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Catching up from my twitter here is a BNHA sona/oc I made. Their name is Mariko Madoka also known as Empuppy! Their quirk is Empathic Absorption. They can absorb negative emotions from everyone in the nearby vicinity and then use that energy to launch psychic type blasts. 

Mariko is generally a very relaxed and even shy student. They admire their classmates and want success for everyone. They understand stress and tough times come with being a hero but they will do anything to ease those heavy emotions.

Also some interactions with @silvermender and  @gh0stdoe because I love their OCs >:’C

More details below.

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During your journey to success, you’re going to have to go through tough times. It’ll take persistence, determination, and pure hard work. Nothing worth having ever comes easy, so keep on keeping on!
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

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May Allah grant you ease in your struggles, may Allah grant you clarity and a way out of your struggle, may this bring you closer to Allah and enable your sins to be wiped away - may Allah elevate your status and strengthen you during this tough time, may Allah grant you success in this life and the hereafter and may Allah may Allah grant you contentment in this life and the next

Allahumma Ameen.
Thank you so much for such a beautiful dua.

Better Living through Longer Hair.

…and so our heroine returns, and begins to put the pieces back together after another weird adventure. This time it was spending time overseas in a small, specialist, German hospital enduring extended treatment for chronic Lyme disease. You know, the kind where they bake your body to “extreme hyperthermia” temperatures, for a six hour cycle, in a special infrared oven. I hit 41.8C (107.2F) in the first session, and 41.9C (107.4F) in the second, not that I’d remember, having been heavily sedated. The transformative crucible again, this time with more Fire: the Tarot has been telling me for a while that it was about time to fall upward into The Sun.

Success? Time will tell. Another tough endurance trial in a strange land. I just can’t get enough.

In other news, my shift over the course of being very ill for a number of years from Ethinyl Estradiol to Estradiol Valerate has meant my endocrine system has been a rollercoaster, but it has also meant that my endocrine system is finally starting to settle, and the new state means my hair seems much happier when grown out. It’s very fine, and has had a historical tendency to be lank when longer. Not no more, though, bless.

It turns out that having longer hair means that one can have more than one possible hair style! Quelle Amazement!! Almost long enough to tie back now! I think I’m going to keep growing it and shoot for that decadent, Anne Rice-style brocade-waistcoat-wearing vampire look. My Lady is, naturally, very supportive of this idea. Pictures to follow presently. :)

Growing my hair longer has also given me yet more disappointing insight into the humans and the general level of analysis that they put into gender typing of the individuals that they see. I suspect that I’m not alone in having a radical tendency to overthink their relations to gender. It seems that it is usually as simple as “long hair == girl, short hair == boy” for them. My hair grows past a certain length, and suddenly the gender static drops noticeably. Can it really be that simple for most of them? What would it even be like to have it be that simple? It’s like they’ve had something stolen from them, somehow. Sigh.

More presently, but for now,

That is all.

PS: Check out my awesome, veiny, piano hand. :)

Stay Humble

I just wanna thank these two guys for being able to stay themselves and stay humble through all of their success. They help motivate me through tough times and remind me that no matter what, I am worth it and things will get better.


“I don’t think we’d have made it past a year if our friendships weren’t this strong. It’s the overriding factor in our longevity. If you’re a band for 10 years you go through good times and bad times, especially if your success comes overnight and very early on. If you’re not the best of friends then it can start to unravel when the excitement and novelty of success mellows out. It’s our friendship that’s pulled us through all the tough times. […] We’re still doing the same shit we did 10 years ago and still finding the same bad jokes funny.” — Tom Fletcher

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I know i'm just some random fan but honestly shoutout to the dolan fandom because I don't know any other fan base that would have the same overwhelming, supportive response that we have given the boys and we will continue to support them through this tough time and through their successes

💜 well we’re more than fans. We’re a family

Words for the Signs
  • aries : You only get one life. It's your duty to live it as fully as possible.
  • taurus : They talk behind your back because you're always one step ahead.
  • gemini : Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same thing.
  • cancer : Whatever you do, never run back to what broke you.
  • leo : Ambition is the first step to success. The second step is action.
  • virgo : Times are tough, but you are tougher. You'll be fine.
  • libra : Less words, more looking at the sky.
  • scorpio : You can't keep dancing with the devil and ask why you're still in hell.
  • sagittarius : Here's to the kids who care more about music than popularity.
  • capricorn : Be who you needed when you were younger.
  • aquarius : Always wear your invisible crown.
  • pisces : Rule your mind or it will rule you.

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(As a thank you to my followers for crossing 100+, I’m answering AU prompts. Five headcanons per AU :) I’ll take just a few more so if there’s something percolating in your brain, feel free to send it along! ETA: I’m full up on prompts! Thanks!)

(this was entirely more fun than it should’ve been, okay)
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0. Successful?

They’ve been through some tough times in the last year; there’s no denying that. Allura’d be the first to say. “Success” is a matter of opinion and perspective, that can’t be measured solely in the financial columnn. Do people know them? Do people wear their brand? Does “success” mean being better than the major competitor, who exports most of their work, threatens, underpays, steals designs? Does “success” mean keeping the lights on, breaking even, or being famous? Does “success” mean money, or treating employees with fairness - or somehow, artistically, ethically, and honestly, making a difference?


They’re getting there.

They have to be.

1. Voltron is Allura’s label now, surprising exactly no one. 

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Making History: Ellen DeGeneres Came Out 18 Years Ago Today

Eighteen years ago today, Ellen DeGeneres publicly came out in an episode of her TV show, Ellen. In the episode, titled, “The Puppy Episode,” Ellen’s onscreen persona leaned across an airport PA system and announced to the world, “I’m gay.” Ellen’s courageous decision to live openly and honestly – both on- and off-screen – is truly historic. Through tough times and unparalleled success, she continues to inspire LGBT youth and so many others to proudly live their truth. She has spoke about her personal life frequently on her hit talk show, The Ellen Show. She has shared the lasting impact of coming out, and has publicly supported and encouraged others, including Ellen Page, who came out at HRC’s first annual Time to THRIVE conference in 2014. Coming out – whether it is as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or allied – is a deeply personal journey for every individual. For more resources on coming out, visit HRC’s Coming Out Center.

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Just a rhetorical question. Emotions aside, if friends are there to share and benefit from the successes, but not there for you in the tough times are they really friends? Friends are people that will set aside petty issues, alter their schedule if they need to, to be present when you need them. The ND boys didn't show up for her when Gwen went through hell (except they happily showed up for ND festival shows). I don't know what you call that, but I'm pretty sure it's not friendship.

I feel this way too but I know others have good points on the other side of things.  I just can’t imagine how alone Gwen was feeling.  I saw No Doubt live in April 2015 and they were great.  Now I wonder how Gwen was even holding it together.

- B


“I don’t think we’d have made it past a year if our friendships weren’t this strong. It’s the overriding factor in our longevity. If you’re a band for 10 years you go through good times and bad times, especially if your success comes overnight and very early on. If you’re not the best of friends then it can start to unravel when the excitement and novelty of success mellows out. It’s our friendship that’s pulled us through all the tough times.” - Tom Fletcher

Learn to celebrate other people’s success. Yes, you’re going through a tough time. Yes you’re not getting what you want when you want it. Learn to take joy in seeing other people’s joy.

A Cornucopia of Conundrums

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5.

Summary: “So what you’re saying is; you had a one-night stand with some yakuza lordling and now you’re preggo with his baby?” SasuSaku. AU.


Magic happens when you don’t give up, even when you want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart.


Three other people showed up with him. She recognized two—the woman, she could only assume was his mother. Ino, who had been staunchly opposing her decision since the moment she’d told her, rose up in a flurry of angry resentment. “How could you!” she cried, pointing an accusing finger at her, and at the same time, glaring at the small group of people approaching them, furiously. When they were half a dozen meters away, she shook her golden head in disappointed vehemence and stormed off. Watching her stalk down the other end of the corridor was like a blow to the gut. You don’t understand, she wanted to yell after her, My child is dying! I don’t have a choice. Except, she’d had a choice, and maybe she’d made the wrong one, because Ino, who’d been her rock, her champion, the person who told her the truth but never criticized, never judged, was now furious. Ino, who’d talked her off the ledge when times were tough, who’d celebrated her success when others were envious; Ino, who could joke with her as easily as she’d share intimate confidences, was invalidating her decision. Ino, who’d always urged her to keep going, keep pushing, kept reminding that life was full of possibilities, was now dissuading.

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