subway uniform


Rachel Scott’s mother, Beth Nimmo, was presented a framed collection by the staff of Subway where Rachel worked. The collection included a uniform shirt, subway napkins, and a drawing of Rachel done by Nicholas Kunselman. 

Nicholas, 15,  would be murdered inside of the subway restaurant with his girlfriend Stephanie, 16, on February 14th, 2000. Their murderer/murderers have never been caught. The couple were sophmore’s at Columbine at the time.


The drawing Nick Kunselman, one of Rachel's colleagues at Subway, drew and presented to her mother in honour of Rachel soon after her death. Also in the frame is Rachel’s subway uniform as well as Subway napkins. 

Unfortunately, Nick ended up being one of the two murdered victims at the Subway shooting ten months after the Columbine Massacre on Valentine’s Day. Rachel had known both victims of the shooting. The other victim, Stephanie Hart-Grizzell, had lived right behind Rachel, sharing a fence. The murders were non targeted, however drug play seems to be the main motive behind the attack. The murderer of the couple was never found. 

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Imagine Steve trying to save an injured Spider-man

Explosions rained down from the sky. A fine ash settled on Steve as he braced for the next wave, scanning between the tall buildings. To his right, a smoking column creaked and slid sideways, falling with a ground shaking thunderous rumble. Movement in the debris caught his eye, a flash of red, as the second column began to lurch after the first. Using a burst of speed, Steve outran the falling column.

Grabbing the red cloth as he raced by, Steve dove for safety. White marble pulverized the sidewalk behind them, throwing up a plume of powdered stone. Tossed to the ground by the impact, they lie still for a few seconds before Steve’s head popped up and looked around.

Bending, Steve scooped up the unconscious kid from Queens.  The kid gave a loud ragged cough under the mask and began to stir. Reaching towards the covered face, Steve peeled back the red cloth.

“I’m okay, Sir. Mister Captain America, Sir.” Peter coughed again, pushing weakly at Steve’s hand, dragging the mask back down. “You can set me down. I got this.” He said.

As Steve set him on his feet, his legs promptly turned to jelly. When he passed out, Steve just scooped him back up.With another round of coughing, they made their way down into a subway tunnel. Huddled dusty survivors peered at them as they moved closer. Steve set the kid down, and told a tall woman in a subway uniform to take care of him. The whole crowd nodded wide eyed, as Steve adjusted his helmet and returned to the fight.

The fight was almost over when Bucky elbowed Steve and pointed, “Hey the Spider-Kid is back.” Looking up they watched a thin white web arc across the sky, ensnaring an alien ship and smashing it hard to the ground. After jumping from wall to wall, Peter easily landed next to them. He extended his hand. “Thanks for the save back there, Captain Rogers, Sir.” Steve took his hand in a firm shake.

“No Problem Kid,” Steve beamed back, “Good work out there.”

“Are you two really doing this now?” Bucky groused while shooting down another alien ship. “We’re in the middle of a battle, for Pete’s sake. Cut out the chit chat.”

With a wide smile, Steve pointed out, “there’s only a few left, Buck. Looks like you got it handled.”


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