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Sexy A-Z: Peter Quill Edition

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Nobody asked for this, but here it is, anyways. 


A: Aliens. On a mission to fuck as many different types as he can. His only requirement is that they have to be relatively humanoid…though he has been known to stray from that, in the past…

B: Blowjobs. He lives for blowjobs. His life revolves around obtaining blowjobs. He loves blowjobs more than sex. He loves blowjobs more than life. Blowjobs blowjobs blowjobs. That being said, he does have a strict “no head from people with pointy teeth” rule.

C: Contraxia. Where he lost his virginity to one of the “love bots”. It was a birthday gift from The Ravagers. 

D: Dancing. One of his favorite ways to get in someone’s pants (with an 88% success rate) is to turn on a slow song and seduce them via one of his infamous intimate slow dances. 

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My Essentials for the 2014-2015 School Year:

A - 2" Avery binder. I leave this at home to transfer papers to once I no longer need them in class. This way, I’m not lugging around extra weight but I know exactly where everything is when it comes time to review for a test or exam.

B - Index cards! So many uses for these. These particular ones are on a ring and I use them for keeping various math equations handy. I have another set that I use for flashcards. 

C - TI-84 Plus graphing calculator

D - Cute backpack from Target!

E - Extra set of clothes, deodorant, and a brush to keep in my locker for my free period if I decided to go for a run.

F - 7 sets of color coded single subject notebooks and two pocket folders for each of my classes.

G - Staples brand pencil case. Contents include: Full size Post-It notes, little flag post it notes for marking important sections in my books, 4 Sharpie highlighters, 4 Bic mechanical pencils, 4 Bic colorful pens, 4 Pentel R.S.V.P. pens

H - Stabilo point 88 pens

I - Wallet for lunch money or extra money just in case.

J - Hand sanitizer in a cute fox container that my friend got me. And a face barrier for use when giving breaths during CPR (I’m part of my local fire department and am trained in CPR and First Aid so I carry that around with me wherever I go just in case).

K - USB. 8 gig I believe.

L - iPod touch and an extra pair of headphones in case I forget my usual ones at home or to lend to a friend who forgot theirs at home. 

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companions + maxson react to sole wanting (and succesfully stealing it, whether it be through force or not) maxson's coat?

Cait: She knows everything about theft. It’s like her second nature, really. Cait assisted them on stealing the coat, and it felt like a successful mission when they had stolen it.

Curie: Stealing is wrong. She tried to stop them from doing it, but they didn’t listen and stole it anyway. Curie was disappointed at that point, she really didn’t want to be seen with them.

Codsworth: “Where on earth did you get that ghastly coat?”

Danse: He thought it was a joke. Anybody who stole from Elder Maxson would surely get killed the next day. Once they stole the coat, Danse immediately tried to take it away from them and they fought over it like children.

Deacon: Deacon didn’t take it seriously. He knew how hardcore the Brotherhood were, and it was nearly impossible to steal something. His jaw dropped when he saw them wearing the coat. Deacon had to tell everyone because he was that impressed.

Hancock: Hancock didn’t mind. He found some amusement in it, though. He found it more amusing when they’d successfully stole it, and they swapped coats for a laugh.

MacCready: MacCready laughed. They wouldn’t be able to take his coat, even with a gun to his head. He bet 100 caps that they’d come back empty handed. The look on his face was priceless when he saw them wearing the coat, and he shamefully handed over 100 caps.

Nick: “Take it off before you kill us all, kid.”

Preston: Stealing wasn’t good for anyone. He physically had to stop them from doing it, because he was afraid of the outcome. Preston wasn’t happy when he saw the coat on them. He ignored them for a while, worrying about the safety of everyone.

Piper: It wasn’t a good idea. Stealing gets you in trouble, but to steal Elder Maxson’s coat? You probably had a death wish. Piper sighed in irritation when they walked in, wearing his coat. She didn’t think they’d actually do it. Piper left quickly, not wanting to be apart of it.

Strong: Strong wouldn’t understand. He heard the words Elder Maxson, coat and want. He lightened up when he heard the word steal, though. After they stole his coat, Strong congratulated them on their successful theft.

X6-88: He didn’t care about the Brotherhood. He also didn’t care about Elder Maxson. When he heard that Sole wanted his coat, he actually encouraged it. X6-88 found it amusing when they returned with the coat on. He couldn’t wait to see how Maxson was going to react, and it wasn’t going to be good.

Maxson: Maxson laughed in their face when they wanted his coat. Let me assure you, he wasn’t laughing when he woke up to find it gone. That’s his battle coat. Maxson couldn’t let them have it, so he didn’t hesitate to hunt them down.

The Junkers Ju 388 Störtebeker was a development of the highly successful Ju 88. Introduced very late in the war they flew predominantly reconnaissance missions over England at very high altitudes. Just one interception was made successfully at approximately 44,000 ft (13,500 m) over the English Channel by an RAF Spitfire. In those final chaotic weeks they were one of the few Nazi aircraft capable of doing much of anything. Now, 70 years on, not much of anything is known of what they actually got up to.