English Major Leads to Job!

runwithskizzers submitted:

Sort of. I work in publishing. I graduated with an English major in 2006 and my major was part of the reason I was able to get an internship with a publishing house the summer before my senior year.

I ended up attending grad school at NYU for Publishing which lead to an actual paying job, but I wouldn’t have qualified without being an English major! I’ve worked in book marketing and now I’m a YA book buyer for the Scholastic Reading (née Book) Club.

I also write and podcast about books/comics (for money! I know!), which I’m lucky enough to do thanks to being well-read… thanks to being an English Major.

What this cool person didn’t tell you is that she writes for Book Riot. Thank you so much for sharing!

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anonymous asked:

Is it bad that I'm kind of obsessed with age? Like I applaud you for being on the right track at 25. I'm 19 and I'm obsessed with being successful at a young age, following hard work. Is this unhealthy?

Success is something you should only use to measure your own progress from what you were to what you are now. You shouldn’t measure your own success by comparing your life to another’s. It will just make you unhappy in the end. Everyone progresses at different rates, and they all define success differently.

As for whether or not wanting to be successful at a young age is healthy…I’m not a doctor, but I would think that if such a desire leads to you endangering your mental or physical health (eating poorly, insomnia, addiction, depression, etc), it’s become a problem that you should seek help for. From the right people, of course.

Good luck with whatever you’re trying to succeed at (Life in general? You were kind of fucking vague),

-The Sudden Adult