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did you make the vine of the guy twirling on the subway with the twin peaks theme in the back ? I've been thinking about it lately and can't find it lol

Justine made it @sweet-pea358 it really was a stroke of genius 

monochrome-subway-twins has entered the castle.

♜< “Hello, what brings you to the Brennenburg Castle?”

    The Prussian baron asks as he notices the two look-a-like twins. With a courteous bow, he glanced up at the two with utmost curiousity. It was not often that he saw a pair of twins.

Follower/Following appreciation post.

Welp, it’s time I should’ve done this but… err… not the one to write quite a lot of stuff, but even so this year has been quite the nice year for me in tumblr and it’s just needed this thing for the last of the year and cause I am near 200 followrs but meep.

Some words before I start with this and it is, that I thank most of you that keep in track with me or those that barely get to do stuff with me even though I take so much time with my muses and yours and I am like amazed for all of you that keep up with this derpy mun.

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Welp. It happened.


(First of all, thank you all SO MUCH for helping me get this blog where it is right now.  When I joined tumblr back in June/July, I would not have even been able to dream of 300 followers!  Big numbers are certainly special and all, but the fact that I have made so many good friends makes me beyond ecstatic.  Having come from an ‘on again, off again’ community like Facebook, being surrounded by so many talented, funny, friendly, amazing writers just blows my mind.  I’ve gushed about this community before and I don’t think I’ll ever really stop.  You guys are fantastic and I just love all of you so, so, so, so much!

Anyway, enough of my yammering.  On to…

ᴘᴜғғʏʜᴀᴛʏᴀɴᴛᴏɴᴇ’s ғᴏʟʟᴏᴡ ғᴏʀᴇᴠᴇʀ ʟɪsᴛ

My top favorites

You guys have been with me from the beginning (some even longer) or have caught the brunt my derpy shenanigans and despite all that, you still respond, you still send asks, you still talk to me.  It is always an absolute joy to see you on my dash and I get little excited jitters when you send me things.  Seriously, I love you guys a lot and you are phenomenal.  Please don't ever get sick of me or I'll cry.  ;w;

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Long time personal favorites

You are my secret senpais, the ones I can count on to send an unexpected ask, people that I would consider a friend even if we haven't interacted much (or even at all), blogs that I admire or just love to see on my dash at any time, excellent writers one and all, who make logging on and refreshing my dash every ten minutes worthwhile.  If we've never interacted, I want to and just can't think of a way to do so or am too kouhai!shy to message you.  If we have, you've made a lasting impact on me as tumblr blogger just because you've been awesome and friendly and I adore you a lot.

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New Favorites

We've only just started getting to know one another!  Either we've just started interacting in character or we've just started following each other, but either way, I am having super duper amounts of fun so far!  It never ceases to amaze me the talent that is attracted to tumblr and I consider myself so lucky to be apart of it!  You guys have been great and I am loving our interactions so far!  Please keep it coming!

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The rest of the very best

I don't know you all very well!  Either we haven't interacted much, haven't been following each other long, or haven't interacted at all.  I'd like to change that how little we know each other!  You are fantastic writers with interesting, engaging characters and I want to experience that for myself!  I enjoy seeing you on my dash and I'd love to plot something together!  If there's a reason we haven't interacted, let me know!  Maybe it's something I can work on!  Maybe our characters just aren't compatible– and that's okay!  I still want you on my dash and I'm still going to keep you there because you're awesome and I like awesome.

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          [img] Holy crap I hit 600! Alright gonna spare the gushy words for the time being because holy hell this is long enough, but HOT DIGGITY THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH WOW I’M A POTATO HERE WE GO!! Gonna read more for length (which isn’t that bad but I don’t want this to be annoying lmao)

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