sucba diving

25 must does before you die

1)ride: in a hot air balloon
2)see: Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
3)see: Grand Canyon, Arizona
4)swim: with dolphins
5)go: on safari
6)see: Great Barrier Reef
7)go: on a helicopter ride
8)Make a difference in someone’s life
9)Travel to the seven continents
10)Sleep under the stars
11)do: scuba diving
12)Shower in a waterfall.
13)do: sky diving
14)see: Great Wall of China
15)Travel: Italy
16)Get married
17)ride: on an elephant
18)Travel: Australia
19)Raise a happy and healthy child
20)see: New Years Eve at Times Square (New York)
21)go: whale-watching
22)see: Seven New Wonders of the World
23)learn: a foreign language (or 2 or more!)
24)go: on a road trip.
25)see: Broadway play (New York)

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