Modern Fantasy Things: Subways
  • subways that run on magic
  • ghosts and vampire conductors
  • goblins at toll booths licking metro cards to see if they have money on them
  • dwarves dug the original tunnels and are always digging new ones
  • elves riding completely still, unaffected by all the bumps and turns
  • hobbits, dwarves, and other smaller beings complaining about the lower railings always filling up first
  • underwater sections for merpeople
  • centaurs letting their friends sit on their backs when it’s crowded
  • rails under seats for gnomes, brownies, etc.
  • pixies and fairies sitting on high railings
  • witches bringing on cauldrons
  • runes/charms scrawled on seats and advertisements
  • florescent crystals and gems are the light
  • a train car possessed by the ghost of a dragon, never late but always smells like something is burning
  • train cars that levitate
  • train cars that arent corporeal

Subway, from Ghost Quartet performed live


Ghost Quartet:

A song cycle about love, death, and whiskey.
A camera breaks and four friends drink in an interwoven tale spanning seven centuries, with a murderous sister, a treehouse astronomer, a bear, a subway, and the ghost of Thelonious Monk.

Yatesbert AU where after Rowan reads “Ghosts from Our Past”, he kidnaps Erin and Abby so they can help him work on his plan to bring down the barrier. The only thing more awkward than reuniting with your ex after a bad break-up? Reuniting with your ex in a creepy basement and having to fix your relationship while a psycho tries to get you to help him destroy the world. 

Holtzmann ends up looking for the missing Abby all by herself, which goes about as well as you would expect. (Without Abby reminding her about safety, she nearly dies ten times a day, as opposed to her usual two). At least until Holtz runs into Patty, a subway worker who keeps seeing ghosts in her workplace. 

Poor Patty just wants to get rid of the ghosts and ends up somehow getting sucked into a plot about ghosts ending the world and scientists getting kidnapped and AND SHE DOES NOT KNOW HOW SHE GOT DRAGGED INTO THIS SITUATION, OKAY? ALL SHE WANTED WAS FOR THE SUBWAY TO BE GHOST-FREE. (But the tiny blonde is cute and Patty’s afraid she’ll accidentally blow herself up soon, so Patty reluctantly tags along.) 

The forgotten crumbs
of your devoured childhood
didn’t know what to do
so, lonely & scared,
they dressed up as ghosts.

Your ghost crumbs
haunt you regularly,
7 days a week
(Monday - Munday),
like frisbees & Nerf footballs
stuck in the rain gutters
of your mind,

begging you
to come outside
& save them/play with them
before it’s too late.

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The Subway Ghost is a bodiless spirit in Silent Hill 3 who haunts the Hazel Street Station. The player cannot attack or kill him, but it is possible for him to kill the player. A newspaper reveals that it is the ghost of a 40 year old man who committed suicide by jumping on the train tracks in front of a moving train; this instantly decapitated him.

It is possible for Heather to read an article in a magazine about how a person killed unexpectedly or by suicide will not know they are dead and relive the moment of their death over and over again, and occasionally act hostile to humans.

If Heather proceeds to go to the platform where the man was killed, a cutscene will occur in first person of the ghost, in which he pushes Heather onto the tracks, where a train will come and quickly smite her if she does not get onto the platform in time. For players who wish to avoid this scenario, it is recommended to simply not read the magazine or the newspaper, and the entire bizarre ordeal can be skipped.