Well... His reputation will never be the same again

Context: Edward just saved Brandy out of a smoke filled classroom (Set by Christopher). The only way he was able to get to her and pull her out was to put a piss covered jacket over his mouth and pull her out of the classroom then runs out of the building. This could only go so well. 

Brandy: “He put a piss covered jacket on to save me?” She rolls over and sits up looking after Edward. As she is being dragged out she says “he breathed a jacket of piss to save me, what a guy.”

After they get out of the school:

Christopher: He is texting his friends about Piss Head Ed(ward).

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I was reading one of you analyzes and someone mentioned jimin fainting? I'm really new in the fandom and was wondering when that happened?

that happened in 2015 during one of their fanmeetings in osaka , i think this moment had left a really big impact on their relationship as a whole, and was one of the reasons why people started thinking that Osaka means something very special to them , which is something jiminpoppins pointed out .

so in 150819 jimin fell off stage/fainted during their fan meeting hosted in Osaka_japan , due to a quick drop in his blood pressure… so jungkook replaced him that day/sang most of his parts ,and  there’s a fancam of that during their “i need you” performance in which  jungkook was doing jimin’s parts , and he looked really sad, his voice was shaky as hell and his nose was very red , he was indeed crying just before going on stage, you can watch that here that actually says a lot about how much jimin means to him , of course all  the other members looked sad as well but jungkook was particularly  more effected by jimin’s absence than all of them , that might as well has helped him really realise and accept his feelings for jimin ,how much he really really loves him , cares about him and most importantly needs him

the next day 050820 , jimin recovered so he performed with them , and during jungkook’s part in “for you” , he was supposed to walk past the members but that day he stopped next to jimin and sang his line for him , his line was:[It smells like you, The road that I walk on, I plug my earphone to my status, My true feelings lie beyond there] which left jimin smiling every now and then during that whole performance throwing glances at jungkook .. here

  • <p> <b></b> - Vì sao lại ở bên nhau ?<p/><b></b> - Vì yêu.<p/><b></b> - Thế sao còn muốn bỏ nhau?<p/><b></b> - Vì hết yêu mất rồi.<p/><b></b> - Tình yêu cũng hết được sao???<p/><b></b> - Dĩ nhiên rồi. Tình yêu tự giết chết chính nó, còn thời gian giúp đẩy nhanh quá trình....<p/></p>