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Bonnie & Clyde - pt 12

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“Here’s five hundred dollars. Now let us leave quietly.” Yoongi said, pushing the nurse away and taking out the needles in your arm.

With an arm around his shoulder, he helped you up only to freeze when you whimpered, biting your lips shut to stop the curses from flying out.

“I’m sorry Y/N.” He said, pulling you along.

Every step felt like your entire body was being crushed by gravity, a soreness that was equally as painful all over.

You buried your face into this neck and tried to be strong like he said but the tears escaped anyway.

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Byakuran, Reborn and Dino with s/o who keeps trying to leave them because she thinks they are cheating on her (they aren't) but they'll never let her leave



  • He has issue staying asleep, regardless of how tired he is, and is often waking up in the middle of the night, leaving, and returning just before the sun comes up. This makes his S/O incredibly nervous because she just wants to wake up to him next to her, asleep or not
  • Byakuran waves it off each time, saying he has boss stuff to do that he needs to get done. It works the first few times she asks, but now it just adds to her discomfort
  • Sometimes other bosses bring their wives to meetings with Byakuran. These women tend to wear heavy perfume, enough that it just permeates the room and he hates it with a fiery passion.
  • That’s why the first thing he does when he sees his S/O is smother her in a big hug, taking in deep breathes of her scent. However, this let’s her take in his scent and the smell of other women’s perfume clogs her nose.
  • Everything goes downhill from there. Byakuran can tell she’s slowly pulling away from him and he becomes skittish. Any of her used clothes he finds is hoarded for at least a week before he relinquishes it to the maids for laundry.
  • Maids are whispering in the hallways about Byakuran losing his mind over a woman. Some are speculating that the current woman he’s with is no longer interesting enough to stay around. They haven’t seen this type of Byakuran since the first time he met his S/O
  • That’s what cinches his S/O to pack her bags to leave. When she feels Byakuran leaving the bed one evening, she waits a few minutes before gathering her things to leave and never come back
  • The last thing she expected was to see Byakuran come down the hall, mumbling things to himself. She sees him and freezes, watching him look at her face and then to her suitcase behind her.
  • Byakuran loses his shit. He manhandles her and throws her over his shoulder back to their bedroom. He ignores her screaming into his ear and leaves her suitcase behind.
  • “You can’t leave me. I need you. You can’t leave me. I love you.”
  • This is what he tells her each time he delivers her meals, making sure to caress her cheek and kiss her lips. He doesn’t care if she won’t kiss back. He doesn’t care if she’s crying. What matters is that she’s there to stay forever by his side.


  • The first time she tried to leave, Reborn locked her away in his home for a week. He made sure that there was no possible way for her to contact anyone outside of the house and had informed paid off the neighbors to not say a thing.
  • Afterwards, it was as if it never happened, like there was no change in their relationship. Reborn was satisfied with these results and didn’t even consider the idea of her trying to leave him again.
  • He never did manage to convince her he wasn’t cheating. Oh well, that’s fine. The hitman didn’t care much about that. What mattered was that she remembered who she belong to and wouldn’t try to leave ever again.
  • The second time she tried to leave was with the help of a friend. When he found them, Reborn shot the friend dead right then and there before knocking his S/O out.
  • When she woke up, she found out she was shackled to their shred bed and a long chain allowed her enough give to walk around and to the attached bathroom. She screamed for hours, losing her voice the second day of confinement.
  • The neighbors could sleep soundly for a week. No one can blame them because the screams next door sounded like a dying animal, crying out for help and begging for death.
  • An out-of-country mission gave her the opportunity to leave and she took it and ran. She ran out of town and to some run-of-the-mill country side. During her escape, she took only the bare necessities and paid everything in cash.
  • She was free for weeks. Long enough for her to get comfortable but still attentive to her surroundings. She had dyed and cut her hair and got a job as a waitress.
  • When she arrived at work, early like her co-workers did, she entered a room with blood staining the walls. Reborn stood in the center of the room, completely clean and gave her a bloodcurling smile.
  • “You are really bad at hide-and-seek, but that’s okay. I’ll still take you back.”


  • The maids whisper about the Donna Cavallone and how silly she was to try to escape. Her husband was a fine young man, someone they would gladly risk their jobs for just to spend a night with him in bed.
  • These little comments only fueled her desire to leave. Surely this was the reason why there was such a large turn over rate of maids in the home she lived in. It was only natural for her to want to leave a loveless relationship.
  • Dino might be a successful mafia boss, capable to communicating with allies and forging treaties with enemies, but his communication skills with his wife was still unsatisfactory to her. He thought everything was fine though, so it baffled him as to why she would insist on those silly divorce papers.
  • It was like clockwork - each night she would present him the papers and he would throw them into the fireplace. They were perfectly happy together, they could be happier if she would only stop being so negative about everything!
  • The one time she tried to voice her worries, it was a simple question. “Dino, are you seeing anyone?”
  • “Yes, actually. I’m going to see someone in a few minutes. I’ll be home soon, love you!”
  • He never mentioned it was a meeting with an ally boss of a family. She asked if he was seeing anyone on the side. Communication is key in a successful relationship, folks.
  • The Donna did what any self-respecting person in her position would do. She packed her bags, wrote him a goodbye note, and walked out. The car she drove was her own, bought before she met Dino and was lovingly taken care of by herself.
  • She had made it out of the city when cars obviously belonging to the Cavallone family began to box her in, their reduced speeds forcing her to slow down to a stop. Dino arrived later, a look on his face saying it all.
  • The maids whisper about the Donna Cavallone and how ill she must be to never leave the room she shared with their master. Her husband was a kind man, devoted to his ailing wife who screamed profanities at him and declared her hate. How lucky she was to have a man who loved her unconditionally that she would make sure she had everything she would ever need without leaving the room.

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Mafia reader and arranged marriage Scoups Au

Violence. That was the one thing that you hated the most, from the bloodshed to the inflicted pain you tried your hardest to stay away from it all. However, as the daughter of one of the big biggest, baddest and most influential mafias of all of South Korea it was kind of hard to avoid it.

“Watch out!” Mingyu yelled as he blocked himself from getting hit in the face.

Ducking under your attacker’s arm you swung your leg around the ground and swept him off of his feet. Punching him, not only once, but twice in the face you finally caved into the message that your body was more than exhausted and slumped. Letting out a sigh of relief that the fight was finally over you pulled out your phone and called for backup.

“Are you hurt?” Mingyu asked as he limped over to your side.

Letting out a giggle you replied, “No, but you are dummie. Didn’t I tell you to stop getting hurt during fights?”

Flicking you on the forward he replied, “Yeah, but I wouldn’t have gotten hurt if someone would have kept their mouth shut.”

Sticking out your tongue you shrugged, “Hey they were bad mouthing you, you weren’t going to do anything about it so I did.”

“Loser, I didn’t do anything about it because you were there. Now what I wanna know is, did you call for backup?”

In the car you and Mingyu still had quite some time before you reached the base of your father’s mafia. Cleaning the blood off of your hands you hissed in pain, however, before you could ask for a bandage Mingyu handed you one.

“Thanks dumbie.” You said as you wrapped the bandage on your finger.

“No problem ugly.”

Rolling your eyes you grabbed your phone out of your jean’s back pocket and unlocked it. 5 missed calls, strange. Pulling up the call log of your phone you saw that your father had tried to call you, typing his contact information you proceed to call him.

Your father’s phone rang for two minutes before he had finally answered, “Hello? Ah yes hello princess.” Your father said.

Cringing at your father’s nickname for you replied, “Sorry I didn’t answer my phone earlier, I was a bit…preoccupied at the time but what do you need?”

Laughing your father asked, “Are you on your way to base yet?”

“Of course I am, why?” You asked as you picked the dried blood off of your nails.

“I have a meeting with a very important business partner from out of town, and now that you are eighteen I would like for you to join me when meeting this special partner.”

“Sounds good, I’ll be there in bit, see you then.” You said as you hung up the phone and turned to Mingyu.

With a smirk you said, “Seems like I’ll be meeting someone important later…jealous yet?”

With a scoff Mingyu replied, “In your dreams! Important my butt, plus I have more important things to do.”

“Like what?”

“Babysitting you dumbass.” Mingyu muttered as he leaned his head against the headrest and attempted to get some rest.

Rolling your eyes you muttered, “Dumbass my butt.”

Pulling into the base’s driveway you couldn’t help but be in awe. No matter how many times you came to the base you were always amazed by the layout. From the neatly trimmed evergreen trees to the polished granite tiles that lined the driveway, the base was always a place where you could find peace.

As the car slowly curved and stopped in front of the main entrance you flashed a smile to the driver and exited out of the car. Carefully stepping out of the car, your boots crunched against the gravel and with a simple stretch of your arms you were ready to go to the meeting.

As you walked into the building you were immediately greeted by the servants and maids that worked for your family, greeting them each with a small smile you carried on your way. Every meeting held at the base was held on the second floor in the east wing where there were windows upon windows. The reason? You weren’t too sure but you had a feeling as to why.

The closer you got to the east wing the faster your heart got, you usually didn’t get nervous when meeting with your father’s business partners. But this time? You had no idea what you were in for.

On approaching the door you checked yourself one last time, and slowly but loud enough you knocked on the glossy oak doors.

“Come in!” You heard from the other side.

Letting out a deep breath, you put on your prettiest smile and entered the room. Upon entering you noticed your father’s advisors along with two men along and what you assumed to be their bodyguards. Presenting them with a gentle but firm smile you greeted the two strangers, “Hello it’s my pleasure to meet you I am the daughter of the leader of this mafia and who may I have the honor as to meeting?”

“My name is Mr. Choi, but you won’t be needing to call me that for long. And this, well this is my oldest son, Seungcheol.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Choi and Seungcheol.” You said as you shook both of their hands.

After the formal introductions you went to your rightful place next to your father and sat in your gold satin chair.

“Now to officially begin the meeting.” You father said as he chuckled.

“Now as many of you may know, my daughter is the only successor of my mafia. In addition I am quite old now and am looking forward to stepping down and handing my position to my daughter, however, I worry for her sake. Not that she won’t be a great leader, but, that she will end up like me, without a significant other. Today I would like to formally announce to all of my advisors of a great deed that is to come to our mafia, today will not only be day for history but for celebration. Today, we will be merging the two biggest mafias in all of Korea, not through contracts or blood but through marriage. Today, is the day that I will arrange for the marriage of Choi Seungcheol the heir of the 2nd biggest mafia in Korea to my only daughter and successor.”

Spitting out the water in your mouth you blurted, “Marriage? Excuse me?”

Chuckling your father replied, “Yes marriage! This is the only way to ensure your happiness and the success of our mafia.”

Slamming your cup on the table you stood up and barged out of the room. Untying your hair you ran down the stairs and left through the back. In frustration you entered the rose bush maze behind the base and kept walking until you knew that you weren’t being followed anymore. In shock you fell on your knees and stared at the ground questioning as to why you had to be the sacrificial lamb and be handed over to a man that you have never seen before.

However, before you could continue to mope a voice interrupted your thoughts.

“Guess your father never told you about the deal?”

Whipping your head around you exclaimed, “What do you want.”

Putting his hands up in defeat Seungcheol gave you a smirk, “Hey I just wanted to make sure that my future wife didn’t runaway.”

“Well there won’t be a wedding if you don’t leave me alone.” You said as you stood up and crossed your arms.

“True, but let me tell you a secret. You see this arranged marriage, I don’t really want it either. But hey if the boss says to get married, you get married. So you see love, you don’t really have a choice but to marry me.” Seungcheol said with a shrug as he smirked.

Scoffing you replied, “As if. And I…I have a boyfriend so there’s no way that I’m going to be marrying you.”

“Yeah boy friend two words, I know you don’t have a boyfriend. So don’t even try to use that excuse on me. Plus I think you’re kinda cute so what do you say, marry me?”

Rolling your eyes you turned around and left Seungcheol behind.

With a chuckle Seungcheol, “I think she’s a keeper.”

LETHAL | Mafia! Au | Jungkook X Reader | Smut | Part 4

Mature content ahead, sorry for any mistakes, and thanks for reading this!

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The next morning, you sat on the couch across from Jungkook in the apartment. Thankfully, Jungkook had put some clothes this time round, and was wearing a plain black t-shirt and black ripped jeans: clearly a preferred combination of his.
Yoongi had ordered you to brief Jungkook on everything he needed to know, and the things he did not necessarily need to know - there could be no secrets, not among successful mafia.
‘Let’s get down business,’ you began, as Jungkook yawned.
'Good, I’ve been ready for the last five minutes,’ Jungkook retorted, and you scowled at him, not deigning to even bother to make a comeback.
'You’re a member of the Shadow Mafia now,’ you told Jungkook, and he nodded. 'As I’m sure you’ve already guessed,’ you went on, 'there’s a feud between us and the Park Mafia, which Jimin is the head of.’
'Why the feud?’ Jungkook questioned, leaning back on the couch, putting his arms behind his head. This was serious; how could he be so relaxed and disrespective?
'A long time ago,’ you explained, 'Yoongi and Jimin’s father were partners. The two sides there are today were united. The pair were unstoppable, and closer than brothers. They made millions every month, trafficking drugs, stealing art, assassinating lesser opponents.
'My mother was always at Yoongi’s side, never once abandoning her brother. Due to this, she also became close to Jimin’s father.
'Over time, Jimin’s father began to develop feelings for my mother. Feelings that he soon discovered were most likely not going to be accepted, when she married and had me. Nevertheless, Jimin’s father still made a move on my mother: and his feelings were rebuffed.
'He was furious. Yoongi once told me that Jimin’s father had a horrendous temper: he could be blinded by rage, and kill a man in a heartbeat, and feel no remorse afterwards.
'Jimin’s father, well, he took his anger out not only on my mother, but my father to. He killed them both one night while they slept. I was still a baby - he spared me, although I’ve never known why.’
Jungkook was sat up now, his brows creased, his hands folded in his lap. 'I’m so sorry.’ he murmured, his expression grave.
'No need to apologise,’ you replied with a shrug. 'Not your fault.’
'So,’ you continued, 'When my uncle found his beloved sister and her husband dead, he immediately set about working out who the culprit was. It didn’t take I’m long before he identified Jimin’s father.
'My uncle, he holds a grudge. No matter how insignificantly you wrong him, no matter how large, he won’t forget. So he simply did not allow Jimin’s father to know that he had killed my parents. Until he next saw him again, that was, when he shot him on sight.
'Today, the feud goes on because Jimin wants desperately to avenge his father’s death, by killing both Yoongi, me, and everyone close to us.’
Again, Jungkook simply nodded. He was silent - which was a miracle - and seemed to be just taking all the new information in. After a moment he asked, 'Since Yoongi raised you, you were forced into this life, weren’t you?’
Nodding you said, 'I was. It is what it is. I’ve grown to love this profession as if I had chosen it myself, so that’s that.’
Jungkook looked at you with apologetic eyes, and softly murmured, 'You deserve more than this.’ You held his gaze for a moment, quite shocked by the sincerity in the usually cocky bastard’s eyes.
And then he clapped his hands, and got up from the couch, averting his eyes from you. 'Well, that was heavy,’ he announced, snapping back into his audacious self. 'I’ll make us some lunch: my treat,’ he told you, and you knew he was just trying to lighten the mood.
But you nodded, welcoming anything to force the dark memories swirling round your mind away.
You retreated to your room while Jungkook cooked lunch, and after ten minutes of rest, you heard a cry of, 'Fuck!’ from the kitchen.
Leaping up off the bed - which was a mistake, seeing as you had still not fully recovered from your beating the other day - and quickly but quietly moved into the kitchen.
Over by the sink, Jungkook was turning on the cold tap with one hand, whereas the other was clutching his finger.
'You idiot,’ you chuckled. 'Did the big, bad hitman cut himself chopping vegetables?’ you questioned patronisingly, sauntering over to him.
'Shut up,’ he told you with a glare.
Shaking your head, you asked, 'Where’s the first aid kit.’ Still holding his finger, Jungkook motioned to the cupboard on your left.
You retrieved it and set it down on the kitchen counter beside you. It was impossible for you to refrain from laughing when you saw it’s contents.
'Hello Kitty plasters?’ you snorted, picking up a pink plaster with hearts and stars patterned on it, along with Hello Kitty.
'They were here when I moved in, okay?’ Jungkook frowned, holding out his finger for you to put the plaster on.
'Sure they were,’ you said as you rolled your eyes, before putting the plaster on Jungkook’s finger.
'All better,’ you cooed in a sickly sweet voice, flashing him a fake grin.
'Aren’t you going to kiss it better?’ Jungkook asked, batting his eyelashes at you.
He was expecting you to refuse, so you decided to surprise him again: his reactions were always so funny.
You pressed a butterfly kiss to the tip of his finger, which the plaster was wrapped around. His lips parted in surprise, and he seemed to be speechless.
'What?’ you asked with a smug grin, 'Hello Kitty got your tongue?’
With that,  you turned and stalked away from him, but your phone pinged in your pocket. Pulling it into your hand, you read the message that was upon the screen. It was from Yoongi.
You spun round to face Jungkook again, who was cutting peppers (more cautiously this time).
'Jungkook,’ you called, 'looks like it’s time for your first job.’