How to not be hard on yourself
1. your mistakes are part of your learning.
2. don’t compare yourself to others because you are not them
3. there is no right way to do anything
4. stand up for what you believe in even if its unpopular
5. learn from people who criticize you
6. accept your weaknesses as your “features”
7. look at your past as an adventurous biography
8. don’t underestimate your talent until you apply it 100 times
9. every single problem you have is not unique
10. intelligence is relative. self-esteem is not.
11. express your anger in a creative way
12. surround yourself with people who want you to succeed.

Powerful affirmations

I can achieve greatness.

I love and accept myself for who I am.

My body is healthy.

My mind is brilliant.

My soul is tranquil.

I believe I can do everything.

Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good.

I am the architect of my life.

I forgive those who have hurt me and peacefully detach from them.

My potential to succeed is infinite

I abandon my old habits and take up new, more positive ones

10 Of The Most Effective High Level And Nitty Gritty Tips For Getting Rich

There are a million paths to getting rich. But there’s unlikely anyone out there successful who wouldn’t emphasize the value of people skills in succeeding. So back to your question, how do you get rich quickly:

1. Learn relentlessly.

2. Become a people person.

3. Work hard.

4. Take risks.

5. Get a job in a high growth industry.

6. Work for the best and most recognizable company you can work for.

7. Become an expert.

8. Create multiple income streams.

9. Be too busy to spend money.

10. Finally, start a company.

Here’s why these tips are so effective.

“And if you do, be genuine about it. Be honest. Be up front. It’s okay to take yourself a little less seriously,given that, even though it’s a very serious cause, you could ultimately achieve your final goal. And that’s the final message that I want to share with all of you – that you can do well online. But no longer is the message going to be coming from just the top down. If you want to succeed you’ve got to be okay to just lose control. - Alexis Ohanian

Ever since I’ve learned to take these words as a truth, my life became so much easier, and far more fun.