which shows that while the Avengers may be trying to be heroes. Their presence and abilities are still seen as a very real, frightening threat to the outside world. 

When we think about the Avengers, we dont always equate their heroism with killing. And yet, they are responsible for multiple deaths so Hank, Hope and Scott’s reactions are totally understandable…If not, odd considering that the Avengers are the ones we should be rooting for.

I just thought is was an interesting touch and a great small nod to the coming movies. 

anonymous asked:

How would Iwatobi+Samezuka+Kisumi act when having to buy tampons/pads for their menstruating s/o?

Pfffft Bahahaha I had waaaay tooo much fun with this one! 

Haru: He sighs upon your request but complies regardless, because he loves you very much. It actually takes him several minutes to actually find the products of interest and upon accidentally stumbling upon them he slightly pales. What in the actual F was this? Realising that there was no way he would be able to purchase the right one on his own, he approaches the nearest female sales assistant and asks for help, aside from the barely visible pink dusting his cheeks he seemed perfectly nonchalant about the whole thing much to the sales assistant disappointment (unaware that inside he was feeling a tad mortified), yes the brunette giant with the pretty green eyes was much more entertaining.  

Nagisa: He actually paled a little when you asked him from the other side of the bathroom door. Pads? Fine he resigns; anything for his precious ______-chan. “Sure, ______-chan, which ones do you use?” Having elder sisters for once was finally an advantage. He locates the items with ease and remembers to grab a few chocolate bars and a packet of aspirin on his way to the checkout, the self service checkout.  

Momo: He face instantly reddens and he begins to panic a little, but nevertheless he agrees quite eagerly might I add, why? Because he was your personal super hero of course! You were in a pickle and you turned to him! Your loyal and super manly awesome boyfriend! He dashes off to the store and finds the female sanitary products with little trouble, he knew what they looked liked having shared a bathroom with his little sister. However now came the part of choosing the right ones for you. He scans the shelves and recalls his sister asking his mother if she had ones with “wings” because apparently pads without them were practically useless. He locates the ones with wings but before selecting them he noticed some other brands offered scented ones and super absorbent and ones with ‘extra cushioning’. His girlfriend deserved the best! He begins sizing up several brands giving passerby’s quite the mini show. Finally he settles on one that had wings, was super absorbent, had extra cushioning and was scented. He proudly hands them to you through the bathroom door and your impressed face and happy expression makes him melt instantly. Heh Heh Heh, he was the best!

Ai: H-huh?! He stutters out, hoping that he had misheard you, unfortunately he hadn’t, however since he loves you very much he complies; making sure to write the details of your preferred sanitary product. He is a complete blushing paranoid mess at the store, freaking out every time someone walks past him. Oh my gosh, what if they thought he was a creepy pervert. His panic is blatantly evident and it garners the attention of a sympathetic mother of three. With her help he successfully acquires the right product and he also takes her advice on purchasing some candy and aspirin. 

Makoto: He doesn’t mind too much, understanding that this was equally if not more embarrassing for you. He makes sure to write down the name of the product but ends up getting hopelessly confused upon faced with the vast varieties to choose from: super cushioning? wings? extra long? scented? regular? new and improved? Super cushioning? Did that make it more comfortable? Well he supposed that would better for you right? And what on earth were wings? He ends up sheepishly seeking the help from a female assistant who was observing his dilemma with much amusement for several minutes.

Rin: His cheeks immediately colour, “Haaah??? !!! W-what WHY DIDN”T YOU HAVE ENOUGH IN STOCK?! He shouts through the other side of the door; more so out of embarrassment as opposed to anger. When you apologise and begin to explain he cuts you off with a sigh, and simple “Jeez, fine I’ll get em,err, which ones did you want?”  
Although when he reached the supermarket it didn’t matter what you had told him, because the embarrassment of walking into the pad aisle combined with the confusion of choosing from the vast variety of pads and tampons made him forget every single word you had said. It didn’t matter that he had a sister, he didn’t live with her so didn’t know which ones she used and therefore he couldn’t buy you the same ones she used. He ends up staring at the pads for a couple of minutes looking dumfounded before realisation kicks in: He was a dude in the sanitary aisle. A dude in.the.sanitary.aisle. So he grabs the several varieties, and makes a beeline for the self serve checkout, pausing mid sprint to make a detour to the confectionary and ice cream section. Because he is a thoughtful and sweet boyfriend like that. 

Rei: “I-I see,” He stutters out as he pushes up his glasses, his face colouring by the second. “Very well, I shall get them for you, which ones do you use? Oh and is there anything else you require” He carefully jots down the necessary information and heads towards to the supermarket; Upon entering he briskly heads towards his destination: the sanitary products where upon reaching his destination safely he is momentarily overwhelmed with the sheer variety but he quickly shakes that off and after a couple minutes he manages to locate the items. He sighs in relief and quickly heads to the self serve checkout, remembering that he already had aspirin and a hot water bottle at home. 

Kisumi: His face slowly begins to resemble his hair colour, “O-oh, I see well erm s-sure of course! Anything for you ____-chan. So which ones do you want.” He would very embarrassed therefore to minimise the risk of someone seeing him he wore a hoodie, sunglasses and made sure to write down the brand, kind and the colouring of your preferred use of female sanitary products.He was in and out of the supermarket within the space of 3 minutes; and yes he made a point to go to a supermarket that offered self service.  

Seijuro: His mind momentarily goes blank, “p-pads?” Right! He laughs nervously, “U-uh sure, yeah I can buy them for you babe!” He grins sheepishly before heading off to the store. His face pales, Jesus freaking christ! He internally freaks out as he stares at the vast variety of sanitary products looming over him. He stares blankly at them for a couple of minutes, sure he had a sister but he honestly had no bloody clue when it came to purchasing these kind of items. He nervously looks around and after a couple of minutes he builds up the courage to ask a middle aged lady for help.  

Sosuke: He is completely unfazed by your request and even has the audacity to tease you about your mini dilemma. He unlike everyone else heads to the pharmacy and nonchalantly asks the sales assistant for help. He also purchases some aspirin and whistles the entire way home. 


Shepard Back in Space! Remembering Apollo 14 as Commander Alan Shepard, CMP Stuart Roosa, and LMP Edgar Mitchell launched on their nine-day mission to Fra Mauro on January 31, 1971. 

Shepard was the oldest U.S. astronaut when he made his trip aboard Apollo 14. He is the only astronaut from Project Mercury (the original Mercury Seven) to reach the Moon.

The crew experienced several difficulties during their flight to the moon as six attempts were required with docking to the LM before a “hard dock” was achieved. Prior to the PDI for the Antares landing, a short in the LM computer abort switch was discovered, which could have triggered an undesired abort during the LM’s descent. A second problem occurred as the LM radar altimeter failed to lock automatically onto the Moon’s surface, depriving the navigation computer of vital information on the vehicle altitude and groundspeed. After the astronauts cycled the landing radar breaker, the unit successfully acquired a signal near 18,000 feet again, just in the nick of time.

Commander Shepard then manually made a pin-point landing closer to its intended target than any of the other six Moon landing missions.

Shepard’s first words, after stepping onto the lunar surface were, “And it’s been a long way, but we’re here.”


A systematic breakdown of my Duet CD drama sharkbait feels:

  • First off, Rin’s surprise upon returning from a bath to find Makoto gone. Which I clearly read as Makoto being like, ‘yeah, the kids won’t go to sleep without me, I’d better get home, I’ll just leave you two alone *smile*.’ He basically pulled a Nagisa on them, all wink-wink, nudge-nudge.
  • Rin’s curiousity and obvious delight that Haru still had the dolphin from their old swimming days, and his awkward response to Haru’s pointing out he had one too, which he claims got lost somewhere, to Haru’s clear disappointment. And then the petulant sound Haru makes when Rin tries to brush it off as junk.
  • Haru’s further pouting on the subject when Rin tries to change it by commenting on other things that haven’t changed.
  • Can we just have a nod to the people who came up with the headcanon that Rin has a more ethnically diverse diet from living overseas and can thus cook for himself, because that headcanon is now fucking canon?
  • The idea of Rin lying there after Haru leaves to go take a bath for real and just…putting his head down on the pillow in exasperation because of course it was something like that, it’s fucking Haru, he should’ve known, and just smiling because it’s so ridiculous.
  • Rin coming clean about still having his dolphin toy because he probably agonized a little bit over Haru’s disappointment and decided to be truthful because what could the harm be, Haru obviously kept his too, but still being embarrassed about it.


okay this is going to be an unpopular comment to be sure, but please stop referring to Dig as the black driver or have him referring to himself as the black driver in a regular, everyday context.  

that line, in that scene, had a PURPOSE - to comment on how he is stereotyped in his role and in his job, just like when they had the ‘person of color successfully acquire the drugs.’ We all discuss how people most likely dismiss and look down on Felicity because she is the 'blonde secretary;’ when Dig comments that he is the 'black driver,’ he is bringing attention to the fact that people dismiss and look down on him as well (albeit in a different way because that role has different connotations and stereotypes associated with it).  But like how the 'blonde secretary’ isn’t a particularly desirable position and how Felicity was rightly angry with Oliver about her “promotion,” being the 'black driver’ isn’t a desirable place for Dig to be. 

so if you’re going to comment on that nuanced position - how this talented, powerful man is dismissed, day-after-day, as no more than a chauffeur, as the help, then yes, please reference the 'black driver’ line.  but if you’re using it as a base descriptor, if you’re using it as a casual joke, then please, please stop.  

John Diggle merits more respect than that. 

Pairing: Gajeel x Levy

Genre: Romance (Fluff~)

Prompt: We passed out on your bed after playing scrabble last night and our limbs are completely entangled, the blankets are on the floor and I don’t think I ever want to leave.

Summary: In which Levy recounts her ‘date’ night spent with Gajeel.

“Lu, I just don’t know how to explain it.”

“Hmm try to, I need to hear all about it!”

“Lu…where can I even begin?” Levy laid herself stomach first on her plush comforter indenting beneath her weight to her petite figure. The phone she clutched to her ear contained her friend who was losing her patience. She played with her hair wrapping a curl around while tippy toeing around the current subject.

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A/N: Here’s my first Pietro imagine! 

Originally posted by better-than-words1

“How much longer will this take, Stark?”

The freezing wind was biting through the jacket you wore. You seriously underestimated how cold it was going to be during this little trip. Tony was currently trying to shut down a generator outside of a Russian base the team was trying to infiltrate. The rest of the team was waiting for your mark, so it was up to Tony to shut down the power so everyone else could sneak in. You and Pietro were to stay with Tony until the generator was shut down, then you were to meet up with the team later.

“Don’t rush me, kid. You can’t rush perfection,” Stark replied snarkily.

“Well you can’t feel the cold in your nice, warm suit,” you shot back, crossing your arms and shivering. You glanced around at the frozen desert before you. You’re eyes soon landed on Pietro, who was standing happily with no jacket on. “What about you? How can you not be cold?”

Pietro grinned and shrugged. “I guess the experiments hindered my ability to be cold.”

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Kindergarten Readiness for Deaf Children in American Sign Language

Attention hearing parents of Deaf children, teachers, and anyone else who has a Deaf child in their lives: watch this. This video does a great job of explaining research around language acquisition and education of Deaf children, and gives some solid things you can do to help Deaf children be successful in school. 

“Research shows that Deaf children of hearing parents can successfully acquire language and develop literacy if they are exposed to adult Deaf signers and taught using ASL and English bilingual approaches." 

Persona 3 The Movie #1 - Spring of Birth: Livestream

Hey, guys, you wanna see the first Persona 3 Movie, but have a panic aversion to Chinese Hardsubs or do not want to download ungodly huge video-files onto your PC? Never Fear!!!

Long story, short, I went to Akihabara today and have successfully acquired my very own copy of P3M:Spring of Birth on DVD. And seeing how I love watching everyone reactions to movies I’ve already seen, I thought “Hey, why not stream it while I’m at it?

  • There will be two streams, the first of which will start punctually at 22:00 UTC+09/JST. (That is 3 hours after the posting of this post!)

  • The Movie will be run with OFFICIAL ENGLISH SUBTITLES (YES, much to my own surprise, the movie came with them already on the disk!) 

  • The Stream will be limited to 50 viewers max!! Whoever comes too late will be locked out. (Because a) livestream doesn’t allow more and b) I just wanna advertise the movie with this, not make it so everyone, so people may start considering to buy it in high quality themselves, since Atlus really, REALLY needs the money out of this movie license)

  • I will NOT stream in HD, but in Normal Quality. (See above reason)

  • I will make the URL of the stream public on my blog only 10 minutes before the movie starts. (This is to ensure all my friends get priority-seated before anyone else. Yeah, that does sound unfair, but they are my friends, sorry.)

So, yeah, that would be all! 

I will put up the link to the stream later then!

Well then! See you in 2-3 hours, hopefully? :-D

Once Upon A Time 3x21 "Snow Drifts" and 3x22 "There's No Place Like Home" Recap

Spoilers Ahead

People of all ages, this two-part season finale should serve as an example of how perfection should be brought to life on screen. 

Continuing from where we left off last week, Rumple enacts Zelena’s curse and sends Killian and Emma back to the Enchanted forest moments before Snow and Charming are about to meet for the first time. They alter the instant Snow ‘s supposed to steal the ring, and in an attempt to make sure the two still fall in love, Killian and Emma visit Rumplestilskin in order to ask for his help. He only agrees to help them when they tell him he finds Neal. He then sends them to a ball held by King Midas in order for them to make sure Snow steals the ring this time. They eventually succeed and it’s Emma’s acceptance of who she is, and where she belongs that brings her magic back and sends them back home, along with Maid Marian who they couldn’t leave behind.  Upon arriving back at the diner, Emma tells everyone that she’s staying and the Charmings announce that they’ve chosen to name the young prince Neal. Rumple and Belle tie the knot at an intimate wedding in the woods, Maid Marian reveals herself to Robin, and the noted Snow Queen of Arendelle makes a stunning appearance as the episode comes to an end. 

Due to the insane amount of things that have occurred, both emotionally moving and hysterically enriching, we’re going to try to do our best in bringing you an in depth analyses of the beautiful episode we can easily call a favorite. 

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voidgoddess  asked:

"I do not see why I need a cell phone Mr. Rose. You know where I live."

“Humor me?” Christopher requested, pulling the Goddess along by the hand. Ice cream had been successfully gotten, pregnancy clothes acquired, and all that was left was a cell phone.

FIC: Alex Garcia is so done with your bullshit, or the one where Kagami and Kuroko are married as fuck.

Title: Alex Garcia is so done with your bullshit, or the one where Kagami and Kuroko are married as fuck.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kagami/Kuroko
Summary: When Alex came to Japan she expected many things; Godzilla, giant robots and girls fighting monsters in school uniforms. Sadly, none of these happened. What she met was way more irritating and cute.
Word Count: 3640
A/N: Filling my own headcanon, because I am the lamest ever. Also what the fuck is this title.

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