succes quotes

Start small.

Pace yourself on the path to success. Start with small efforts that lead to small wins. Once you see results and begin to gain confidence, you can gain more and more small wins–you’ll be able to take pride in how far you’ve come and have the will to keep going. A series that eventually adds up to a big achievement.

- Lolly Daskal

If you want to be happy you must become a happiness seeker. You have to think about happiness, look for the happiness, seize the happiness and believe with all of your heart that you deserve happiness!

It’s important that at some point in your life you really focus on your career, almost to the point of insanity. You’’ll never get this time back. You have to want it so bad that you wake up in the morning and you think about it, live it, breathe it, eat it, and see it all day.

After you’ve accomplished a couple of things, then take a moment. Work and work for those first years, and then come out of the matrix a little bit and take a freaking vacation

—  Nicki Minaj