“When I got to high school, it was different from what I expected, kids were segregated and fought amongst their different groups. Also, since I wasn’t getting good grades, I felt that I wouldn’t achieve any positive result for attending that school. So I really really really thought hard and cried about it and was like ‘Mom, I am going to drop out of school and next year I will go to a private institution for a year and get into college that way’ and I left school my Sophomore year. So for a semester, I took some time off and at the beginning of this year I signed up for the private institution and last month I took the college entrance exam.“
“Have you ever regretted dropping out of school?”
“No, never. I hung out a lot, learned how to bake bread while working part-time at a bakery, and went to computer school as well. Personally, I think it was better for me to try new things than to just waste time in school. I am a jealous person so I like to be ahead of others and if I wait to take the college entrance exam at the same time as other students who are still in school, then when we are at age 20, I would be at the same level as they are.”
“Did you ever think you would fall behind because you dropped out?”
“Oh right, I didn’t.. Why didn’t I? Since I was very young I always thought, ‘My life will be a success,’ so maybe that’s why I hadn’t ever thought I would fall behind.”

“고등학교에 갔더니 제 생각과는 너무 다르고 애들은 서로 편을 갈라 싸우더라구요. 게다가 제가 공부를 그렇게 잘하지 않았어서 그 학교를 계속 다니면 별로 좋은 결과를 얻을 것 같지 않았어요. 그래서 울면서 진짜 진짜 진짜 고민 많이 하며 힘들게 생각한 후에 ‘엄마, 나는 자퇴하고 내년에 재수학원에 가서 1년동안 공부하고 대학갈 거야’ 라고 말하고 고1때 자퇴를 했어요. 그리고는 반년 놀고 올해 초에 재수학원에 들어가서 이번에 수능을 봤어요.”
“자퇴한 거를 후회한 적이 있나요?”
“아니요, 한번도 안했어요. 놀기도 열심히 놀고 빵집에서 알바하면서 빵 만드는 것도 배우고 컴퓨터학원도 다녔거든요. 저한텐 학교에서 그냥 그렇게 시간을 보내는 것 보다는 어릴 때 이것저것 배워보는게 더 좋았다고 생각해요. 그리고 제가 원래 좀 질투심이 많아서 남들보다 더 앞에 있고 싶은데, 자퇴 안 한 애들이랑 같은 해에 수능을 보면 나중에 20살이 되었을 때 제가 그들과 똑같은 선에 있는 거잖아요.”
“자퇴하면서 뒤쳐질 수도 있단 생각이 든 적은 없었나요?”
“아 그러게요.. 왜 안했지? 진짜 어렸을 적부터 ‘내 인생 성공할거야’ 라는 생각을 해와서 그런지 뒤쳐질 거란 생각은 안 했었네요.”

Life’s too short to worry about your mistakes, just focus on your accomplishments. Trust me, you’re doing fine.

He showed up with his iPhone on a lanyard. Around his neck. But he introduced me to reddit, so I guess it went ok.

And… I should really Thank him cause I met my fiance on reddit and he is in the process of moving halfway around the world for me.

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