Fast Food Under 400 Calories

Alright suckers since I often refer back to posts of mine when I can’t remember how much something is, I’m just going to collect my findings here so I don’t find myself hungry, irritable, and under pressure in the drive thru lane…this weekend and in the future. We only do fast food about once a month, so HECK NO I’m not going to skip it when I have the chance!!! Get outta here with that suggestion. Also I’m not ordering apple slices at Burger King, I’m just not gonna do it.

I cross-checked the calorie counts of every single one of these items and always went with the higher estimation, but if you notice discrepancies let me know. My waist depends upon it. 


Meal Option 1: Small chili, Value fries: 400 calories. 

Meal Option 2: 4 piece chicken nuggets, Value fries: 400 calories.

Meal Option 3: 6 piece chicken nuggets, 1 packet honey mustard sauce, 1 packet BBQ sauce: 395 calories.

Meal Option 4: Plain baked potato, 2 butter spreads: 370 calories.

One item orders: Crispy Chicken Sandwich: 350 calories. Jr. Hamburger: 240 calories. Large chili: 250 calories. 

Burger King

Meal Option 1: Hamburger, Value onion rings: 380 calories.

Meal Option 2: 6 piece chicken nuggets, BBQ sauce: 320 calories.

One item orders: Chicken fries: 379 calories. (ugh, found SO much discrepancy on the calories on this one. 379 was the max I found, but doubt this would be worth it, especially without dipping sauce.) Classic hot dog: 310 calories.

Taco Bell

Meal Option 1: Two fresco crunchy beef or chicken tacos, side of black beans: 370 calories.

Meal Option 2: Two doritos locos tacos with beef and no cheese, side of seasoned rice: 400 calories.

Meal Option 3: Double decker beef taco no cheese, side of black beans: 370 calories.

Meal Option 4: Veggie power bowl no cheese, refried beans, no dressing: 360 calories.

One item orders: Bean Burrito (no cheese, add guac) 380 calories. (YES!!!) 


Meal Option 1: 6 inch veggie sub on white bread, fat free sweet onion dressing and mustard: 280 calories.

Meal Option 2: 6 inch turkey breast sub on white bread, avocado, lettuce, pickles and onions, lite mayo and mustard. 370 calories.

Meal Option 3: Salad with tuna, avocado. Sweet onion dressing. 350 calories.


Meal Option 1: There is no option here, I always get the same thing and I am THRILLED that it’s under 400: Classic roast beef sandwich with arby’s sauce: 370 calories.


Meal Option 1: Hamburger happy meal with diet drink. 370 calories.

“Meal” Option 2: Medium fries, ketchup packet. 360 calories.

Meal Option 3: McDouble no cheese no bun, small fries. 410 calories.

One item orders: McChicken sandwich. (370 calories) Filet o’ fish with no cheese. (360 calories) 

I hate McDonalds.

I’ll probably continue adding to this, but these are the only places I imagine we’d stop at on the road. Taco Bell FTW, huh?