Many of us come here to achieve things that may not be available to us in our home countries. We come to succeed and thrive in our new opportunities. As an immigrant coming to the US to succeed, I am sad about the policies Trump is proposing. Although the next four years will be hard, I’m sure all of us will strive and get through it.

We are immigrants, we have faced hardships adjusting to this country. I’m sure most of us have overcome it, but we must be prepared to face them again when even the president himself is against us. We must show him that we come for a better future!

10 Of The Most Effective High Level And Nitty Gritty Tips For Getting Rich

There are a million paths to getting rich. But there’s unlikely anyone out there successful who wouldn’t emphasize the value of people skills in succeeding. So back to your question, how do you get rich quickly:

1. Learn relentlessly.

2. Become a people person.

3. Work hard.

4. Take risks.

5. Get a job in a high growth industry.

6. Work for the best and most recognizable company you can work for.

7. Become an expert.

8. Create multiple income streams.

9. Be too busy to spend money.

10. Finally, start a company.

Here’s why these tips are so effective.

There’s a fire that burns bright within you.  That’s called your purpose.  Some will take their entire lives before discovering theirs, and others won’t have to wait as long. Regardless of when you find yours, chase after it with an endless ferocity.
Revision Tips

1. If you study English/English Lit then make an overview of the novel/play you’re studying with key quotes and just what happens throughout each act/chapter. Then print it out and highlight important quotes and events. (I have made one for Hamlet if that’s use to anyone and am in the process of creating one for The Great Gatsby).

2. Highlighters are your best friend. But you have to know how to highlight properly. I used to be the one that would highlight entire paragraphs at a time but that’s not going to help!! Highlight single words and phrases or key sentences. (I recommend mildliners - they’re my new favourite thing and they’re double-ended which is always handy).

3. Flashcards. These can be used in a lot of different ways. I use them for key words - so one one side put the key word and on the other, the definition. I also use them for history - so a key event on one side and what happened on the other. They can also be used to condense information down from your notes/textbook.

4. Timelines. These are great for history, politics, English - anything really! For history, obviously you use these the old fashioned way - beginning date at one end and end date at the other. Only write down KEY events and then elaborate on these in your notes/flashcards. For politics, basically do the same. For English, it’s slightly different - you can write down what happens throughout your play/novel but you can do it act-by-act or chapter-by-chapter or just beginning of the book to the end. Whatever floats your boat.

5. Mindmaps. Ah, the good ol’ mindmap/spider diagram whatever you call it. These are just great for note making, an alternative to your average, boring notes, going from left to right across the page. (Make these look pretty with colours- I recommend sharpies, mildliners and staedtler fineliners)

6. Post-it notes. These are great for putting all over your textbooks. Condense a page worth of notes down to a post it note to save you from reading an entire page. These would be great to go over last minute before an exam. 

That’s all I can think of right now, if I can think of anymore tips, I’ll be sure to make a part two to this post! I hope this helps!