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Something interesting about Antman

It was nice to see a movie that was outside the scope of The Avengers. Especially the Pym family & Scotts reaction to the encounter with Falcon. 

Hank & Hope both tell Scott to flee because an encounter would result in Scott being killed. And Scott, after successfully acquiring Hank’s invention says “Hey, can you believe I fought an Avenger and didn’t die?”

I don’t know how other people felt, but I was a little alarmed by this until I really thought about it. This is a small, almost throwaway-like reference to what is coming in Civil War. People, even Hank Pym, are scared of the Avengers and what they can do. 

Not only would Scott get in trouble, they thought he would be killed. They have a similar reaction to Darren Cross. Which shows that while the Avengers may be trying to be heroes. Their presence and abilities are still seen as a very real, frightening threat to the outside world. 

When we think about the Avengers, we dont always equate their heroism with killing. And yet, they are responsible for multiple deaths so Hank, Hope and Scott’s reactions are totally understandable…If not, odd considering that the Avengers are the ones we should be rooting for.

I just thought is was an interesting touch and a great small nod to the coming movies.