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ur faves arent cis

people are saying Peppermint can’t be a drag queen due to her gender identity….it’s time to remind ya’ll fools that over 15 contestants; including successful winners and faves were NOT CIS MEN and are doing well


Season 2- Kylie “Sonique” Love 

Season 3- Carmen Roman

Season 3- Stacy Jones

Season 4- Jiggly Caliente (Bianca Castro)

Season 4- Kenya Olivera 

Season 5- Monica DeJesus Anaya

Season 6- Gia Ichikawa

Season 9- Agnes “Peppermint” Moore


Season 3- Raja 

Season 5- Jinkx Monsoon

Season 6- BenDeLaCreme

Season 6- Courtney Act

Season 6- Adore Delano

Season 7- Violet Chachki 

Season 9- Aja

Season 9- Sasha Velour

#Fill The Train 2

A month ago, I made this post, urging the fanart community at large to watch and make art of Infinity Train, and post it under the tag #Fill The Train in order to make the tag a lot less empty. I would reblog and promote each artist who participated, and gather all of the art in one big post.

It was a resounding success, with many artists creating great pieces and turning the tag lively.

But now the tag is getting quiet again, so it’s time to revitalize it once more.

Please, if you haven’t already, watch the Infinity Train pilot. It’s only 8.5 minutes of your time, and it’s really good.

Now, this Fill The Train is the same as the last one. Post original art to the #Infinity Train and #Fill The Train tags and I will reblog them and compile them into a big post.

However, this time there’s an optional theme.

While drawings of Tulip, One-One and Corginia are great, I’d really like to see your original content. Got an original character that would fit to the Infinity Train universe? A new species or robot? You want to design your own train car with its own puzzles and environment? Go for it.

You have until April 6th to submit your art to the tag. Afterwards I will compile another promo post for all of the artists.

Thank you for helping me bring attention to a great show, and good luck.

Tater headcanon/ficlet

Tater’s parents divorced when he was very young, he doesn’t even remember a time they were together (although they had an amicable relationship post-divorce). His father was a hockey player, his mother was a figure skating champion.

He grew up in Russia with his father, but would spend a couple months every year visiting his mother in the USA. She retired from competition, but continued on to be a formidable youth figure skating coach. Her students were always successful.

When Tater visits his mom, he usually tags along to her early morning practices. Truthfully, he catches a bit more sleep in the stands most days, but he does really enjoy watching the progress her students have made on days mornings when he’s well-rested.

When he’s 11 or so, his mom takes on a tiny blond boy as her newest student, and Tater absolutely LOVES watching him practice. The kid is fast learner, and young Tater has been around the best and brightest of figure skating enough to know that this boy is going to be great.

Even when Tater returns home to Russia after his visit, he still asks his mom about how the little blond boy is doing with his lessons. The next time he visits, the improvement is already staggering. Now he eagerly attend his mom’s early morning lessons to see what this talented tiny boy can do.

Tater meets him once, but the funny little American boy talks very fast and Tater has no idea what he’s saying. He manages to say “Hi” and “good skate” and then stares, completely overwhelmed by this ball of blond energy shaking his hand and talking a mile a minute. Tater knows he’s saying something nice about his mom, because the boy is smiling a lot and looks over at her a couple times, but he knows very little English, so it mostly goes over his head. Still, it makes him smile, and he’s happy his mom has found such an enthusiastic student.

The years go by, and although Tater is sad to hear that his mom’s star pupil no longer figure skates, he gets busy with his hockey career. His mother has other talented students now, and she’s back in Russia. Life goes on. It’s been years since he’s thought of the tiny blond boy…

But one day, his teammate Jack starts (does he ever stop?) bragging about how wonderful his boyfriend is, and brings him along for a fun shinny game with the Falcs to show off Bitty’s skills and speed.

“Remember last time we did this, Bits?” Jack teases his boyfriend while the other guys set up the nets.

“The boys made me do a jump in my hockey skates for the school paper,” Bitty replies with a laugh.

Tater insists on seeing Jack’s little blond boyfriend do a jump, because he does miss watching figure skating like in his childhood. Bitty obliges, and the moment he lifts off the ice, Tater is filled with nostalgia. He knew something was familiar about this energetic young man.

“Hey, little B!” Tater skates over to Bitty immediately. “You’re so good. Always jumping so high, even in hockey skates.”

“Well, it would be better if I were in figure skates, and had a bit more practice…”

“Is okay. Long time since you started hockey, yes? When you were 15?”

Bitty doesn’t think too much of it, aside from being a bit of embarrassment that Jack has told his friends THAT much about him. “Yeah, I figure skated for years before that.”

“So many championships. Good skate.”

Bitty chuckles, remembering the time he met Katya’s quiet son who didn’t speak much English. That poor shy boy had only managed to tell him “good skate” too. He was hit with a wave of déja vu. This giant of a man was about 10,000 times more talkative than that boy, but now that Bitty thought about it, he did look a little familiar. “Um… Tater? This may sound strange, but…”

“So B, you know my mom Katya, yes?”

“OH. MY. GOD.”

“We should send her selfie now.”

|| more than that ||

I’m now gonna make you readers thirst for s/gar d/ddy peter parker. 👅

and just for clarification, both peter and the reader are 24 years old.

tags: @suerayamz

warnings: the concept of having a s/gar d/ddy, smut

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story.


Despite all of his well deserved success, Peter Parker swore to never let it get to his head. Remaining true to his promise to Aunt May, he never once changed his personality or outlook on life.

Even now, when he was as rich as his former mentor Tony Stark, Peter made sure that he was still the same old nerd he always had been.

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ashisdeterioratingfire  asked:

Peter parker! I don't care too much what it is, but fluff! I love fluff!

will a drabble calm your soul? :’)

[permanent + fluff tag]: @mrs-myself

[permanent + peter parker tag]: @momosakaki-san 

“Who puts sugar on popcorn?” 

Peter made a noncommittal noise, closing the cupboard back. “What do you mean. Sugar belongs on popcorn.”

Salt belongs on popcorn,” You corrected, sitting back down on the couch as he sat beside you. 


“I’m afraid every single movie theater worldwide agrees with me.”

“Yeah, yeah,” He rolled his eyes, starting the movie.

You smugly cuddled into his side at your success, and his arm came up to wrap around you. Ten minutes later you were wrapped in a blanket and sucked into the film. Twisting slightly so that you could free your arm that was trapped between you and your boyfriend, you reached for the popcorn bucket, eyes fixated on the screen. 

Soon you realized that no matter how far you reached, your fingers never seemed to ever reach the bucket. You frowned and looked down, only to see that Peter had been progressively moving it away.

“Peter,” You said dangerously. 

“Hmm?” He replied, and you could see the edges of a smile tugging at his lips. 

“Give me the-”

He moved it further.

You leaned over his lap to reach the bucket. “Hey-”

“Do you want something?” Peter asked. 

“Haha very funny, now don’t be a brat-”

“That’s not very nice, Y/N,” He scolded, dodging your hands.

You managed to grab a handful of popcorn and smiled sardonically at him in victory. Before he could say anything you had thrown it in his face.

“Was that nice?” You mocked. A blush spread across his cheeks but he grinned boyishly.

“No. But this will be,” And with that he poured the entire bucket over your head.

You gaped while he dissolved into giggles, holding his stomach. His laughter continued even when you pushed him back onto the couch so that his head was on the armrest, climbing over him.

“I’ll give you something to laugh about,” You scoffed, movie long forgotten and mere background noise as your tricky fingers ran up his sides.

“N-No, no, Y/N, stop-!” He laughed harder unwillingly as you tickled him. “Please!”

“Suffer,” You grinned, only to squeak when he switched your positions. 

He raised an eyebrow at you and you chuckled nervously. 

“Hehe…you know I was just messing around right?” You licked your lips. “Did you do something with your hair today? It looks great.” He narrowed his eyes. You tried once more. “I love you?”

“I love you too,” Peter said, leaning to press his lips to yours, settling firmer on-top of you. A short blissful moment later, he disconnected, grinning. “But that still won’t save you. There will be no mercy.”

You squeaked as his fingers danced on your midsection, wiggling and kicking with joy. 

The popcorn bucket rolled off the couch to lay neglected on the floor.


I constantly see complains about Batgirl/Barbara Gordon on her tags

On why she is the only Batgirl that gets the focus, why can’t she be Oracle again, blah blah blah. 

The why is very simple. Barbara Gordon was the one that made Batgirl BATGIRL. The very first Batwoman (1956) and Bat-Girl Betty Kane (1961, yes there was hyphen) were introduced because of gay concern between Batman and Robin. 

Batwoman was made love interest for Batman and Bat-Girl was for Robin. They weren’t written good and naturally they weren’t success and got dumped by DC comics promptly. 

Batgirl/Barbara Gordon was created in 1967 for the third season of Batman show although I believe she made her debut in the comic first. The show told DC comics that they needed female Batman. She wasn’t created as love interest for anyone but sadly DC feels the need to have her keep flirting with Robin. She was older than him at that time and DC had to keep de-aging her throughout the years so people don’t feel “odd” about it because god forbid a woman be older than the man. Anyways, 

She become popular and the rest was history. Batgirl is Barbara Gordon’s role just like the Flash would always be associated heavily and go back to Barry Allen despite Jay Garrick being the very first I believe. 

Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl is the one people know and the one that matters because she made the role big and beloved. The Look of Batgirl came with her. There would be no Stephanie or Cassandra if it wasn’t for her and they only got that chance because of the killing joke and DC’s reluctance to put Barbara in the suit again so they had to fill the Batgirl role in the meantime.  

Thankfully, DC got over their reluctance and now Barbara is back in her role as Batgirl since the new 52 2011. Cassandra and Stephanie have to carve out their own separate role and ID if they want to have any impact in comic history and their fans should be wishing for that instead of bitching about Barbara Gordon and hoping she gets shot again and back in the chair so their chosen one (Steph or Cass) can be Batgirl again. 

I don’t believe that Barbara Gordon needs to go back to being Oracle. That needs to stay in her past. I can’t see her in the chair without thinking about the joker shooting her. I never saw Oracle as sustainable role. I saw it as something she had to do to put herself back together. I saw it as an arc for her and there is no reason she should lose the growing and development she had. Plus DC comics is place where people can come back from the dead, lose most of their body and be Cyborg and constantly get healed from broken bones/backs including Batman himself so I don’t see why Barbara couldn’t be healed. 

Now with Cyborg in the JL and everyone and their mom being able to hack like crazy, there is no need for Oracle. She would be used like she is in the Arkham games, being Batman’s secretary or in Birds of Prey directing others while they take the spotlight. Oracle worked in her time and I’m glad disabled fans saw inspiration in her character but I don’t see why that should hold the character back from moving away from TKJ in every way. Maybe DC needs to create someone new for that role or take characters that haven’t made name for themselves so they become associated and synonymous in that role. If DC shoots Barbara again and put her back in the chair, I think it’ll be gross and wrong and I find it disturbing to see people keep wishing that for Barbara Gordon. Some try to explain it away by saying that the joker doesn’t have to shoot her and she doesn’t have to be sexually exploited like that makes a freaking difference. 

So in conclusion, Batgirl is Barbara Gordon and Barbara Gordon is Batgirl. Others needs to find their own place in the comic and their fans need to realize that simple fact and stop trying to equate Betty/Cass/Steph’s time as Batgirl and their impact to Barbara Gordon’s. 

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@ my Katie McGrath buddies

I’ve noticed some people pointing out that some of the ‘jokes’ going around could be offensive or harmful, and I’m really really glad people are pointing these things out, because I do believe most of the fans genuinely love her and want to support her career, but don’t realize they’re crossing a line.

For example, I used to tag things with ‘Kashy McGra’. When I initially saw it I thought it was a reference to an interview in which the interviewer BUTCHERED her name and she politely corrected him. I was using it in a way that mocked him, not her, but as soon as I realized people were using it in a way that made fun of her accent, I stopped using it.

So please keep gently bringing these kinds of things to people’s attention. We DO want people to keep talking about her/tweeting about her/etc. because it allows show runners and producers to see how valued she is by fans, but we’ve gotta do it in a loving, respectful way 💕

Anyway, I love my fellow Katie fans and I’m so glad she’s experiencing more wonderful success with her projects!!!

*slathers this post in sunscreen* AH-HE-HE-HEEEEM!!

Hello hello, one and all!! Do you like summertime? Tired of your day-to-day chores in your lord’s army? Wanna go to the beach?! Well, you’re in luck, because you – and potentially all your friends – just won one all expenses paid trip to the Outrealm’s most famous Hotrealm!


  • a lighthearted and drama-free fire emblem-centric summer holiday event hosted by @fellbranded and @armsthriift!!
  • events such as volleyball, sand castle contests, scavenger hunts, capture the flag, and more!! 
  • potentially a movie night on the weekend of the event!


  • the fire emblem community as a whole! awakening? heroes? fates? echoes? tellius? jugdral? ocs? fankids? come on in, the water’s great! everyone’s invited to have fun in the sun!
  • not in the fandom but have a fire emblem verse for your muse? that’s cool! hop on in with the rest of us!


  • …we’ll, uh. get back to you on that. but definitely sometime this month! if the event turns out to be a success, more could be planned in the future! 


  • Here on tumblr, of course! once the details have been ironed out, we’ll post a tag for the event!
  • a sideblog will also be made to help with organization!


  • why not? the community getting together for a big party in the summer sounds like a blast! 
  • your muses in beach wear and having fun in the sun! 
  • the chance to interact with people you don’t usually interact with! 
  • it’s been really depressing over the last little while… why not do something fun alongside the drama? 

if y’all are interested, feel free to like or reblog this post, and follow the sideblog when it’s made! we hope to see you there– don’t forget your floaties! ❤


so when i started backup vocals it was some goofy concept i came up with in late december. now its’ been over half a year and i’ve written over 150,000 words – not counting bonus content – and made a shitton of drawings and new characters to flesh out this weird little au. its become my longest and by far my most successful fic by a long shot. it was my first proper au fic ever, so it was super exciting! finishing it was a really bittersweet experience.

so thanks again for the support, comments, kudos, fanart, etc that you guys so kindly gave me even when i wasnt confident in my own story. i know it’s just a fic, but it helped me grow so much as a writer and an artist, and i can’t thank you guys enough for helping me get there!

Dean Winchester is Worried

Rated: NC-17 For depressing theme, brief suicide ideation, description of anxiety and depression, brief mention of death of a minor character, explicit sexual content, happy ending

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader (although they are not together at the start of this fic)

Summary: You find yourself being pulled down by anxiety and depression. Usually, you have a good handle on dealing, but today is the anniversary of your twin brother’s death. Dean Winchester is by your side to help.

Words: 6,005… I think

A/N: Basically, this is me venting because I’ve actually being feeling anxious as hell lately. So, this was my way of soothing myself. So I hope this entertains someone out there.

You found yourself staring blankly at the plain, concrete wall in front of you. There were no windows, so you had a hard time placing what time it was or how long you’d been sitting here, petrifying in your own thoughts.

The familiar, uncomfortable rush of nerves itched beneath the surface of your skin as your hands smoothed over the tightness in your arms. Most days you could find a way to move forward, but then there were days like now that had a way of bringing you back down. You were filled with the buzzing energy to do something but you couldn’t focus on just one thing. So it left you feeling lost and fidgety.

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Green Eyes (pt. 1)

Prompt: The reader is in the beginning stages of dealing with her breakup from her boyfriend, Baron Corbin.
Word Count: 2.2k
Warnings: Very minor language.
A/N: This is my first WWE fics, go easy on me! I do plan on writing a part two to this, so let me know what you want to see happen! Smutty? Angsty? Tell me! Also, the parts in italics are flashbacks/dreams the reader has.


As you sat in the backseat of the car, you stared aimlessly out the window and began to reflect on the way your life had worked out recently. You had spent the last nine months as one of the top competitors in the Smackdown Live Women’s division, hailed as one of the best and brightest to come out of NXT. You clawed your way to the very top of the mountain and finally, it was going to pay off. In just over two weeks, you’d be taking part in the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match and you were booked to win, starting a summer long program with Naomi that would culminate with you winning your first title since being called up to the main roster.

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Larsadie week prompts + date !

Larsadie week will be taking place June 7th - June 13th !!!

prompts !!!

Day one June 7th - Baking/Recipe for success

Day two June 8th - Movie night/Sleep over

Day three June 9th - Beach body/Beachapalooza

Day four June 10th - Pride/Made of love

Day five June 11th- Mourning/someone who deserved it

Day six June 12th - Island Adventure/wilderness

day seven June 13th - Marriage/baby carriage

Please tag everything as #LarsadieWeek2017 so I can reblog it here!!!

Feel free to use both prompts for each day or just use one, don’t feel obligated to make a piece of art for each day this is only for fun!

NSFW is acceptable just please tag it!

Fanime 2017: For the Fans

This is gonna be a sappy post about Fanime, so if you want the tl:dr

*Hosted TWO panels this year. It’s exhausting and we have people who went to both and I am amazed.

*Did my own makeup for MTT this year and I don’t think I did too badly! Had a speaker too for extra annoyance/in character-ness.

Okay, all the sappy stuff under the cut.

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How to Fix Tumblr’s “No Posts with External Links Show Up in Tags” Nonsense!

Hey fellow creators! So, as some folks may have recently become aware, Tumblr posts with external links don’t show up in relevant tags (as detailed in this post). IE, if you post a Steven Universe picture and tag it “Steven Universe” and there’s an external link in the post, it won’t actually show up in the “Steven Universe” tag! This is very frustrating! What if I make a post and want to link to my Twitter in the description? What if I want to link people to my online store when I post a piece of art? What if I want to link to a YouTube video and still have it show up under the relevant tags I put into the post?

Hold on to your butts kids cuz here’s how we cheat the system. 

The thing about Tumblr’s Anti-Linking nonsense works is that it only blocks external links. Internal links are fine. So if you wanted to post a link to another Tumblr post, or someone’s Tumblr blog, you’re good. But if you wanted to link to your Twitter page or something, you’re screwed. So, all we gotta do is make your external link into a Tumblr link. Sounds weird. I know. But here’s how it works. 

First, go to your Tumblr blog. Hit the “Edit Theme” tab. 

In the theme editor sidebar, scroll all the way to the bottom, the “Page” section. (Here’s what mine looks like- I already have a few of these set up)

Hit “Add a Page”, and this window will pop up. By default it’s set to be a Standard Page. Hit the dropdown and select “redirect”. 

For this example, let’s say I want to link to my Twitter page. I’ll name the page “Twitter” (this is what the redirect URL will end up being- IE, and insert my Twitter URL under the “Redirect To” tab. Leave “Show a link to this page” turned off. (Unless you want the link to show up on your blog, in which case, turn it on. Do what you want, I’m not your mom)

Hit “Save”, and your new page should now show up on your Page list!

And done! So now, let’s say I wanted to use the new link in the text portion of a post. Simply use the Tumblr redirect link instead of the direct URL! As a test, I linked to my Twitter in a test post, using the redirect link instead of the direct link, and there it is in the tag! Success!

I recommend making a Redirect Page for any external links you’ll be using frequently. I like to post links to my webcomic/Twitter in posts fairly often, but doing that made me take a pretty big hit since my posts wouldn’t show up in tags. With this method, I can keep the external links, and have stuff show up when I tag it! Workarounds are fun! 

Hope that helps!

(Reblog to spread the word!)

Author Self Fic Rec

This was one of the hardest things ever! Two of my favorite people, @suddenclarityharry and @dimpled-halo tagged me to talk about my five favorite fics that I have written so far! And it’s really difficult when I have so many, but oh boy… Here goes. 

5. Monday Meetings. This was my very first fic in the fandom, so it holds a lot of special memories for me. It was the first thing I started writing only a few weeks after I started reading fan fiction and also the first story I’ve ever completed. I have a lot of original things on my computer, but nothing ever came of those. MM was actually finished and I got a lot of wonderful comments on it, even though I really had no idea what I was doing, lol. This (plus the sequel, Wednesday Edits) are the only fics that I have in a series right now, but hopefully that changes one day!

4. I Can’t Say Goodbye (Are There Windows in Heaven?). Definitely one of my lesser known fics. This was written at a time when I was just really struggling with a lot of emotional issues and was just really critical of religion and God and everything (not that I was a super believe before, but, you know… I was worse at this stage of life). So it was helpful for me to have a way to channel that emotion into something productive. And I got a few comments saying that my fic was helpful to other people, so that makes it even better. 

3. Like to Keep You Laughing. My first ace fic! I loved writing this fic, because it required a lot of research into asexuality and aromanticism. This is also one of my few fics that doesn’t have any actual smut, and it took until writing this to realize that people actually do read your fics if they don’t have smut, but are written well (up until then I had seen otherwise). I’m just so proud of this fic because I’ve received so many comments on it from people on the ace/aro spectrum saying how accurate it was and how the fic perfectly described their own emotions. And that really meant a lot. I also just love the characters in this fic and would love to return to this verse one day. 

2. Bye Bye’s Are Not For Legends (I’m Forever Young). Another of my lesser known fics, this was a first for a lot of reasons - first superhero fic, first supernatural fic, first chaptered fic I’d ever written all at once, first fic with fight scenes, first fic with another spoken language in it… and a few others that i can’t think of right now. This fic was so much fun to write, and I got to be really creative with it. I got to read all about the four horsemen of the apocalypse and figure out who in OT4 would be each, which was surprisingly easy. I got to research other countries and different landmarks there, and the history of certain countries. Of course, my obsessive nature took over and I overanalyzed a lot, but it came out so well and I’m so proud of it! 

1. Branching Out. I always say this fic is my favorite, but I really do think it’s the one that I go back and reread the most. I don’t read the whole fic over again, because that would take me forever, but just certain scenes and chapters of it. It’s probably the most original fic I’ve ever written and definitely the most complicated. It was the first fic I wrote that included flashbacks, and that’s something that I still use in fics today. It has all kinds of drama, and it’s one of the only fics I’ve written where you really need to read the tags. And there was a lot of controversy surrounding it, but I’m over it now. It’s been two years since I finished it, believe it or not. And I still love it. 

Honorable mention definitely goes to my most popular fic, the lube fic, A Match Made in Aisle Three (Everybody Cut Footloose). This was probably the first time that one of my fics was really recced on Tumblr. MM had some success on different pages, but Aisle Three really sort of took over a lot of blogs at the same time, and I was not used to that, haha. 

So many people have already done this, but I’m going to tag @becomeawendybird @jaerie and @100percentsassy to do this if they would like! Also, @letsjustsee and @hrrytomlinson, even though you don’t have five fics on AO3, I’m still tagging you, if you just want to rank your fics in order? Or favorite chapters or something? I don’t know! No one should feel obligated to do so. And anyone else who would like to do this, of course! <3

don’t let this destroy you|| old man logan

Originally posted by sirsusblack

Okay, so I’m about 70% better and I’m doing everything in my power to get out as many of these today as possible. I really hope you’re all still enjoying them, because I for one happen to love writing for Old Man Logan. 

** Masterlist: If you are ever in my masterlist and can’t find a fic I wrote, it’s probably because I took it off of there. I normally tag all of my fanfics under #Kayla Grace writes imagines so all of them should be under that tag!

This one was third place in my poll the other day, so here it is! I hope you all enjoy! Probably mostly angst.. Also Platonic. No romance here.


y/p – your powers

Requested by Anon: Logan and Laura find the reader and find out she’s just like them and on the run as well, so they agree to take her in. One night Logan and the reader are talking about their past and the reader becomes emotional and says.. “If I was a success, then why do I feel like such a failure?”

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