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Life As We Know It Chapter 2

Rating: M (Smut, Language, Violence, Adult Themes)


Their lives seemed to be steeped in tragedy. Through it all they had each other until wrong choice brought it all crashing down. Eric had never been able to make up for the mistake he made, but he never stopped trying. Once again tragedy strikes turning everything upside down. Now, for little Ava they will have to come together once more. AU Eric/OC M No War No Divergent Hunts

A/N: This is a completed story that I have posted on another site as well. But thought I would add it here since I just started this account. I hope you enjoy.

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Chapter 2

Eric watched Kira at her desk in his office, her face was scrunched up in concentration as she poured through documents on living conditions in the compound and her fingers flew across the keyboard.

It had been over a month since they had started training together and he had been right about all of his musings. It was fucking torture, sweet torture, but torture nonetheless.

It was made even worse because Max was pushing for her to get the biggest project she had put into action. One she had proposed during her time in the leadership program. The one that had made her a front runner from the start to be honest. That meant longer hours for the both of them.

It meant early breakfast meetings, lunches, and dinners either locked in his office, at the dining hall together or even in the workshop that they had set up for her. They were practically spending every moment of the day together now.

There was improvement between them. They talked a bit more about non-work related things. Mainly about Ava. She was and had always been more of a safe subject for them. He carefully avoids asking about fuckhead but she hasn’t really been around him lately either.

He would be happy about that if he thought that is was due to anything other than she has always been a bit of a workaholic when she gets focused on something. He has noticed that she doesn’t shy away from his touch as much during their physical training. Sometimes she even suggests getting a session in, but that is more out of frustration from the project or stress in general and is a way to get it out.

“Eric.” Kira calls from her desk. She has felt his eyes on her and has been trying to ignore it but she is at a point in her research that she needs his input for the next steps.

“Hmmm.” He answers and tries to make it look like he was engrossed in something on his computer. “What’s up?”

Kira hides her smirk and tilts her head. “I need to run some things by you. I have been trying to find a way to get the things we need for this project with the fucking budget we have. It just isn’t going to happen but I think I might have some things we can do to either get around it or make it happen.”

Intrigued, because the budget the faction council gives Dauntless for day to day operating is pitiful at best, he gets up and walks over to her.

“I’m listening.” He drawls out with his arms crossed over his chest then leans against her desk.

She shakes her head to clear the buzzing in her head and the warmth in her core at that sound in his voice. “Pull up a chair then I would rather not get a fucking crick in my neck trying to look up at you.” She grumbles.

Eric chuckles with a smirk and pulls up a chair that was against the wall, moving it way closer than he really needed to. It causes their arms to brush up against each other. Since both of them were in just short sleeved t-shirts this meant bare skin rubbing against bare skin.

They both had to lock down their muscles to stop the shivers that this contact closed. “What’re you wanting to show me?” Eric almost snaps out.

Kira’s nostrils flare in a flash of anger but she pushes it down. She starts to pull up the budget projections and other spreadsheets she has been compiling for the last few months. “First, I know you are more than aware of what the budget is so these projections and spreadsheets are more just to allow us to flip through so you can see the viability of what I am going to suggest.”

Eric nods and moves closer, not out of trying to press buttons but because they are both in focus mode. “Ok.”

She nods too and brings up her building plans for the compound remodel she had first proposed. “These were the renderings for the original remodels I was suggesting for the compound. While some of them are still feasible the bulk of the necessary ones aren’t going to be with how much Erudite is wanting to charge for materials and their rejections of most of the designs that had previously been put forth over the years.”

“So you are saying we shouldn’t bother with your proposals?” Eric quirks an eyebrow not liking that idea.

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if the neoliberalism of lyft & uber & etc private transit services continues then eventually we’re just going to have new networks of non-unionized, exorbitantly expensive, app-operated buses, subways, and trains.

fuck capitalism this shit sucks.

we need to literally and figuratively run over the capitalist class with the train of communist revolution.

Ons Light Novel 5 Epilogue

Title: When there’s nothing to do

Disclaimer: This is a fan-made translation from Chinese translations! Please go easy and enlighten us on any mistakes or deviations from the original light novel. All credit goes to the original author and illustrators. - Hyaka and Kuro Shion

Note: The first chapter of Novel 5 is the epilogue (which is a gag chapter as you can tell). There’s no mistake in the sequencing!


The television screen was very bright.

The noise of the game could be heard.

Two avatars with bombs in their hands. Were walking to and fro. A retro, simple handheld TV game. Guren was playing this game continuously.

“…..Ha. So sleepy.”

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zandperl  asked:

I saw your posts about Steve's Brooklyn, subways, etc. I'm originally from NYC myself, but I don't know much about the history of the subways or of particular neighborhoods. What I've always wondered is how would Steve and Bucky have gotten from Brooklyn to Flushing Meadows Park for the Stark Expo / World's Fair as they did in Cap 1. If by subways/trolleys, do you know the exact route they would've taken, and would they have considered the fare expensive? Thanks! :)

Hello there!  

So, short answer is that they pretty much would’ve taken the same route out to the World’s Fair that we would today.  It’s not the same subway line: a spur on an existing line was built specifically for the 1939 fair, and then demolished immediately after.  It would’ve been gone by the time Bucky shipped out in June of 1943, so we’ll pretend that the Stark Expo just extended the contract with the BMT/IRT companies until his fair was over.  Today we take the 7 train out to the Mets’ Stadium, and then just walk across the street to get to the World’s Fairgrounds.

So, assuming they were in downtown Brooklyn (which is likely; if Steve has so many fond memories of getting beaten up around the Navy Yard then they were probably hanging out a lot in their own neighborhood), they had a few options.  They could’ve hopped on a Manhattan bound BMT train at Dekalb, or an IRT at Nevins. (Please note these are not route names; BMT and IRT were the names of the privately owned subway companies at the time, which were later bought out by the city).  They would have switched trains at Times Square or Grand Central, where was a free transfer between BMT/IRT trains and the World’s Fair-Flushing line (which was operated as a joint venture between the two companies).

Below is a terribly sketched out route map, taken from the 1939 system map.

The fare was a cool $0.05 per person.  If they were taking the city operated Independent subway (IND), they would’ve been charged an extra nickel when disembarking at the World’s Fairground.  They probably wouldn’t have considered it expensive, given that subway fare in NYC had been legally set at a nickel since 1913, which was one of the reasons why the BMT company eventually went out of business.  I assume the extra nickel for riding an IND train would’ve been super annoying, though.

It probably would’ve taken about an hour or so, to get out there?  Transit time from Times Square is quoted as thirty minutes, and it’s probably about the same amount of time to get from downtown Brooklyn up to midtown Manhattan.

The trolley would’ve been totally inefficient, and required a bunch of transfers.  I did find a helpful article that was published by the New York Times in 1939 (it’s behind a paywall, otherwise I’d link to it), that recommends traveling by boat!  How charming!

Happy 110th Birthday to the New York City Subway!


Jim Pickerell, photographer. From the series: DOCUMERICA: The Environmental Protection Agency’s Program to Photographically Document Subjects of Environmental Concern, 1972 - 1977

The first underground line of the New York City Subway began operation on October 27, 1904, with the opening of stations between City Hall and 145th Street, run by the then-Interborough Rapid Transit Company (IRT).